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Bobby goes home and Get Well Soon Tyson!

A rather strange story has come to a happy conclusion today after nearly two months. On a Saturday in late August, just before the SPA closed for the evening, a dog was brought in having supposedly been found in Carcassonne. A series of exchanges via Facebook subsequently showed that the people who brought the dog to the refuge had been “looking after it” for a friend. We had wondered, as they seemed very at ease with what was clearly an extremely nervous dog, but with nothing else to go on, we had to take their word for it.

When Bobby’s owner contacted us, we were happy for him to collect his dog, but it was not until today that he did so. By this time Bobby had been vaccinated and identified, neither of which was the case before. So perhaps all of this is good news for Bobby, providing his owner chooses more reliable “friends” with whom to leave his dog the next time he goes away, that is!

That was not the strangest thing to happen today, however. We have been asked to try to find the owner of an exotic reptile, which is being looked after at the vets, having been found in Carcassonne. I don’t know where it was found, or even what it is. I don’t even know if such beasts are legal in France and whether or not we will be asked to home him if his owners aren’t found. But in any case, perhaps one of you can shed some light on things. Personally I hope it is a girl so we can call her Lizzie…..

There was a new arrival at the SPA, I will try to get photos of her tomorrow. And on the subject of photos, look at this lovely montage done by Panach’s sponsor. What a great way to help find a home for your favourite dog! Panach is a real beauty, very calm and gentle for such a young dog, particularly one who was thrown out as part of an unwanted litter. He will be a great family dog, I am sure.

Volunteers (and employees) of long-standing will remember Tyson, the very first dog who went to Animal Trust. He had a nasty accident today when he was nearly killed by a car. He has a perforated lung, a whole in his stomach and two broken legs. However his devoted owner got him to the vet in record time, and he is expected to make a complete recovery. They put it down to his good overall health and fitness, but also his strong French blood! Adopt a dog from the SPA Carcassonne. Best dogs in the world!

Finally, please do not forget the fundraising event at Puivert tomorrow. The team has been busy setting things up all day today, and a good time will be had by all, I am sure. And hopefully lots of money will be raised too.

Bobby – RECLAIMED after two months








Anyone recognise this beast?








A lovely montage for a lovely dog. Panach wants a home!









Get Well Soon Tyson



Three steps forward, six steps back

Like many of the people who are involved with the SPA, volunteer Susie loves what the French call “Molosses”. That is a term applied to dogs who have a certain mouth to head ratio and includes staffies, rottweilers and even French bulldogs. Initially she was scared of Hardy, who does look a bit fierce in his kennel. However we persuaded her to give him a chance as like so many of our dogs, he is a darling once he no longer feels the need to guard.

One walk is all it took. Hardy was reserved yesterday (this is the reservation I mentioned) and he left today. We will not lose Susie as a volunteer, as she and her mum will continue to dog walk for us. That way Sylvanie and Carole can hear news of their beloved dog. Yes, he stole a fair few hearts while he was at the SPA! The life of mistreatment by his former owner has not affected this beautiful dog’s trust in humans, and he was oh so easy to love!

More good news: Lola has just started her journey to her new home, thanks to a lovely woman who is taking her to Annency where she will meet her new mum. When  Lola was brought to the SPA following the hospitalisation of her owner, we immediately contacted our friend Nicki, who is a Doberman lover, and who works hard to make sure that these sensitive dogs do not spend longer than necessary in refuges. She put us in touch with Tania, who has been looking for a Doberman for a long time, and a match was made! Yes, sometimes it is that easy. Apart from the small problem of distance, of course!

We appealed for help on the internet and a response came almost immediately. Oh, the power of social media!  Many thanks to Lorenza, who is driving as I write this. We await news of Lola’s arrival at her new home and wish her a long and happy life.

There was a third adoption today, that of setter/ spaniel Cleo, who has gone to live with the SPA treasurer, who loves dogs of this breed.

But for those three adoptions, we had six dogs brought in. Two of them were abandoned by their owners, who left the gods behind when they moved house. The children didn’t want them, so once again the SPA is used as a dustbin.

The other four were found unidentified and as strays. So a day of very mixed news. More bad than good.

On a more positive note,  the kind folks at Maxi Zoo are hosting a team from the SPA tomorrow as they collect donations for the SPA dogs. A similar day for the cats at the end of August was very successful, and we are hoping the same will be true for the dogs tomorrow. The stand will be manned from 10am- 7pm so it will be great to see you!













2014-09-26 16.39.07












2014-09-26 16.59.41








Tomorrow you can show your support for the dogs of the SPA at Maxi Zoo


Three adoptions!

Today was a great day for a special girl and for a lovely family who is awaiting her arrival in the UK. This summer a family came to the SPA to visit with perhaps a view to adopting a dog. Dad and the three daughters had been working on mum for ages, and she finally relented, providing the dog was small enough.

They immediately fell in love with Fifi, and then went through several agonising days worrying if Fifi’s owners would come to find her. The ten days passed, during which the family visited almost every day, sometimes stopping just briefly on their way back from the beach, sometimes grandma was with them too. This is very much a family affair! Their holiday ended, but a week later mum and dad were back for a further week with friends and again, high on their agenda was to visit Fifi.

Today was the glorious day! Thanks to an appeal for help with transportation, a friend of volunteer Julie’s offered to take Fifi back to the UK, where her new family is waiting excitedly. The Scott family have been in regular contact and by all accounts the three daughters are practically holding a street party to welcome her! No doubt news and photo will follow. Yes, this tiny girl risks being spoilt, but Dad assures us that she will be going to dog training and that Fifi will be no lap dog! Hmmm.

Nice to have some good news for a change, isn’t it?

And that is not all, not by any means.

I could be wrong, but I think this is the only time that the SPA Facebook “Dog of the Week” has been adopted during the week when he was featured. Yes, beautiful Iron left today, to live on a huge estate. This boy had a terrible start in life. He was one of only two puppies who survived being thrown into the rubbish dump at Trebes. He was subsequently adopted when he was tiny but then brought back to the SPA having been given away to someone who did not want him either. It was all the harder to see him at the refuge, knowing that his brother, Kobi, is living a life of luxury with volunteer Rosa.

But now that is all over, and Iron has finally found love.

But there is more!  On August 11th a very poorly little dog arrived at the refuge. Reggie was in a terrible state, with what was clearly a serious neurological problem. Our main priority was to find out if he was suffering and if anything could be done to help him. The answer to both questions was no. Happy though he is, Reggie is wobbly when he walks and his condition is irreversible. But that does not mean he is not worthy of being rehomed and loved.

Enter SPA supporter Marieange, who spends her time caring for animals in distress or who are deemed unadoptable. She wrote to us some time ago to say that she had room for a small dog, regardless of age or handicap.  After Reggie’s magnificent “makeover” on Tuesday, this little boy was ready to leave, and off he went today. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to Marieange, nor how much contempt we feel for Reggie’s former owners, who left this tiny dog to fend for himself when what he needed was help.

Two of yesterday’s entries (the two that we did not have photos of) were reclaimed, so although the numbers are a bit up, they are not as bad as they were. And we had an excellent reservation….and it won’t be long before you know who it is!

Fifi starts her journey with Bruce!

2014-09-25 16.16.36








2014-09-25 16.13.00












Reggie when he arrived in mid August

10570288_770482226328125_1592817609839311712_n (1)











And leaving today after a lovely makeover (thanks to Sabrina and Stephane)

2014-09-25 15.54.00

Four dog Friday!

There was a time when we could expect great things from the start of the weekend, with blogs entitled “Five dog Friday” and so on. Nowadays just having one adoption seems miraculous. So I personally would have been reasonably happy with today’s first miracle; the adoption of Cola! This is a fabulous dog, who much to my surprise had been at the refuge for nearly four months before being adopted. On photos she looked like a big girl, and it was only when you saw her in real life or in a photo next to an object whose size was familiar, like a car tyre, that you realised how small she was.

As many of you know, there is currently building work taking place on the refuge. One of the jobs being carried out is the partition of the lower kennels with proper walls so that the dogs in neighbouring boxes do not see each other. During this time, there is a fair amount of “dog juggling” going on, as clearly the workers need the boxes to be empty when they are laying concrete. Some dogs are in the parks and others are in kennels elsewhere on the refuge, wherever there is space, in fact.

It was while Cola was in the upper kennels that someone finally noticed her. In general the lower boxes are used for bigger dogs, and many people do not go down there. The fact that Cola was sharing with Tanguy meant that she was in a “big dog’s” kennel, rather than with the medium dogs. So although she has had more space while she has been with us, she has perhaps stayed longer than necessary.

However, none of that matters now, Cola has a new home!

But the BIG adoption of the day was that of Tina. She used to belong to a homeless person, who collected her each time she arrived at the refuge. Apart from the most recent time, which was in August 2012.  Yes, over two years ago! Tina was timid and had never seen a lead before. It took a lot of patience and love from both employees and volunteers alike but Tina became gradually less nervous of people and finally she captured the hearts of two of our volunteers, and today she was adopted.

It is always wonderful when volunteers adopt; we know it is not a passing whim, as they know the dog in question well, and have taken the time to reflect before making their choice. I am sure Tina will be very happy, but I hope that we don’t lose two such fabulous volunteers! Please keep coming; we need you; the dogs need you!

Not only that, but Gloria’s owners had second thoughts and came back to get her. Plus we had the adoption of a puppy as well, so it was Four dog Friday, which isn’t too bad!










Tina – ADOPTED (after 2 years)













2014-09-18 14.40.36











Ichimi – ADOPTED



A bit better, but we are still very full…..

Today was not as bad as yesterday…..the little pinscher found her home (but not before Moira had time for a cuddle, little Nina was just adorable), and another little dog was reclaimed too. Things at the refuge remain critical, however, with very little space remaining, and yet more people contacting us about dogs they no longer want. It must be understood that days like yesterday, with its 7 arrivals, 3 of which were critical mistreatment cases, must always take priority over dogs who already have homes but whose owners do not want them.

We need to keep at least a couple of boxes free, otherwise what do we do when the police or mayors arrive with dogs? We cannot put animals into the parks, with storms raging all around as they are right now.

The three boxers who arrived yesterday will be homed via a specialist association; I won’t post photos as no one needs to see things like that; adult boxers who weigh 12 kg are not a pretty sight. All three will be fine, though, and in a week or so will be strong enough to be vaccinated. Yet another three dogs who are better off at the SPA…..

On the subject of which, Gus is looking much better. Today he was given a long lasting anti flea collar; due to being underweight on arrival, Gus has still not had his second vaccination, so walks are still not allowed. But cuddles are! Here he is, complete with his collar. Thanks again to Jane and friends for sponsoring this lovely boy.

We had a reservation today, just a small dogs, but she is very unhappy at the SPA, so it is great that she will be off soon. I wonder if you can guess who it is?


2014-09-16 13.36.28











Guess – RECLAIMED (she is not blurry in real life)













And Gus with his new anti- flea collar. Feel the love!

2014-09-16 13.24.07

One out but five in :(

Those of you who live anywhere near Carcassonne will have seen and heard the enormous thunderstorms this afternoon. Not exactly the ideal weather for the animals at the refuge or for visitors either. However despite the torrential downpour, there was some good news!

Today saw the departure of Mirza. She had been found and brought to the refuge on August 28th. As there was no room inside at all at the time (puppies need to be indoors for their own protection as unvaccinated puppies have virtually no immunity), Mirza was taken home by Fabrice to foster. As we suspected, it did not take long for this little girl to catch someone’s eye, and today Mirza left for her new home. She probably spent a total of 30 minutes at the SPA; when she arrived and when she left.

Oh, if only it could be like that for all the dogs and cats!

Sadly four more puppies arrived today, and unlike Mirza they will not go to a foster home. I have lost count of the number of puppies who have arrived this year; but sadly I am all too aware of the number at the refuge. All are gradually growing older and missing out on all the fun of puppyhood. And of course each time a new, younger litter arrives, the “older” pups become less attractive in the eyes of many adopters. And as for the adults, their chances don’t get any better either; it is all too easy to fall for the charms of a puppy!

Three little boys and one little girl have made up the “sushi litter”. They appear to be labrador crosses and look suspiciously like they are related to Jade and Julia. We also had the arrival of a n adult and I will get information about him tomorrow.  Another bad day, for both dogs and cats (a mother and her 3 kittens). Yet again it is due to people not sterilising their animals.

But don’t worry, tomorrow there will be good news, I promise!

10653700_778959962147018_8142584401696093151_n (1)











One of today’s four new puppies


Skipton skips off and a collection at Maxi Zoo

Those of you who do not have Facebook but who follow this blog, may not be aware that the lovely people at Maxi Zoo in Carcassonne are hosting a collection on behalf of the cats of the SPA. A further day is planned for the dogs later in the year, and of course anything that benefits the SPA helps both dogs and cats…The more money we save thanks to donations means the more cash we have to spend elsewhere. So if you can pop along to see us tomorrow, whether you are a dog or cat lover, your support would be very welcome.

Maxi Zoo can be found at 170B, rue Alessandro Volta, ZAE La Ferraudière, which is close to the airport area (Decathlon, Tridome etc). We will be present from 10H00-19H00. Come and say hello. And if you prefer to donate something for the dogs instead of the cats, we will not turn it down, although as I say, a dog day is planned for a bit later on.

At the SPA, little Skipton, the Yorkie, was adopted, having arrived on August 10th. That means he was with us for 19 days. This is quite long enough for his former owner to have come to reclaim him, even in summer. Despite some of the comments on Facebook, we cannot possibly keep dogs indefinitely just in case his owners decide to come looking three weeks later. The same ten day rule applies to small dogs as to big ones. It is not necessarily the case that a Yorkshire terrier is more likely than a big dog to have a good owner. Skipton had the offer of a new, loving home, so we let him leave and we wish him well.

There was one new arrival, but I have no more information than that, so all I can say is that pictures will follow.

We hope to see you either at the SPA or at Maxi Zoo tomorrow; or maybe even at both!

Meet us and see pictures of the SPA cats tomorrow at Maxi  Zoo from 10H00-19H00











Skipton – ADOPTED and now at his home!



Just walk away, Renée

A mixed day at the SPA today. Someone left an empty cage in one of the exterior boxes, so we will never know what small animal escaped from it. The owners did not have the courage to walk in and hand the animal over to make sure it was safe. And no, they were not donating an empty cage, as there was food left inside, and sawdust. So some small creature (a kitten, a rat, a ferret?) is now lost in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps already dead. For every wonderful person out there, there is always someone who makes you despair at their idiocy and selfishness.

In better news, Ilda left the SPA. This is the little girl who was brought in on August 19th by the police of Limoux after being abandoned by her owner who no longer wanted her. Dog Rescue Carcassonne knew of her plight before she was brought in, but did not manage to find a “home to home” in time. However once she was at the SPA and we were able to meet her and take some better photos, Moira’s plotting came to fruition! Ilda has not left for her forever home, but is being fostered by Elinor, a great supporter of the SPA and adopter of Maddie (ex Malaga), who is going to give her loads of love and then deliver her to Scotland when she and her husband return home in a couple of weeks.

We will have an official adoption announcement when she reaches her final destination, and in the meantime we will have news and photos thanks to Elinor. The first one has arrived already. Ilda has been renamed Renée which of course means “reborn”. And she is already looking a lot happier, isn’t she? Great work Team!

Two dogs arrived today. Copernic is a lovely looking cross breed and we will have more information about him in due course. Who knows, perhaps his owner is looking for him……And then we had a tiny female yorkie brought in having been found in Palaja. She, unlike Copernic, is identified, but the details on her tattoo are not up to date. Let’s hope her owners think of contacting the SPA, otherwise she will be looking for a home at the age of ten years.

Ilda, now Renée – in foster before moving to Scotland!








Copernic – New arrival










And a ten year old female yorkie- another new arrival





A very special guest blog

Tonight we have a guest blog, so without further ado, I will hand over to Jane. Her words speak for themselves, so I will just say a very big “Thank you” to all concerned, and our sympathies once again.

For nearly ten years now I have had the good fortune to be a member of a very special online community of some sixty plus wonderful men and women. Brought together by our love of food and cookery, we stayed together via various forums and Facebook by our mutual respect and genuine friendship, despite the majority of us never having the opportunity to meet. Two weeks ago, one of our members died suddenly leaving us all grief-stricken. Darren was a gentle, sweet and generous soul who had an affinity with dogs. He once told me ‘I am almost embarrassed by how much I love my dog – almost…’

Once we had got over our initial shock we knew we had to do something meaningful to honour this incredible man, and asked his partner for suggestions. It was easy – Darren would have wanted to help a dog refuge and I was suggested as the person who might know of a suitable rescue centre. Well, I certainly did. I have been associated with the SPA for a few years now; I adopted my dear, quirky Rookie in March 2012, and try to do what I can to support fundraising events. I have seen first hand how hard the staff and volunteers work to care for their dogs, with all that this involves and well as lavish as much love on them as they can. They are miracle workers!

So my friends and I decided to sponsor an SPA dog in memory of Darren. Rowan helped us chose Gus, a beautiful laborador cross who was brought to the refuge because he had been badly mistreated. Left tied up on a short rope to starve, he arrived at the SPA in a very sorry state. Covered in fleas and ticks and half starved. Desperate to escape, he had rubbed his face and ear until it was raw and bleeding. When Rowan told me how gentle Gus is, despite all that he has been through, I knew that he would be the perfect dog for us; the word we have all used to describe our dear friend was ‘gentle’. It seemed fitting.

Sponsoring an SPA dog is incredibly easy; once we had decided all we had to do was inform them of our choice and they did the rest. The sponsorship turned from an idea (thank you Evie) to received funds in a matter of hours. The SPA (via DRC) are keeping our donations separate for Gus and we will decide how they are spent. The top of our list, once he is well enough, is to get him castrated.  This way he can be integrated with more dogs – his time spent at the refuge more enjoyable and he’ll be a more attractive prospect to potential adopters. It’s our great wish that this sweet boy is rehomed to a loving family, as all dogs deserve, and in the meantime we hope to help make his stay at the SPA as comfortable and happy as possible.

Sponsoring Gus has given us a purpose during our grief – we feel that we are doing something positive and worthwhile to remember our friend. We hope you are proud of us Darren; we miss you dreadfully but we will do our best to make a difference for Gus in your memory.

Darren Mann. 2nd December 1974 – 10th August 2014. Missed by all who knew him












Gus. A gentle soul












And Jane’s dog Rookie- just because Darren loved him


Tayson is back….plus three in and three out.

On August 17th DRC put out an urgent appeal for someone to collect former SPA resident Tayson from a refuge in Department 07, where he had arrived as a stray. Any dog adopted from the SPA Carcassonne will always have a home with us. I lose count of the number of dogs who “belong” to other refuges who refuse to take them back when they show up at the SPA Carcassonne. Pleading over-crowding is all well and good, but do you really think things are any easier for us?

In any case, within 30 minutes of the appeal, we had no fewer than three offers of help. Many thanks to Steve and Sue, Pauline and Wally (both couples have adopted at least one dog from the SPA Carcassonne) and mostly to Muriel’s parents, who were first to respond and so, based solely on that criteria, were the ones “chosen” to rescue Tayson. I am sure that the French network would have come up with a solution pretty quickly too, the SPA Carcassonne is blessed with fabulous supporters for whom animals are a priority.

You will all be relieved to know that Tayson is now back at the SPA, very thin and undernourished, but at least he is safe.

So how did this situation come to pass? Why was Tayson left to wander for we suspect several weeks with his owner failing to notify us? Had we known we could have put out appeals on Facebook for people to keep an eye out for this boy; after all he is a big dog and is friendly and approachable. I suppose the new owner did not wish to admit that he had lost Tayson. We know that Tayson likes to wander and we emphasised this when he was adopted; some people hate admitting they are wrong, even when a dog’s life is at stake!

We do not refuse to let dogs leave our department like some refuges, citing the difficulty of follow-up. We home dogs all over France and abroad, too. Quite often the further away the dog, the more news we have; look at the wonderful photos we have of the dogs in the UK and Belgium, sometimes years after they were adopted. So no, this experience will not change the way we rehome our dogs. But we perhaps need to emphasise to people that if there is a problem, keeping quiet about it is not an option. The appeal to collect Tayson proved that we can sort out most messes, even if in a perfect world every adoption would work out first time.

Shockingly this is Tayson’s fifth time at the SPA. His next home has to be the right one. When we say that a dog needs a well-enclosed garden, we are not saying it because we have shares in a fence company!

There were three adoptions at the SPA today, just to brighten things up. Guismo left after having been spotted yesterday by the adopters of Granite (now Whisky). They wanted an older dog to be company for Whisky, but he or she had to be housetrained and cat-friendly, which we knew to be the case with Guismo! The other lucky dogs were Yorkie and Stella.

Just to balance things out, though, three non-identified dogs were brought in. Photos of them to follow tomorrow, all being well.

Tayson looking for a lift home












And on his way, looking happier already with Muriel’s mum!










Guismo – ADOPTED









Yorkie – ADOPTED












Stella – ADOPTED