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Situation Normal (ish)

Today the refuge was back to normal, or as normal as things ever get when anything at all can happen without warning!

Carole was back at the helm, and trying to find all her papers in the chaos of a desk that had been manned (or “womanned”) by four different people during her absence. Staffing levels were back to normal after the Christmas break, too.

Now that the holiday period is over we are hoping that people will think about adopting (although admittedly the last couple of days of the year weren’t too bad). In general, though, people have plans over the holiday season, and quite wisely (in my opinion) are nervous about taking in a new dog when there are so many comings and goings. Needless to say some people will have bought or been given puppies, and we hope that the novelty doesn’t wear off too quickly (if ever), and that these poor lost souls do not start showing up at the refuge. I am still very cross at the fact that there was a puppy sale in Carcassonne two weeks before Christmas and at the same time as our open weekend. How many puppies sold there will arrive at the SPA, I wonder?

In any case, today saw a couple of reservations (sorry, you will have to be patient) and also one dog found his owner. Actually he was not lost, per se. His owner knew he was there, but if you recall, he preferred to continue his day’s hunting than wait to have his dog identified on Saturday. I don’t want to be too quick to pass judgement, and perhaps knowing that his dog was safe at the SPA was enough to reassure him, but personally I would have not left my dog in a refuge for 72 hours. Hey ho, takes all sorts.

The most important thing about today was that no dogs arrived. Long may this continue. There is only one orange card on the board so far!

EmSee is reclaimed. The hunt must go on!


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