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Seven more arrivals, and how YOU can help!

Usually at this time of year things start looking up at the SPA. Holiday season has finished, kids are back at school, and usually the adoptions re-start after a typically busy summer. This year there appears to be no let up and the dogs just keep on arriving. We have no idea why. But we wish it wasn’t the case.

Today seven more dogs arrived, and there were no adoptions. Two of the arrivals are puppies who were found in Trebes yesterday. They are unlikely to be reclaimed and are doubtless the result of an unwanted litter. Then there is Caramel, an eight year old levrier cross, Jimmy a four and a half year old lab cross (who is identified) and Black, a young griffon cross.

I have no idea about the two other  new arrivals, as I was not at the SPA, however tomorrow we will try and get photos so that we can try and track down their owners, or failing that (most likely), start looking for new homes for them.

I know many of you would love to help out, but, like me, you are unable to adopt. That could be because (like me) you already have what many people would consider to be too many dogs (only four in my case!), or perhaps because you way of life is not suitable. But there are many other ways you can help. For one, you can spread the word amongst your friends. Tell people about the SPA Carcassonne and the efforts we make to look after our dogs.

We are proud of our policy of no euthanasia due to lack of space. However in order to achieve this, we have to have adoptions. Otherwise it does not work. The refuge walls are not made of elastic.

You can speak to people about the benefits of castration and sterilisation. Nothing fills up the SPA quicker than litters of unwanted puppies. And what do puppies become? Yes, adult dogs! Usually untrained and often left alone to fend for themselves, like the two from Trebes today.

You can make sure your own animals are identified.  At least that way should they ever arrive at the SPA or another refuge, you can be contacted and your dog will not be at risk of being adopted by someone else (which can happen at the SPA Carcassonne) or euthanised (which can happen in many other refuges, due to lack of space).

You can also “sponsor a dog”. This can mean anything from creating posters to “advertise” the dog and help attract people to him, hopefully resulting in his catching someone’s eye. Or you can buy “your” dog useful gifts, such as tick and flea treatments, or a nice collar. Some people even pay for “their” dog to be castrated, which can make him more sociable and usually easier to home, or at least able to mix with another dog while he is waiting at the SPA.

And if you are driving anywhere, why not let us know? We have several dogs about to make long journeys and we can often make use of lifts, if you don’t mind a hairy passenger in your car! People going back to the UK from the Carcassonne area are particularly useful, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is you. And don’t worry, we won’t fill your car with a huge beast if space is restricted, we have dogs of all shapes and sizes looking for homes!

Please help out any way you can!

New arrivals, stray pups, Panache and Diabolo.













New arrival – eight year old Caramel












New arrival – Jimmy













New arrival – Black












Look at this fabulous montage done by Gordon’s sponsor!


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