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Patty…one of our many black dogs!

In the run up to Halloween we will be highlighting as many of our black dogs as possible!

For those who missed Darcey’s blog on Sunday, we are reducing the adoption fee of any black dog by 50 euros until the 6th November!

That’s a great offer. It means that a identified, vaccinated, sterilised and vet checked dog is only 120 euros..so long as they are black. But as we are in a generous mood, even dogs with a bit of black are included in this super promotion!

So, today I would like to highlight Patty..

Some people think that black dogs are not photogenic but as I was scrolling through the pictures of black dogs, photos of Patty really stood out !

Patty was found with her friend Sweety  alone on the Carcassonne ring road. They were very close and obviosly used to living together abd it wasnt long before Sweety was adopted. Patty is a gorgeous deep black labrador cross. She is very affectionate but even although she loved Sweety she does not love all dogs  so will need to be an only dog.

At only 3 years old she has lots to offer and I am sure that with careful introductions and socialising she could learn that other dogs are not a threat.

Have a look at her photo album  https://www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1146466048729739

Come and meet her, take her for a walk…you will fall in love with this lovely girl!

One black dog did leave today, Granite, who was reclaimed by his owners!

Patty needs a home!




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