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Latest News

Adoption of the last two Ebony pups and another oldie finds a foster.

Today the last two pups from the Ebony litter were adopted! This is wonderful news; when the braque cross puppies became available for adoption I think a few of us were worried that the Ebony pups would be left behind, as they are bigger and of course are black. But in fact the whole litter of eight has been adopted in the space of a week or so, which is great news, especially as these really are fabulous pups, playful and well socialised and so deserving of wonderful homes.

black puppy

Iroko – ADOPTED 

Houx and Iroko, to give their original names (although forgetfulness has caused them to be renamed on Facebook) have now left the refuge. Houx has gone to live with a lovely lady who has a young child plus a cat, and Iroko now has several cats for company. We hope that they will be very happy indeed and we look forward to news and photos.

black puppy


This is great news on which to end the week, although it would be better news still to hear that whoever let their dog give birth to these pups has since had her sterilised. We can but dream….

Another lucky oldie has gone to a foster home, too. Perhaps some of you will have seen the photos of a recently arrived dog, Busra. She arrived on Friday having been found straying. This little girl was in very bad condition, and was clearly very old. As she was identified the ScPA was able to contact her owners; last year, when the dog was 12 years old, they rehomed her privately. It is possible that her new family will collect her, but in the meantime, she has somewhere far nicer to spend her time.

Volunteers Ingrid and Marjorie have offered to take this elderly girl home to give her the love and care she needs.  Huge thanks to them. Busra has multiple tumours and deserves to spend her life in a loving environment, and so she has certainly fallen on her paws with Ingrid and Marjorie!

Our long term foster families are such a precious asset; it is no mean feat, offering end of life care to an oldie like this, particularly when a family already has multiple dogs. Ingrid and Marjorie’s other dogs all seem happy with their new house-guest, and the newly renamed Bianca has made herself at home already, as you can see from the picture below!

Bianca – long term foster

So another week draws to a close. What will the new one bring, I wonder?

Three adoptions on a sunny Saturday.

Most of you will be aware of the Ebony Litter, two of whom remain at the refuge. But you are probably unaware of the other pups, who have only just become available for adoption. This litter of three braque crosses has been at the ScPA since the very end of March, but they were quite poorly when they arrived. The best thing was to wait until they were fully recovered before announcing them to the world. Yesterday they were out playing in the parks and today two of them have already found homes!

two black and white braque crosses

Pepsi and Perla – ADOPTED

Pepsi was first to leave, closely followed by Pelica (now renamed Perla). This leaves just one little boy, Pomelo, but don’t worry about him, as he has already made friends with the pups from the Ebony litter so is doing fine. Although of course all three will be even finer once they have their own homes.

brown and white braque cross

Pomelo is still looking for a home

There was another adoption today, too. This was of chihuahua Ella. She arrived in mid February and was completely terrified. Although she was living in the cat house, it was decided that she would progress far quicker in a foster family, and today this family who already know her well have decided to adopt her. Many thanks to them and what a lucky girl Ella is, to have never really known refuge life.



It was a lovely sunny day, and many volunteers came to walk the dogs, and there were several people there with plans to adopt, too, so we hope that more good news is on the way!

Adoption of Aria

Although there was only one adoption today, it was a good one, and was the adoption that I thought was taking place yesterday.

Remember the 5 dogs who were brought in by the family who had lost their home? When teckel Polochon was adopted last week we mentioned that only Aria was left. Well today it was her turn. She left with a lovely couple who met her on Wednesday and reserved her while they prepared their home for their new arrival. So that is all 5 dogs successfully and happily homed.

Aria is a fabulous dog, calm and well mannered, as were all these dogs, and it is great that none of them had too long to wait.


We are hoping for more adoptions during the weekend, so hope to see you soon.

Banjo leaves for long term foster

When I said in yesterday’s blog that good news was expected today, I did not expect this to be it. The news I was expecting is going to happen tomorrow, but today’s news was even better.

After almost two and a half years at the ScPA, Banjo finally has a home!

Finding him a family has not been easy. Not only is he a category one dog, requiring a permit and additional insurance, but Banjo is not good with other dogs or cats. Plus when he arrived (in December 2016, found in a terrible state, with a severe skin condition), he was already over ten years old. So the refuge was looking for someone who had no other animals, and was prepared to go through some not inconsiderable paperwork in order to take home an elderly dog.

Banjo when he arrived in December 2016

Today is proof that miracles do happen.

Banjos new foster “dad” actually came along specifically for Banjo and has been walking him regularly while jumping through the bureaucratic hoops. Huge thanks to our good friend Roger Torrent who offered the obligatory “dangerous dog” training course. And massive thanks also to everyone who has made Banjo’s life more tolerable while he has been at the refuge. All the staff, obviously, especially Estelle, who was walking him even when heavily pregnant and popped in today to say farewell today, but also all the volunteers who have been walking him and his several sponsors, who have been delivering him treats and medicines during his stay.

Today is a wonderful day for Banjo. But not just for him. A park is free during the day, as is an internal box at night, which will help other needy animals, of course. But the best thing is that at long long last Banjo has a home of his own! We expect to have news and photos and we say a huge thanks to his new “dad”.

dog with handsome man

Banjo – long term foster

Tomorrow we will have more good news!

Four Adoptions Today

First of today’s FOUR adoptions was that of Apolline, a little whippety looking cross who arrived with 5 other hunt type dogs in March.

Jess and her partner have wanted a dog for several years, but wanted to wait for the right time, and more importantly, the right dog! When they saw Apolline they were sure she was the one, so they came to Carcassonne to meet her and make sure. They fell head over heels in love with her, and were desperate to take her home. However they had a mini break already planned and did not want to disrupt Apolline so soon after her adoption (bearing in mind she had already been adopted and abandoned a day or so later), so they reserved her for a couple of weeks.

Today was the day, though, and they came to the refuge today to take their lovely girl home with them. Apolline really is a sweet heart, and we are sure she will thrive in her new life. Her new mum works from home and the couple also run a small guest house, so Apolline will have lots of new people to meet, which she loves!

Apolline – ADOPTED

Two more of the pups were adopted, leaving two boys still looking for homes. They are adorable, though, so we are hoping it will not be too long before they too find homes.

Acajou – ADOPTED

black puppy

Cédrat – ADOPTED

The big news of the day, though, is the adoption of Petit Kiki. This little lad came to the refuge when his owner was hospitalised, but this did not end well, as sadly Kiki’s owner died. Kiki himself is ten and has ongoing medical treatment and arthritis, which meant he has been living in the office, greeting everyone but never finding a home.

A good friend of DRC’s had just decided to adopt him, but before this was put into action, a miracle happened…..Lea, one of the ScPA employees and her mum decided to offer Kiki a home! So this afternoon Kiki left the ScPA and although I am sure he will come back to visit, there was a flurry of activity as some of the employees who are on leave rushed in to give him a farewell cuddle.

small black papillon cross

Petit Kiki – ADOPTED

So it has been a wonderful day, and there is more amazing news on the cards for tomorrow!

Adoption of boxer Maya

On Saturday a beautiful boxer called Maya was brought to the refuge for rehoming. At only a year old, this lovely girl was almost perfect; okay with other dogs, okay with cats and children. Her only “fault” is that she kept escaping from the garden, and this is why her family decided to bring her in for rehoming.

Of course a dog of this breed and age was sure to attract lots of interest. Several people came to meet her, amongst them a family who had lost their own boxer some 6 weeks ago. And her name was Maya too! This time I use the word “lost” literally. Despite the fact that she was identified and her owners have searched near and far, and high and low, there is no trace of Maya at all.

In any case, it seems like Fate that a new Maya has come into this family’s life. One thing is for sure, new Maya will help heal their hearts and help them move on. And as for Maya, she looked extremely pleased to be leaving so soon, and with such a lovely family.



The ScPA also has a rabbit looking for a new home. This girl who has been named Bounty, was obviously in pain, her teeth needed clipping. Now that this has been done, she is much happier and is clearly a lovely animal who is well used to being handled. So if you are after a rabbit, now is your chance to rescue one!

Bounty – looking for a new home.

In other news another pup was reserved and a recently arrived dog, Sarga, was reclaimed. There is more good news expected tomorrow so see you then!

Adoption of Panzer and Ebony

Today our two leavers are both Labrador crosses and both will make great pets.

First to leave was Panzer, a stunning one year old boy. Young males are the most likely to end up in rescue and this is often due to the owners giving up on training and letting them roam. Boys will be boys and an uncastrated male will find plenty of distractions!

This however was not the case with Panzer who was a very well educated young lad who had great lead manners.  Hes just been with us a short time and It came as no surprise to hear that he had been snapped up.

Panzer – adopted!

The next to leave was Ebony, one of the 8 Labrador cross pups. this is great news as the refuge is no place for pups to learn and be socialised and we all know how important that is!

black pup

Ebony – adopted!

If you are a Labrador lover we still have some from Ebony’s litter as well as lovely Aria and Falbala. All are lovely dogs and need active forever homes!

Aria needs a home..

Falbala needs a home too!

So a good start to the week and we look forward to lots more adoptions later in the week!

Two happy dogs and two happy owners..

There have been no adoptions this weekend so I though that I would give an update on a couple of recent leavers.

Vanessa and Tadek adopted Venus and here is what Vanessa says about her..

‘Just a quick word to say Venus, now named Sugar is great, she’s such a happy and easy little girl. Lollipop is starting to get taken with her too 🙂
She’s clean in the house, no destruction at night, I suspect she sleeps on the sofa instead of in her bed according to the dog hair on the couch haha
I’ve even had her off lead today, she sticks around and is starting to have a recall 🙂
I couldn’t be happier.’

When adopting a dog with a toddler and another resident dog its really important to take your time and make sure that you make the correct choice. First of all Vanessa came to visit Sugar on her own, then with toddler Tadek and doggy Lollipop.  Vanessa was watching Sugars reactions very carefully as well as how Lollipop reacted to having a strange dog around her mum and baby! She then returned a few times to walk Sugar making sure that her heart hadnt over ruled her head!

Sugar ( ex Venus), a very lucky pup!

Next we had news of Fossette the 5 month old Fauve. She was adopted by Kate and hubby and is settling in very well. Kate wanted a pup to train to be around horses and looking at the photo she seems to be doing very well. Fossette will also be going to doggy training lessons and learning nice doggy manners which means that she will be able to go everywhere with Kate.

Kate and Fossette…

So two happy dogs , two happy owners……and strangly enough they dont live far from each other!

Two Puppy Adoptions and Boule changes her Status

Three adoptions today, although one of the three was already in a home. Read on and all will be revealed.

First off was Capucine, now renamed Layla. When this puppy arrived at the refuge in early March she was all bald and pink. She had a nasty skin complaint which took several weeks and many many trips to the vet before being cured. As soon as she was able to be walked, one particular volunteer was waiting eagerly to be first in the queue. And ever since this first walk, Petra has been in thrall to Capucine. However having three dogs already (including another ex-baldy Pepper (ex Denver), she was determined to not crack and take her home. As time has gone on, though, with no one else wanting to offer this young girl a home, Petra’s determination had begun to waiver.

And on Wednesday morning, she finally cracked! Petra had fostered and subsequently adopted Anglo cross Celeste (Sally) last year, but this ended tragically when Sally died from poisoning when out on a walk.  Capucine is a bit similar, though hopefully without Sally’s tendency to wander. At six months old, Capucine is the perfect puppy, playful and full of fun. At the time of writing, Layla has met all the pack and all four dogs are getting on wonderfully, so her new life has got off to a great start.

Capucine (now renamed Layla) – ADOPTED

Still on the subject of puppies, another of the Ebony litter was adopted today. This time it was the turn of Rowan. I asked if she had been given that name (which is a variety of tree, like all the Ebony litter) because she was the most beautiful of the females. However I was informed that she was the one who eats the most, which is what passes for humour around these parts. (Bit of an in-joke there, please forgive me). So that is another lucky pup in a new home.

black pup


Now to the other end of the age spectrum. We have some heartwarming news about one of our oldies who until today was in foster. Cyndy is so enthralled by Boule, that she decided to formally adopt her. So as of today Boule’s status changes from that of being in a foster family to being officially in her new family! Huge thanks to Cyndy, and what a lucky girl Boule is.

cairn terrier

Boule – officially ADOPTED

What will the weekend bring? Let’s wait and see!

Adoption of Puppy Érable and Mia

Today the ScPA said goodbye to the second of the “Ebony” litter.  This time it was a little girl, who had been named “Erable” (ie Maple) at the refuge, but who is now going to be known as Loulotte. Her new family are young retirees with a cat, lots of time, and some grandchildren. Sounds like a perfect life for this little puppy, and everyone is delighted for her.

black pup

Érable – ADOPTED 

Today’s other leaver was border collie Mia. She has been with us since the middle of April, and as is so often the case she was not identified. However it turns out that this dog had owners who loved her a great deal. They were pleased to find out she was at the ScPA and came to adopt her today. So this lucky girl has left with a family who know and love her! She is a fabulous and well socialised dog, and we are all pleased that she has left the refuge so soon.

border collie


There will be at least one puppy adoption taking place tomorrow, so see you then!