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Pit leaves and Filou goes back home!

We had some excellent news from the SPA this afternoon, and well done Carole for keeping it quiet yesterday, when she must have been bursting at the seams to break the news. Like me, she is a bit superstitious and does not want to tempt fate by announcing news in advance at the risk of disappointing people. She was the one who did all the work behind the scenes which led to the adoption today of one of the SPAs all too many “oldies but goldies”

Fabulous Pit is now a free dog again, at the grand old age of ten. For a big dog this is already quite old and so thank you to his new family who travelled some distance to collect him. The dog washing team can attest to this boy’s lovely nature, as can the employees; he was one of a small but select group of dogs who is free to wander around the refuge at will in the morning when the gates are shut. His nearly six months at the refuge are over now!

We had more good news in the re-adoption of Filou, after a failed adoption. This little chap was abandoned in May due to the illness of his owners. They were certain that he would be adopted quickly, and did not feel it was fair to keep him locked up while they were recovering, assuming he would quickly be adopted. And they were right. Except Filou seemed to have other ideas, and bit the people who adopted him, so he was brought back. I think he had just made up his mind to wait as long as it took for his owner to be ready to take him back, so today he went back to the life he had known before! Cunning chap!

By the way, DRC is asking for pictures of dogs who have been adopted from the SPA and who are now enjoying their holidays. If you would like your pooch to be included in our Facebook album, please send a photo to website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk or to our Facebook page Dog Rescue Carcassonne. Here is my favourite photo so far, Maddie, ex Malaga, who was adopted from us as a puppy and who lives in Scotland but takes her holidays in France.

I would also like to wish a happy 9th birthday to Gretta, who was adopted from the SPA several years ago and who now lives with the DRC web-elves. They give up their time and skills to help us rehome dogs, and all they get in return is a stinky Houdini of a hound. 😀

We had a couple of new arrivals today, but let’s keep things positive tonight!

Lovely Pit- Adopted just short of his tenth birthday









Filou – Back at home.












More photos like this one of Maddie (ex Malaga) please!












And happy ninth birthday to ex- SPA dog Gretta.



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