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Pica | T277

PicaFemale, Young, Large

When Pica arrived at the ScPA she was absolutely terrified. She hid in her box and occasionally put her nose out to see what was happening and to bark at anyone who approached. Yes, all the classic signs of a dog who has been beaten. A couple of months of love and she was a changed dog. Pica is a delight. Full of fun and affection, she now seeks out human contact and loves her walks and cuddles. We think she is some kind of levrier cross, she has the right build, although there is definitely something else in the mix. Pica was born in June 2016, and although her life up to now has probably been very tough, she is now firmly on the road to a far brighter future.


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  • Fine with dogs
  • Needs some TLC
  • Will make a great family pet

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