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Busy day, lots of comings and goings….

Well, three dogs found their owners today, two of whom had only just arrived yesterday, so that can be forgiven, but who leaves it 3 weeks before looking for their dog? Still it is good news for them all, and also for little Idylle, who found a home today. Here she is, and I am hoping for news of her, as she went to great supporters of the refuge. Two new dogs arrived, tho, so we are almost back where we started in terms of numbers Image

Harley finds a home!


Wow, what am emotional day. This is Harley, who has just left the refuge after a whopping 18 months. I could never understand why no one wanted him, but such is often the fate of the small brown mutt!
Happy new life, Harley!

Three dogs out today!

558279_493655377344146_1697043989_n 553000_581762291837814_2137655509_n 481028_581762325171144_1709437784_nWell, not a bad day. We said goodbye to our big beautiful Brooklyn, who had such a horrid life before arriving at the refuge. It was also the start of a new life for two of our littlies, firstly Dillon who arrived in a catatonic state following some kind of trauma (maybe it is a good thing that dogs can’t speak) and also to Bertie, a basset fauve de Bretagne, who has gone off to live with a lovely looking miniature schnauzer.
One dog arrived, and I will post him on my site tomorrow (www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk) Handsome is his name, with good reason!



We thought we had a home for Alexia, but it has fallen through. Surely someone must want this lovely girl, she is only 11 months old, and is weighs under 10 kg as she was malnourished as a puppy. Alexia is chipped and sterilised.

Reservation of Calie.


Calie was abandoned along with a chihuahua, who was adopted immediately. However having met Calie’s new family, I think she is going to be just as happy as his is!