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Savanah | R388

savanahFemale, Young, Small

Savannah is a basset fauve de Bretagne, a breed that is very popular, though not necessarily with French people, so maybe this site can give her a hand in finding a home! Savannah was born on January 1st 2016 and is in many ways a typical fauve. She is a bit timid but responds well to love and affection. She is meeting dogs for the first time, and is just learning how to play. Isn’t it a shame that some dogs have never had the chance to enjoy other dogs’ company? Savannah has a lot of life to catch up on, but she is great with people and loved having her fur hand-stripped by a team of volunteers at a recent open day. So not as timid as all that!

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  • Responds well to affection
  • Gentle nature
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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