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A new home for Bouli

When a dog arrives at the SPA and is small, friendly and affectionate, we can usually bet on one thing: he or she will be adopted quickly. Such was the case with Bouli, who arrived on Monday, was reserved yesterday and left today!

What a change in fortune for this little pinsher cross. He was brought to the SPA thanks to our cruelty inspectors, who had been told of his plight. Although in this instance it was more neglect than cruelty per se. Just two years old, Bouli was locked up virtually all day; his owners just did not have time for a dog. When the cruelty inspector suggested that Bouli would be better off finding a new home, they sensibly agreed, and thus Bouli was able to avoid the ten days in the pound.

He is a lovely little lad, and although his brief tenure at the SPA means that we did not know him well, it does not stop us being delighted for him. Delighted too that he has two new canine friends and a far better life in store than he had before coming to the SPA.

small brown dog



So only one adoption, but two dogs who arrived today (both idientified) were reclaimed the same day, and a third will leave us soon too. Plus we have a new arrival, whom many of you will adore. Meet Debbie, who is a gorgeous young fauve de Bretagne cross. Isn’t she fabulous?

New arrival – DEBBIE

Three Monday Adoptions

We knew that at least one adoption was going to take place this week, but in fact we have already had three. And it is only Monday!

First to leave was Carmen now renamed Griotte, who left before the SPA even opened its doors to the public this afternoon. Volunteers Ingrid and Marjorie had already adopted Gypsy from us and although they were not looking for another dog, soon after Carmen’s arrival they decided to test their two other dogs with Griotte and made plans to welcome her into their home. Had they not already had holday plans, Ingrid and Marjorie would have adopted Carmen some ten days ago, and the wait has not been easy. But it is all over now, and we look forward to news and photos of Griotte as she starts her new life.

Incidentally Griotte arrived (unidentified) at the SPA in mid August with what was a very nasty allergy to fleas. The flea collar she was wearing did not appear to be helping.  If something is obviously not working, go to see your vet or try another solution, please don’t let your dog suffer unnecessarily!


small black and white dog

Carmen (now Griotte) – ADOPTED

Next we had the adoption of little Boo. She arrived about two weeks ago and everyone was sure that she would be reclaimed. However no one came forward to collect her (need we bother saying that she was not identified when she arrived?). Being young and small and pretty and affectionate, it was clear that she would not have long to wait, and sure enough off she went today.

small yorkie type dog


We then said goodbye to Poker, who had been with us a bit longer, arriving as he did towards the end of July. At the time he was extremely thin, but as soon as he started putting on some weight he was able to run and jump and play, and he hasn’t stopped since! This lad is a bundle of fun and energy, and has socialised well with everyone he came into contact with. We are so pleased that he has found a home and wish him and today’s others lucky leavers lots of happiness.


grey spaniel


So let’s see what else the week brings.

Three adoptions and Nino moves home

Well, after a quiet week we did indeed have a bit of a bumper day today.

Both the puppies who were in foster with volunteers Alizée and Erwan were  adopted today, so that has to be some kind of record for speed. Okay, it helped that they are both fabulous looking puppies, and it helps that Alizée is an excellent photographer. But that is super quick nonetheless. How lovely for these two pups to find homes so soon and without spending any time at the SPA! Many thanks to Alizée and Erwan who got straight back onto the “fostering horse” following the death of Tiger. From the videos they posted, it seems that their other dog, Tina, enjoyed having puppies around the place too.

black fluffy pup


fluffy tricloured pup


We then had the adoption of Hoch. Some of you know that he came back from his first adoption due to no fault of his own, and was then in a foster home that everyone hoped would become a permanent one. However living with a cat was not right for him, and he returned to the SPA a couple of weeks ago. No long period of residence for him this time; he is off again to what everyone hopes will be his final home. It is credit to the staff and volunteers as well as to Hoch himself that each time he returns he seems happy to see everyone and fits straight back into the SPA routine. Notwithstanding, we really hope it is the last time we see this young lad, unless it is when he comes to visit.

pale brown dog


The strangest story of the day has to be the rehoming of Nino. He was adopted on Wednesday and at the time it looked as if he had struck lucky. When hearing of his adoption, however, many of us spared a thought for  a great SPA supporter who really loved Nino and was planning to adopt him but was pipped to the post. When his new family brought him back today, citing incompatibility with their poodle, Anne did not hesitate.  Nino did a quick turnabout and was off to his second new home in three days.

To answer your question, yes, the two dogs were tested before the adoption took place and it is possible that with a bit of time and patience things would have been fine. But all’s well that ends well and Nino is certainly going to be happy, which is the only thing that matters.

setter cross


We had a couple of reserrvations too, so let’s hope for a great week next week.

Two young’uns and two oldies leave!

Today we said goodbye to puppies Fifi and Chupito.

Fifi is a very lively spaniel who was found at the SPA gates last week. With her was a note telling  us her name, that she is not good with cats, that she is very playful and affectionate and that she does not like being alone. Oh, and “get her adopted as quickly as possible”. Well, I guess that is us told, then. Fifi was not identified, of course, so we have no idea where she was before, other than that this person should probably never have got a puppy in the first place.

Fifi is a very active little girl, but bags of fun, and we are happy that she has found a home quickly. Moreover she is now sterilised, and we are sure that this will improve her future dramatically. Her former owner is unlikely to have taken such responsible action.

black and white speckled spaniel


Next to leave was Fifi’s SPA playmate, Chupito. He was found close to Carcassonne and the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the resemblence to puppies Noe and Zeus, who were adopted recently. I wonder if that is all the litter safe and adopted now, or if there are more of them out there. And whether we will have more pups from their unlucky mum in the future…

black and tan puppy

Chupito – ADOPTED

But the BIG news of the day is that Clyde and Murray have been reclaimed. We are more delighted by this than we can express. These two dogs were brought in at the end of July due to the hospitalisation of their owner. At the time he did not believe that it would be possible for him to have his dogs back. However he, and we had hope. Today these two dogs (who are both nearly 15 years old, lest we forget) left the SPA with huge smiles on their faces. Almost as big as the smiles on the face of their owner and of the SPA employees!
Our chances of finding homes for these two dogs were not high, and as for homing them together; almost impossible. Yes, this is the best solution for everyone. And it brings joy to our hearts towards the end of what has not been the best week so far.

Old Boys Murray and Clyde- RECLAIMED

Nino loses six years and gains a home!

Today just before closing time we had the first adoption of the week!

When beautiful setter cross Nino arrived at the SPA in mid June he was estimated as being ten years old. He was looking quite sorry for himself, admittedly, but once safe at the refuge, he started to put on weight and began enjoying life and many of us doubted that he was a senior dog. Nino was the perfect dog in many ways; a delight on the lead, good with other dogs, good with children, and good with cats. But as ever with an older dog, finding a home would not be easy.

Today a couple came to adopt a dog, and as their first “choice” was already spoken for, they decided to meet Nino. Everything went wonderfully, so Nino had found his home. Better still he is no longer a senior dog. Following his dramatic turnaround in health, he is now estimated as being just four years old! Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, but in any case, Nino has many MANY years ahead of him to enjoy his new home.

He will have a poodle for his new pal, and his owners are at home all day so lucky Nino will have lots of walks to the nearby lake. What a wonderful day it has been for him; losing six years and gaining a home!

setter cross in swimming pool


Dogs and Conkers..

This morning I couldn’t help noticing that were lots and lots of conkers everywhere!  Many dogs may be tempted to play with or eat them and conkers can often cause problems for dogs so I thought this piece would be helpful.

Conkers are the seeds of the Horse Chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum).  Conkers ripen and are seen in the late summer and autumn so this is when we will occasionally see cases of poisoning.

Serious cases of poisoning of dogs are rare but do occur.  Conkers contain a poison called aesculin, which is found in all parts of the tree including the leaves. For toxicity to occur dogs normally need to ingest a number of conkers.

Clinical signs may be seen 1-6 hours after ingestion but can be seen for up to 2 days afterwards.

Signs of poisoning include vomiting (which may contain blood), diarrhoea, salivation, abdominal pain, increased thirst and a reduced appetite. Signs of restlessness, ataxia (wobbliness) and muscle tremors may also be seen.

If you are able to get your dog to a vet within 2 hours of ingestion of conkers they will be able to give them medication to make them vomit and they may perform gastric lavage (wash out the stomach).  This will ensure as much of the poison is removed from your dog’s system as possible. This is the best method of treating poisoning with conkers, as no known antidote exists.  Treatment is otherwise symptomatic and supportive and may include intravenous fluids (a drip) and anti-vomiting medication.

As well as poisoning, the conker’s case and conkers themselves present a risk by causing an intestinal blockage which can require surgical removal.


RIP Rocky

We don’t usually blog about sad news, as you know, but tonight, as well as good news, we wanted to mention Rocky.

He arrived at the SPA exactly one week ago today at the age of 11 and his owners were nowhere to be found. He also had a large lump on his side, which looked very nasty. Today when the employees came to open the refuge, Rocky was no more. He had died during the night. He is still officially in the pound so there was still a hope that his owners would be looking for him, especially as he was identified and although tired, he did not appear to be suffering unduly. None of us knew him well, but we feel his loss keenly, knowing that we would have come to love him as we do all “our” dogs.

German Shepherd cross

RIP Rocky

If you know your dog is ill, please do not leave him at the SPA gates or leave him to be found and brought to us. We cannot possibly diagnose a dog as quickly as is sometimes needed, and as Rocky was still in the pound, there is a limit to what we could have done in any case. You might think we do miracles, and it is true, sometimes we do. But you might be condeming your dog to die alone. Please treat any animal with dignity, especially at the end of their lives; Surely that is the least they deserve.

To lighten the mood, perhaps you will not have read about the other adoption that took place on Saturday. Moira did not know when she blogged that Symphonie, another of the recent mass border collie arrivals, found her new home, less than 2 weeks after arriving at the SPA. What’s more, we already have news and photos of her with her new family. And chihuahua cross, Deep, was reclaimed as well, making Saturday another good day at the SPA.

Border collie

Symphonie – ADOPTED

grey and black dog with huge ears


So despite the bad start to this week, we must remember that last week was very postive, with at least one adoption every day. There is plenty of time for this week to  improve.

Bye bye Badou..

Despite the threat of rain the refuge was very busy. Lots of volunteers were there to walk the dogs and lots of people were walking around looking for dogs and cats. The car park was really full and cars were parking on the verges down from the refuge!

It wasn’t long after opening when I saw a couple walking Badou. Once you see a dog that takes your fancy, taking them for a walk is a great way to get to know it.  All must have gone very well as the next thing I saw was Badou being lifted into the car!

Badou arrived at the refuge for the first time with a broken leg.  We are sure that he had been hit by a car and maybe that’s the reason he is so scared of them. He was soon adopted but his new mum found him to be too reactive around cars. We really hope that this home will be his forever one!

We also had a visit from Chris and Monica who adoped Alfie about two years ago and whose son adopted Pogo a couple of months ago. It was great to hear stories of how well Pogo was doing in his new home.

If you would like to come along and join the volunteer team keep an eye on the blog as we will be having induction days for new volunteers very soon. If you don’t fancy walking the dogs you can always come along and play in the parks with them, groom them or even cuddle the kittens.

Badou adopted!

Three dogs leave the SPA.

Today we have lots of good news!

We had the adoption of Vegas, a handsome lad of four and a half years old who was found at the gates one day at the end of June. Vegas has very distinctive looks, and his picture caught the eye of a family who live near Bordeaux. They had spoken with Carole several times on the subject of Vegas before coming today with their dog from close to Bordeaux  to check that the two get on. So it was goodbye Vegas, exchanging Carcassonne for a beachside home and swims in the sea! Wonderful news!

Big tricoloured dog


We also have news of another big lad. Although not officially adopted, Darby has gone to live with a foster family. This is not suitable for all our dogs, obviously, but Darby is a bit of a special case. He is extremely fearful at the SPA and is not eating. Where there are concerns for a dog’s welfare, we look for solutions, and it is clear that Darby’s visibility to people visiting the SPA is less important than his health. So Petra, his sponsor mum, has offered to look after Darby and to try to find him a home. Many thanks to her for opening up her home to this terrified lad. We have every faith that he will flourish in the quiet of the countryside and benefit enormously from spending time with the family’s three dogs and four children.

Big hound

Darby- gone to a foster home

Some of you may have noticed the recent influx of border collies at the SPA. We received 5 in just two days at the end of August. They were all together in their former life, victims of a mixture of fashion, which led, as it usually does, to mass reproduction and selling of puppies to unsuitable people. The five dogs, three females and two males, are now safe at the SPA, busy being introduced to other dogs and people and trying to catch up on all the stimulous they have missed out with thus far. They are all spending time with other dogs and with our behaviourist, Vincent and of course with other staff and volunteers.

Today the first of the five, Méline, found her new home. She is arguably the prettiest of the dogs, very petite and with one blue and one brown eye and is lucky to have caught the eye of her new family very quickly. Let’s hope her brothers and sisters (or her mum) don’t have too long to wait. But they are all far happier at the SPA than they were beforehand, in any case.

border collie

Méline – ADOPTED


Adoption of Puppy Némo

We were joking last night that after one adoption on Monday, two on Tuesday and three last night, we were due for a bumper day today. Well, we did not have four adoptions, but we did have one, although it took place after hours and remote from the SPA, it is nonetheless an adoption.

Little Némo was found at the SPA gates in mid August severely underweight and very dehydrated. Whoever put him there should really have taken him to a vet, of course. Hey ho. Luckily the SPA was there for him, and more precisely, luckily volunteer Isa was there for him. She nursed him back to health and when the vet was sure he was ready, he was put up for adoption.

On Saturday a family came to the SPA looking for a dog, and they fell in love with Despé. He, of course was already reserved, so they went back to their original plan, which was to adopt a spaniel. But of course puppies are great, so what could be better than a spaniel puppy! Isa’s husband raced to the SPA to introduce Némo to the family, and arrangments were made.

Today was the day when Némo left for his new home, and we have to say thanks once again to Isa and her family for looking after this little lad and keeping him out of the refuge. And for giving us an adoption to blog about tonight. Maybe we will have good news for the reamaining two days this week.

spaniel puppy