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Selmo’s Saturday

In Thursday’s blog we told you about the adoption of Selmi. Well today a dog who we are pretty sure is her brother was adopted. We could be wrong, but they are the same age, were found in the same area and have almost identical markings.

We named him Selmo. You see how much trouble we have finding names? And remember we had a Selma a couple of months back, too! More inspiration required. In any case he is another great looking lad. Like his “sister”, one could at first glance assume him to be a banned breed, so the chances are that someone has an unsterilised dog out there having unwanted pups, which are inevitably turning up at the refuge. I do wish they would stop.

In any case, lovely Selmo didn’t have too long to wait for his new home, as he left straight from the fourriere.

black dog with white markings


Needless to say his space was taken almost immediately, as there have been a lot more arrivals than departures this week. We remain optimistic that better things are to come, and who knows, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

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