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Rodrigo and Gabriella are reunited.

Remember lovely Gabriella who was adopted a week ago today, leaving her kennel mate, Rodrigo behind? Well today the two were reunited, as Gabriella’s new mum came back as promised, to adopt Rodrigo. I can’t imagine their joy: these two dogs were both left to fend for themselves outside the refuge, as their owners seem to have just dumped them. I had seen Gabriella first, before she teamed up with Rodrigo, after which they were often spotted together. Not everyone wants to (or is able to) take on two dogs, and dogs sharing kennels at the SPA quite often get separated, even after being together for years. So it is especially wonderful when two young dogs get to continue to live together, but instead of having to forage for food in the wild, they will be in a loving family home. I saw the reunion today, when Gabriella came to the refuge to greet her pal; as their owner said: It is love.

Today two dogs arrived, and talk about size difference! The smaller of the two, Gulli, is identified. The big boy, Samson (so we have called him) is not, but apparently they have the same owner. They are sharing a box, as they are clearly great friends. I hasten to add that we don’t usually let dogs of such different sizes share, just in case the bigger one gets peckish!

In other news, today we announced an upcoming event that is, shall we say, a bit different. Rosa, one of our volunteers together with her friend Marine, are organising a Flashmob event. For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, it is basically a seemingly unplanned “mobbing” of an event to create a buzz and attract attention to a cause. The Carcassonne Market (place Carnot) will not know what has hit it on Saturday 3rd May. Come along to join in as volunteers perform the SPA version of Pharell Williams’ song “Happy” or just come along to support us. There will be a stand from 10H00 with leaflets and collection boxes, and the following day will be Open Day at the refuge, so who knows what the day will bring!

You may even get to see “the dress” being modelled by Rosa below.

Rodrigo – ADOPTED







New arrival – Gulli










And his much bigger pal, Samson. We are looking for their owner










And Rosa in THE dress. Ready for a Flashmob, everyone?


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