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Three more in the warm

Well, as promised Fidji left for her new home today, and we are sure that her night alone will soon be forgotten. Her new family have had plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of the newly renamed Maggie, and this is very sensible. Yes, there are certain practical considerations to adopting a puppy; not only the obvious (lead, collar/harness, dishes, what food to give etc), but also preparations to make around the house to make sure puppy cannot get into too much trouble! Perhaps less so here in France, where everyone has tiled floors!

pup in woman's arms

Fidji (now Maggie) – ADOPTED

We look forward to photos and news of Maggie as she grows up, and we thanks all the other adopters of pups (and adult dogs too) who have been sending us pictures of their dogs in their new homes.

There were two more adoptions today, of two dogs who arrived together, in fact.

Husky cross Tetsu and his pal arrived ten days ago, already identified but their owners could not be reached by telephone. They did get in touch on Saturday to say that they would collect their dogs on Monday. However on Monday they phoned to say they would not be collecting them. As we already had several people interested in adopting the dogs and the pound delay had ended, there seemed no point in waiting to see if the owners changed their minds again.

Tetsu is a lovely looking dog, hence all the interest in him, but he is not the easiest of dogs. He is very unhappy with being on a lead and will need educating. However his new family have promised to take him to dog school and we have everything crossed that Tetsu adapts quickly to his new life.



His pal, a coton de tulier, who arrived identified but nameless, and whom we imaginatively called “Cotton” was in a poor state ten days ago, with matted dirty fur. However Angelique got to work and he has turned out to be just as handsome as his husky pal. He too left today and as you can see, is looking rather pleased with his change in fortunes!

Coton de tulear

Cotton – ADOPTED

So three dogs embark on their new lives today. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring!

Adoption of Diego and Adés

Well, last night’s attempt to pull everyone’s heartstrings seems to have worked, as today Diego left for his new home. Strangely that leaves Fidji, the first puppy to be reserved, as the last one to leave. Still, not to worry, this time tomorrow she will be with her new family, and the SPA will be a puppy-free zone. At least we hope so!

black pup in woman's arms


We also said goodbye today to little Adés. This lad arrived four weeks ago, already identified. When his owner was contacted he seemed happy to know that this little French bulldog cross was safe and well, however he never came to collect him. Sigh. This is one reason why, even if by some miracle the arrival of unwanted puppies stopped, there would always be dogs at the SPA! Still, one person’s loss is another’s gain, and today after being castrated, Adés left for a lovely new home.

French bulldog cross


Luckily there are people who actively look for their dogs; Gin and Tonic, as we called them, arrived non-identified a couple of days ago, unidentified. However their owner put notifications online (on the excellent site Pet Alert 11) looking for his dogs, and eagle-eyed Carole was able to let the worried owner that his dogs were safe and well at the SPA. They left today, and needless to say both are now identified.

Gin and Tonic – ADOPTED

One adoption is certain tomorrow, but who knows, perhaps there will be others!

Three pups in new homes

Three puppies left for their new homes today!

Naruto has gone to live with volunteer Alice and her family, who have been looking for a young dog for some time, and puppy Naruto was just what they were looking for. And of course we see Alice regularly and we know that we will have lots of updates on how this little lad is getting on now he has left the SPA.

black puppy

Naruto – ADOPTED 

Anther pup to leave for his forever home today is Pablo. In fact although he was at the SPA for a couple of weeks, last Wednesday he went to live with foster mum Isa. It was a colleague of hers who had reserved Pablo,  however as she was unable to take him immediately, Pablo has spent the past five days getting socialised with Isa’s dogs. It does no harm at all to pups to change home like this, they adapt very quickly. But this evening Pablo (now renamed Nox) is in his forever home, along with a nine year old canine pal, a rabbit, some tortoises and some aviary birds!

Pablo (now Nox) – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to Inuka. She was the last female to leave, and I think she only stayed this long because her initial reservation was cancelled. Of course we would far rather people cancelled a reservation than adopt a puppy they don’t want, but it caused a bit of confusion for people who were trying to work out who was still available. Like me!

black shepherd cross


So now only Diego is left. He is a male who will be about 20kg as an adult. Although it is not nice to think of him all alone, in fact he has company for now, as another pup is still there, although she is reserved. Plus we often find that the last pup to leave ends up with a wonderful home. We have to point out that there is nothing at all wrong with him; there is ALWAYS a last pup, and on this occasion it is him, that is all! And who knows, perhaps he will find a foster family even if it is just for a couple of days 😉 !

black shepherd cross

Diego – “when will it be MY turn?”

Six on Saturday!

Gosh, what a busy day! I don’t think a blog has ever had this title before, it certainly was a bumper day for adoptions. The SPA was packed, and Estelle was kept busy with paperwork as we said farewell to 6 dogs!  You are probably assuming that they were all puppies, but not so!

Three pups did leave, though, and we will talk about them first. Gypsy, Hanabi and Kendji all found new homes today. It was lovely seeing their new families leave full of the excitement that adopting a new puppy brings. We are looking forward to news and photos so we can see how they all grow up, because yes, with the best will in the world, no one can be quite sure how big a puppy will be as an adult, unless of course they have seen both parents, which is rarely the case for rescues.


Hanabi – ADOPTED

Kendji – ADOPTED

The adopters of Tara are better placed to know how their new little girl will be as an adult…little! This is because Tara is already 5 months old and almost fully grown. She is an adorable girl, too. Already with basic obedience and although lively, she is also very gentle. Her new family fell totally in love with her, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. We are delighted for her, she will be spoilt and adored, and she deserves to be!


Next we said goodbye to Spike. He is a favourite with almost everyone; a dog who looks fierce, but who is a big teddy bear. He arrived completely terrified, and chances are he has experienced cruelty in his past. It has been wonderful watching him gain in confidence since his arrival some 6 weeks ago. Socialising the scared dogs is something the SPA is great at and rightly proud of. Have a great new life, Spike, we will all miss you.

Bog rottie cross


Finally we said goodbye to Raven. This young lad arrived about a month ago and is not a year old. So like all of today’s lucky dogs, he has a lot to learn. But he is bright and quick to learn and his new family will have lots of fun with this lively boy. We are glad that he didn’t have too long to wait for his new home. Like so many of our dogs, he is too active to enjoy the confinement of a kennel.


What a way to end the week! In case you are wondering, there are still four puppies at the SPA, only one of whom is reserved. Let’s see what next week brings!

Four on Friday

As many of our followers know, about four weeks ago eight puppies were found at the refuge gates. Whoever put them there did not take the trouble to come to reception and hand the pups over and tell us the breed mix. They also didn’t wait long enough before dumping the pups; the vet estimated them as being just 5 weeks old, too young to be away from their mum, and too young to be vaccinated.

The SPA is not a good place for puppies. Okay, it is not the worst place to be either; pups are loved and looked after and socialised as much as time and hygiene precautions allow. But being in a family is so much better. Hence our love of foster families. Usually a foster family keeps a puppy until a permanent home is found, with this change of location being easily assimilated into a puppy’s development. However two of the pups who were officially adopted today have been with their forever family for a couple of weeks, waiting till vaccinations could be safely given. That means they are already loved and well settled and won’t need to get used to a new home!

So we can’t say that today we said goodbye to Kiba and Youma, as we said farewell to them two weeks ago. But today their adoptions are official, so we say a very big thank you to their new families, and we wish them much continued happiness in their not-so new homes.



One of their brothers, Kankuro, also found a home today. He was not so lucky in that he has been at the SPA since his arrival, but he had lots of other pups to play with, as anyone who saw yesterday’s video of them all outside in the sunshine will know. And Kankuro has a big brother to play with now, as his family are already well known to us as the adopters of Odin! Many thanks to them for opening up their home to another rescue dog.

Kankuro – ADOPTED

It wasn’t just a day for pups. After a surprisingly long month at the SPA (not long for SPA dogs, but quite long for a small, cute female), Tweetie has found a new home. She is a great little girl, sociable, playful and above all lively! It isn’t just pups who can provide endless hours of entertainment, as Tweetie’s new family will find out!

Fox terrier

Tweetie – ADOPTED

So all in all it was a good Friday and we are hoping for yet more good news tomorrow.

Christmas baubles are here and puppy Yuhi is adopted.

Today the SPA is launching its now traditional “Operation Christmas Tree”. This is where supporters can purchase a Christmas bauble for their own dog or cat or for an animal who is spending Christmas at the refuge. The idea is that we will hang them all from a big Christmas tree, which will gradually fill up as the big day approaches. Baubles cost €4.50 and are filled with edible treats, cats ones also contain a toy. People in the area can pop in to buy, or baubles for SPA residents can be bought via Paypal (spacarcassonne@yahoo.fr). Don’t forget to tell us who you are buying for, or you can leave the choice to us so we can make sure no one is missed out.

Many thanks in advance and many thanks to the little elves, who are working flat out to get everything ready in time.


Why not buy a Christmas bauble for your own dog or cat. Or why not offer one to a SPA animal?

Yesterday another puppy, Yuhi, left for his new home. Like all puppies, he is a gorgeous little fellow, and we are delighted that he has found a home and delighted for his family too. Puppies are lots of fun, as well as lots of work, at the beginning at least.

brown pup with black muzzle


Two more pups are being adopted tomorrow, and you can read all about it here!

Two on Tuesday

Today sharpei cross Gaya has gone to a new home, after just over two weeks at the SPA. She arrived with another dog, Toby, who we were subsequently told was one of this girl’s puppies, and that yet another was being given away for free on the internet. What were we saying yesterday about people having litters of unwanted puppies?

In any case Toby was reclaimed, but his owner said she was not the owner of Gaya, so at only a year old, this little girl found herself at the SPA. However, as we all know, this isn’t always a bad thing. Gaia’s fate might have been to give birth to litter after litter of puppies, so coming to the SPA might have been the best thing to happen to her. Not only is she now sterilised, she got treatment for an eye infection, too.

Gaya’s fortunes really did change, as she caught the eye of employee Jeanne, and today the papers were signed! Of course this means that we will have lots of news and photos, which always make us happy. But happiest of all is Gaya, out of the cold and into a loving home!

black sharpei cross


Another happy dog tonight is puppy Paco. He is a brother of Tonino (now Marcus), who was adopted yesterday, and is a real cutie. We wish him a long and happy life in his new home.

brown puppy



Adoption of Tonino and a bit about Puppies

The week started with the adoption of puppy Tonino. Many thanks to his new family. Tonino is one of  some 16 puppies who have arrived at the SPA over the past few weeks. Several of them are reserved and a couple of the lucky ones are already with their permanent families. This is because when they arrived they were too young to be vaccinated and obviously a family home is a far better place to spend these crucial early days and weeks than a refuge.

The first litter (of eight) who arrived were left at the SPA gates, so someone presumably still has the mother, who is presumably never going to be sterilised and who presumably will have a puppies every six months who will presumably be handed into the SPA each time. Or perhaps the mum’s owner is one of those ill-informed people who still believe that a female dog should have one litter before being sterilised. All the veterinary evidence says the opposite, but some people prefer their own version of reality, sadly. Luckily the SPA is there, and luckily there will always be people wishing to adopt puppies.

Black spaniel puppy

Tonino – ADOPTED

For anyone looking for a puppy, now is a great time, as there are lots available. Unwanted puppies are the sign of irresponsible ownership, but it doesn’t stop them from being very, very cute!

As ever, please do not adopt a pup as a Christmas present for someone else, or even for yourself unless you are planning on having a dog anyway and are just using Christmas as an excuse. And make sure you read about the responsibilities of dog ownership and are under no illusion about how much hard work (as well as fun) having a new puppy will be!

However if you are sure, then why not find your little bundle of joy at the SPA? Look at how adorable the puppies are!

Collage of four puppies

Some of the puppies at the SPA

Three Saturday Adoptions

It has been a couple of days since our last blog, mainly because there have been no adoptions. However that has changed today, so here we are!

Today was the annual Forum of Associations here in Carcassonne. This event was due to take place in September, but was postponed due to inclement weather. Today, despite a chilly start, the weather was perfect, and the SPA was there in force, showing off some of our residents. And one of them, Phoebe, found a home! We are delighted for her. She is a lovely little girl who arrived unidentified and looking very thin. The SPA was contacted by someone who knew her former owner, and also Phoebe’s original name, Nala. But looking at the state of this girl we were not too upset when she was not reclaimed.

At just over a year old, this lovely dog has a new home with a friend of SPA employee Vincent, so we will have lots of news!

black dog with long-ish ears

Phoebe/ Nala – ADOPTED

Of course we hope that the Forum of Associations will bring us lots of new volunteers, but having an adoption is a great result already.

And there was more good news at the SPA.

Thanks to Ingrid’s video, a family came to the SPA yesterday to meet lovely Anatolian shepherd, Pacha. This dog, not yet two years old, has had a very disrupted life. He arrived at the SPA on October 2nd, his story before then is complicated. Without going into details, suffice it to say that Pacha really needed a new start. A visit today to introduce Pacha to the family’s female went well today, and Pacha’s new life has begun.

anatolian shepherd


We then said goodbye to Bran. He is the last border collie from the group that was found living in the back of the vehicle and he has been with us almost three months. His life at the SPA has probably felt like heaven to him after his earlier confinement, but things got even better today. Bran is just over two years old, but his scarred face tells its own tale. He will love his new life with a family that includes two children and an elderly cat.

border collie


So after a slow couple of days things picked up today. Let’s hope it continues next week.

Two Adoptions and Balou Finds a Foster!

Today was a good day at the SPA, and amongst all the dogs and cats arriving, we need days like this from time to time.

We had two adoptions, and then just before closing time, what for many will be considered the BIG news of the day, although of course it is all big news!

The first adoption was that of César. This dog had not been with us for long, only 3 weeks or so. But when you hear his story you will realise why his adoption is cause for celebration. César was left tied up alone when his owner passed away. A group of well-meaning locals decided that the best thing would be to visit him each day to feed him, and try to find him a new home. However dogs need so much more than that, and we have to thank DRC supporter Maria for making sure César made it to the safety of the SPA. Yes, there are nicer places for dogs, but here this eight year old lad had a far better time than being tied up all day. Plus of course he could be seen by visitors, such as the gentleman who came to visit the SPA today following the sad death of ex SPA dog Comet.

So after a quick bonding walk it was time for César to start his new life, and we are sure he will be very happy.

jagd terrier


Fresko too has been adopted by someone who has recently lost an ex SPA dog. Jane adopted Guizmo from us about 5 years ago, and he has ben the perfect companion ever since. She made a tearful  visit to us today, following the sad death of Guizmo on Friday. She had seen Fresko on the website and had a feeling that he was “the one”. Her other dog was missing Guizmo, and although no dog can ever replace a beloved pet, four new paws in the house can help to heal the pain. Fresko arrived over two months ago, and although it took him some time to settle down, he is becoming less timid by the day. He will make far quicker progress in Jane’s loving home.

red spaniel

Fresko – ADOPTED

Finally to Balou! Yes, after almost three years at the SPA, this lovely old boy, now eleven and a half years old, finally has a home. Volunteer Sebastien previously fostered Tis (now Alfie, happily homed with another of our many Janes), and loved the fostering experience. This time is a bit different, though, as he has taken Balou in to long term foster!

This is amazing news. Balou has spent a long time at the SPA. He arrived as a stray, although we subsequently found out that he was left to wander following a divorce. I wonder if his former owners ever spare him a thought….. Balou has been a favourite with just about everyone, but no one ever offered him a home, until now. Balou has a great personality, is still on fine form for his age, and we are all overjoyed that he will not be spending yet another winter in a cold refuge. Many thanks to Sebastian.

Big hairy griffon