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Adoption of hidden gem Cheyenne

Today saw the adoption of Cheyenne, who was very much one of the ScPA’s many hidden gems. We have spoken of these dogs before; they are the ones that  no one really notices, but who are very much worth meeting.

A couple came to the refuge today looking for a calm female. They went for a tour round the kennels, and their eye was drawn to one dog who seemed to meet their criteria. A walk showed that she wasn’t quite right for them, so they went to ask for advice.

This is where the knowledge of the employees is invaluable. They see the dogs when the refuge is shut, they know how dogs behave when they are not frantic with excitement and trying to attract visitors’ attention. Carole was on reception and was able to guide them towards Cheyenne, a lovely shepherd cross who was found as an unidentified stray in mid January.

One walk later, and Cheyenne was off to her new life. News and photos have been promised and we wish all the best to lovely Cheyenne.

dark haired shepherd cross

Cheyenne – ADOPTED

The ScPA has many other hidden gems, so if you want help finding the perfect dog, please don’t be afraid to ask. Of course love at first sight is all well and good, but sometimes a bit of guidance can save a lot of heartache, for both you and the dog.

Marley joins IFAW!

Some of you may have seen photos of Marley on the ScPA Facebook page and wondered why there was no interest in him. Well the reason is that he has been reserved for a very special mission. As you read this, Marley is on his way to Benin, where he will help the International Fund for Animal Wefare (IFAW) with the problem of ivory poaching!

Francophones can read about this work here : https://www.ifaw.org/france/chien-detection-ivoire-Benin and with any luck non- Francophones can make sense of what google translate throws out.

Isn’t that amazing?

This was set in motion several weeks ago, when Vincent was contacted by IFAW who was looking for suitable dogs to train. IFAW then sent a couple of team members to the ScPA ,who selected Marley has having the right temperament for their team. Since then it has been a matter of organising logistics for his departure. Despite the fact that he is going on a longer journey than any of our other dogs, there is no TRACES paperwork to do, as the destination country is non-European. Yes, it is ironic that despite travelling by plane for many hours, there are no real laws governing Marley’s sanitary status. Except of course he is a valuable asset, both to the ScPA and to IFAW. So Marley has been vaccinated against everything that he is likely to come across, and of course his journey will be as stress free as it can possibly be.

brown dog

Marley – protecting elephants in Benin with IFAW

The ScPA will get news of Marley and his mission. What an exciting life he has ahead of him. He will be doing lots of exciting training before his life as an animal protector really gets underway, and he will be loved and well looked after by the canine experts who are in charge of this important mission. Many thanks to IFAW for giving this fabulous chance to Marley!

Two adoptions but three returns.

We had a couple of pieces of good news today amongst lots of bad news.

As we like to keep things positive for the most part, we will start with the adoptions

First to Atchy. He is a fabulous lad who arrived at the refuge gates, complete with lead and collar at the beginning of March under mysterious circumstances. Except it wasn’t very mysterious after all; even before being able to approach him to check his identification, and thanks to social media, the ScPA had already found out the dog’s name. Not only that, it turns out that he had been left at the gates by someone who is supposedly very involved in animal protection. Apparently this person took on the dog from his previous owner, and then dumped him. This is not what many of us understand from the words “Animal Protection”, but at least the dog was safe.

Atchy was initially terrified and cowered in his kennel. However his first walk showed him to be quite a different beast. He came back with a huge smile on his face, which was lovely to see. And he is a stunning lad, that’s for sure.

Today he found a new home and we hope he will be as happy as he deserves to be.

pyrenean mountain dog cross


We next said farewell (again) to Neika. She was the first dog to be adopted this year, but was brought back eight days ago for rehoming. She is very lively and when left alone in the garden would take herself off for walks. This of course put the dog in danger and apparently enclosing the garden was not possible.

So a well enclosed garden and lots of presence was needed, and it looks like Neika’s new home will provide both, as well as children to play with. We hope that it is second time lucky for Neika.

shepherd cross


Most of all we both of these will be forever homes. Because today three dogs were brought back to the refuge for rehoming. Their names will be familiar to anyone who has been following the blog for …oh, a couple of weeks or so. Believe it or not amongst the returnees is Hermès, who was adopted on Thursday. Apolline is back too, she was adopted ten days ago. Oh, and Jaffa, who managed to last a whole three weeks.

This really isn’t good enough.  I am sure that some if not all of these families were well meaning and even good people, but something went wrong somewhere and very quickly.

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment, and you should make sure you are adopting a dog that is right for you and your lifestyle. Get to know a dog before you adopt him or her, consider what kind of fencing you have, consider whether you are strong enough to hold the dog on walks. And above all, think about what you are promising when you take an animal home.

I could go on, but there is no point. We live in a society of conspicuous consumption, but many of us are convinced that animals deserve better than this.

Let’s hope that all three of them, and all the other dogs and cats at the ScPA find forever  homes soon.

Adoption of Chamallow

Today we said farewell to Chamallow, a young dog who had only just arrived. He was brought in by his family for rehoming just a week ago, so we knew a lot about him. At just 9 months old, and good with other dogs, cats and children, but hated being left alone, which was sadly often unavoidable where he was. That is not a problem for some people, and with all his other qualities, it is not surprising that this beautiful boy has left so soon.

Although many of us say that nothing would make us give up our dogs, people are all different, and sometimes it is better to give up a dog for rehoming while he or she is still young and able to adjust more easily, and, just as importantly, attract a new family quicker than do some older dogs.

Chamallow can now settle with a new family and need no longer suffer from the separation anxiety that plagued him with his previous owners.

black griffon cross

Chamallow – ADOPTED

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog the news from Animal Trust, but maybe it was just as well, as today I can report not one but two adoptions. Both Billy and Bébé have new homes. Less than a week after their arrival, too! Eline and her colleagues have a small bet underway, but they are not the only ones who are interested as to who will be next!

As ever, we are hoping for yet more good news tomorrow!

Adoption of Hermès

Another of the Greek Gods was adopted today, and this time it was one of the boys. Hermès is clearly more spaniel than beagle, but has the same fabulous temperament as his “brother and sisters”. These really are lovely dogs!  A couple came to meet him earlier in the week, and sensibly wanted to make sure that he would be fine with their child, too. So yesterday they came back for another walk, this time en famille and today Hermès’s time at the refuge was a thing of the past!

Breton spaniel

Hermès – ADOPTED

Two dogs who arrived today were reclaimed, and there was another reservation, so more good news is due.

Adoptions of Laika and Snappy

The first of today’s adoptees, Laika,  arrived just five days ago, but already she has a new home. This is for a couple of reasons, number one being that she arrived with a contract of abandon, and number two being that somebody expressed interest in her immediately upon her arrival.

Laika is a sweet little girl who is just five months old, so it is wonderful that her time at the refuge has been so brief. Plus she has spent it inside the infirmary, so although she has been a bit bored, she has been nice and warm during what are still fairly chilly nights.

pale brown puppy


Next to leave was Snappy. This Breton spaniel arrived toward the end of February, and whereas some dogs of this breed can have a long wait, Snappy was off in, well, a snap! I must say, he is a particularly handsome chap, and soon got over his eagerness to take treats (from which he got his name). Even better news for him is that he has been adopted by a member of Clifford’s family; Clifford of course being another Breton spaniel who had a far longer wait than did Snappy. Looks like that family has been well and truly converted to the breed!

breton spaniel

Snappy – ADOPTED

There was  a reservation, as well, so more good news is on the way. Perhaps now that the skies are blue, people have more enthusiasm for dog walking; but remember, a dog is for life,  he will need you and love you come rain or shine.

And the sun certainly shone down on two lucky dogs today!

Two adoptions and missing moggie Molly is reunited with her family.

There were two adoptions today, to brighten an already sunny but windy day.

Believe it or not, the third of the six Greek God(esse)s was adopted. For a group of unwanted dogs, they have certainly had a lot of success finding homes! Today it was the turn of the eldest of the group, Peanuts. Yes, we know that is not the name of a Greek God, but she arrived a couple of days after the other and was not named by the same person.

At ten years old, Peanuts needed a bit of good luck in finding a home. But in fact all it takes is the right person to come along at the right time. Today an elderly gentleman came along with his daughter, and Peanuts was just what he was looking for. So this lovely girl has gone to spend her retirement luxuriating in the warm, with lots of long walks and affection. How quickly a dog’s life can change, and this time it is most definitely a change for the better.

beagle cross

Peanuts – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to Logan. He was found at the end of October, tied to a lamp post next to the canal. He was not identified, but in any case assuming that it was his owners who left him there, it is just as well they did not come to reclaim him.

The vet’s estimate has his birthday as being March 1st 2018, but I like to think that he was wrong, and that in fact today is Logan’s first birthday. In any case, he now has the best present ever; a home of his own.

Black dog


Finally news from the feline side of the house. Today a cat was reclaimed some 18 months after she went missing! Molly was found earlier this week 30 km from where she was last seen. Her owners have moved house since, but never gave up hope of finding her again. They made sure their details were up to date on the database and constantly scoured the internet for sight of Molly. We have no idea what she has been up to all this time, but she seems none the worse for her adventures and is now back home with her family.

Molly- RECLAIMED after being missing for 18 months

A lesson yet again in the value of identification, be it of a dog or cat, and wonderful news on which to end the day.

Adoption of Athenais

Last week we told you of the adoption of Apolline, the first of the group of six Greek God(esse)s to be adopted. They, you will recall, were all found at the refuge gates at the beginning of March, with no clues as to their origin. As four of the six were females, none of whom was sterilised, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the consequences of them not having come to the ScPA would have doubtless been a life of misery for the many puppies who would have been born.

As it is, all the dogs have now been sterilised or castrated, and the second of them, Athenais, left for a new home today. We hope her former kennel mates do not have long to wait. As we said before, they are mostly beagle types; all young and all absolutely adorable!

It would be lovely to see more of them in loving FOREVER homes before the week is out.

beagle cross

Athenais – ADOPTED

Another dog who could have been adopted a hundred times over was reclaimed. Little Poupette was just lost, and an hour after she went missing, her owner was in a total panic. Luckily thanks to the power of social media, she was soon reassured that her beloved dog was safe at the ScPA, and as soon as the gates opened today, Poupette was back where she belonged. Phew.

It was a salutary lesson in why you should make sure your details are up to date in Icad; had this been the case, Poupette’s owner would have been reunited with her dog even sooner. However no harm done, and the details will be changed in double quick time! Lesson learned!


Poupette – RECLAIMED

And so a new week begins…what else will it bring?

Adoption of Puppy Popy

It was another fabulously sunny day today, and it brought a new home to a very lucky puppy.

Popy and his 2 pals were brought to the ScPA towards the end of January following a phone call from the Mairie of a nearby village. As was the case with the seven dogs brought in last August (Trudy and Billy, who have just left for Animal Trust were two of them, and Mattie was adopted last year), the dogs’ owner had simply moved house, leaving the dogs alone. And this time the dogs were inside, so it is just as well that someone intervened! When they were rescued they had already been alone for between 2 and 3 weeks.

The wheels of justice can turn very slowly at times, but it was not too bad this time, as a couple of weeks ago, the ScPA was given permission to rehome the dogs.

Popy is the first to leave, he was only two months old when he arrived, so it is great that he can enjoy the rest of his puppyhood in a loving home. His new family has four children and a house surrounded by vines. He is going to be a very happy little lad, we are sure.

We hope that Pomy and Poma won’t have too long to wait either, but tonight we say huge thanks to Popy’s new family and look forward to news, of course!

beige puppy lying in basket


shepherd cross

Pomy needs a home too. She is only 2 years old

border collie

And this is Poma, she is 3.

An adoption plus a miracle for Marcus.

Some more excellent news today, with the departure of two more dogs.

Marcus was brought back to the SCPA in mid January to the shock of everyone who remembered his adoption all those years ago. After more than 2 years at the refuge, everyone thought he had a home for life. However the couple had since had a baby, only to find out that Marcus was not good with children. They tried to rehome him but this didn’t work out, so coming back to the refuge was the only solution. Sad for Marcus, who is now over eleven years old. And this is already a good age for a dog of his size.

Luckily, as we said earlier in the week when we heralded the departure of elderly Bouboule, the ScPA has some amazing followers. Dany got in touch to say that she hadn’t really planned to take another dog, but just felt she had to help! And we are so grateful that she did! Earlier in the week she came to the refuge with the the most “difficult” of her dogs to see how she would get on with Marcus. Once it was clear that those two were okay, Dany was confident that the others would accept him as well.

So this morning Marcus left for a foster family. This is just amazing news for him. He is a great dog and we know that he could not be happier than he will be with Dany. Huge thanks to her for offering Marcus a lovely place to spend the rest of what will hopefully be a long and happy life. We already have photos of him in his new forever home, and it looks like he belongs!

Marcus (with Dany) – long term foster

Second to leave today was Marcelou, now renamed Barney. He has gone to live with Nikki, who got in touch with DRC having followed us for many years. The time was now right for her to adopt another labrador (she has had four up to now) and a couple of them at the ScPA caught her eye. Marcelou was the first one she took out, and straight away she knew he was the one. And he seemed to feel the same; he had to be prised off her lap. And he is not a small dog!

Nikki came back today to collect her new boy. He recognised her immediately and it looks like the love affair is set to continue. We look forward to seeing pictures of Barney in his new life.

Marcelou (now Barney) – ADOPTED

There was lots of sunshine, lots of walks and a couple of reservations, too, so it was a great day.

By the way, Eline from Animal Trust got in touch early today to let us know that the dogs arrived safe and well, and from Facebook comments, it looks like there are quite a few folk keen to go and meet the new “Frenchies”.