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Reasons to abandon, parts 1 to 3.

Please do not look at today’s date and assume that this blog is a joke.  Believe it or not 3 recently adopted dogs were abandoned today, all for different but equally ridiculous reasons.

I can hardly believe my own words when I write that the first of the day’s rejections was that of Palmito, who was adopted on Saturday. And the reason this puppy was abandoned? “He is too affectionate”. What is that supposed to mean? You adopt a dog from a refuge, he is grateful to be saved and doesn’t want to leave your side, and that is sufficient reason to bring him back. And they had the cheek to ask to be refunded the adoption fee. No no and NO!

Second to return was Wendy, from the Peter Pan litter. He owner has now got a full time job, and no longer wants a puppy. So two months ago she clearly had no plans to work full time and getting a puppy was perfectly reasonable….

And third and saddest by far was the return of Laika/ Fetide. This is her second failed adoption. Last time it was because she was not good with cats, this time it is because (after 11 days) she is not housetrained. We suggested cage training, but their minds were made up. Of course, this lovely dog may have a urinary tract infection, as it was only “number ones” as we delicately say, but much easier to abandon a dog than visit a vet.

In contrast to that misery were all the volunteers walking dogs. About 50 dogs were able to get out today.

It strikes me more and more that there are two types of people in this world; those like the SPA volunteers who love dogs and give up all their free time to make the refuge dogs happier, and the other type, who regard dogs as completely expendable and just throw them away for the slightest reason. Tonight I am in the bleakest of moods.

Palmito- Abandoned after three days. Too affectionate
2014-04-01 13.25.44






Wendy- abandoned after two months- New job

2014-04-01 14.32.59









Laika/ Fetide- abandoned after 11 days- not house-trained.

2014-04-01 13.38.04

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  1. Incredibly sad reflection on today’s throw away society. Feeling very angry for these poor animals.

  2. My heart is broken for them. But better in a caring refuge than with FECKLESS owners.

  3. I cannot believe people can be so heartless! The more time I spend with dogs the more I prefer them to people. Thank everyone who helps to look after the rescues. I wish I were closer. Don’t give up doing your great work because too many dogs need you.

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