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International Day of the Dog

As many of you know, today was International Day of the Dog. And three families decided to start their new lives with a canine companion from the SPA.

First to leave was Kelly, a beautiful brittany spaniel who is now on at least her fourth home, to the best of our knowledge. And as she is only two years old, you can see that her life up to now has been far from stable. As is usually the case, the fault did not lie with the dog, but was due to external circumstances such as the ill health of her owners. We hope that she has finally found a home for life.

Brittany spaniel


Flossie was next to leave, a super active brittany spaniel puppy. As with Ness her new owners were told what to expect, and we were relieved to hear that it was exactly this liveliness that attracted them to Flossie. So her new life begins at just five months old!


Flossie – ADOPTED

We then said goodbye to puppy Bolt. He is a delightfully calm and affectionate puppy, who will make an ideal companion for a family, provided they put some work in. The fact that Bolt is so calm at the SPA does not mean that he should be allowed to grow up without any discipline at all, and we are relying on his new family to turn him into a good canine citizen. He really is one of the most wonderful puppies we have had at the SPA, and we will look forward to news and photos of him.

black lab puppy


Of course in addition to the adoptions, the day was marked by the innaugural dog photo contest. Many thanks to everyone who came along to walk dogs and try out their camera skills. We look forward to sharing the results with you in due course. And many thanks to the mastermind behind the operation, Florence. It was a lot of effort making sure the afternoon went well, which is certainly did.

But the day was not all good. Very sadly last night Tiger left us. Officially he has been at the SPA for over four years, except for over two and a half years he has been living in foster with volunteers  Alizee and Erwan, who have been devoted to him. His life with them was one of love and happiness, and perhaps this is what we should try and console ourselves with. Naturally Alizee and Erwan are extremely upset today, as are many other members of the SPA “family”. So farewell to Tiger, a true highlander. The photo below is just one of hundreds that we could have shared with you, but perhaps best sums up the love that Tiger had during what were doubtless the happiest years of his life.

RIP Tiger

Spike and Ness are Adopted.

Today we said goodbye to two more dogs. Little Spike arrived exactly ten days ago, and as he was identified and in good condition we were optimistic that he would be reclaimed. However ten days is long enough to wait, especially as Spike had already caught the eye of a family who were keen to offer him a new home. Today he left with his new family and we wish him loads of happiness.

small brown dog


We also said goodbye once again to Ness. She is one of the most lively puppies we have had for some time, and although she was very well behaved in her last home (where she spent just 6 days), it is clear that she needs a training minded family with lots of time to devote to her education and entertainment!  Her new family had read about her online and came to the SPA specifically for her, so at least they know what they are letting themselves in for. Not that we are implying that Ness is a monster, but of course it is only right that we give adopters as much information about each dog as possible; we do not want Ness coming back to the refuge again, unless it is to pay us a visit.

Brown spaniel pup

Ness – ADOPTED (again)

There were a couple of reservations as well, so another good week. And it is not over yet, by any means. Don’t forget the SPA Photo Competition taking place tomorrow. A team of volunteers will be at the refuge from 14H00-18H00 to introduce you to the dogs, offer you a refreshing drink and maybe lure a few more people into volunteering or adopting one of our many fabulous dogs!

And don’t forget our competition tomorrow!

More Good News

We have yet more good news today; three adoptions.

First to leave was Fax. He arrived in a terrified state at the end of June, and it is testemant yet again of the wonderful work done by staff and volunteers that this dog has found a home so soon. Two months might seem like a long time for a young, handsome dog, but had you seen this dog when he arrived, you would be amazed that he is ready for adoption so soon. He has gone to live with a gentleman who used to work at the SPA about 20 years ago, so we know he is in good hands.

Second to leave was Mina. This dog looks like a mini boxer, and is simply adorable. Many of us were suprised that she did not leave us sooner. She arrived in early July having been found identified. However the fact that this was not the first time she had escaped from the garden meant apparently that she was just too much effort. Her family never came to collect her! Today she has a new home (thanks to supporter Laura, who accompanied her new family to the refuge) as well as a fabulous new playmate.

Third to leave was Boeing. He arrived relatively recently, less than two months ago, but I think many of us feared that he would be at the SPA for a long time. Not because there is anything wrong with him; he is young, he is handsome, he is affectionate. The only issue is that he looks similar to many other dogs at the refuge, a kind of low-level german shepherd mix. What distinguished Boeing, however, is his enormous ears, which is how he got his name!

Yesterday a family came to visit the SPA and they fell for his charms. What’s more, they are the family of an employee, so we know lovely Boeing is in good hands.

So a new life begins for three more of our dogs. More tomorrow, we hope!

shaggy black and tan dog







brown boxer








Boeing – ADOPTED
Shepherd cross with big ears



Adoption of a Mum and Pup.

Two adoptions today!

When Lou and Kid arrived at the SPA we knew immediately that they would leave us in double quick time, and sure enough, just ten days after they arrived, off they are to their new homes. No, they have not been adopted together, but we are sure that both will be very happy. In any case, it is high time that Kid left his mother’s side. Yes, he may be about the size of a guinea pig right now, but he is old enough to make his own way in the world, with the help of his new family, of course, who have been to see him many times since reserving him last week.

As for Lou, she is now sterilised. So no more pups for her, just a life of love and affection. She was already looking tons better thanks to the gentle hands of Angelique, who gave Lou a much needed makeover. Many thanks to her, as ever.

People often ask if we ever have dogs of this size, especially young ones. The answer is yes….. But you have to be quick!

One thing worth knowing is that dogs can be reserved while they are still in the pound. However you have to be prepared for disappointment if the owners come along to collect their dog. Providing you are willing to accept this, if you see a dog you like, do not hesitate.

An early blog tonight as there is a meeting to attend. Fingers crossed for more good news tomorrow!

Lou – ADOPTED (before and after pics thanks to Angelique)
small fluffy dog












tiny yorkie pup

Big’s Big Day

Today we said goodbye for what we hope will be the final time, to yellow labrador cross Big. His life up till now has not been a happy one, and we are glad that his luck has finally changed. This lovely young lad arrived at the SPA in 2016 after having been found tied up in a ditch. He was rehomed quite quickly, but his new family was unable to look after this dog the way he deserved. The promised walks just never materialised and the family was absent far too often to make them suitable as dog owners, something they certainly hid from us when they came to adopt. Loving animals is not enough; you need time and dedication to look after them well.

Big was brought back some two weeks ago thanks to a SPA supporter and we resolved to do better for him next time. He has only just turned two, and it was about time he found a permanent place to rest his paws.

On our last Sunday open day a family came looking for a new companion. They are friends of volunteer Isa, which of course was a good sign. Their eyes fell on Big, and about an hour later, after a walk and lots of chat, the deal was struck. Since then it has been all hands to the pump, making their garden secure for this lovely lad.

This will be the first time Big has had a garden, to our knowledge, and we are sure he will love his new found freedom. We look forward to news and photos.

So a wonderful adoption on a Monday. What else will the week bring, we wonder!

One thing that is definitely happening is a photo competition, which you may have seen on our Facebook page. The basic principle is this: You come to the SPA on Saturday and take a photo of a refuge dog. You then send the photo to us and everyone gets to vote to choose a winner. The prize is a brief brush with fame and some dog treats! Plus, everyone who comes along can join other dog lovers for a drink.

If that appeals to you, come along on Saturday 26th between 2 and 6 pm!

pale yellow lab








Join us next Saturday for our photo contest!

Brothers Stick Together

Today we said goodbye to two more of our puppies. We are 99% sure that Zeus and Noe are brothers. Admittedly they did not arrive on the same day, but close enough, and although they were not found in the same place, again, close enough. And they look so alike in terms of build that any other explanation seems unlikely. However these brothers had had different lives before arriving, for sure. Zeus was semi-wild, unused to being handled  and terrifed of humans. Noe less so, meaning he probably had an owner, albeit a bad one.

In any case, the two dogs arrived in early to mid-June, and the work began! Thanks to staff, volunteers and other dogs, the pups have made incredible progress, and the moment when they started approaching humans for cuddles and walks was a very rewarding one for us all. Perhaps this can be equated to a toddler taking his first steps!

Today both brothers are off…adopted by two brothers! Yes, although the pups will have separate homes, they will see lots of each other, so the fun can continue!

Little Bolt did not find his home today, but the photos and videos that were taken will surely help his chances. As for Ness, she has only a few more days to wait before leaving for her new home

There were a couple of other reservations too, and a dog was reclaimed. Plus I believe that six cats were adopted, so perhaps people really are back from their holidays and looking to brighten their lives with a four-legged friend!

Brothers Noe and Zeus – ADOPTED (almost) together
brown and black puppyblack and tan puppy

And Two More!

With three adoptions yesterday was already a great day. But at the time of the blog, we did not know that in fact a fourth dog left the SPA! The adoption took place after 18H00, so we have to thank the staff once again for their dedication.

Baila had been homed once before but there were issues with the family’s cat. Her new family have cats too; 6 of them. But as Baila is always well-behaved in the SPA cat house, and her new family are determined to make it work, we are cautiously optimistic. In any case, it has been almost a year since Baila was brought back, and before that she had been at the SPA for nine months. And Baila is not even two and a half years old.  So cats or no cats, she deserves a chance. Please keep your fingers crossed that things finally work out for this lovely girl.

And today we had another adoption, this time of a puppy. Two almost identical black puppies arrived earlier this month having been found in a local village.  As athletics fans know, usually Bolt is first, but this time it is Blake’s turn, although admittedly few people can tell these pups apart. Angelique tells me it is all in the placement of the ears. In any case, the other pup, nominally Bolt, is still waiting, but if I know the SPA staff well, he will not be  alone. He and the other pups have been playing all day in the park, so although Bolt will be missing his brother, he doubtless has new playmates. Not as good as a home of his own, of course…..

Blake, whose photo is below, is also the poster child for the upcoming photograph competition taking place to celebrate the International Day of the Dog on 26th August.

Two more dogs are due to leave tomorrow, ending what has been the best week for some time.

pale beige lab cross









black pup

Three More Adoptions.

Three more adoptions today, so it looks like we really are are on a roll. Let’s hope it continues!

Yesterday a family came to the SPA to meet our big gentle giant, Haslan. He had been brought to the refuge in June needing an operation on his eye. This is why the early photos of him did not show him at his best, but now he really is a fabulous dog. What’s more he is wonderful on the lead and great with other dogs; what’s not to like! Promising to have a think and let us know, the family returned the very same day, and Haslan only had one night to wait before leaving his kennel!

We also said goodbye to Girly. Now this is a dog we could have rehomed a million times over. Slight exaggeration maybe, but she has certainly been one of our most popular dogs. Only a year old, beautiful and affectionate, as well as being well mannered on the lead, Girly simply must have had a loving home before coming to the SPA. Why oh why was she not identified? And why was no one looking for her? Or not looking for her in the right place, at least. In any case, that is all academic now, as Girly has a new home, and we are sure she will be very happy.

Third to leave was Goldy, and for this we have to thank one of our volunteers. Alison comes along from time to time with her little girl to walk dogs and give them treats. She adopted Moby from us not so long ago, and today she brought her brother along to meet Goldy. And of course he was smitten.

This lovely one year old shepherd cross arrived last month when her owner was unable to keep her for health reasons. But Goldy has a perfect CV, and we are delighted that she has found a home so soon. And best of all, we will get plenty of news.

We need more days like these!

Haslan – ADOPTED

big cane corse








pretty spaniel cross








Dog with woman and child

Three Adoptions – Let’s GO GO GO!!

As you know the SPA was open yesterday, and although there were no adoptions, there were plenty of dog walks and quite a few people visiting on the hunt for a new four-legged friend.

Two of them, Olivia and husband Andrew had been looking for a small sociable dog for some time, and although they had a period of overnight reflection, both freely admit that they had decided yesterday that Lasko was the one for them. This little jack russell cross was brought to the SPA earlier this year when his owners moved house. They tried to home him themselves, but it had not worked out and Lasko found himself tied up all day long. This was the last thing most dogs want, but particularly such a young and active lad.

Lasko’s luck has definitely changed for the better and we wish him loads of fun in his new life in the New Forest!

Today also saw the adoption of Linkin. This is just wonderful news, as this dog arrived in a pretty bad state less than a month ago, and the fact that he was looking well enough to attract a new family is testament yet again to the wonderful work done by the SPA. Linkin went straight to the vet on arrival, his fur was literally crawling with fleas, and he was covered in bald patches  and scars, which turned out to be flea- related, as opposed to the leishmaniasis which was initially suspected. Wherever he had come from, he was not well looked after.

He is looking great now, but is having an operation on his hip later this week. His new family are going to let him convalesce at home with them. Lucky dog!

And we had a third adoption too, that of Puma. This lovely border collie had been with us since the end of July, when she and her pal Rocky were brought in looking very sorry for themselves and unidentified. Three weeks later and Puma is off for a new life, and we hope Rocky will have the same luck soon. Puma was adopted without the help of the wonderful photos taken by Alizee yesterday, but perhaps they will help Rocky find happiness.

So three adoptions and more due tomorrow!

Lasko – ADOPTED and on his way home









Linkin – ADOPTED

golden coloured spaniel











border collie


Adoptions of Jekyll and Lilo

We had two adoptions today, one of a recent arrival and one of a long-termer!

First to leave was Lilo, a small but lively spaniel cross. She only arrived at the SPA a month or so ago, and has been a real hit with everyone, canine and human alike. It is great that she hasn’t had long to wait before finding a new home.

Jekyll had much longer to wait. Eighteen months, in fact. And this was not his first time at the SPA, either.  He was returned to the SPA in February of last year for escaping from his owner’s garden. Other than that he was perfect, great on the lead, affectionate, good with other dogs and so, so handsome. Hard to understand why it took him so long to find his new home.

But his luck changed when a family spotted him. Their plan was to wait till after their holiday before collecting him, but a change of plans (and impatience to collect their new pal) means that Jekyll left earlier than expected. This is excellent news for him, and we wish him loads of love and fun in his new home.

Little Popeye who arrived on Saturday was reunited with his owners, which was good news for him. However as the SPA had spoken to them on Saturday, one has to wonder what took them so long. I am sure that most of us would rush to be reunited with our dogs, especially knowing they were alone and scared in a concrete kennel.

Finally, despite the fact that tomorrow is a national holiday in France, a group of volunteers has decided to open the refuge anyway. The animals will appreciate the company, and even if there are no adoptions, at least there will be some walking done. Why not come to see us if you have no other plans. Or even if you do, as Jekyll’s new owners have shown, plans can be changed!

The donations keep arriving for Cliona, thanks to everyone. She was looking much better this morning; back on her feet and happier all round. Things are looking up!

Black and white spaniel










Jekyll – ADOPTED

black and brown dog looking quizzical