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Three great adoptions..

When Oscar arrived at the refuge, he was skin and bones and covered in fleas and ticks. He had been seen straying in a field and it took weeks to trap him. We were shocked that he was identified but persuaded the owner to sign him over to us so we could give him immediate care and find him a home where he would be really appreciated.

We knew that this would take time as this poor boy was in as bad a state psychologically as he was physical. He was very timid and had no trust whatsoever in human beings, and why should he? Up until now, they have certainly let him down.

The ScPA is excellent at bringing on scared dogs and has worked hard with Oscar. Considering he only arrived in June he has com eon in leaps and bounds and yesterday he left with his forever family.

Oscar adopted!

One of the things we always stress when someone adopts a scared dog is that they must know how to keep them safe until they settle. I can’t tell you how many dogs are lost in the first few days after adoption and its very hard to get them back as they don’t know the new owners or the area that they are in!

The other dog to leave this weekend was Hansel. Hansel arrived with his sister Gretl and it became very clear that this young boy had been left to his own devices. The owner certainly hadn’t bothered teaching him anything at all and large, boisterous young males are the hardest to find families for.s

But lucky Hansel caught one family’s eye and they are prepared to put the work in and without a doubt this good natured boy will make a great family dog,

Hansel adopted…

Next to leave today was magnificent 7 year old Kalin. This lovely 7 year old arrived in September last year so its been quite a wait! Goodness knows why as hes a very easy, sociable boy!

Kalin adopted at last!

Its not all good news though. Poor Falbala who was adopted a few days ago is back. The same old dog/cat problem. She tested fine with our cats but wasn’t ok with the families cats so now we are looking for a cat-free home for this lovely girl!


DRC’s 4th annual yard sale..

Tonights blog is all about the upcoming event on Sunday the 22nd September at Chateau Miaou. This year we are again holding a yard sale, where clothes, books, bric a brac  etc will be for sale, along with delicious  sausages, burgers, bacon butties and ice cream! The event lasts from 11H00-15H00 and if last year is anything to go by it will be great fun.

Chateau Miaou has good parking and there is plenty of space to sit, chat and eat. This year we are delighted that Cancer Support France will also be joining us.

We will have a tombola too, with lots of lovely prizes and hot and cold drinks will be available to accompany your food.

Basically there is something for everyone. A great chance to socialise with old friends and new, revamp your wardrobe and buy something great to read. Not to mention supporting a worthy cause; helping the dogs at the SPA Carcassonne.

Please let your friends know and help make the event as big a success as it was last year!

Adoption of Falbala and puppy Louise..

Today was a great day as Falbala, a magnificent Labrador cross found her forever home!  Falbala arrived in March at just over a year old. She was a magnificent looking girl, so sleek and beautiful that we expected her to go very quickly.

Its been a long six months in kennels for this young, energetic girl but sometimes its worth the wait for the perfect home!

Falbala adopted!

Next to leave was puppy Louise. She is one of a litter of three labrador crosses and unlike Falbala has not had  along wait at all. This is what we want for all of our pups I am sure that her two sisters will be leaving soon too.

Puppy Louise adopted!

Although lab crosses are very popular we do get a lot arriving! We do take a guess at the cross and I think that Louise and sisters had a bit of whippet or perhaps pointer. Who knows, but I am sure that they will make great family pets.

It is forecast to be hot again tomorrow so do bear that in mind if coming to adopt. Make sure that your car is as cool as possible, the air con is on full blast and you have plenty water for you and the dogs!

Daisy and her pups….and an adoption too!

Seven weeks ago a tiny terrier cross called Daisy arrived at the refuge VERY pregnant. We whipped her right down to the vets who confirmed that she was already in labour and a few hours later we had 5 healthy pups!

Mum – Daisy is 3 and a lovely little girl. She is tiny, only 8kg!

The refuge is no place for a mum and new borns  but luckily Cyndy stepped in and offered to foster this little family. A new mum and 5 pups is a huge responsibility and lots of work but its also so very gratifying to see the pups grow and develop into happy healthy pups.

The pups are seven weeks old now, healthy and absolutely gorgeous! Like their mum Daisy they will be small as adults, Daisy only weighs 8kgs!

Its very important how pups are treated from birth and the first few weeks are extremely important and can have a great impact on their future behaviour. These lucky pups have been very well socialised with other animals, adults and children and of course have been with their mum since birth.

Now its time to find this little family a home. Daisy, the mum who is three and a half needs a home as do all five pups. They are 7 weeks on Saturday and will be available for adoption at just over 8 weeks. In the mean time they can be seen and reserved by interested parties.

Betony ..a little girl

Cassis…a boy

Hana, a girl..

Pansy..a girl

Ren..a boy

So, how do you adopt a pup?

To adopt a pup we first ask you to complete a questioner. We then have a chat and arrange for you to see the pups. Should you want to adopt we ask for proof of ID and address, the adoption fee is 200 euros. We ask for a cheque de caution of 300 euros , which is not cashed, but returned to you when you send proof of sterilisation at about 6 months.

Should you be interested in a pup then please just get in contact with us, website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk or for French speakers spacarcassonne@yahoo.fr

But today is not just about pups. Lovely Omera, the 5 year old staffie x found her forever home. She only arrived at the start of August so has been a very lucky girl to be adopted so quickly!



Freedom for three lovely girls.

The ScPA said farewell to three more dogs today, and for different reasons, all these adoptions are fabulous ones!

First to leave was Lya. She was brought to the refuge back at the end of June, complete with two puppies, both of whom were adopted once Lya had finished looking after them. But when would her turn come? Lya is a lovely girl, a bit baggy of breast ( this was not her first litter, and had she not come to the ScPA and been sterilised, would doubtless have been far from her last), but wonderful with other dogs and very affectionate towards people.

Today Lya left for a new home and we hope she will be very happy.

border collier cross


The second leaver is even luckier in some ways. When I first saw Bella upon her arrival almost a year ago, I honestly thought she was recovering from being hit on the head by an axe. She had a huge, bloody gash on top of her head. A visit to the vet revealed that this was in fact due to a parasite, and as soon as we were sure that it was not transmittable to other dogs, Amstaff Bella was sharing her box with other dogs and enjoying her walks.

As Bella is a categorised breed, her new owners have been busy sorting out all the necessary paperwork. But in the meantime they have been in to walk Bella and I wonder how she felt today, when, instead of going back to her kennel, she was taken to her new home!



Third to leave was Speedy. She is one of those lucky dogs who looks a bit like a staffie, but does not quite fall within the very rigid measurements which determine what is and is not a “dangerous dog”. Yes, it comes down to numbers, not character. So whereas Bella had to wait while her new family did obligatory training and obtained paperwork, Speedy’s new family was able to adopt her straight away.

We are delighted for this lovely and sociable girl. She arrived already identified, and yet again it is beyond all understanding why anyone should fail to collect their dog. However luckily Speedy’s sojourn at the refuge has been a relatively short one, and we hope that she, like today’s other lucky adoptees, has many happy years ahead of her.

pale brown and white chunky dog

Speedy – ADOPTED

I am going to be away for a couple of weeks now, but I leave you in the safe hands of Moira. And I can already assure you that plenty more good news awaits!


Adoption of Kyklos

When Kyklos first arrived, back in early February, we all thought he would leave very quickly. Not only is he a great looking lad, but he seemed to be the perfect dog; he didn’t pull on the lead and was very well behaved. As time went on, the frustration of being young and full of unexpended energy made him appear a bit unruly, but staff and volunteers have always known that there was a wonderful dog in there, just waiting for the right family.

In fact the woman who adopted Tyson last week initially came in to meet Kyklos, but found him a bit too energetic for her. But as is so often the case, after months of no one showing any interest in a dog, it was just his turn!

Some of you might remember Hyde, a young and quite timid shepherd cross who was adopted in December 2016. Well today Hyde and her family came along to select a new pal, and it is they that have adopted Kyklos! Isn’t that wonderful?

We are really delighted for this lad. He arrived when he was still under a year old, and it has been a long six and a half months wait for him, but Kyklos’s new life starts as of now. Many thanks to his new family, and we look forward to news and photos.

russet red shepherd cross

Kyklos – ADOPTED

More good news is on the cards for tomorrow, so watch this space!

Adoption of Puppies Zig and Sharko

There has been a recent influx of puppies, as Facebook followers will probably have noticed. So it is wonderful that two of them, bull terrier crosses Zig and Sharko, were both adopted today. Not together, I hasten to add. Adopting two puppies from one litter often means double trouble. And probably more so when they are both strong characters, as is the case here. However the fact that both puppies left on the same day is very good news.

Zig and Sharko arrived some three weeks ago having been found unidentified at the age of three months. In the weeks since their arrival they have grown up a lot physically, but also emotionally. We all know that the first few months of a dog’s life are crucial in terms of socialisation, and since their arrival these two bull terriers have had lots of cuddles and affection from staff and volunteers.

However both dogs still have a lot of learning to do, and when it is clear that a dog will grow up to be powerful and strong, it is even more important than usual that their adoptive families are suitable. And it looks like Sharko and Zig have been very lucky in this respect. Each has been adopted by a dog-savvy family, and one even has a new pal to play with, who we hope will keep the new pup in line.

So we say farewell to Zig and Sharko and many thanks to their new families, and roll on next week, with hopefully plenty more adoptions.

two bull terrier pups

Sharko and Zig – ADOPTED

One and Two makes Three

We promised you a blog yesterday but did not deliver, I am sorry to say. But that does not mean that there was no adoption, it just happened too late for the blog. And there were two adoptions today, so you get two blogs for the price of one!

Friponne arrived at the refuge in early July and has proved to be a very easy guest. She is small and well socialised and has been for numerous walks during her relatively short stay at the refuge. And when, a couple of days before she was due to leave, we decided to give her a wash and brush up, she proved yet again what a wonderfully calm dog she is. In fact it was my niece and her friend, visiting from Vienna, who took on the task (under the supervision of volunteer Corrine), and they loved it. I had to tell them afterwards that washing dogs is not always this easy!

two young girls with newly washed dog

Hazel and Léa with the newly washed Friponne – ADOPTED

When dogs leave out of usual refuge hours, it is usually because they are being transported with TRACES, and that either Moira or myself has been up in the wee small hours to meet the vehicle. This time it was a bit different, as Friponne, was going in the opposite direction. This lovely elderly fauve de Bretagne has been adopted by a family in Portugal, so the lovely people from Purrfect Pet Transporters came to collect her on their return journey from the UK, where they had been delivering lucky dogs and collecting donations for their association.

Then today, there were two further adoptions. First to leave was little Coco. She is a shih-tzu cross who was brought in for rehoming yesterday at the age of under four months. Her family had adopted both Coco and her sister, and this might be a lesson to anyone thinking of adopting two dogs from the same litter….quite often it does not work. I can feel a blog on this subject coming on…..The best thing for Coco was to find a new home, and before the refuge had even opened, she had been reserved by one of the many volunteers who gives up their free time to beautify the refuge.

Great news for both Coco and her new owner. Less than 24 hours at the refuge isn’t bad, is it?

black shih-tzu cross


Last of the day’s adoptions was that of Gaby. She was brought in for rehoming with her “brother” Roddy, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. A fabulous border collie cross of some 6 years old, Gaby would have been adopted a couple of weeks ago had her relationship with cats not been quite as ambiguous. Today’s family have no cats, but they do have another dog, and we are hopeful that Gaby’s gentle nature helps the family’s other gain in confidence a bit.

border collie cross


So it was a good day all round and hopefully more adoptions to come before the week is out.

Celebration Time, Come On!

What a wonderful day it was today. There were three adoptions, and one of them might just be the adoption of the year. Read on!

First to leave was Sisco, sometimes called Scar, and soon to be renamed again. But that is fine, this boy hasn’t been at the ScPA for very long at all, and will soon adapt. He has gone to live with Lisa and her family, and will spend his time between France and the Netherlands. Lisa herself is in dog rescue, and is a superb handler. She was looking for a companion for her tiny scared female who recently lost his pal, and the family wanted a dog who was okay with cats and who could accompany his new dad on long walks.

Sisco had already caught the family’s eye, and once he had passed the cat test, the family plus dog took him for a walk. He was just what they were looking for, and they were delighted to be able to take him home straightaway.

border collie cross

Sisco / Scar – ADOPTED

Although he was third to leave, I will talk next of the adoption of Scooby. He is a lovely small-ish fluffy dog who was brought in for rehoming in May at the age of just one year. He was extremely timid at the time, but thanks to both staff and volunteers he has made huge progress at the refuge. Sadly the one thing they were not able to cure him of was his poor attitude to cats, as otherwise he would doubtless have been adopted long-since.

However not everyone has cats, and Scooby now has a wonderful new family and a long and happy life ahead of him, we are sure.

woman with small white dog

Scooby – ADOPTED

Now to today’s big news. The adoption of none other than Tyson. This magnificent white shepherd has been at the refuge for most of his life. He is now eight years old, and has been with us for two and a half years. And before that he had spent about the same amount of time at the shelter before an unsuccessful adoption.

A young woman came to the refuge today having seen photos of a quite different dog online. She took the other dog for a walk, but he was a bit too lively and not quite what she was looking for. So after another tour of the refuge she came across Tyson. As well as being devastatingly handsome, he is a real gentleman on the lead, and all of a sudden things were looking up for one of our long termers.

big white dog

Tyson – ADOPTED at last

Next came the introductions to her other dog, a small male, and that went wonderfully well. Everyone held their breath…..YES, Tyson’s turn was finally here!

Carole phoned Marie, Tyson’s sponsor, who rushed to the refuge. Maire loves Tyson, and were he fine with cats he would definitely be at her home. But she loves her cat even more than she loves Tyson. A few tears were shed (okay, a LOT of tears were shed) and Marie and Tyson’s new mum exchanged phone numbers so they could keep in touch.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house as Tyson finally left the refuge. And it was noticeable how relaxed he was while getting into the car; he has Marie and the other volunteers to thank for this. The dogs go on regular outings, meaning that car trips are nothing new. Little does Tyson know that this time he has not just gone for a walk.


Tyson says goodbye to Marie and leaves with his new mum

All in all it was a fabulous day, and we know there is at least one lucky dog leaving tomorrow, so see you then!

Adoption of Jasmine

There was a good start to the week with the adoption of spaniel cross Jasmine. She was one of four presumed siblings who all arrived towards the beginning of July. Prunelle has already left, and Ben and Jerry are still waiting, but two out of four isn’t bad. It is not surprising that it is the girls who have found new homes first. For some reason the refuge always seems to have fewer females than males. But we hope that Ben and Jerry will soon have the same good fortune as their sisters, not to mention all the other dogs who are waiting of course.

black and white speckled spaniel

Jasmine – ADOPTED

There was also a super reservation, and two further dogs who arrived today were reclaimed. Kaiser is now identified, and Cabu, who was already microchipped, was happy to leave the refuge too.

Kaiser- RECLAIMED (and now identified)

black lab cross


So a quick blog from me tonight, but with the prospect of more adoptions to come.