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Adoption of Puppy Polly.

Well, unfurl the flags, today we had an adoption! Little Polly (aka Hippolyte) left for her new home, directly from her foster mum.

Polly was one of the four extremely nervous pups who were found and brought to the SPA in early June. Sameer and Antiope were adopted directly from the SPA, leaving brother Zeus behind (but not alone, don’t worry, he has puppy Noe for company as well as other small adult dogs). But lucky Polly went home with Shirley for some at home socialisation. And it was thanks to Shirley that Polly found her home, as a couple who already attend dog training at the Club Canin Azille  with their girl, Manon, came to meet Polly last weekend and fell in love.

The paperwork was completed yesterday, and today Polly said goodbye to Shirley and set off for her new life. In between she also spent a few days with Isa. All of this helped with her socialisation, although there is still work to be done, of course. But Polly’s new family is well aware of this and of course Shirley is always there to help.

As Polly was not physically at the SPA, her departure does not make any room, and we have to say that there are far more dogs coming in than leaving right now. Let’s hope things pick up soon, there is a lot of summer still ahead of us.

Polly (aka Hippolyte) ADOPTED 

Family in sun with 2 dogs

Adoption of Hamtaro

Before the week even started, we already had an adoption, which might mean that this week will be better than last

Yesterday our lovely puppy Hamtaro’s pound time expired, and although normally the paperwork would take place during SPA opening hours, Estelle was keen for him to leave as soon as possible, and took some time out of her Sunday routine to oversee the adoption. No  point in leaving a young active dog at the SPA any longer than absolutely necessary, especially when it can be avoided.

Hamtaro was a very popular puppy, with several people offering him a home. And it is true, he is a lovely lad, but so are our other pups, Zeus and Noe. They would love a home of their own, too.

The other good news was that the 11 year old beagle who arrived on Saturday was reclaimed. Bambou was both tattoeed and microchipped, but the SPA could not reach her owners. Photos posted on Facebook brought about an immediate result, however, and today she was off home again. Once again this shows the benefits of identification. We knew Bambou’s name and age, so the people who saw her picture were in no doubt that it was their neighbour’s dog. Many thanks to them and to everyone else who helped Bambou find her way back home.

Oh, and on the subject of dogs being back home, Ondine is now back with Angelique where she belongs. Hold tight to those leads when walking your timid dogs, people!

More adoptions are expected this week, so watch this space!

Hamtaro – ADOPTED

German shepherd puppy









Eleven year old Bambou – RECLAIMED


Adoption of Pogo and a microchip brings Laika home

Well, as promised, today brought another adoption as Pogo left for his new home in the UK.

Remember Mabrouk, now Alfie, adopted from the SPA over two years ago? Well last month his family came to visit us from the UK, as they have any times since adopting Alfie, and this time they brought son and daughter-in-law along. Gabriella and Martin fell head over heels in love with Pogo and could not wait for this little boy to join them in the UK. So earlier this week TRACES documents were submitted to the DDSCPP to allow Pogo to leave with an officially registered transporter, and this morning your truly was up before the sun to make sure he got safely on his way.

This young lad has already had two failed adoptions, but, as ever, it is just a question of finding the right family. This time we are confident that Pogo has fallen on all four paws! We look forward to news and photos of him as he settles into his new life, safe in the knowledge that Chris and Monica (and of course Alfie) are there to lend a hand and give advice if required.

Some of you may have seen the post on the SPA page concerning the dog who was reunited with her owner yesterday. Laika  had gone missing in early June from her home in Dept 64, and there had been no sign of her since. However yesterday a vigilant member of the police municipal decided to check the microchips of a group of dogs and saw immediately that the person claiming to be Laika’s owner was not the person who was noted on her Icad form.

So Laika was brought to the SPA, where her REAL owner rushed  from her home over 3 hours away to collect her. It was a very emotional reunion, and is proof yet again that dogs should always be identified. Had Laika not been microchipped, she would doubtless never have been united with her owner. If you have been hesitating about identifying your dog, please wait no longer. It is your best chance of finding a lost pet, particularly a stolen one. Plus, as we keep reminding people, it is the law!

So despite the miserable number of dogs leaving this week, we ended on a positive note. And we know of at least two adoptions taking place next week, so things may well be looking up.

black and white brittany spaniel







Laika – REUNITED with her owner thanks to the Police Municipal and a microchip!

hairy dog in arms of loving owner

Adoptions of Hermione and Ness

Bet you were wondering where we had gone! No, we haven’t signed off for the Summer; it has just been a pretty quiet week so far, and we wanted to wait till we had some good news to tell you about, not just bemoan the new arrivals. Because inevitably we have had a few new dogs in this week. Some have been reclaimed, but others are busy getting used to life at the refuge, which we (and they) all hope will be very temporary.

On the subject of temporary guests, today we said goodbye again to Hermione. I say “again” because this lovely spaniel cross was adopted earlier in the year and brought back at the beginning of  the month. The reasons for her return were a bit mysterious, but as with all failed adoptions, we learned more about the dog. In this case, and much to our surprise, Hermione could be let off the lead and never ever ran away! Who would have thought it? She caught the eye of a family today, and she was delighted to be leaving us again so soon. Her new owners are at home all day long, plus this active dog has a HUGE garden to call her own, so she can run around to her heart’s content.

We had another adoption too, that of little Ness. She was brought in at the beginning of the month, and unlike our other pups still looking for homes, Noe and Zeus (Hyppolyta is reserved), she is not at all nervous. In fact she is a bouncy and confident little girl who has done wonders helping Noe and Zeus with socialisation. They will miss her enormously, but of course Ness deserves a home of her own, and we are delighted for her.

So the first adoptions of the week, and it is Thursday. Not the best week we have had. But we know of at least one more adoption taking place before the end of the week, so we won’t be gone for too long this time, we promise!

Hermione – ADOPTED

setter cross









spaniel puppy



Two Adoptions to End a Quiet Week

Not much blogging from us this week, as there has not been much in the way of good news at the SPA. Many of you will have read about the death of Chippeur on Thursday; this was a shock to staff and volunteers alike and thank you to all of you who wrote to express your sympathy. Yes, we hate it when a dog dies before we are able to find him or her a home, but Chippeur was loved by all, and we think he knew it. Not all dogs are that lucky.

On a far brighter note, we had two adoptions today, with both little yorkie Major and fabulous Sparrow finding new homes. Major arrived last month, already identified. However his details were not up to date and we were unable to track down his owners. Moreover he was not in the best condition and as no one has come looking for him, the best solution was to find him a new home.He is a lovely little lad and we hope he has a great life from now on.

Sparrow is a magnificent dog, too. He was found alone and unidentified in a nearby village, and he too had spent more than enough time at the SPA to be reclaimed if anyone was looking for him!

Yes, adoptions are slow right now. Holiday time is upon us, and understandably many people do not wish to adopt a dog only to put it into kennels while they go away. However for those who take “stay-cations” rather than “vacations”, now is a great time to adopt; you can spend extra time with your new pooch before the daily grind starts again!

Here’s looking forward to lots more adoptions in the week to come.

small yorkie








Sparrow – ADOPTED

chucky brown and white dog

Pollux leaves…

Dogs are like humans and some cope with everything that life throws at the much better than others.

One dog who really seems unscathed by his past is Pollux. For the first year of his life he lived on a chain until his owners moved and not only did they leave, they left him on the chain! Luckily an observant neighbour brought him in to us.

Pollux seemed delighted to be at the SPA. He got regular meals, attention, and walks…to him life was great. We found that he walked well on the leash, seemed to know sit, down and stay and was such a loving gentle boy that everyone he met loved him!

But, little did he know that life was about to become much better!

Today he left for a great life with his new mum who has lots of time and patience for him. He will have great meals, treats and walks…..finally he can enjoy the life that he deserves.

So that’s two adoptions in two days..lets hope that we continue through the week with such momentum!

Pollux- who will be either Fergus or Dougal!





Adoption of Nougat…

When a litter of pups arrive at the SPA we always feel sad for the last pup in the litter to be adopted. After his sister Mirabelle was adopted on Saturday we did feel sorry for Nougat but luckily, he didn’t have long to wait and left with his forever family today.

Mondays are normally quite quiet days but today has been very hectic with two super reservations. Both reservations were after long phone calls and emails and one lucky chap will be leaving for Sweden!

The list of dogs needing homes is endless and no sooner has our ‘home to home’ list emptied when another email or phone call arrives with another sad story.

Sometimes a dog does need to move home, through no fault of the dog or owner. Sometimes circumstances change and its only fair on the dog that it goes to a family with more time to give. In such circumstances, its much kinder on the dog if they can stay in the home until we can find them another, thus the reason we love doing home to homes.

Its scorching at the refuge so lets hope that we have more adoptions than arrivals this week.

Nougat adopted…


Lutine and Mirabelle adopted!

Just about a year ago a terrified and very emaciated dog arrived with almost no fur. As we immediately suspected she did in fact have leishmaniasis but with lots of tlc and treatments she soon blossomed into a stunning spaniel who we called Lutine.

Finding a family for a dog with leishmaniasis can be a bit of a challenge but once stabilised this illness can be treated with a daily pill. Leishmaniasis is a chronic disease that is transmitted by the sand fly. The incubation period can be anything from one month to several years, and unless treated the more severe form can cause a dog’s internal organs to gradually shut down. Signs of leishmaniasis can include the tell tale “goggles” of bare skin around a dog’s eyes, as well as patches of scaly skin.

The best prevention against this disease is a scalibor collar and it also helps to keep your dog indoors during dusk and at night when sandflies are most active.

It strange that such a beautiful girl didn’t attract much attention but today the wonderful family who adopted Justin and Gertrude arrived and off she went to a very experienced and loving forever family.

We are very grateful when families adopt a second and in this case a third dog from us and for Lutine her life has gone from a hot concrete kennel to a loving family with two playmates…what a lucky girl!

The next adoption was that of Mirabelle, one of the 11 french bulldog x beagle pups who arrived at the end of May. At 9 months old its high time that this pup experienced family life and it was great to see her leaving at last!

Lutine….a family at last!

Mirabelle adopted!


France commemorates the start of the French Revolution with a national holiday on 14 July. So there will be mass celebrations up and down the country which inevitably involve fireworks!

At the SPA we prepare ourselves as we know that we’ll get a large number of stray animals and lost dog reports on Saturday for animals that got spooked with the fireworks and happened to be outside at the time. Last year on the 15th we had 11 reports of lost dogs and then more during the week as people realised their dogs wernt going to come home on their own!

As a responsible dog owner, please do everything in your power to protect your dog tomorrow night which will be filled with loud bangs, pops and sizzles!  Remember, your dogs hearing is 10 times more sensitive than yours!

Your best bet is to keep your dog indoors somewhere where he is likely to do the least amount of harm to himself, and your house! You should also turn on the TV or a radio, with the volume turned up loud to make it less likely that he will be able to hear the fireworks outside. Since the flashing lights can scare your dog just as much s the loud noises, be sure to close all the curtains and blinds inside your home and turn ON all the lights in the room. This will make the bright lights from fireworks less noticeable to your dog. Plus, closed curtains and blinds offer a small degree of sound-proofing in your home, lowering the high pitched sounds a tiny bit.

Here are a few precautions you can take way ahead of time to prepare your dog for this stressful night:

Make sure your dog has his collar and ID tags on. In the worst case scenarios, dogs have been known to chew through crates, doors, and even jump out of windows due to their anxiety.

Let your dog outside to toilet before people start setting off their own fireworks. Have him on a leash, even in the garden.

Exercise your dog earlier in the day by taking him on a longer-than-usual walk. This will tire him out and make him less likely to over-exert himself later if/when he becomes stressed from the sound of fireworks and play some music to drown out the fireworks noise!

So please don’t take any risks, no matter how steady you think your dog is. It’s only one night a year and simply not worth the risk…keep all pets inside and safe!

Scary for animals…

Nougaro and two pups leave…

Another scorching but busy day at the refuge and luckily we were busy with departures rather than arrivals!

Two of the ‘wonder woman’ pups left, one into foster and one has been adopted.

Sameer was the last pup from the litter to be trapped and brought to the refuge but he certainly was the boldest! He didnt have long to wait and no wonder he really was a super pup! Today he left with his forever family!

At the moment, we have quite a few pups and in the afternoons they attract lots of attention with their puppy antics in an exercise park in front of reception. Its great for the pups to all play together, different breeds, different ages but we cannot stress the importance of socialisation which the ‘wonder woman’ pups have clearly missed out on.

This is not just socialisation with other pups but with adults, children, around cars, bikes you name it pups need to be carefully exposed to it.

The second ‘wonder woman’ pup to leave was Hippolyta. She is a very pretty, timid girl and has gone to foster mum Shirley to catch up with the socialisation that she has missed.

As Shirley is a dog trainer as well as a volunteer, little Hippolyta is in the best of hands and I am sure that she will be ready for adoption soon.

The next adoption was a really great adoption. Nourgaro a very gentle but timid shepherd cross who had been with us for 2 years! He really was a lovely boy who was easy to walk and it’s a mystery why he waited so long.

We seem to be on a roll with long timers leaving. That’s both Tipi and Nougaro this week which really is encouraging.

Alfie ( ex Mabrook) came along to visit and to bring us some dog food ( thank you Chris and Monique) and to walk some of our dogs, so Padar and Polo got to meet Alfie and have a nice walk.

Lets hope that this weeks luck continues and that we see lots more dogs adopted. Next week will be very busy with strays and lost dog reports after the 14th July celebrations but more about that tomorrow!


Sameer adopted!


Hippolyta in foster!