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New puppies!

There was quite a bit of excitement when we posted pictures of the four recent puppy arrivals this morning. And why not? Ten weeks old, two males, 2 females; the Fabulous Forties litter are just stunning.

We are not always right, but this time we are confident in saying that these pups should go very quickly! However, as always, please make sure that you want an adult dog before you adopt a puppy. Because puppies become adult dogs, you know. What is more, if you want a well-educated, well-socialised adult, it is up to YOU to make sure your puppy is brought up properly.

Someone who seems to have done this very well is the family of Gavroche, who was adopted 5 years ago today. On the left he is seen when he left us aged four months (and 20kgs) and on the right today, five years and 25kgs later! If only all our puppies could be this lucky.

One dog whose life has changed enormously in a very short space of time is Romeo, who has been in his new home for just a week. He is making great progress and his new mum says “The best part of the day is when he races downstairs in the morning with Juilette and out into the garden where he does a canter with his tail held high”. And yes, Romeo’s doggy friend really IS called Juliette. Talk about Fate!

There were three arrivals at the SPA today, and sadly no adoptions. Let’s hope for better weather and more adoptions as the week progresses.

Lovely Lindy Hop
pale beige and white puppy









Beautiful Bugle Boy

black and white puppy











Gavroche then and now!

small dog on left, same dog on right but HUGE









And Romeo and Juliette 

Pale beige dog with friend

Meat with Relish! (or Sausage and Salsa)

Today we had two adoptions. First to leave was Wurst (rhymes are free on DRC!), who arrived at the end of December. Rather mysteriously he had recently been castrated, but was not identified. As no one came to claim him, this gorgeous and affectionate young dog was up for adoption and today he left for his new family, complete with children and a young puppy. He is going to be well loved, that is for sure.

I spent some of the afternoon playing in the park with a dog whom I have been wanting to meet for some time. Throwing a ball and having it brought to my feet repeatedly by beautiful Salsa was a moment of magic. Marvelling with one of the employees about Salsa’s character shortly afterwards, I was told that a family had been to see her on Saturday. This same family returned late this afternoon to adopt her, and so Salsa was the second of today’s adoptions.

We were also honoured with a visit from Nude, aka Pixie, who is in long term foster with employee Isabelle. This little girl was our urgent appeal when her chances of being rehomed were negligible; she had no hair due to leischmania. With Isabelle’s love and regular medicine, Pixie has fluffy fur all over her body, and she is a happy and well socialised dog, full of joy and excited to see all her human friends.

The weather is a bit patchy at the moment, but we were lucky this afternoon, with some bright albeit windy conditions for walking, so thanks to everyone who came along to brighten the dogs’ lives!

Wurst (aka Sausage and now renamed Volt)) – ADOPTED
little shih-tzu











long haired black dog lying down









And Pixie (aka Nude) came to visit


News of a “tripawd” and a case of mistaken identity

Another wet and windy day here, which is not exactly conducive to adoptions, obviously. So no celebrations tonight, although of course there is always something to be happy about.

This morning we received some lovely photos from June of her little girl, Daisie. June has just written an article for the DRC website “Life after the Refuge” section, where she tells us all about how Daisie is adjusting to life since the amputation of one of her legs back in summer last year when she was still at the SPA.

You can read more “Life after the refuge” stories here, although on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words, the Facebook albums tell you probably all you need to know.

Several people have asked today whether Leon, the Pekinese cross who is missing in Esperaza is the same Pekinese cross whom we homed on Monday. I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that here at the SPA our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the photo. There is more than a passing resemblance. Had we inadvertently rehomed someone’s beloved pet? Saké (OUR Peke) had spent the required 10 days pound time with us (slightly more, if my memory doesn’t fail me), so we would have been perfectly within our rights to have rehomed him. At the same time, no one likes to think of a family in tears because they haven’t contacted the refuge in time to reclaim their pet.

Rest assured, it is nothing more than a coincidence. Leon and Saké are not the same dog. For a start, the dates don’t match up. Leon was lost on Monday, the very day when Saké was rehomed (AFTER being with us for 10 days). Moreover Leon is identified, which would of course have prevented us from homing him without contacting his owners (assuming they had left a mobile phone number as Leon usually lives elsewhere).

However the scenario is more than possible. So yet again, If you lose an animal, identified or not, please let as many people know as soon as possible. If he or she comes home safe and sound ten minutes later you may feel a bit silly, but at least you will not have wasted valuable time.

And meanwhile, please keep your eyes out for Leon and all the other missing animals that are shared on the SPA page or sites such as Chien-perdu and Pet Alert.

Daisie with friends. 
three legged dog lying on her back with a pal









Leon is missing (not to be confused with Saké who was homed recently)

Brown fluffy dog

Kohl arrives and Quizz gets a makeover!

Today’s weather was horrible; windy and rainy and generally nasty. I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised; it is January after all. However winter up to now has been pretty much non-existent, and today was a stark reminder that south of France or not, Carcassonne does get cold.

There were very few visitors to the SPA today, and no adoptions, sadly. We had one new arrival, and although it is tempting to pity his being in a cold concrete kennel, of course we do not know where he spent last night, or the one before that.

Kohl is a puppy who appears to be a bull terrier or similar breed. All that we know is that he is not identified, so unless his owners are looking for him, he will be looking for a new home soon.

In yesterday’s blog we showed you the before and after pictures of new arrival Chispa, who was given a makeover by Angélique. Well she has been hard at work again, and has transformed our boy Quizz from being a scruffy mess to a gleaming representative of his breed. Quizz was adopted in 2015 and abandoned later the same year for being “too lively”. I can’t say he was a huge fan of the hairdryer, but he was extremely patient yesterday, as was Angélique! Now “all” we need for Quizz is a new home!

One thing is for sure, his new “do” can only help! Thanks once again to Angélique.

New arrival – puppy Kohl
Black puppy with big ears









Quizz – before and after.

Before and after pictures of small curly haired dog

Loustic’s lucky day…

Another scorching day at the refuge so dogs were washed, some had short training sessions or cuddles in the shade, whist most hid in the shade at the back of their kennels.

One very lucky boy was puppy  Loustic who left with his forever family and as we also had the reservation of another pup, it was a good day! I love days like this as I hate seeing pups growing up in kennels.

We had a special visitor, little Charlie the 11 year old fauve x terrier who is in foster at Janes. Charlie was adopted form us about 10 years ago but unfortunately had to come back a couple of months ago when his owner became terminally ill. Jane couldn’t bear the thought of this little lad in kennels so took him home to live with her 4 dogs. Unfortunate Charlie isn’t used to sharing his home with other dogs and is tolerating this situation whilst we launched an appeal for a home without other dogs.

Social media is a fantastic help and we were contacted by a lovely lady who was very interested in Charlie but has 17 cats!…gulp! So although in Charlies notes it says that he is ok with cats we thought it prudent to check this for ourselves so asked Jane to bring him in this afternoon for a cat test.

In the cattery we can tell if a dog is very reactive to cats but as the dogs are often overwhelmed by the smell and sight of so many cats many dogs just freeze.  So although the cat test is an indication of how a dog might behave,its certainly no guarantee that if a car runs a dog wont chase!

Luckily Charlie was very well behaved with lots of cats around him so we expect that he will be fine. As yet the potential adopter hasn’t met Charlie but introductions should be done later this week.

Pilau, Basile, Mojo, Kopo, and Taser had short training sessions in the shade and Tanguy, Hisis, Hindy, and Bogart had baths! So that’s 9 dogs who escaped the boredom  of their kennels even if it was for just 15 minutes!

Lucky Loustic..adopted

photo (15)

Mojo enjoying a cuddle in the shade!

photo (14)







The Journey by Zelda


Zelda1“Let’s go back to February 28th 2015….a story from Zelda”
Two dogs that thought they had a home for life were abandoned at the SPA today. First was two-year old Zelda, who was adopted from us (as Zizouille) about a year ago. She is on the “no longer wanted” pile. BUT My new Mum, Jane found this picture of me, and you can see that now I have a different life altogether!! She had decided to volunteer at the SPA Carcassonne, and ventured into the “concrete jungle” initially December 2014. To return shortly after in March on a permanent basis…there was strict instruction from John to find a new member to the family but not a small dog! Well, an open brief and where to start, there was so many to choose from all barking for attention and affection but she kept returning to my home which I shared with a great dog Tazer. Initially I was very frightened and wouldn’t approach anybody, but with some support from Tazer and a treat…we became friends and went out for a walk together. Jane returned on several occasions as a new volunteer and although there were several new dogs, always sat with me and I enjoyed the cuddles that she gave me behind the bars…little did I realise that she had decided…I was going home. Jane shortened her last return to the UK and I was adopted on April 11th…ten days after my 2nd birthday….approximately 6 weeks at the SPA is unusual. We both started our journey together walking the vineyards near Brezilhac, and I soon found new friends as you can see from the pictures…socialisation is hard for me, and I am afraid of people, children, flags, loud noises and shoppings bags to name but a few, but in eight weeks we have made great improvements. I am very lucky as we have a small open garden where I can play with my various toys, and I am particularly good at football…OK I’ve destroyed a few and have thrown a few tennis balls down steep banks which both my new Dad and I have managed to retrieve…we have been to Mirepoix/Limoux markets as my Mum loves to source local fruit/veg and I generally always get a treat when she stops for coffee. Many people have approached me on these days out and I have even had photographs taken….today has been an adventure Toulouse airport….who know’s where we will be going next, such an adventure!!
“A day in the life of a volunteer” Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I set off for the afternoon to the SPA Carcassonne….with so many dogs to walk I have to choose those that have not been walked recently…I was surprised it could be up to a week! I personally have a soft spot for the big dogs in their single boxes, and have built up my muscles in my right arm!! (thanks to Gus…lovely chap).They are all so very different when they are given the opportunity to get out… for anyone considering “adopting” please do not pass by those that look over excited, or retire to the back of their homes..just give them a second look. There are two tips I would give any new volunteer make sure you bring water as some days it has been over 30 degrees, and even though we don’t walk on those days…Cindy, Moira and myself washed three puppies for the first time it is thirsty work. Secondly, pair up with a friend, and enjoy the walks together this allows those dogs that are homed in pairs to go for a walk together, and it is great to see the difference. When you have the time get the brush out…with the warmer weather some of the dogs are losing their winter coats and is great to see how they appreciate the cuddles and warmth that you can provide…it always gives me great satisfaction to see the “older dogs” adopted and see them off with their new owners. Anyway back tomorrow with my daughter to show her the ropes and despite the weather, a walk and a smile costs nothing.




Freedom for Finger

Today we had a lovely adoption. No, not a dog who had been there for ages, but a dog who arrived injured and very sad looking. Mind you, beagles have a special talent for making people feel sorry for them!

This little chap was named Finger, because he had to have two toes amputated 😉 He spent several weeks in the cathouse, and so was not on display, so to speak. However yesterday a couple came to visit him and came back today to take him for a walk with their own dog, a lovely little pug. The two dogs got on very well and Finger left for his new home. Despite being four years old, Finger has seen nothing in his life and is scared of everything. This means his new family will need lots of love and patience, but with another dog to show the way we hope he will adapt to his new home quickly. Judging from the picture we have already received, things seem to be going well so far!

We had a new arrival, a lovely yellow lab cross who was found by our friends at Mag Dog. We have called her Maggie in their “honour”.

Apart from that it was a lovely sunny (but windy) day, and lots of dogs were walked. For me, personally the adoption of a beagle is always cause for celebration, so it was a good day!

Finger – ADOPTED and in his new garden!








New arrival – Maggie


A disappointingly quiet Saturday

Today was bright but windy, and although we are open every Saturday, we always have high hopes for the first Saturday of the month. Not only because for many it has just been pay day, but also because we are open on the first Sunday of the month, so in our minds it becomes a two day event.

Sadly today it was not to be. Not a single adoption took place. True, many people are away on holiday for the long Easter weekend, but equally many people find this an ideal time to adopt, as they have an extra day to settle their dog or cat into his new home before returning to work.

In fact numbers went up, with the “scheduled” abandon of a female setter cross. I don’t have the story on her, nor any photos, but I will try to rectify this tomorrow when the SPA is open from 14H00-18H00.

There was just one reservation, which is not much for all the volunteer hours that were put in today. However we would all much prefer one GOOD adoption than a whole bunch of ill-thought out adoptions that only last until the dog makes his first “mistake”.

A friend of DRC said recently that dogs are like toddlers. They need to be taught what to do when and sometimes it can be a slow process. We sometimes despair of people and say that perhaps they would have been better off buying a cuddly toy, but this is often the case. Yes, the SPA is full, but good adoptions only, please.

Many of us are giving up Easter with our families in the hope that the SPA will be busy tomorrow, so please come and show your support! Let’s get those animals out of there, even if it is just for a short walk and a roll in the grass, and together let’s try to get April off to a good start!

No adoptions today, but we did get a visit from Freddy. Now that was a GOOD adoption! They brought us a donation of dog food, too!











Thanks to the  Trèbes Sports Canins, always great supporters of our open days







The SPA is open tomorrow afternoon from 14H00-18H00


Adoption of Monty, but two more arrivals.

Despite the very windy weather, the afternoon was bright, and the volunteers were out in force walking dogs.

I arrived just as a dog was being abandoned, and although it was planned, the note in the diary did not reflect what the owners told us when they brought Simba in. Apparently they are moving to Spain, and there is not enough room in the car. This left us all speechless, so we said nothing. Mustn’t be unprofessional after all (even though by definition a volunteer is not a professional).

Another dog arrived thanks to some volunteers; he is 9 months old and is the last of yet another unwanted litter. No point in mentioning castration and sterilisation again, I know. Waste of time.

With the help of employee Muriel, photos were taken of those recent arrivals who did not have albums thus far. It is hoped that some of them may be reclaimed, or that the photos may help attract adopters. That is what we are really short of at the moment. Dogs are arriving in droves, but very few are leaving.

There was one very lucky dog today, however. Young Monty arrived with his brother Monaco just over three weeks ago, having been straying in a local village for several weeks. I know that I keep losing bets, and here again I would have been wrong. I would have put money on Monaco’s being adopted first, as he was arguably the prettier of the two.

However when Amy came along last weekend with her gorgeous Patterdale terrier, it was Monty who caught their eye. Amy said today that waiting a whole week to collect Monty has been the longest week of her life. Monty was desolate to be separated from his brother and whined and cried. But he will be at home in the warm tonight. It is Monaco that I feel sorry for. Let’s hope that he soon finds a home.

So not the triumphant end to the week we were hoping for, but not the worst day of what has been a truly horrible six days.

 ABANDONED (no room in the car)










Yesterday’s arrival 










Yesterday’s arrival














Puppy departures, puppy arrivals and a joyful adoption!

Some puppies arrive and we just know they won’t have long to wait. When Jack arrived there was a collective “Awwww”, as this young yellow lab wagged his tail. He went straight home with volunteer Martine where he has been getting used to cats (lots of them!) plus one dog, and most importantly avoiding the stress and potential microbes to be found at the SPA.

Of course there were lots of prospective adopters for this dog, and it is no surprise that today, the very day when Jack’s obligatory “pound time” finished, he went off with his new family, carefully selected by Martine. For those of you who were left disappointed, it is the foster families who choose as they know the dog the best, it is no reflection on you as potential owners.

Isa and Audrey also said goodbye to their foster pups today. Jessy has gone to a sporty couple, which will be perfect for this active border collie. And Audrey said goodbye to Alf, who had, like Jack, spent the minimum amount of time at the SPA (on paper,that is).

Thank you so much to all three foster families for giving these lucky pups the best start possible, bearing in mind that they, like all the dogs who arrive at the refuge, are simply not wanted.

On the subject of which, today we had the arrival of five more puppies. One, a border collie, arrived this morning, and four more were brought in by the cruelty inspector this afternoon. The mum had been adopted from the SPA in 2011, before we had obligatory sterilisation, and this is her second litter at least. There had been seven pups, but 3 had been given away by the time we knew about them.

This just makes us despair. And there is nothing we can do. So never ever ask us why we insist on sterilisation. THIS is why!

Another unwanted dog was Indy, who looks about 10 years old, but is just 2 and a half. He was a planned abandon, and I can’t even remember what frivolous reason was given. All I can say is that this dog is far far better off with us. We will soon have him spruced up!

Then the highlight of the day. We finally said a sad but happy goodbye to Quirke. This fabulous dog had been at the SPA since last June, and has only recently turned two years old. DRC have been plugging him on their website, and the general opinion of the staff was that he was the most perfect dog at the refuge. Free to roam in the mornings, never leaving the grounds even when the gate was open; good with cats; great with other dogs. Perhaps a tendency towards hyper-attachment, but hey, who doesn’t like being looked at adoringly? And his new family work from home. Perfect.

They made a long journey to come and meet Quirke, but I am sure they think it was well worth it. I was not the only one to shed tears when I said goodbye to this wonderful dog who has been overlooked for so many months.

Happy life, Quirke, keep in touch!

So a day of ups and downs.







































New arrival – a female border collie










One of today’s four other puppy arrivals. All are girls










Indy – Abandoned (he is only two and a half)










And the highlight of my day, and doubtless of Quirke’s life.
Quirke – ADOPTED.