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Peabody leaves and a word about kittens.

If we had wings we would have been able to fly instead of walk the dogs today, it was incredibly windy. The dogs seemed to enjoy it, though, plenty of fresh air. I couldn’t help thinking that it was a good job that Babette has left the refuge, though, as with her huge ears she could well have taken off.

On the subject of Babette, both she and lovely Ako are already reserved by families in the UK, just a week after they arrived. That is excellent news for them, and we are hoping that their fellow “immigrants” will be homed soon, too.

One little chap did leave us today. A tiny terrified looking pinscher arrived last week, and was still identified in the name of the place from where he had been adopted. We thought initially that this was a breeder, but in fact it turned out to be a privately run refuge near Beziers. As soon as we contacted them, they made arrangements to come and collect their dog. Not only that, they arrived bearing gifts, in the form of some bedding and some high quality organic dog treats. Like 20 boxes of them! How lovely!

So little Peabody (not his real name, sadly) went back to Beziers for rehoming. So why was this dog still in the name of the refuge and not that of his new owners, who had adopted him two years ago? Because their cheque had bounced! We follow exactly the same principal; we do not change the details if payment has not been made. Hopefully next time Peabody will find a home that wants him enough to pay for the privilege, because yes, having a dog IS a privilege!

We also had a reservation today, but you know my policy on that….patience please! More good news awaits!

A brief note, regarding cats. I know this is DOG rescue Carcassonne, but as we have cats at the SPA too, I thought maybe I would pass this message on here in the hope that it would reach the maximum number of people. It is kitten season and the first few have already arrived at the refuge from unwanted litters. Please note that the SPA is not responsible for wild cats, nor their kittens. They are protected by law, but it is up to the Mairies to deal with the problem, which they usually do via associations. So if you see wild kittens near you, your first port of call should be the local Mairie, who will give you the name of an association who should carry out a campaign of sterilisation of the adult cats and of the kittens as they reach maturity. This is the only way to stop the cycle.

Thanks for your understanding. It is not that we don’t love cats (and especially kittens), but it is not part of our role.

Peabody leaves











Stray kittens are sweet, but please contact your local mayor.

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Upon arriving at Place Gambetta this morning at about 09h30 I was a bit worried. Clouds! Spots of rain. AARGH! But by the time we had finished setting up, the sun was shining and everything was fine. Phew.

Rosa and her friends, Marine, Cindy and Clemence did a fabulous job, and with the help of an amplifier (thanks Sophie), we were able to attract plenty of people to the SPA stand. Then the dancing started; at first with just a few of us, but gradually people joined in, mostly kids who were wearing face paints beautifully applied by Clemence. She is a beautician by training, so it is no wonder that the face painting was high class!

We certainly created a buzz. People came to chat to us, and as usual to talk about their dogs or cats, and we received donations totalling €110euros. But money was not the goal of today; the goal was to attract some publicity to the SPA, and we certainly did that. We have been offered the chance to do a repeat performance at La Cite for la Fete de la Musique on June 21st, so if you missed out today, you can come and see us there, if you like!

At the refuge we saw the return of Til, who was adopted several years ago, but whose family are not able to keep him due to a severe allergy by one of the children. There were many tears shed, as they loved him. He comes with great references; their garden is not enclosed but he stays close by, he is housetrained, great with other dogs and children. Hopefully he will find a new home soon

On a brighter note, the dog whom we name Prince, but who is really called Silver was reclaimed. He was the poodle with the illegible tattoo, and who arrived in a sorry state. We had a chat to his owner about the need to take better care of his dog, and he has promised to do so. We will see (and yes, we WILL check).

The painting of the refuge continues, with special anti-rust paint being applied to the door grills. The volunteers will have trouble getting that out of their hair, unlike the water based paint we have been using up to now!

Don’t forget that the SPA is open tomorrow, as it is the first Sunday of the month. There is still planting and painting to be done, or just pop in and say hello!

PS If you are wondering why there are no pictures of the dancing, it is because I was dancing myself, and so far, to my great relief, no one has sent any pictures!


The SPA stand complete with anti-fur dress!
2014-05-03 08.21.38






Clemence, Rosa and Marine having their moment of fame with l’Independant
2014-05-03 09.00.19







Some of Clemence’s handiwork

2014-05-03 09.49.48








At the refuge, the return of Til

2014-05-03 13.20.22







And Prince (Silver) reclaimed

Prince apricot toy poodle










Animals have Christmas too!

As you know, today was day one of the Christmas for Animals and despite a dull start to the day weather wise, by 14H20 we had already had our first adoption and a huge number of donations!

The day continued in the same vein pretty much till closing time. We had visits from lots of our ex-“inmates” which was fabulous. The doggy-treat stall was a huge hit and the Christmas tree is looking pretty full, with loads more baubles decorating its branches.

There are several people and groups I would like to thank. As ever I am scared to forget someone, but I simply must mention the Country Dance group from the MJC, who came with two carloads of food, and also Trebes Dog Sport Club, who were also incredibly generous. Sadly I do not have a photo of them, as they insisted that I go in front of the lens, but if I get hold of one I will add it later on, as they deserve more than just a brief mention in dispatches!

There was also a collection of dog food at Jardiland, and again the volunteers were present, showing off our dogs and promoting the SPA. I passed by on the way back from the refuge and the trolleys had filled up nicely!

I bet you are desperate to know who the lucky dogs were….Well, I wouldn’t say that there are too many to mention, but there were quite a few. Three left yesterday, to be fair, but the list of the lucky dogs is as follows:

Indy, Chuppa, Lili, Plume,Chups, and Springbock! Yes, six more dogs are in the warm, and there were a couple of reservations, too! We are delighted, and we are hoping for more good news tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us. If you came to the refuge today and want to do something different tomorrow, why not go to the Christmas market at Cavanac, where you will find yet more volunteers and more ways to support the SPA.

The Group  Country Dance from the MJC







Baby Christmas








And getting ready to open at Jardiland