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Save a senior…

Today we had two reservations which isn’t bad for a rainy Wednesday afternoon. Both were recent arrivals, one an adolescent and the other a pup. Both will be leaving over the next few days.

This morning we had word from Twilight to say that Fred was settling in well and my thoughts turned to our other oldies in the refuge.

I am not quite sure whether they struggle most with the extreme heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter but life is a concrete kennel is very hard for them. With one walk per week all they live for is a kind word, a cuddle or some tasty treats from the volunteers.

There are many conversations with adopters about the age of the dog that you should adopt but most feel that if you adopt a younger dog you will have less vet fees and will have the dog longer.

Well you might…but no dog come with a guarantee.  There is no guarantee that a two year old will live to be 15 or that a 10 year old will only have a couple of years. And at some point your young dog will be older and you will have that cost anyway.

Some of our older dogs are very fit and healthy and have no ongoing vet costs. If they do have ongoing costs then they can often leave under FALD..foster of long duration. This is a great scheme where by the dog is yours for its lifetime but it comes to our vet and we pay the bills. This means that you have no vet bills if you are kind enough to take one of these oldies!

Older dogs have so much to offer. They are usually housetrained, easy to walk and a 20 minute totter around the park a couple of times a day is enough for them. They make instant, loyal companions…..all they ask for in return is a bed and affection.

So lets look at some of our oldies…and see if we can get them a home before winter.

Kipnak..Why this lovey boy has not been adopted I don’t know! He is 12.5 years old but you wouldn’t think it. He  loves his walks and other dogs…hes a really easy older boy in great health.


Larsouille..At 13.5 years old he is our oldest resident. A lovely older gent who just wants a  bed to call his own and a garden to potter in.


Claudius..Ten year old Claudius has not had an easy life. He is in desperate need of tlc and a warm bed before winter


Balou..A ten year old lovely griffon cross who is fine with some other dogs. Hes an affectionate, easy to walk boy!


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