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Latest News

One bit of good news, at least!

Well, thanks to a bit of Sherlock-Holmes-ing by one of our Facebook followers, the owners of Oscar, the 15 year old shih-tzu, have been tracked down and will come and collect him tomorrow. I am always a bit dubious about people who wait to be contacted before contacting their local refuge, as in their place I would be running around frantically. But hey ho, at least Oscar will be inside and warm tomorrow.
That was the good news; I will skip over the 2 chasse dogs that were brought in. Who knows, maybe they will be reclaimed (says she, looking out for low-flying pigs)


Hold the Front Page; Dog leaves Refuge!!!

It is about time we had some positive news, so I will skip over the three dogs that were brought in today, and just tell you that beautiful PinUp was adopted today. She attracted a lot of attention due to her amazing eyes, but it was hard to find her the right home. She could escape from our parks (which have 2.5 metre high fences) and is a very young and energetic dog. However after just over 2 months at the refuge, the right owner arrived. They have a well enclosed garden and plenty of time to devote to their dog. Let’s all wish PinUp happiness in her new home.

So sad

We have days that are bad due to the number of dogs that arrive and (all too occasionally) days when we are uplifted by the number of dogs who are adopted. But sometimes a dog arrives that just touches us all, and we, the SPA volunteers and employees alike, make a silent pact that we will show this dog that a better life awaits. If this picture doesn’t move you, then you will not understand. Here is Eugenie, just back from the vets, having just had a huge tumour removed from her belly. Her teeth are immaculate, and the vet thinks she is only about 7 years old. But her face tells its own story. This is a dog who has not seen a lot of love in her life. Let’s make things better for her.
She has treatment for 15 days (and despite the overcrowding caused by all the puppies, she will be kept indoors) after which she will be ready for a new home. A kind, loving one. this time.


Another Bleak Day

One of the dogs that arrived yesterday went to the vets today and we have been told that she is a Leonburg cross, so she is going to be HUGE! We suspect that her former owners have just realised what they had taken on, and got rid of her before she grows as big as a pony.
Harley came back due to chronic separation anxiety (he barks when left alone, and his owner lived in a very small flat with intolerant neighbours). Luckily Harley has gone to live with a foster family, so he is not in the refuge (although he is still looking for a home). And Belle came back too, so despite what we had been told, maybe she is best without young children. But on the plus side, she is definitely okay with cats.

Yuka, 5 months old and going to be as big as a house.

When will there be Good News?

Well, following the arrival of the 3 puppies yesterday, we have had another bad day, with 4 more dogs arriving. Two are young (in fact one is a puppy); one is a 7 year old female beagle with a tumour the size of a grapefruit (she will be operated on Wednesday and we hope she can be saved) and this little boy, who is tatooed, but whose owners are unreachable. 
We are trying to track them down via Facebook and local vets, but if we are unsuccessful, in 10 days time little Oscar will be looking for a new home. However at 15 years old, who will want him?
When will there be some good news?

Sunday Surprise

Apart from the first one of the month, the SPA is closed on Sundays. In the mornings there is just a skeleton staff, as we try to keep costs down (double time and all that). So why do people decide that Sunday is the perfect time to bring us puppies? This morning, as well as cleaning all the boxes and the cat house, feeding all the dogs and cats and giving medical treatment as needed, our employees had to deal with the arrival of 3 more puppies. I was phoned (sigh) and thanks to our network, a foster family was found as there is NO MORE ROOM at the SPA for puppies. We know have 13, plus two “almost pups” of 4 months.
Why won’t people sterilise their dogs? 
Anyway, here are the new kids, all girls. They are either going to be named after vegetables or precious stones! The foster family has free reign here. (Don’t worry, if you don’t want a dog called Aubergine you can change her name!)

Be a good girl, Belle

This is lovely Belle, abandoned recently at the age of 8 due to a divorce. Today she has gone home with two great supporters of the refuge after a brief tour of the cat house. If Belle continues to be good with her feline co-habitees (we have had a few ringers in the past), her foster home could end up being her forever home. 
Be good, Belle! Image

Snow cleared from Carcassonne

Sometimes while I am busy uploading photographs to the SPA Facebook page (which helps push albums towards the top), I wonder if my time could be better spent elsewhere. However sometimes the rewards speak for themselves. Yesterday, as he returned from the vet, I took a couple of shots of our big Pyrenean Mountain cross, Snow. I added them to Facebook (link on the right of this page; come and join us!), and this morning a gentleman found our page and the first photo he came across was that of his dog, Snow, whom he had lost a month ago
An emotional reunion followed. Snow is now micro-chipped (obligatory for any dog leaving the refuge) and so if he ever goes wandering he will find his owner straight away. His real name is Baloo, by the way, hence the title of this post!
Happy day!


A mixed day

Three dogs were adopted today, which was lovely for them and us too. One came in, though, supposedly she had been found, but it was pretty clear from the puppy’s reaction that she had just been abandoned by her owner. Yes, 4 months is such a difficult age….why not just throw the dog away, rather than put in any effort!
A lovely lady came to deliver some paintings that she had done of some of our dogs. Here is one of Gamin. What a talented lady, and yes, we will be using the pictures to raise funds!
Thank you!Image

At last some good news today

I have been racking my brains as to what to post today, because so far things have been disappointing, with Cactus, a dog who was adopted yesterday, being brought back already. There was no  good reason, apparently he was not perfectly trained and patience is clearly in short supply in that household. But to cheer me up, I have just been told that Criquet has been reserved after 14 months at the refuge. He has overcome the curse of the black dog! He leaves tomorrow, but not before I give him a big farewell cuddle!