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Simpson says farewell!

Today saw the departure of our beautiful boy, Simpson, He caught the eye of his new family thanks to our website, and they came along to see if he was as lovely in real life. Funnily enough Simpson arrived a couple of days before Bart, who looked like his naughtier, smaller-eared brother (hence the latter’s name) and the two dogs ended up being reserved on the same day!

Simpson’s new owners were just about to move from their appartment, and it was thought best that he should move straight into the new house (complete with garden) rather than add to the trauma of a house move. In the meantime (3 weeks), Simpson, now renamed Manfred or Manny, has swapped his family jewels for a passport. Not sure he thinks it was a good deal, but perhaps he will thank his family one day!

The little dog who arrived at the refuge gates yesterday is tattooed, but the phone number to which his microchip is registered is no longer working. This means we are unable to trace Urio’s owners. This little Shih-Tzu cross was born in April 2003, so he is no youngster. I just hope someone is looking for him……

We received some more plants (thanks Sandrine) and our great supporters, the Aalders, who provided us with the donkey poo, have been the first people to use the wish list. They saw that our high priority items were wormers (both dog and cat) and found them cheaper elsewhere! And why not! They tell us that http://www.petmeds.fr/  has a special offer. Any order over €65 placed before 30th April receives a 10% discount and there is free delivery for orders over €9.90. Even if you are buying for yourself and not the SPA, this seems like a good deal!

In other news, the refuge received a phone call this morning, and the caller was referred to me, as her English is better than her French.  Without wishing to uncover this woman’s identity I will just give you the gist of the email; she has 2 cats and a dog and if we refused to take them, she was having them put to sleep this afternoon. They no longer suit her lifestyle and she has been trying to rehome them privately for several weeks.

Now I am not sure if a vet would have agreed to put them down, as all three are young and in good health. We negotiated that the animals will come to the SPA, but not today. So I thought this might be a good time to remind people that giving us a deadline like that is not very kind, nor fair. We have problems accommodating all our animals, so to leave things to the very last minute whilst threatening your pets’ lives amounts to little more than blackmail.

If you are unable to keep your dog or cat, please let us know well in advance (assuming it is not a sudden event). We can then give you a date on which you can bring the animal(s) in, making sure we have a suitable space, and if possible ensuring that he or she has vaccinations etc beforehand. If you change your mind (ie solve the problem with the help of advice that we are only too happy to give) or find a good home beforehand, then you can just cancel with us. In fact this happens with about 60% of planned abandons. In this way we can regulate the arrival of dogs and cats at the SPA where possible, (clearly we can’t do anything about the strays that are brought in) and euthanasia due to overcrowding can be avoided, as it has been for over three years now.

Please have a bit of respect for the work that we do by playing fair and not trying to “guilt” us into taking on your responsibilities.

Simpson (now Manfred) – ADOPTED










11 year old Urio – we are looking for his owners












More plants arrive – thanks Sandrine



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