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Something that confuses lots of people and especially new volunteers is what is DRC in relation to the SPA.

DRC was set up by Darcey and myself to provide an English speaking interface for the SPA. A third of all SPA adoptions are done by us so that’s a lot of dogs per year!

We also have an active fundraising group who raise monies for the SPA animals and it enables us to pay the adoption costs and transport to allow dogs to travel to associations. If these dogs didn’t move to associations we wouldn’t be able to help as many local dogs per year.

DRC also looks after the English speaking volunteers who come to the refuge and administers the website Dog Rescue Carcassonne and the facebook page too.

When potential adopters contact us we have a long chat with them and help them choose the perfect pooch for their lifestyle. We then meet them at the refuge, introduce them to the dog and talk them through the adoption procedure. After adoption we provide back up advice should you have any worries what so ever.

The SPA also has a strong volunteer team who walk the dogs, cuddle the cats and facilitate adoptions. Between the SPA and DRC we have a wealth of doggy knowledge, experience and skills and our goals are identical, to make life better for the animals of the SPA. If you would like to join us we need help with doggy walking, cat cuddling, IT, grooming, training, photography, DIY and doggy transportation.

The SPA volunteers were out in force at Maxi Zoo yesterday for a collection of foods, toys and animal accessories. This was a very successful event and below you will see a photo of Lilly and Kali, two SPA ambassadors. Both of these young dogs are in foster and both are looking for their forever home. Should you be interested in either, you will be getting a well socialized, house trained pup who can live with other dogs and cats!

Email us website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk to arrange to come along, have a tour of the refuge and enjoy an afternoon with us!

Lilly(left) and Kali (right)


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