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Pueblo adopted!

Today was a stunning autumn day in the Aude and what is more we had the adoption of another black dog! It was Pueblo who was the lucky boy, although I am surprised that it took so long!

This handsome three-year-old youngster arrived early September and touched lots of volunteer’s hearts. We all seem to have black Labrador crosses and love to see them going to great families!

Not long after Pueblos departure another black Labrador arrived. He was not identified and we have called him Midnight. His paws had hardly touched his kennel floor when he was reserved. We will of course have to wait for the statutory 10 days pound time but at least we know that this boy wont have months and months in a kennel! Black Labradors are such great dogs but the breed which is most popular with our British adopters is the griffon.

Griffons are adorable and even when we warn potential adopters about recall…they are seldom put off, which makes it very strange that Balou has waited so long!

Tonight, I would like to highlight Balou, another lovely black and tan boy who arrived at the refuge in March 2015. That’s 18 months that poor Balou has been waiting and he’s already 10 years old!

Balou shares his kennel nicely with female doggies and is easy to walk, a lovely friendly boy!

Ballou’s adoption fee is 80 euros ( older dog price) and with our special Halloween offer of 50 euros off….he could be snoring away at your feet for only 30 euros!

We would love to see him in a home before winter!

Our Halloween offer has also helped on the cat side, today our first black cat was reserved. Let’s hope that there are lots adopted over the next week….dont forget that our Halloween offer means 3o euros off and black cat or kitten as well as 50 euros off any black ((ish) dog!

Pueblo adopted..


Balou need a home..




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