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Pet Peeves..

Well not much has happened at the refuge today so I thought that I would discuss things that annoy us about other dog owners. We all have our little peeves with other doggie owners so here are some of mine and please feel free to comment with yours. This could be quite interesting!

I suppose what angers me the most is people who don’t pick up after their dog. Not only is it unsightly but toxocariasis from dog poo can cause partial blindness in children and I am sure no one would want to be responsible for that! Not much better are the owners who allow their male dogs to lift their legs on your house walls. Boys will be boys and all that but please take them to a suitable area to toilet!

Next on the list has to be owners who let their off leash dogs run up to my dogs. Now don’t get me wrong, my dogs spend 90% of their walk time off leash but they are under control. I really hate when I see a dog bounding towards mine, not because I don’t want my dogs to socialise with others but because one of my dogs is a rescue who was never properly socialised and who I have spent years training so she can be around other dogs. This means that she needs careful introductions to others and needs space and time to get to know another dog. Letting your uncontrolled youngster bound into my dogs space simply undoes all that training so please bear in mind that not all dogs want to speak to your dog even if he is friendly! Now we all know that pups and youngsters that are learning sometimes just get it wrong and if the owner is trying to get their dog back I don’t mind as much as when they are ignoring their dogs cheeky behaviour or are on their mobile phone pretending not to notice, leaving me to cope with a potential dog fight!

Extending leads have their place and can be great but we have all seen people with dogs at the end of the leash on the pavement near traffic. When using the leash like this you have no directional control so if your dog takes off into the middle of the road they are not only risking their lives but risk causing an accident too!

Then there are the owners who don’t sterilise their dogs and allow then to roam but last and not least are owners who see their dogs as things, to be given away or abandoned when the pet becomes too inconvenient for them and we certainly meet lots of these owners at the SPA every day!

So come on, tell us what really annoys you about other pet owners, we might all learn something from these posts!

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