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SPA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find the SPA

The SPA is located on the D303, which is the Route de Berriac, just on the edge of Carcassonne . So basically if you arrive via the Rocade you follow signs to Berriac then come off at the Berriac turn. (It is quite close to the Zone Commercial Peche Mary, which has a large Geant (Geant 2), if you happen to know that.) You go up a steep hill and there is an electricity substation on the left, shortly after which there is a mini roundabout (straight on). Then after a 100 metres or so there is a turn to the left which is signed SPA Carcassonne. You take this and after a couple of houses on the right the road slopes steeply downhill and the entrance is just there on the right. There is a large set of gates, and you can just pull in and park. Here is a map.


How much does it cost to adopt a dog

The cost of adoption is 120 euros for a for a male dog which will be vaccinated and microchipped or 170 euros if they are also castrated. Females cost 170 euros but are all sterilised. Puppies under 4 months are 150 euros, but for female pups we require a deposit for 300 euros which will be returned to you once the dog has been sterilised. Dogs over 9 years old are 80 euros for males and females even if sterilised.


Do you allow adoptions out of department?

Yes, we do, and we even allow our dogs to move abroad. If required we can arrange for a dog to be delivered, although it is often better for you to meet the dog before committing to an adoption. We do not bring dogs to you for you to see if you like them!


How about if you don’t have a garden?

Many dogs are perfectly able to lead a happy life without a garden, provided they are given regular exercise. One immediately thinks of small dogs, but some large dogs can be happy too. And a home without a garden can be ideal for dogs with a tendency to escape from gardens due to boredom. We are happy to give advice on a dog’s suitability.


What vaccinations will my dog have?

Your new dog will have all the vaccinations required by law, ie Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para-influenza, Leptospirosis. If he leaves before he has been at the SPA for 3 weeks (the length between the first two vaccinations), then you will be responsible for giving him the second vaccination, and we encourage you to do this, as otherwise your dog is not properly protected. After this your dog needs an annual vaccination. He will have been wormed before leaving us, but it is always worth redoing this with a good quality wormer, and repeat this every 6 months or as needed. For puppies worming (special puppy version) should be done every month up to the age of 6 months, then twice a year, as per for adult dogs.


Can we provide the Rabies vaccination and a passport?

Yes, and in fact we have done this on several occasions for dogs who have gone straight to new homes in England. We charge an additional 30 euros for this. Remember, 3 weeks after the Rabies vaccination your dog is able to travel to the UK, no blood tests are now required. Be aware of the latest DEFRA rules regarding worm treatment [PDF].



We strongly encourage owners to take their dogs to training school. This is great for socialisation and will give you confidence when interacting with your dog. Please only choose a club which uses positive training methods.  Feel free to contact this site or the refuge if your dog has any behavioural problems. We can usually help!


Change of Ownership

When you adopt your dog you will fill in details which will be stored centrally in Paris at the Centre Canine. If your dog is ever lost the chip number will identify him as belonging to you and the two of you will be reunited. However this changing of ownership process can be quite lengthy, sometimes up to 4 months. This is not our fault, and is due to the fact that the papers have to go to Paris twice (once to out the dog in our name, then again to change him to your name). Before the process is complete the dog will be identified to the SPA, so if he is found, we will be contacted and of course we will contact you, so don’t worry!


Bringing a dog back

Please give your dog time to settle in to his or her new environment, don’t just give up the next day. It can take anything up to 3 weeks for a dog to start to feel at home. If you really can’t keep the dog, despite having taken advice from the refuge, please let us know. We are firmly anti-euthanasia, and as our walls are not elastic, so we sometimes need people to be patient before bringing a dog back. If we are unable to take the dog back straight away, please bear with us.


More Information

The lovely people at Dogs Trust have allowed us to use all of their information and fact sheets, and many other questions you may have regarding specific dog behaviour will be covered there. However feel free to contact us  if you have any other questions.