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Latest News

Adoption of puppy Neymar.

We mentioned that some reservations had taken place yesterday, and one of the lucky dogs left today. And very happily, it was of puppy Neymar.

Since the departure of the Simpsons litter he has been the only pup available for adoption, but there had been no interest in him at all. We have no idea why, but if it is due to his name, then that is my fault. He arrived at the same time that the PSG striker was ruled out of the game for several weeks following a leg injury, and as Neymar had an operation on his leg, it seemed appropriate. However a name can easily be changed, and the woman who adopted this little lad today will surely do so. Many of our dogs change their names after adoption, so please don’t let our sometimes warped sense of  humour put you off a lovely dog.

malinois pup

Neymar – ADOPTED (and renamed)

To answer a question that was put to us yesterday, yes, the SPA does allow reservations. Many people come to the refuge wishing to adopt a dog, but are not ready to take one immediately. Sometimes this is a question of buying the requisite accessories; food, a bed, a collar and lead etc. Sometimes people have a trip or house move planned. That is fine, providing the delay is no more than a couple of weeks.

If a dog needs a passport before travel then we can stretch this to three weeks, and if DRC is organising TRACES transport then sometimes even longer. However this is never at the request of the adopter, rather is due to the availability of space on a transporter’s vehicle.

Ultimately we have to do what is in the dog’s best interest. And this usually means leaving the SPA as soon as possible for a good and permanent home.

If you know you cannot take a dog for several months, it is perhaps best to wait until nearer the time to visit. Of course it is a good idea to come along and see the kinds of dogs we have. But if you are likely to fall in love with a dog and be disappointed to lose out on him, then maybe putting your visit off till nearer the time is the sensible course of action.

And please bear in mind that there are always wonderful dogs at the SPA, so we hope that whenever you visit, you will find the dog of your dreams.


Bumper day for leavers

Today was just what we needed. Or just what the doctor ordered, as we Brits say.

First of all we said goodbye officially to a little york who arrived two weeks ago in bad condition and who waited in vain for his owners to come looking for him. Volunteer Eileen, despite not being a particular fan of small dogs, took one look in his eyes and offered to foster him. And we all know how that often works out, don’t we! Sure enough today the adoption was made official, and the newly named Globule has a wonderful new home. With someone who is now a convert to the joys of tiny dogs.

yorkie in girl's arms

Globule – ADOPTED

Next to leave was Barbar. Now this is not an adoption, that is taking place in a few weeks’ time when this lovely young cross will be moving to the UK. But as we had a short-term foster family keen to help out, we decided Barbar might be able to benefit from some socialisation in a family home with another dog, as this is how he will be living when he crosses the Channel. Kathleen will keep us abreast of his progress.

Babar male beagle cross

Beautiful but timid Barbar – short term foster prior to adoption

That of course left Panda alone in his kennel. Except it didn’t! Tom and Hamish have been following DRC for some time, waiting for the right time and the right dog. They had their eye on Panda, and today they came to meet him in person. They went on a long walk with him and his sponsor mum, Ingrid, and by the time they returned, the very nervous Panda was already responding to them. So he is off too, to a lovely new life with lots of travel ahead. Ingrid had a little cry; it was an emotional day for her as she was sponsor of both Panda and Barbar!

three humans and one dog

Panda with his new family and sponsor mum Ingrid – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye (again) to Mila. That is the third time she has been rehomed, the fourth if you count a short-lived foster. So this time it had to be right. This time there are no other animals involved, just and a patient but active couple. They have been chatting with Carole regularly and we are as confident as we can be that Mila has finally found the home she has been waiting for.

Mila and her new family – ADOPTED

And when we tell you that there were three other reservations today, you will know that it is the best Thursday we have had for some time.

Last of the Simpsons litter leave

Anyone who read yesterday’s blog will know that Omer and Maggie were due to leave the SPA today, and sure enough they did. This means that all the pups from the Simpsons litter are now happily homed, and best of all, none of them had to spend any time alone at the SPA.

black and tan pup


Of course pups are all lovely, but each time a new litter arrives, our hearts sink. Not because we don’t adore puppies, who doesn’t?! But we know it means that our older pups and adult dogs risk having even longer to wait for a new home. We cannot impress on people enough the importance of sterilising your dogs. If the dog population continues to grow, so will the number of dogs in refuges. Plus the SPA is no place for pups, who need lots of love and socialisation, especially in the early months.

black and tan puppy


Of course sometimes puppies and other, older dogs are lucky enough to go into foster, and we will have news of one such dog very soon. Plus, of course, if you are still after a puppy but missed out on this litter, please don’t forget about little Neymar, who is waiting for a home at the SPA.

Neymar young male malinois cross

Neymar is still waiting for a home

Tomorrow looks like being a busy day, and we hope that at least one of the planned visits results in an adoption!

Adoption of Marge, but two sad returns

Yesterday as well as two recently arrived dogs being reclaimed, we also had the adoption of Marge. She, you will probably have guessed, is one of the Simpsons litter, and this lucky little girl has been adopted by a SPA volunteer. This means we know that she will be very well looked after and that we will have plenty of news.

black and tan pup


The remaining pups from the litter are reserved too, so we are guaranteed some good news tomorrow. And we are much in need of some, after the terrible day we had today.

They say that nothing lasts forever. Well some adoptions fall well short of that! Today as well as Tornade, who was adopted in early January, we also had the return of Cliona.

small borwn and black dog

Tornade – back for rehoming. 

Cliona, you will all surely recall, was brought in last summer in a terrible state. Lots of love and lots of donations later she was looking fabulous and was off to her new home. Four and a half months later and the dream is over. We all know that she can be a bit picky about whom she bestows her affection on, and she will probably always be a bit wary of men, but we thought that her family were away of her foibles and accepted her nonetheless. Sadly not.

black lab cross

Cliona – back for rehoming

But as ever it is a question of onwards and upwards. New homes will be sought; new homes will be found. And tomorrow there are two adoptions on the cards.

Four adoptions and Janka makes five!

Well lots to tell you tonight. First of all there was a third adoption yesterday, which somehow got missed in the excitement of the day. Staffie cross Janka was homed. Technically she is in long term foster, as she is officially a dangerous dog, meaning that her ownership details cannot be altered. However providing her new family has carried out all the formalities, dogs of this breed can leave the SPA for long term foster.  Many thanks to Janka’s new family.

staffie cross

Janka –  Long term foster but effectively ADOPTED

And today was a bumper day, with four adoptions. We said goodbye to two more of the Simpsons puppies, with both Lisa and Mo finding fabulous homes where we are sure they will be very happy.

black and brown pup


black and tan pup


Today we also said goodbye to Gucci, a lovely beauceron cross who was the second dog to arrive this year. He was identified, but to an address in the north of France, and we have had no word from his owners. Esther and Manu came to visit from Montpelier, and soon fell under Gucci’s charm. They are delighted with their new pal, whom they have renamed Winston. And he is delighted to be leaving the SPA, especially with such a great couple; Manu works from home, and if necessary Esther can take Gucci to work with her; she is a researcher at Royal Canin, so we won’t have to worry about Gucci’s eating habits!

black and white dog with couple

Gucci (now Winston) – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to Winnie. This lovely golden retriever (probably) Pyrenean mountain dog cross arrived in early December, having been unceremoniously thrown out of a car near the SPA gates. He was extremely nervous and spent a lot of time in the office. Hence he became the favourite of many employees, including Carole. Winnie came on in leaps and bounds, though, and soon it was he who was giving confidence to newly arrived scaredy boy Griff.

Today Winnie’s turn came; although his new owners had visited the SPA before, it was during last Sunday’s open day walk that the deal was struck, and today Winnie started his new life.

Golden retriver cross

Winnie – ADOPTED

So it was an excellent end to the week.


First of the Simpsons pups leaves, and a new home for Lana.

Today we said goodbye to the first of the Simpsons litter, in fact to Bart himself! This litter of six pups (three males and three females) arrived about four weeks ago, but were really too young to leave before today. They have been well looked after at the SPA, however, and since making their Facebook debut earlier this week, have attracted a lot of attention.

One thing we insist on with our pups is that their new families are willing to castrate or sterilise the pups when they reach the age of six months. We could go into the reasons why, but it comes down to two things; the dog’s health, and our desire to prevent any more unwanted puppies from coming into the world. Bart’s new dad was not happy about this requirement, so they initially they left without a puppy, returning later on once they had had a think! Funnily enough it is usually the men who have a problem with the concept of castration, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your dog. You can read more here.

If you like the look of Bart, there are more from this litter left, but bear in mind they will be biggish dogs.

Black and tan pup


We also said goodbye to Lana. She was adopted in early December but brought back in mid February as her owner had no time at all to devote to her. In fact one has to wonder why he thought adopting a dog was a good idea at all. But things may just have worked out perfectly for this young girl. Her new family have another dog, which we hope will help Lana work off some of her boundless energy.

black lab cross


So two great adoptions and hopefully more to come tomorrow.

Adoption of Citrouille

Today there was one adoption at the SPA, but it was a good one.

Lovely Citrouille arrived at the end of October, in fact she arrived at Hallowe’en, hence her name (Pumpkin). And when you read about her character, you, like us, will be amazed that it took so long for her to find a home. Young, calm, good with other dogs, fine with cats, affectionate with adults and humans. Yes, Citrouille is one of many of the SPA’s hidden gems. These are dogs who, for one reason or other, do not catch people’s eyes in a kennel environment.

Today a couple came to the SPA looking for a calm easy dog who could live with three cats. After looking round and beeing attracted to several unsuitable dogs, they took the staff’s advice and met Citrouille, who soon had them under her charm.

pale spaniel cross

Citrouille – ADOPTED

Today’s other leaver was recent arrival, malinois Flash. He arrived identified on Monday but the SPA was unable to contact his owners. This was because once again they had moved house and failed to keep the records up to date. And although they had asked their vet to change the phone number on Icad, this had not been done.

malinois cross


Perhaps many people don’t realise that you can check (and change) your dog’s Icad details yourself. On the identification card there is a code, which you can use to enter your dog’s page, and there you can make any adjustements. Flash’s owners said they will do this immediately, and if you think your dog’s details may be out of date, why don’t you do it too!

Adoption of Belle…

Today puppy Belle was adopted and as she only arrived on Monday she has been very lucky indeed! As we have lots more pups who will leave over the next few weeks I thought that I would remind potential adopters of their responsibility.

The reality is this – a puppy at eight weeks requires your attention about as much as an eight-week-old human baby would.

The puppy needs constant supervision – and if you are adopting him, that’s your job!

If you want to raise a dog who is well behaved, has a normal temperament, is not predisposed to behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, toilet training issues, fear or general anxiety… the work starts as soon as your pup is home.

With pups prevention is advised. Prevent what you can wherever possible and manage the pup’s environment so that he has little or no opportunity to go wrong.  This means puppy proof the house, move books from the lower shelves, put bins behind cupboard doors, use stair gates and close doors to prevent access to areas where the pup may chew  furnishings, pick up all Persian rugs temporarily and more importantly put things away such as shoes, children’s toys etc. Any time your pup engages in an unwanted behaviour, take a step back and ask yourself how you could have prevented it.

Interrupt unwanted behaviour.  I know from experience that it is not always possible to prevent all unwanted behaviours when you have a puppy.  So you teach your dog a positive interrupter.  This can be a word or a noise, anything you like, as long as it doesn’t frighten or startle your pup.  You could use a “Yay!!” or a kissy noise for example.  Once interrupted redirect him onto something more productive.

Of course pups are great fun and really do keep you on your toes…enjoy the fun and madness as it passes so quickly. Those of us with older dogs would love to turn back time for a day with our pups




Tuesdays two adoptions…

Today the sun was shining and lots of dogs were walked. On my ‘to do’ list was to take more photos of Danov. He wasnt long back from his walk,when I saw him being being led to a car….et voila, he was adopted!  I am not surprised that the family chose him as he is very calm and loves affection.

Danov arrived with his brother Bogdan at the beginning of February. At the moment we have quite a few spaniels so he was very lucky not to have too long a wait!

Danov adopted!

Next to leave was puppy Vitto. This lovely little lad only arrived yesterday and after a trip to the vets he left today.  Wouldn’t it be great if all of our pups were so lucky!

Vitto adopted!

For anyone wanting a pup, we have plenty! We have little Belle, a chocolate berger x as well as a litter of 6 pups ( 3 boys and 3 girls).

Belle needs a home!

For anyone adopting a pup remember that pups are hard work and really need lots of time and patience.  If you want a dog that you can take anywhere you need to be prepared for lots of training and socialising. We have leaflets available  on housetraining, crate training  and don’t forget our training diaries on our website too.

Read how to..

toilet train your pup..http://dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/poppys-training-snippets-toilet-training-and-feeding/

crate train..http://dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/poppys-training-snippets-crate-training/

the importance of socialisation…http://dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/poppys-training-snippets-socialisation/




Normally we don’t use the blog for individual dogs but needs must and Taser really deserves a home.

Taser is 7 and has been with us for about half of his life! Why? Well, we really can say that it was down to no fault of his own…his owner was murdered.
Is it because he resembles a bull breed, is brindle coloured, is male…why has he not been adopted?
He is a very loyal boy who loves people and most dogs ( not cats though). He’s strong but very trainable as he loves treats and squeaky toys and he knows all of the basic commands. He is a boxer cross and the boxer playfulness and cheekiness is very endearing.
Taser has shared his kennel with many dogs, usually scared females who he helps restore their trust in humans he really is a sensitive lovely boy!
He could go to the UK. We will transport him to any good home.
So, if you are looking for a loyal, loving dog to share your life then please contact us.

Taser really deserves a family!