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Pegasus| A367

Pegasus male Breton spaniel crossMale, Young, Medium

Pegasus arrived with Breton spaniel Muse in mid July and although the two dogs look very similar, the vet estimates that Pegasus is some 6 months older than his sister, with a birth date of July 2017. It is all guesswork, however, as neither dog was identified upon arrival. Pegasus is not at all nervous of people and loves a cuddle. He is fine with other dogs, but does not seem to like cats. Breton spaniels make great family pets as well as being great companion dogs for people who like long walks. Sometimes beloved of hunters, they are used more to flush prey than chase it down, so tend to stay close, which is a bonus for anyone who likes to end a walk with their dog, as opposed to standing their screaming their lungs out for hours afterwards!

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  • Affectionate and full of character
  • Fine with other dogs, not cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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