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Puppy day!

Well, today has certainly been one for the pups! Panda, Pixel and Presto from our border collie litter, were adopted! And no wonder, these puppies were stunning!

But, even cute borders are borders and we all know that border collies need lots of both mental and physical stimulation.  If you are a bit of a couch potato or can’t do lots of training, they are probably not the breed for you.  All 3 of our pups have gone to families who know the breed well!

Panda adopted!

Pixel adopted!

Presto adopted!

This is why we now ask potential adopters to complete a questioner. It’s not that we are being nosy, but it does give us an insight into your lifestyle and can help us point you towards a dog that will suit!

It’s great that our pups are being adopted so fast as we hate to see them growing up at the refuge. Up until 16 weeks old, puppies are going through a critical stage of their development when they are open to learning about new situations and environments. After this age, anything new that they haven’t come across before will be met with apprehension.

Puppies brought up in homes have a much better chance of being correctly socialised than those growing up in a refuge and that is why we really push our pups and try to get them out right away.

For those of you who believe that socialisation is everything a great opportunity to get a pup who has been socialised in a home environment from week one is about to come up!  I will tell you all about these pups next week and we will follow their progress!  These pups have had the very best start in life, have been handled daily, have met other animals and will stay with mum until at least 8 weeks old!  I am betting they will be very popular!

So lets hope that our other pups at the refuge, Pink, Pastis, Milan, Rimini and Italia and adopted this weekend!


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