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Roucky | T678

Roucky male beagle crossMale, Young, Medium

Rocuky is only two but the ScPA is already his 4th home. This beagle has been given away from owner to owner on the internet before finally coming to the ScPA, who will finally home him in a responsible manner, rather than just passing him on to whomever will take him, not caring what happens to him as long as he has been got rid of. So what does this dog do that is so bad each time? He runs off from unenclosed gardens, that’s what! You only have to look at this dog’s ears, or read up a bit about the breed to understand that this would be likely. But for some people, as long as a dog is free, it is okay. Poor Roucky.

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  • Needs an enclosed garden
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

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