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Latest News

Adoption of Black and puppy Flyn…

Today we had the adoption of two Labrador crosses. One enormous lab cross called Black and one tiny lab cross called Flyn.

Black was brought to the refuge due to the death of his owner. He is a soft natured boy but enormous and he could look intimidating to those who didot know him. Luckily for him he was adopted by a good friend of one of our volunteers so we will have lots of news and updates as to how he is adapting to life in a home again. I bet that he is delighted and has forgotten all about refuge life already!

Black. adopted at last!

Next to leave was puppy Flyn, a small 3 month old lab x. You may remember how worried we were as his brother Noa was adopted a few days ago leaving Flyn all alone. Well he didn’t have a long wait and we have already had news and photos of him settling in.

Puppy Flyn adopted!

We have also just received the first photos of Biggles, settling into home life in Holland. It would have been a scary journey for this timid chap but he is home!

Biggles..home at last!


Adoption of Biggles and Pansy

When this magnificent young bleu de Gascogne arrived in March we were sure that he would be snapped up by a Brit. Most of our french hound types are but in this case it was not to be.

Instead he was spotted by Marga from Adopteer een Griffon NL B group in the Netherlands. This is the same group that have helped us home several dogs and we love working with them.

Biggles is going to a family who spotted him on their facebook page and who very kindly offered this lovely bot a home. Early this morning i crept into the refuge and handed him over to out Home from Home transporters. we will soon have news and photos!

Like all of our dogs crossing borders he travelled under TRACES so is classed as a legal import. This makes sure that the dog has no problems with the Dutch authorities and nor do we!

Biggles having a bath before he left. He was not impressed!

And today puppy Pansy, the first of Daisy’s litter left for her new home. She really has fallen on all for paws as this home is a real animal lover. I am sure that we will have lots of news as foster mum Cyndy will be following each pups progress.

Alan and Pansy who will be called Mimi!

One other pup is reserved and will be leaving on Friday but that leaves Betony. Hana and Cassis looking for homes.


Adoption of Boomer and Pryce!

Today handsome Boomer was adopted. Boomer had a very sad life before coming to the refuge,  We are not sure where his life started, but he was “acquired” (presumably free via the internet) by someone who left him tied up 24/7 and reliant on passers by for scraps of food and sometimes he was even without water. Luckily for him he made it to the refuge, and immediately to foster, where he settled in well and was fine with the family’s other dog as well as being clean in the house. He was adopted directly from this foster house, hover this didn’t work out so back he came. This was probably a blessing as today he was adopted by volunteer Marie!

Marie and Boomer!

Next to leave was Pryce. He was a bit of a chunky monkey but being mostly bull terrier was not categorised. This 6 year old lad has been with us since February so its great to see him leaving for a new home!

Pryce adopted..

Today Daisy and her pups were all identified, vaccinated, wormed, had their kennel cough and flea treatment, phew! It was really great fun at the vets and the pups behaved impeccably.  What a gorgeous litter they are and are ready for their new homes!

So mum Daisy, Cassis(m), Hana (f), Betony(f) are all looking for homes.

Betony needs a home..

Cassis needs a home…

Hanna needs a home…

And mum Daisy needs a home..

Contact Cyndy on 0768807486 if you can offer mum Daisy or pups a home!



Adoption of Sammy, Youna and Ben!

Today we are delighted to see Sammy leave! Sammy was one of 7 dogs brought in to us in July 2018. These poor dogs had been left to their own devices when the owner moved and left them in the garden. Whats more is that they had had little or no socialisation and had been left to their own devices!

Its very difficult in a refuge situation to give dogs like these all the care and training that they need but surprisingly enough Sammy proved to be a very friendly, loving boy who loved attention.

For some dogs the ScPA is a lot better than where they have been and once they realise that they will have regular food, walks and cuddles they settle in fine.

Sammy, like his two brothers Levy and Mickey are weimaraner crosses and are stunning looking boys, but looks aside we do not hide the fact that they need socialisation and training. But these dogs are great with other dogs and have great natures, which is a good start for any adopter!


We always suggest that keen adopters get to know the dogs before adoption and that is certainly the case with Sammy and his new Family. They have returned many times to visit him, walk him and have taken time to consider how he will fit into their lives.

Levy, Sammys brother is still waiting!

Micky, Sammys brother is still waiting too!

Next to leave was lovely Youna, a two year old Tervueren x who was abandoned about 2 weeks ago. What luck that she only had  a little time to wait.

Youna adopted!

Just before closing Ben was also agopted This is great news as his brother Jerry was adopted earlier this week!

Ben adopted too!

All in all a super Sunday and we also had two reservations of our senior dogs which means that we can expect lots of good news next week!







weimaraner cross.

Adoption of Molly, Pearl and Noa…

Today one of Dog Rescue Carcassonne’s favourite dogs left. Molly, a beautiful 3  year old Dutch shepherd cross left at last for her forever home.

Some dogs do themselves no favours in their box and Molly was one of them. She was full of energy and jumped about barking, yet as soon as her collar and lead was on she was a very different dog. Shes walks so well on the lead and is desperate to please. Shes good with other dogs and cats and I bet she is great off leash too!

Molly adopted!

Next to leave was puppy Pearl, a lovely little berger cross. she hadnt been with us long, just over 10 days, so a very lucky girl!

Puppy Pearl adopted!

Then puppy Noa left leaving poor Flyn all alone so we hope that someone will come and adopt him soon too!

Puppy Noa adopted!

Flyn needs a home…

Cyndy has had a very busy day with lots of interest in Daisy’s pups. We have another reservation, Ren, and lots of interest in the others too. Here is puppy Betony who is still available, so cute and a lovely nature too!

Betony needs a home…

So what will tomorrow bring…lots of adoptions and reservations I hope!

Adoption of puppy Aimee…

We hate when one pup from a litter is left and so are delighted to say that puppy Aimee was adopted today. Aimee arrived with her two sisters in August and so has not had too long a wait for a new home.

Aimee adopted.

As I walked around the refuge today I couldnt help but think what a lot of lovely dogs we have. If I had to choose a dog today it would have been Vick, a lovely fox red coloured labrador. What a stunning boy he is and only 18 months old. He has not had much training, so whoever adopts him will have to take that into account but hes a clever, eager boy so that wouldn’t put me off.

Vick is looking for a home…

Lets hope with the cooler weather lots of adopters are out this weekend and we have lots of adoptions.




Adoption of Jerry…

At the end of July, 4 dogs arrived at the refuge after being found in a local village. Two boys and  two girls and as usual, the two girls were adopted quickly. Today was Jerry’s day and he left with his forever family Mike and Rose, who are good friends of our ‘team Quillan’ volunteers. That just leaves Ben waiting on a home. Where the dogs came from or who ‘lost’ 4 dogs is a mystery as these dogs were not at all timid and are well behaved on the lead.

Jerry adopted!

We have so many of spaniel type dogs at the moment so spaniel lovers have a great choice. Just have a scroll through our photo albums and you will be amazed!

Today’s early morning rain soon passed and it was a lovely afternoon for dog walking. Its such a relief to be able to walk the dogs after the hot summer and volunteers were out in force.

We are also celebrating the first reservation of Daisy’s pups. After a visit to see the litter, Pansy was the puppy reserved.

Daisy and her pups are gorgeous but please remember that they are in foster so if you would like to see them you need to contact us so we can arrange a suitable time with their foster mum! Its well worth the visit though and Daisy and pups will all be microchipped and vaccinated on Monday. The pups are 8 weeks old on Saturday and will be ready for their new homes at the end of next week.

Pansy is the first pup to be reserved!

If you would like to visit Daisy and her pups just email website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk and we will get right back to you.






Three great adoptions..

When Oscar arrived at the refuge, he was skin and bones and covered in fleas and ticks. He had been seen straying in a field and it took weeks to trap him. We were shocked that he was identified but persuaded the owner to sign him over to us so we could give him immediate care and find him a home where he would be really appreciated.

We knew that this would take time as this poor boy was in as bad a state psychologically as he was physical. He was very timid and had no trust whatsoever in human beings, and why should he? Up until now, they have certainly let him down.

The ScPA is excellent at bringing on scared dogs and has worked hard with Oscar. Considering he only arrived in June he has com eon in leaps and bounds and yesterday he left with his forever family.

Oscar adopted!

One of the things we always stress when someone adopts a scared dog is that they must know how to keep them safe until they settle. I can’t tell you how many dogs are lost in the first few days after adoption and its very hard to get them back as they don’t know the new owners or the area that they are in!

The other dog to leave this weekend was Hansel. Hansel arrived with his sister Gretl and it became very clear that this young boy had been left to his own devices. The owner certainly hadn’t bothered teaching him anything at all and large, boisterous young males are the hardest to find families for.s

But lucky Hansel caught one family’s eye and they are prepared to put the work in and without a doubt this good natured boy will make a great family dog,

Hansel adopted…

Next to leave today was magnificent 7 year old Kalin. This lovely 7 year old arrived in September last year so its been quite a wait! Goodness knows why as hes a very easy, sociable boy!

Kalin adopted at last!

Its not all good news though. Poor Falbala who was adopted a few days ago is back. The same old dog/cat problem. She tested fine with our cats but wasn’t ok with the families cats so now we are looking for a cat-free home for this lovely girl!


DRC’s 4th annual yard sale..

Tonights blog is all about the upcoming event on Sunday the 22nd September at Chateau Miaou. This year we are again holding a yard sale, where clothes, books, bric a brac  etc will be for sale, along with delicious  sausages, burgers, bacon butties and ice cream! The event lasts from 11H00-15H00 and if last year is anything to go by it will be great fun.

Chateau Miaou has good parking and there is plenty of space to sit, chat and eat. This year we are delighted that Cancer Support France will also be joining us.

We will have a tombola too, with lots of lovely prizes and hot and cold drinks will be available to accompany your food.

Basically there is something for everyone. A great chance to socialise with old friends and new, revamp your wardrobe and buy something great to read. Not to mention supporting a worthy cause; helping the dogs at the SPA Carcassonne.

Please let your friends know and help make the event as big a success as it was last year!

Adoption of Falbala and puppy Louise..

Today was a great day as Falbala, a magnificent Labrador cross found her forever home!  Falbala arrived in March at just over a year old. She was a magnificent looking girl, so sleek and beautiful that we expected her to go very quickly.

Its been a long six months in kennels for this young, energetic girl but sometimes its worth the wait for the perfect home!

Falbala adopted!

Next to leave was puppy Louise. She is one of a litter of three labrador crosses and unlike Falbala has not had  along wait at all. This is what we want for all of our pups I am sure that her two sisters will be leaving soon too.

Puppy Louise adopted!

Although lab crosses are very popular we do get a lot arriving! We do take a guess at the cross and I think that Louise and sisters had a bit of whippet or perhaps pointer. Who knows, but I am sure that they will make great family pets.

It is forecast to be hot again tomorrow so do bear that in mind if coming to adopt. Make sure that your car is as cool as possible, the air con is on full blast and you have plenty water for you and the dogs!