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Pictures of Lily (and Faro and Bean)

Today is Sunday and a much needed afternoon of rest for the employees and volunteers. As has become customary when the SPA is shut, we like to show you photos of happy dogs, either recently adopted or just because!

Thursday was the second birthday of “puppy” Lily-Bear. As we promised, she has turned into a BIG dog, and her family say that sometimes people are scared of her on first sight. Yes, black dogs have quite a reputation, especially big ones. But Lily- Bear is wonderful with everyone, the young children in her family, and her fellow canines. Thanks to her family for all the pictures.

And yesterday was first anniversary of the adoption of Faro. You may recall that his family were on holiday in Carcassonne with no intention of adopting a dog. However they came to dog walk with another volunteer and fell in love! Faro was a very nervous lad when he first travelled to the UK, but all that is past, and he is now a fabulously happy and well-adjusted dog.

And who could forget Bean (formerly Klitchko). He was adopted by Emily who knew instinctively that this little chap would brighten up her life. He is young, he is cheeky and sure enough, he is bags of fun.

Adopting a dog can be life-changing, and not just for the dog!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Lily- Bear has just turned two.








Yesterday marked one year since Faro was adopted.













And Bean (ex Klitchko) is a happy chappy too!

small white fluffy dog



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