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Sky is adopted

Today we said a happy goodbye to Sky. This lovely lad arrived at the end of November and we were sure he would not have long to wait. Young and handsome and okay with other dogs, he is quite a gem. He caught the eye of a woman who has recently moved to the area. Although she reserved him some time ago, she has visited regularly to walk Sky while she was busy settling down in her new apartment.

At last today was THE DAY, and so Sky is a very lucky boy. Not only does he already know his new mum, but he is safe and warm on this night, which is set to be the coldest night we have had.

pale shepherd with pointy ears


Incredible though it may seem to dog lovers, there are numerous calls every day from people who are chosing precisely this time of year to abandon their dogs. With temperatures due to plummet yet again over the next few days, this appears to be doubly cruel. The SPA is doing what it can, but thanks to yesterday’s mass arrival of puppies there is no more room inside, so please have some pity. Dogs do feel cold, and if they have spent all their lives up to now inside a heated house, the shock of a freezing kennel is even worse.

We already know that by this time tomorrow at least one more lucky dog will be in a warm home….But who will it be?

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