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Papel’s turn at last.

Today is Wednesday, and we have our first adoption. Sometimes when there are a couple of days without any dogs finding new homes we get a bit downhearted, but then something happens that raises morale instantly, and that is what happened today….

After over 6 months at the refuge, Papel has been adopted. This lad arrived with his friend Casa in early November, and has had quite a long to wait. Not by some standards, perhaps, but for a dog who is just 18 months old, his time at the ScPA accounts for a third of his life. And it has been quite hard to understand why he hasn’t been chosen sooner, especially as he is fine with other dogs, fine with cats, and fine with children.

The third of these is very important, as today a family with three children came from Toulouse especially to meet him. They had fallen in love with him online, and were even more enchanted when they finally met him. So Papel has a lovely new life and everyone is delighted for him.


So only one adoption so far, but a good one, and hopefully more good news to come.


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