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Sending dogs abroad…

We get lots of comments about sending dogs to the UK. Some are questioning ‘don’t they have enough dogs over there?’, some are critical ‘that’s a ridiculous journey for a dog, you are mad!’ and some of course are positive.

The reality of rescue here  in France  that we simply do not have enough good homes locally. Our numbers are fairly constant so when, at any one time 100+ dogs are waiting for a home, yes we need all the good home we can find regardless of whether a dog has to cross a border to get there.

We are ever so careful about where we send our dogs. Homes are checked, questions are asked and we need to be very confident that the home will work out before the dog is even prepared for travel.

All of our dogs leave via TRACES unless the new owner picks them up. This means that they leave with a DEFRA type 2 transporter and so we know exactly where the dog is at any one time.

It is a long journey for the dogs but they are in a comfy cage, in a temperature controlled vehicle with regular stops. We usually use FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS AND CATS to transport our dogs to the UK and they always get our dogs there, hale and hearty and ready to go.

On Sat at 5.30am morning puppy Elsa left on the transport. You can see her below when she arrived in Reading this morning. I think that you will agree that the prospect of such a wonderful home is well worth the effort.

Many thanks to Christian and family for welcoming a rescue pup from France rather than going to a breeder for a pup.  I know that Karen, Christians mum and our volunteer will be very proud of them for supporting us and that we will have lots of updates.

If you do fancy one of our lovely French dogs, you can email us at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk , send a facebook message or call us in French on 0468253545 or in English on 0468247097.

Elsa arrived hale and hearty…






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