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Scalibor Appeal…

Last nights blog was all about ticks and Piro and tonight follows on with our annual Scalibor appeal.

A Scalibor collar protects against ticks borne diseases as well as the dreaded sand fly transmitted, leischmania.

We would really love ever dog to have a collar but with so many dogs and such a turnover of dogs this is something that the SPA cannot fund. At about 18 euros each, this would be an enormous expense and we need to spend our pennies on essentials!

If you could donate a collar you can simply pop in with one, order one online and have it sent directly to us (SPA Carcassonne, Chemin de la SPA, 11000 Carcassonne) or make a donation via paypal (website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk) with SCALIBOR in the narrative and we will buy one!

Sometimes people want to donate a collar to a specific dog and that is no problem…just send us a message or tell reception if you are handing one in and we will send you a photo of the doggy of your choice proudly sporting his new collar.

So, should a dog become infected by a sand fly bite what can you expect? In most dogs who have become infected, the first sign of disease appears about 2-4 months after the initial infection. Symptoms may include sores on the skin, peeling, ulcers, loss of weight, bald patches, conjunctivitis, blindness, nasal discharge to name but a few.

The good news is that many dogs can be treated and the symptoms kept at bay by a drug administered daily.  If you suspect your dog has been infected then take them to the vet asap, early detection gives your dog the very best chance !

Scalibor collars are needed to protect our dogs!

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