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Adoption of Luxus and Isidor

We have two adoptions to tell you about today.

First of all, rottweiler Luxus. Everyone was really distressed when this lovely boy was brought back to the SPA for rehoming a couple of weeks ago, not least his (relatively new) family.

Luxus had a wonderful home with two other dogs of the same breed (both also from the ScPA). However when their owner became seriously ill, three big dogs, one of whom needs an enclosed garden, were too much for hs wife to cope with. Reluctantly and with many tears, she brought Luxus back to the refuge. However a dog this beautiful was not going to stay long, especially as we now know him to be good with children, other dogs and even cats, as long as introductions are done properly.

Volunteer Patricia made it her mission to find him a new home, and deciding that the best candidate lived in Limoges, took it upon herself to undertake a dog delivery today! Yes, this is sometimes possible, but of course depends very much on the good will of both parties. As with Jack, whom Moira delivered to Montauban recently, we do not undertake such tasks unless we are as sure as possible that the home is the right one. Luxus’s new home sounds wonderful; three hectares of land with the constant presence of humans and animals to keep him company.


Many thanks to Patricia for giving up a rare day off to take Luxus to his new life. We hope it is a happy one, and we hope that his former owners take comfort from knowing that he is no longer behind bars.

There was a second adoption today, too. And a great one. Our long-term resident, malinois Isidor, left for a new home. Like Luxus he had been adopted once before, and like Luxus, he was brought back with regrets. Isisdor has a very over-protective nature, and needed more space. When a retired couple who know the breed well came looking for a dog to share their large, enclosed garden, they were immediately attracted to Isidor. The fact that he has a tendency to guard suits them very well, although he will have a lovely family life as well as his “outside” duties.

Wonderful news for this dog who has spent well over a year at the refuge. We are sure that his sponsor Stephanie will be over the moon tonight, as are many of us, not least Isidor himself!

Isidor – ADOPTED

Two other dogs were reclaimed; firstly a little French bulldog who only arrived a couple of days ago, and secondly Youki, who had been with us for some three months. In that time we had all become very fond of him, and he of us, apparently, as he didn’t seem exactly keen to leave, by all accounts!




Adoptions of Rémi and Bridou

Two really wonderful adoptions took place today, so although the SCPA is very full and the weather  is scorching hot, there is something to smile about this evening.

First off we said goodbye to everyone’s everyone favourite puppy, Rémi. This little lad is the last of his litter, but as we so say, often the last to be homed has the best luck of all. And this seems to have held true yet again. Rémi is an exceptional little pup; whereas other pups would run and play wildly, he appeared to be quite pensive. Many people thought it made him appear sad, and there is a French cartoon character called Rémi Sans Famille (homeless Rémi), which added to his reputation. It is very easy to fall in love with pups like this, and it didn’t take volunteer Sebastien long to loose his heart to little Rémi. He himself has a full house, with his dog Phoebe and SCPA foster dog Balou, but Sebastien knew his parents would adore Rémi, as of course they did.

Today the adoption was completed and we are all delighted for this gorgeous little boy.

Rémi is no longer “sans famlle” – ADOPTED

Today’s second lucky lad is Bridou. He had been a DRC urgent appeal; he arrived as a “not quite pup” and as such we were concerned that he was going to be left behind. Since his arrival we have got many more “not quite pups”, but at the time Bridou was the only one. He is a great lad, but he arrived in April at the age of four and a half months and time was passing with no sign of a home.

However one of the employees has been looking after Bridou and has decided to take the plunge. So Bridou now has a wonderful new home with someone whom he already adores. Fabulous news for a really deserving dog.

big puppy

Bridou – ADOPTED

Finally the old yellow labrador whom we named Tattoo, was reclaimed. He arrived on Thursday and his tattoo really was very hard to read. I have no idea how his owners were traced, whether they saw his photos on Facebook or if it was thanks to detective work by the refuge or its supporters, but it might well be no coincidence that Carole “just call me Sherlock” is back in the hot seat today!

yellow lab


Adoption of Jewel

The weather was a bit cooler today; in the high 20s, as opposed to the mid 30s, so plenty of dogs went out for walks. Most of the walks are taking place in the mornings, with all the dogs asleep in the afternoon, so it was nice to see the refuge so lively this afternoon. Plus we had an adoption!

Handsome young beauceron Jewel arrived at the SPA exactly one month ago today. It was not his first visit,  and so this time it was deemed best all round for him to find a new home. And today it happened!

Jewel’s new owner is the mother of one of the SPA employees! She was visiting the area and came along to see her son’s place of work. Then she saw Jewel and offered to take him for a walk. The family had always had dogs of this breed, and as they love long walks, decided it was logical to have a dog with them again.

So lucky Jewel has gone off to start his new life. Wonderful news for this lovely dog who has not had the most stable of lives up to now. We are sure he will be very happy, and of course we will have lots of news, which we LOVE!



So the week ended on a high with a great adoption. And we have to say huge thanks to Marion who has been looking after the office so efficiently during secretary Carole’s absence. It is back to kennel duties for her on Monday, but everyone agrees that she has done a wonderful job these past couple of weeks.

All back to normal on Monday, and hopefully the week will bring plenty of adoptions.

Adoptions of Nappo and Princess.

There were no adoptions yesterday, but we made up for it today, with the departure of two lucky dogs. As the region (and in fact most of the country) suffers in scorching temperatures, it is wonderful to think of these two somewhere nice and cool and enjoying being out of the heat of the refuge.

Princess  arrived at the refuge in early June and has proved to be a fabulous girl. Initially she was very nervous around people, but has made enormous progress thanks to the staff and volunteers and also the dog with whom she shared her kennel. A family visited her a couple of days ago and soon fell under her charms. There is still some work to do, but Princess will have plenty of dogs with whom to socialise. This and a normal home environment wiht lots of love and patience is the best way to help dogs settle in, and Princess has a fabulous life ahead of her.

pale brown and white dog

Princess – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to Nappo. He was one of two magnificent German shepherds who were brought in about two weeks ago due to a divorce. The female, Miki, was adopted very quickly, and we are glad that Nappo didn’t have too long to wait either. With a CV like his (good with cats, other dogs and children), you can see why his new family is so delighted to have adopted this young dog today.


German shepherd


There is one more day left this week and we are hoping for some more adoptions, of course.

Adoption de Puppy Nunska

You probably know that the SCPA is full of puppies at the moment. Most of them have been dumped at the refuge gates, a couple of them have been found by members of the public and brought in. Nunska was brought in by her owner, who decided that he was not able to cope with her. She was only a couple of months old, so one has to wonder why she was “aquired” in the first place, however as she was doubtless given away for free on the internet, presumably her owner didn’t give it too much thought, on the basis that anything free is worth having. Luckily he decided sooner rather than later that dog ownership was not for him, and so Nunska was brought in for rehoming.

This lucky border collie pup went home to live with employee Marion. And as she was officially abandoned, there was no need to wait for the ten days pound time (not that any of the pups are ever reclaimed; they are invariably the result of unwanted pregnancies).

It did not take Nunska long to attract the eye of a young couple who have been along on several occasions to meet her. Today Marion and her partner said goodbye to their latest protegé, as Nunska left for her new home. Of course the two couples will keep in touch, so we are certain to have news of Nunska as she grows up. Many thanks to Marion and Nico for yet another turn as fosters.

border collie pup

Nunska – ADOPTED

Adoption of Lydia

Today we said goodbye to three year old Lydia. And we are doubly delighted as she has gone to live with a couple who have adopted from us before. In fact their dog, Pep’s, came along to help choose his new pal, so it was hugs all round as Pep’s said hello to all his human friends.

shepherd cross

Pep’s came to visit and to choose a pal.

Originally the couple had thier eye on another dog, but when they spotted Lydia their minds were made up. Lydia is one of those dogs who risked spending a long time at the refuge. She is calm and discreet and dogs like her are easy to overlook. There are lots of dogs who don’t jump up to greet visitors, but sometimes they make the best companions! They are what we call “hidden gems”, dogs who perhaps don’t have any distinguishing features to attract adopters, but once you take the trouble to meet them, you realise that they are just perfect and will make excellent family members.

We are sure that today’s hidden gem, Lydia, is already enjoying her new surroundings and we look forward to news and photos of her playing with Pep’s.

smallish brown dog


We have one adoption on the cards for tomorrow already, but of course we are hoping for others too!

Monday Adoption of Pompom

Day one of a new week and already we have one adoption to tell you about.

Little poodle Pompom arrived last month in a terrible state. He was covered in matted fur, which disguised the fact that he was positively skeletal. Plus he was almost blind in one eye. Not surprisingly everyone thought that he was an old dog who had been  lost or abandoned. However a visit to the vets told us otherwise. Pompom is just five years old, and one he had put on a few kilos and benefited from the ministrations of groomer Angelique, he turned into a magnificent little chap.

He was lucky enough to find a place in the cat house, but he has been out regularly, following his human friends round the refuge devotedly.  As he is fine with both cats and dogs, he has proved to be a very easy “guest”.

Usually a small sociable dog would be adopted in super quick time. However it took Pompom a wee bit longer due, probably to his sight issues. However today Pompom was adopted and his new life started. We are sure he will be very happy.

white poodle

Pompom – ADOPTED

Let’s hope that this adoption is the first of many this week.

Adoptions of Cappuccino and Puppy Chouquette

Today was the day for which volunteer Lucya had been waiting for a long time. After many months of walking her favourite dog, Cappuccino, she finally came along to adopt him. What joy, what excitement. It was very easy to see why this little lad had stolen her heart. A Breton spaniel cross of some four and a half years old, Cappuccino is fine with other dogs, cats and children. He is fine on the lead and very affectionate.

Cappuccino has been with us since early February, which is a long time for a dog who is this perfect. However it is not unusual for dogs to be overlooked; there are just so many to choose from. Lucya was holding her breath, not wanting Cappuccino to spend any longer than neccessary at the refuge, but hoping that no one else would choose him before she was finally able to adopt.

She looked so happy today, as did Cappuccino, of course.

black and white spaniel

Cappuccino – ADOPTED

Today’s second leaver was also adopted by people who are well known to the ScPA. Puppy Chouquette has gone to live with a fabulous family who adopted spaniel Lutine from us about a year ago. She came along to say hello and to meet her new sister, but Chouquette has more excitement ahead of her, as she has seven new dogs to play with. We know she will be very happy.

braque puppy

Chouquette – ADOPTED

Three dogs were brought in but all were identified and left with their owners, so it was a good end to the week.

For those of you who are not either local to the area or cycling fans, please be aware that the Tour de France is going to be in Carcassonne for 3 days starting tomorrow. Travel will be difficult so please check your route before coming to see us and keep your cats and dogs safe inside during the race; no one wants to be that person whose animal causes an accident by crossing the road in front of the riders!

Adoptions of Obiwan and Clafoutis.

We have two more adoptions to tell you about today, with both leavers being young dogs. Never fear though, we have plenty of puppies left, as even more arrived today. This is incredibly frustrating for everyone, as it is a question of one step forward and two steps back at the moment. However we battle bravely on…

Clafoutis is one of the litter who arrived at the beginning of this month, having been born in early March. We have no idea as to the background of this litter, all we know is that they were unwanted, and that whoever let their dog have puppies just dumped them off at the refuge. Clafoutis is no longer unwanted, however. His new family wanted him very much and his new life has started today!

spaniel pup

Clafoutis – ADOPTED

The second to leave was Obiwan. He is an adorable border collie who has just turned one year old and who arrived exactly ten days ago. He was spotted whilst still in the “pound” and as is often the case, his new owner had a nervous wait, hoping that he would not be collected.

Today she breathed a huge sigh of relief, as did Obiwan as he left the refuge for his new home.

border collie

Obiwan – ADOPTED

We have our fingers crossed for more adoptions tomorrow, and also that no more puppies arrive!

Youka finds a foster and news of three adoptions.

Last night’s urgent appeal for 15 year old Youka bore fruit immediately, with a wonderful family arriving as soon as the refuge opened to test her with their 2 year old patou cross. So less than 24 hours after being abandoned, this lovely girl already has a new home. Many thanks to Ingrid for dealing with the numerous offers of homes, and of course to everyone who came forward for Youka in her hour of need, as well, of course as her new family. If only all our other oldies could be so lucky….

husky cross

Youka – long term foster

As well as one new arrival being reclaimed, today we said goodbye at last to Texas. We all know his story; given away on leboncoin and brought to the refuge, then two failed adoptions, neither of which failures was his fault. This time it looks like all is well. His new family has no cats (Texas’s downfall the first time, although he lived with cats previously) and although he is fine with other dogs, he will be an only dog in his new home. We are over the moon for him; yes, it has been a long wait, but as we so often say, it was worth the wait.



Today’s other adoption was that of puppy Vitalis. He and his brother Remi have been here for 5 weeks, which is a long time for a puppy. But with all the other pups at the ScPA, it is inevitable that some of them have longer to wait than others. However today he has his new home and we wish him a long and happy life.

spaniel cross puppy

Vitalis – ADOPTED

Yes, for some dogs, finding the right home can take a long time, or even several attempts. Today we have an adoption from a couple of weeks ago to catch up on. Roxy. He appeared as the urgent appeal on Dog Rescue Carcassonne on three occasions. The most recent of these was after he was returned to the ScPA just 24 hours after being adopted, as the new owner realised that he lived in a small appartment; a fact he lied about when adopting this big dog.

However it was not thanks to the internet that Roxy found his home. Rather it was a couple who were looking round the refuge on spec. They saw Roxy and fell in love. However they had cats, and Roxy was noted as not being at all good with cats. However the couple wanted to give it a go, confident that with good management, Roxy would adapt.

The guru overseeing this adoption was Patricia, and she kept in touch with the couple on a daily basis. At first there were good days and bad days, but at no stage did they wish to throw in the towel. Then the day came when they were happy to finalise the adoption. Yes, up till this point Roxy had been in a kind of foster situation, and this is something that the ScPA is considering doing more and more, particularly with dogs who have been at the refuge for a long time. Such dogs are often labelled as not being good with other dogs or cats. Sometimes this is just the effect of being in kennels, and a change of scene can be a game changer. However it a brave family that will pay an adoption fee up front, so this system will allow for a trial period which we hope will subsequently turn into an adoption!

Many thanks to Patricia for overseeing Roxy’s departure and of course to his new family (and their cats) for giving Roxy this chance, after he had spent over 2 long years at the refuge.

big black griffon

Roxy – trial period turns into ADOPTION