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Pepsi and Paco | A587 and A588

paco and pepsi puppiesMedium

Puppies Pepsi and Paco were brought to the refuge as the result of a mistreatment case, and at one stage we feared that they would suffer the same fate as poor Kaline; blocked by the French legal system from either being adopted or even being walked till legal formalities are complete , which in Kaline’s case took 2 years (yes, that really happened!). However 5 weeks after their arrival the ScPA has been given the green light to home the pups, so let’s get on with it, shall we?
Pepsi (female) and Paco (male) are both short-haired black and white crossbreeds who were born in June. They will be of medium size when fully grown and are typical mischievous pups at present, interested in everything the world has to offer. They have been very fortunate in making it to the refuge, and as we know, things are only gong to get better from now on!

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  • Will be medium sized
  • Will need basic puppy training
  • Will make lovely family pets

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