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Prosper | T304

Prosper male fauve crossMale, Young, Medium

Oh, what a fabulous boy Prosper is. Lovers of the fauve breed will definitely like this boy. He is not a purebred fauve, but he has all the breed’s usual traits, apart from (we hope) the one that causes these dogs to follow their noses wherever they lead. Propser was found as a stray, so we have no idea where he came from. He was born in June 2013, though, and as he arrived in good condition, he just must have had a home before. However no one is looking for him. Prosper is sharing her kennel with another male, and they get on fine. He is a very easygoing lad who would love another chance


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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Lovely easy going dog
  • Will make a great family pet

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