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Six on Saturday!

Gosh, what a busy day! I don’t think a blog has ever had this title before, it certainly was a bumper day for adoptions. The SPA was packed, and Estelle was kept busy with paperwork as we said farewell to 6 dogs!  You are probably assuming that they were all puppies, but not so!

Three pups did leave, though, and we will talk about them first. Gypsy, Hanabi and Kendji all found new homes today. It was lovely seeing their new families leave full of the excitement that adopting a new puppy brings. We are looking forward to news and photos so we can see how they all grow up, because yes, with the best will in the world, no one can be quite sure how big a puppy will be as an adult, unless of course they have seen both parents, which is rarely the case for rescues.


Hanabi – ADOPTED

Kendji – ADOPTED

The adopters of Tara are better placed to know how their new little girl will be as an adult…little! This is because Tara is already 5 months old and almost fully grown. She is an adorable girl, too. Already with basic obedience and although lively, she is also very gentle. Her new family fell totally in love with her, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. We are delighted for her, she will be spoilt and adored, and she deserves to be!


Next we said goodbye to Spike. He is a favourite with almost everyone; a dog who looks fierce, but who is a big teddy bear. He arrived completely terrified, and chances are he has experienced cruelty in his past. It has been wonderful watching him gain in confidence since his arrival some 6 weeks ago. Socialising the scared dogs is something the SPA is great at and rightly proud of. Have a great new life, Spike, we will all miss you.

Bog rottie cross


Finally we said goodbye to Raven. This young lad arrived about a month ago and is not a year old. So like all of today’s lucky dogs, he has a lot to learn. But he is bright and quick to learn and his new family will have lots of fun with this lively boy. We are glad that he didn’t have too long to wait for his new home. Like so many of our dogs, he is too active to enjoy the confinement of a kennel.


What a way to end the week! In case you are wondering, there are still four puppies at the SPA, only one of whom is reserved. Let’s see what next week brings!

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