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Samuel and Sutech are reunited with their owner.

We did not have any adoptions today, but it was a great day for two dogs nonetheless.

Many of you will know Samuel and Sutech, two shepherd crosses who have been with us since March last year. Lots of volunteers have walked them and have found them to be easy on the lead and very well-behaved overall. But despite this no one has shown any interest in adopting them, either separately or together. They seemed doomed to spend their life at the refuge waiting….waiting… waiting. But for what?

Well, waiting for their owner, of course!

He had never forgotten them, either! A few weeks ago he contacted the ScPA say that his life is finally back on track and he wished to reclaim his dogs. Clearly this was not a decision to be taken lightly, and was discussed at length by the ScPA Board. The decision was taken to let the dogs leave in long term foster, so that if ever his owner needs help, we are there. This seems to be the perfect solution for everyone.

It is easy to pass judgement. One thing most of us realise is that not everyone has the same kind of life. Some of us have known nothing but stability and relative wealth. Others live life from hand to mouth, often with no fixed abode. Samuel and Sutech’s owner is one such person. He has had difficulties that some of us can only imagine, and it has taken him a long time to organise his life in such a way as to be able to keep his dogs safe. But he never gave up trying, nor did he simply move on and adopt other animals, as so often happens.

Today he came to the ScPA to collect his dogs and seeing them jump into his arms in unbridled joy dispelled any doubt at all that we had made the right decision.

Much as we love them, we hope that this is the last time we see Samuel and Sutech at the refuge. We wish them and their owner all the best as they re-start their lives together.


It looks like tomorrow will bring more good news, so see you then!

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