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Simba adopted and Sunday snippets!

Tonight we have an adoption and bits and bobs of news to catch up with.

Simba, a handsome one year old was adopted yesterday. Sometimes its easy to guess a dog breed but Simba we think is a real ‘mixed’ breed.  It would be very interesting to DNA test some of our dogs but of course our funds don’t run to that. If however you do want to know your dog’s heritage you can buy the kit from amazon and three weeks later you will have the results. Its very useful to know what breed traits your dog may have and could certainly help you understand some behaviours.

There have been quite a few comments on facebook about the arrival of Lego, a young husky cross. He certainly is a very handsome boy but I hope that prospective adopters will think about breed traits before offering him a home.

We have also had news and photos of Ollie ex Gadget who is settling in well with his two sisters. The arrival of a bouncy pup is a shock for any resident dogs and it takes time and management to make sure that this works out. Pups are dynamic and its very important to give older dogs a break from puppy.  We always recommend crate training pups as it means that you get a good night sleep, you don’t have a kitchen covered in wee to clean up in the morning and of course the other dogs are assured a peaceful night free from puppy madness.

The next bit of new is not so good. We heard from Evelyn at Doglinks that Scramble, the Brittany spaniel that she adopted from the SPA 6 or 7 years ago has died. When Scramble arrived at the SPA he was full of lead pellets and couldn’t walk. After lots of tlc he recovered and enjoyed life with his many doggy friends. RIP Scramble and thank you Evelyn.

Simba adopted..

New arrival Lego..

Puppy Ollie ..

RIP Scramble

Three super adoptions…

Today was a really good day at the SPA. We had three adoptions, two of which were dogs whose first adoptions had failed but who were very lucky that they did not have long to wait for their forever family to come along. Its really no wonder as both are young, beautiful dogs who have a great future ahead of them.

First to leave was puppy Gadget, an adorable 5 month old Jack Russel cross who arrived two months ago after being involved in an accident.  Puppy bones take time to heal and Gadget had to have two months of cage rest followed by gentle exercise. He is now a happy, wriggly, adorable pup who left today to live with two other doggies. It’s going to be fun and games in that household tonight and we will have news of how he is doing soon!

Next to leave was Aska a fabulous seven month old German Shepherd pup. She arrived at the end of January and was adopted a few weeks ago. This adoption didn’t work out but we learnt more about her and today she left with her new family.

The third dog to leave was Pogo. He arrived in December, was adopted in January but came back to the refuge on Tuesday.  Poor Pogo was a timid boy and just couldn’t settle in a busy household with 4 young children. Today he has left and the new owners are aware that he needs time to regain his confidence in a quieter environment.

When a dog arrives into refuge and is adopted quickly we really don’t get the chance to fully assess them. There is a 3-4 week period before the dog is fully vaccinated before we can get them out and about and get to know them. Until we get them out walking we don’t really know how they react to other dogs, traffic, children and how they behave on the lead. All of these things can make or break an adoption and that’s why we really like getting get to know a dog.

Failed adoptions are always seen as opportunities for us to get it better next time and allow us to match the dog to the perfect forever family.

Lets hope that todays adoptions are the start of a great weekend. Don’t forget that this Sunday, being the first in the month, we are open from 2-6pm.

Puppy Gadget is off at last….

Aska adopted..

Pogo adopted…



Adoption of Bullit

We had another great adoption today. At the age of 12 and a bit, and just over a week since he arrived at the SPA, Bullit has found a new home. It is always sad when old dogs arrive, especially when it is following the death of their owners. Bullit was a much loved dog who had spent his entire life with one master, and it was the cruel hand of fate that left him alone.

Luckily for him, he has been offfered a new home! His new owner was actually at the SPA the day he arrived and saw him. A period of reflection followed, clearly, and this enabled the SPA to carry out the required health checks, and to determine that, old age aside, Bullit is in the best of health. Not that this would necessarily have prevented his being adopted, but it is wise to know what you are committing to when you adopt an older dog.

Yesterday compatibility was tested with the new owner’s elderly (female) dog, and everything went well. So lucky Bullit is out of the cold and back in the warm, with daily walks. Huge thanks to his new owner.

Sadly it was not such good news for Rex. He is back at the SPA after proving that he just cannot live with cats. This was as we suspected, but Francine really wanted it to work out. Luckily the cat is still alive and Francine’s injuries are not too serious. A cat free home for Rex is required, much to everyone’s dismay.

Bullit (12 years old and counting) – ADOPTED

Big German shepherd







Rex – No cats for this lad.

old black dog


Yo and Kelly find new homes.

Today we had two adoptions to start the week off, one was planned, and the other was a lovely surprise for everyone, but mostly for the dog!

First to leave was little Yo. She arrived just over ten days ago, and as she was not identified it was impossible to find her owners. The SPA was contacted on Facebook by someone who may or may not have been her owner; she had given her dog away four years ago and has had no news since. There was no indication that she wanted her back, but she wanted us to drive the dog to her so she could have a look. Err, no!  Yo had already caught the eye of a couple who came to visit and who just had to wait the ten day’s pound time; always a nerve-wracking time. Today they came to collect their new little girl and we wish them loads of happiness together.

Next to leave was Kelly, a gorgeous Brittany spaniel who was abandoned a week or so ago. A lively affectionate girl, this is her third home that we know of, and she is only 14 months old. In fact if you count the SPA, that is four homes already. Let’s hope she has finally find some stability now, many thanks to her new owners.

On the subject of changing homes, after just a couple of days, Aska is back.  People make mistakes and it is a shame when a dog has to come back so soon, but as we said, Aska is a gorgeous girl and the right home is out there. Hopefully not too far away.

On a more positive note, for once the name Lucky has proved to be well-chosen. Although this 8 year old lad arrived identified on Friday, there was no phone number on the database entry. LUCKilY, the owners were looking for their dog, and today off he went.

We have a great reservation too, and as the dog will leave tomorrow, your DRC bloggers are going to be busy. As well as happy!

small fluffy dog









Brittany spaniel












small brown dog


Two oldies and a young’un leave the SPA

We had three wonderful adoptions today.

Well, in fact one of the dogs, Rex left for his new home yesterday with volunteer dog walker Francine. Yes, sometimes a volunteer comes along to help out with no intention of adopting, but after a number of weeks or months they feel such a bond with a dog that they decide to offer him or her a home. Yesterday Francine took the plunge and took lovely old boy Rex home, although the adoption was not formalised until today, when Rex came back to say hello and to have a farewell bath. Francine is entranced by him, but she will not be giving up her walking duties, we are all pleased to hear. As for ten year old Rex; what a lucky boy he is. The love he will receive from Francine will make up easily for everything he missed out on before arriving at the SPA in a terrible state in August last year.

Today we also said goodbye to lovely Aska. She arrived at the end of January and to be honest we are surprised she had this long to wait. She is a fabulous dog, and we knew from the people who found her and brought her in to us that she is fine with other dogs and horses. Today we found out that she is good with children too! What a lovely girl.

Third to leave was Kraft. He is an elderly dog who arrived earlier this month at the age of ten. However Estelle had a brainwave and remembered a kindly gentleman who visits the SPA regularly looking for just this type of dog. A phone call later and the deal was done. Lucky Kraft has gone off to be spoilt, which is what all our dogs deserve!

We have a new dog to show you, a tricoloured border collie who is fine with other dogs and even cats, so hopefully 18 month old Zac will find a new home soon.

Apart from that we were blessed with fabulous weather and hoards of volunteer dog -walkers, so it was a lovely day.

woman with black dog









GSD cross











small poodle cross












New arrival – Zac

tricoloured border


Indy’s Off!

I wonder if Indy’s owners ever imagined, when they abandoned him, that their dog would spend over two years in a kennel at the SPA? In any case last night this lovely pale shepherd cross finally left for his new home. He has gone to live in Germany, thanks to an association that specialises in dogs of his “breed”. He is a lucky boy, as for some reason he has not attracted any interest since he has been at the SPA. Apart from with the staff and volunteers, that is, with whom he has been a great favourite. Easy on the lead and with a character that can best be described as Joyful, Indy is a fabulous dog and we are so happy for him.

Today at the refuge there was not much to report. A little chihuahua was reclaimed after having been found and brought in on Tuesday. She was identified, but as her chip was registered in Spain, it took a couple of days to break down the language barrier. However all’s well that ends well and dog and owner were reunited today.

Thanks to all today’s dog walkers, and also to Anny, osteopath to the stars (well, to the SPA!) who came along to help some of our elderly dogs with their aches and pains!

Indy – Right, my bags are packed and I am ready to go
white shepherd with one floppy ear









This little Spanish Chihuahua was reclaimed












And here is Osteopath Anny with Papy Banjo

girl massaging Banjo


Yipee for Ipsee

Just a quick blog to tell you about today’s adoption of Ipsee, one of three Czech wolf-dogs at the SPA. These are magnificent creatures but they are not for everyone. The fact that we had three at the SPA at the same time shows tells you something. Sadly due to series such as Game of Thrones, dogs of this “nordic” type are very popular. However they are not always easy, and many of them, such as “our” three end up in refuges. Ipsee had been with us since just before Christmas, so it could have been worse. And as she is already ten years old, we are delighted that she has found a home.

Her friends Artos and Indian are still waiting. Both of them are lovely dogs and are certainly impressive walking companions. It is for this reason that the SPA is very selective about who adopts them. Definitely not a dog for inexperienced owners.

10 year old Ipsee – ADOPTED
wolf-like dog







Arthos (m) and Indian (f), both are at the SPA
wolf dog

wolf dog

Four Adoptions. Yippee!

Two dogs left the SPA yesterday and two more today! What joy!

Joe arrived relatively recently. He was identified but as the details were not up to date we were unable to contact the owners. Had they been looking for their dog, they would probably have found him, as his pictures have been all over the internet, and of course Joe himself has been available for “viewing” at the Pound for ten days and subsequently at the Refuge.

As a handsome and young Brittany spaniel, Joe found it relatively easy to find a home, and we wish him lots of happiness.

Another dog who has found happiness is Pinto, but it took him a lot longer. Pinto arrived when he was a puppy, before being brought back when he was almost two years old. That was way back in August 2015. Pinto is a big, black labrador cross, and despite being adorable and extremely good with other dogs, he has had a long wait.

Yesterday his luck finally changed. A family came to visit with a view to adopting, and Pinto reminded them so much of their former dog that they could not believe their eyes. And what’s more, he was in the same kennel that had been home to their last dog (who also came from the SPA, obviously) Fate! Everyone is over the moon for Pinto, and it just goes to show that every dog has his day.

Today was the day for relatively recent arrivals Jack and Sasha. Jack was found at the SPA gate at the end of January complete with his vaccination book (with his owner’s name carefully cut out), and Sasha arrived on almost the same day, having been found in a local village.

They both have new homes as of now.

There were plenty of volunteers out walking in the warm sunshine, and so it was a great end to the week.

Brittany spaniel












Pinto – ADOPTED (after 18 months)

black lab










pale dog










border collie



A GOOD Day for BADou

Today Badou left for his new home. This podenco cross arrived in early January with a badly fractured leg following a collision with a vehicle, presumably. A major operation later and Badou was on the mend, complete with a metal plate in his leg. Presumably his owners were not willing to pay for this, as depsite it being obvious that Badou had owners, no  one came looking for him. If anyone ever wonders why the SPA is always in need of funds, it is to help dogs like Badou!

He was lucky enough to catch the eye of Megan, who was looking for a new canine friend. She did not jump into the adoption, however. She asked for advice and spent a long time on the phone with podenco expert June, just to make sure she was not taking on a breed that would not suit her lifestyle. Nothing June said put her off and today Megan’s house was empty after the departure of all her visitors, making it the perfect time to finally take Badou home. It may seem strange to wait, but this way Badou’s new home is nice and stable for his arrival. He is a great little chap, completely house trained already (hence our assumption that he had a home prior to the SPA) and looking forward to starting at dog training school soon.

He had spent a lot of time in the SPA office during his recuperation, so the newly renamed Zorro had to make a farewell tour to say goodbye to all the staff. He definitely knew he was leaving.

We had lots of volunteers at the SPA today but sadly several new arrivals. However all of them are lovely, so we hope they won’t have long to wait!

Badou – ADOPTED (and renamed Zorro)
podenco cross

Adoptions of Puppy Aquila, and ex-Puppy Helios!

Today puppy Aquila officially left for her new home. We say “officially” as she had been with her new family since last weekend, and was just waiting for the end of her pound time for the adoption to be finalised. As mentioned numerous times, unless we have proof that a dog has been abandoned, he or she has to spend 10 days at the SPA or (if they are lucky) in a foster family before leaving properly. However on this occasion and without going into too many details, we were pretty sure that no one was looking for Aquila. And Thomas and his family was happy to take her knowing that there was a tiny tiny chance that she would be reclaimed. Already Aquila (now renamed Mika) is a much loved member of the family, and her eventual projected size, up to 45 kg, is not an issue. Is this why she was abandoned, we wonder? In any case, things could not have turned out better for her.

There was another adoption today, too, and much ensuing celebration. After two and a half years, Helios has found a home. This small griffon cross was adopted when he was a puppy (he was named Eduard and was part of the Twilight litter, along with recently re-adopted Bella) and brought back in June 2014. Now almost four and a half years old, Helios has found a home which he will share with 12 cats! Luckily we are sure that he is fine with felines, as he has been living in the cat house for some time, due to a recurring problem caused by soggy paws.

So two lovely adoptions to start the week. Let’s hope the wild and windy weather relents a bit and that there is more good news to come.

Aquila (now Mika) ADOPTED by her foster family
black puppy










Helios – ADOPTED after more than 2 and a half years at the SPA

pale griffon