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Shoes litterMedium

The shoes litter were brought in by their owner, not found abandoned at the refuge gates! Hip hip hooray! They are the result of an unwanted encounter between two neighbours’ dogs, and as usual it was the owner of the female who was left with the pups. She was very proactive, however, and sterilised her own dog and the neighbour’s dog too, plus she brought the dogs in to be rehomed in a responsible manner. The pups are shepherd crosses who will be of medium size. They are lovely pups but as all litters there is great variation in their character. Some are very wiggly and bouncy and others are calm and snuggly. If you are after a medium sized short haired pup, come along and have a cuddle!

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  • Will be medium sized short haired dogs
  • Will need all the basic puppy training
  • Will make a lovely family pets

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