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Puppy Siblings Leave

We had two very special adoptions today. Siblings Liam and Nick left for their new homes. Usually when puppies arrive together, there is one left behind. Staff and employees always feel really sorry for the last pup, although quite often they end up getting the best home of all, experience has shown us.

However this time Liam and Nick left on the same day! So no being alone at the SPA for either of them!

And they are doubly lucky, as these two pups were the survivors of a litter of four who arrived already sick with parvovirus. We were unable to save two of them, and both Liam and Nick were very ill for a long time. A plea, yet again. ….Please please do not leave sick puppies at the refuge gates. We have deliberately left the phone number of the vet in a prominent place and surely everyone has a mobile phone these days? But in any case, Liam and Nick both pulled through, and although they are both a bit underweight for their age, they are both bouncy, healthy pups. Each with a very distinct character, of course, and both families reflected long and hard about the type of dog they wanted. Very wise!

Many many thanks to their new owners for offering these pups a home, and as ever we look forward to news and photos. We love all our dogs, naturally, but when they have pulled through against all odds, like these two, they hold an extra special place in our hearts!

There are still pups looking for homes, of course, so if you can offer a GOOD home please get in touch!

Black and tan puppy











black and tan puppy

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