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Popular puppies…

As anticipated we had lots of interest in our pups, so much so that we only have one pup left!  Aydie, Elsa and Anna have all been adopted leaving only Olaff still looking for a new family. Its strange that female pups are usually adopted before the males, this may be due to the perception that female dogs are easier than males……ha, you have to be kidding, not in my experience!

So that is quite a few families who have started off the new year with a new pup. As we keep saying, socialisation is everything and we do advise that you get your pup out and about as quickly as possible. Even if you already have a dog, its worth finding  friends with   pups or nicely behaved dogs and having as many play dates as possible. The more positive experiences that you can set up for your pup now will help your dog become a well balanced, happy adult. We also advise contacting your local club canin and taking your pup along to doggy school. This is great for the pup and the owners and is a fun way to spend a couple of hours each week!

We also had another lovely adoption. Lucky Diesel the beautiful Belgian Shepherd had a very short stay in kennels. This doesnt surprise me at all as she was a lovely looking, sweet young girl! She is only 18 months old so will soon settle down in her forever family.

We are still looking for Boss and Ondine. Lots and lots of posters have been put up in shops, bars and on lamp posts. Surely someone is going to see one of these dogs soon. We hate to think of them alone, cold and hunrgy but survival instinct is strong and they are tough little terriers so we are hopeful that they will be back with their families soon.

We will be blogging later in the week about what to do and who to contact should your dog go missing so keep an eye on our page as anyone can lose a dog!

Aydie adopted

Elsa adopted

Anna adopted

Diesel adopted




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