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So what’s for dinner tonight?

Some of you may have seen the SPA (and hence DRC) appeal for tinned dog food. Usually the refuge dogs are given a complete all-in-one dried food (or kibble, as it is also called), but some of the oldies or those with sore teeth find it easier to eat wet food, and it is for them that this appeal is being made.

Most refuges, including the SPA, feed their dogs on kibble for several reasons. Firstly it is far more convenient, as it is lighter to store and easier to transport round the terrain. However that is not the only reason by any means. A good quality kibble (which we use) is less prone to bacterial contamination when compared to tins, and it has the benefit of cleaning the dogs’ teeth as it is chewed.

When dogs are adopted we recommend that people stick to feeding kibble, as any dietary change can have an effect on a dog’s digestion, albeit temporary. Even a change from one brand of kibble to another can have an effect.

Both kibble and tins can be full of horrible additives, and it is important to check ingredients. Dogs prone to skin disorders are said to do better on food that avoids beef and/ or cereals, and there is a breath-taking number of brands to choose from, ranging hugely in price.

Many would argue that the best diet for a dog is raw food, (a mixture of raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables) and many people I know cook for their dogs or give them leftovers. Personally I do not do so and it would be impossible at refuges, but the benefits of such diets are said to be numerous, including healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools and shinier coats.

So what do you think? What do you feed your dog and why?

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, please think of the SPA oldies and donate a tin or two, even if you would never ever give it to your own dogs!

The SPA would love tins of dog food
shrink wrapped pack of 8 tins of dog food

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  1. I have 5 rescue dogs and I feed them on dry (Royal Canine dog chow) mixed with half a tin of pedigree wet food. I have too many to feed raw meat. They all seem to be ok on it. Am I not feeding correctly? They each have a pigs ear once a week.

    • I don’t think it is right or wrong, Wendy. There are as many opinions as there are types of dog food! If it suits your dogs and your lifestyle, then it is fine, I am sure! 🙂

  2. pauline etheridge

    I feed Maisie and Wilf on cooked chicken and pasta and once you get into the routine of defrosting overnight, cooking chicken and pasta first thing in the morning it becomes an easy habit and the dogs seem to thrive on it. No smelly “wind” either.

  3. I am up to 8 now from various corners of France and Romania I cook for mine because they are mostly elderly or were in poor health minus teeth etc I ring the changes and it can be turkey and pumkin rice and veg of all sorts or pasta some like mince with gravy to make it easy to lap up. If I use kibble I go for one without additives the plainer the better. The only english dog a poodle will only eat raw meat with minimal vegetables

    I give those with teeth a tooth cleaner stick last thing those with out will sometimes suck one so as not to be left out.
    They all seem as healthy as they can be some are vastly improved since coming here but all enjoy meal times now and it is down ro the individual needs in our house.

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