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SammyMale, Young, Large

It is wonderful to be able to put Levy and Sammy on this site. They are two of seven dogs who were brought to the refuge one by one over the period of a month or so last summer. They had all been left in a garden when their owner basically just ran away from the mess he was responsible for. The dogs’ mother, Mattie was brought in with the “pups”, all of whom were one year old at the time and had never had any contact with humans. Mattie was well socialised and was adopted very quickly. The pups have been a lot harder work. Sammy went for a walk last week and proved to have made huge progress. He walks well, although like all these dogs likes to hear a friendly voice as he walks. He is very affectionate and just needs a bit of guidance, but his desire to please means that he is very responsive. Yes, he and Levy are two hidden gems! Sammy was born in August 2017 and is a weimaraner cross.

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  • Affectionate and will be responsive to training
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

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  1. Aparently the guy who ran away leaving Samy, Levy, Mattie & co is back & has 2 dogs again, probably not sterilised… one that the people couldn’t catch last time , plus a new one. A friend of mine was involved in this sauvetage, she lives nearby, it was she who told me this. I haven’t seen it first hand…

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