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Puppy madness and adoption of Maya.

Yesterday the ScPA had 5 puppies and today only one is left! Yes, this has been one of our most sought after litters ever, with four of the pups leaving immediately. That is great for them, naturally, but please spare a thought for little Dagobert, who is all alone tonight. Bearing in mind that the refuge is open tomorrow, perhaps he won’t be alone for too long.

tricolured setter pup

Dagobert is still waiting!

The adoption of the day has to be that of Maya. Her arrival almost two weeks ago was the fourth time she had been at the refuge since September. On previous occasions she has always been collected just as her pound time was coming to an end. That is fine, but at one stage the employees were wondering if the refuge was being used as a cheap kennelling service.

This time however no one came to collect her, and although she is young and pretty, we never know how long dogs will wait for a new home. In Maya’s case, it took just two days after her pound time was officially up. That is wonderful news for her. Maya was born in April 2018, and it is great that she can do the rest of her growing up in her new home.

We don’t really have any decent photos of her, as the weather has been so rotten that taking pictures has been a bit difficult. We hope you get the idea, though!

setter cross


So it was a good day at the ScPA today and hopefully tomorrow will be another one!


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