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Daddy’s Home

Apart from cleaning and feeding chores, the refuge has been shut today, so I have no news that is “hot off the press”, so to speak. However the day has not been without news, thanks to the wonders of the internet (mostly Facebook)
Of course you all remember Snoopy, who has just been adopted after having been abandoned due to the illness of his former owner. Well, what I failed to mention was that when his new mum came to meet him, her husband was in the UK with work. So although “mum” had permission to take Snoopy home, he had not met his new dad until yesterday.
Here is a photo of them together. How could anyone fail to smile when they see a picture like this?!
Have a happy Bank Holiday Monday, all. The SPA is shut tomorrow, but who knows, maybe a few of us will be up there washing and otherwise entertaining the dogs ūüėČ

A very happy Snoopy!


Super Saturday!

What a wonderful day! The sun was shining, the volunteers were out in force, and so were the adopters! Three lucky dogs left us, and there were six (yes, SIX) reservations. Only one dog came in, and he is a puppy so small that he takes up no room at all (besides which he went straight home with one of our employees who is also a volunteer).
So the departures of the day:
Firstly there was Logan, whose departure I missed, which is a shame as I would have liked to have given him a farewell pat. He has gone to a lovely family with a young child and he will prove to be a fabulous pet, I am certain.
His kennel mate, Rocky, left too, also with a family. This was his second adoption, the first one having lasted less than two weeks and ending when the family remembered that they were moving house and couldn’t take a dog with them. This time is going to be a home for life, we hope!
Finally we said goodbye to Chunky. Or rather we didn’t, as we are destined to see more of him. He has gone to live with Dominique, one of our volunteers. It started off as a Godmother (sponsoring) arrangement, with Dominique taking a particular interest in Chunky and sharing his photo on Facebook. Then the questions started: “How is he with cats?” Then “Do you think he will get on with my two other dogs?” And a week later, Chunky left to live with his Godmummy!
So we have not seen the last of Chunky; in fact Dominique has already posted some video of his arrival at her house in Narbonne!
As for the reservations, you will have to be patient! But let’s just say that tonight I am a very happy bunny!

Goodbye Logan

Goodbye Rocky

And au-revoir Chunky and Dominique!


A meeting of hearts and minds!

One of the things I like most in the world is receiving news of dogs who have been adopted from the SPA. Some people keep us informed of their dog’s progress on a regular basis, others wait until they have some major news, or perhaps they have a particularly beautiful photograph to show us. This is why we have an album on Facebook called “Life after the Refuge”, which you can see here:
Today I received a photo from a staunch supporter of the SPA who has fostered from us and also adopted one so the pain of her foster dog leaving would not be as acute. Othello has recently joined a dog training school, which is both English and French speaking and is based in Azille (more information upon request). When he was there today Othello saw a very handsome dog, and here they are together  Pedro (now Bertie) is also an ex-SPA dog, and although they had never met at the refuge, they knew they were the best looking dogs there, and there is only one place to get dogs this beautiful! The SPA Carcassonne!

Othello meets Bertie



Bumper day for Departures

Well, the afternoon started off well and for once things got better as time passed. We started off with the adoption of Belsan. Some of you may know of him, as he was featured in a recent edition of the Sunday Mail colour supplement. His owners had gone back to live in the UK, leaving their poor dog alone in their house. Belsan was not lucky at the refuge, and has spent most of his three years with us. However he has finally found an adopter who is not put off by this boy’s size!¬†
On the other end of the scale, size-wise, we said goodbye to Ilana, the tiny puppy who was dumped at the refuge and taken into foster care, as written about in an earlier post. Melanie will miss her, but that is how fostering works…..
Then Jiro, our ten year old Australian shepherd, was reclaimed by his owner. Her mother had just died and she had lost herself in grief for a week or so, which is understandable.
Next it was the turn of Sveltesse to leave officially. She had been with a foster family for a week, but today papers were signed and “Tess” as she is now called, left the refuge for the final time. I don’t blame her for not wanting to get out of the car! This girl knows that she has landed on her paws with the lovely Mary.
And finally we said goodbye to Basil, who has been renamed “Idefix” by his new family.
Today was officially a GOOD DAY!

Belsan says goodbye to Melanie

Then leaves with his new owner, after a final look towards his kennel.

Bye Bye Ilana

Jiro is reclaimed

Sveltesse (Tess) leaves for good 

And Idefix (Basil) leaves with his new family.

The adoption of Snoopy!

With the horrible weather back again there has not been much going on at the refuge. However much of the work is done behind the scenes, and plenty has been happening via the internet. Questions have been answered, photographs sent, advice given and websites updated.
Whilst updating my site today (or rather sending my update to my web elf who will do the difficult bit), I realised that I had forgotten to tell you about a recent adoption. 
The reason I forgot is that once again this was done out of refuge time. On Monday morning the family who had been looking after Snoopy brought him to Carcassonne. You remember Snoopy, the dalmatian whose owner is dying of cancer, and who was featured on this blog a couple of weeks ago. A SPA volunteer showed up too, in case there were any language problems, but to be honest one look at at Snoopy and it was a done deal. The adopter had come from Toulouse, and brought two friends along for their opinion, but after minimal discussion it was off to the refuge to fill out the contract and Snoopy went to his new home.
He has settled in brilliantly by all accounts, and herein lies one advantage of adopting from a dog who is in foster care. We know for sure if they are good with cats and children, if they are house-trained, if they pull on the lead, how they are with other dogs. If you are nervous about taking an “unknown quantity”, this could be one route for you. Or if you fancy helping a dog on the road to a new life, please get in touch. You can do so either by Facebook or via my website¬†http://www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/
Thanks to all those involved in Monday’s adoption of Snoopy and thanks to all the other foster families who help their charges on their way!

Snoopy on his arrival at the refuge

And after the refuge (aah, that’s better!)


More puppies arrive

No prizes for guessing that these two puppies who arrived on the same day are not related! But I always say that the SPA has a dog for everyone. We have big and small, young and old, male and female, lively and calm. Whatever you are looking for in a dog, we will find the right match.
Perhaps one of these two new arrivals will steal your heart! Bit of chalk and cheese, but each to his own!

Firstly we have Pluto, a black lab cross just 10 weeks old and already homeless. Pluto has medium long fur, and is a typical puppy; very playful in short bursts, but very happy to be held in your arms, when he calms right down.
Then on the other end of the scale we have Minnie. She is a Shih Tzu who was born in mid January. She will appeal to you if you like small and fluffy dogs. 
Both of them are living in the cat house and so are cat friendly (although as pups you would expect that). They both have a 10 day legal delay in case their owners come to find them,but I wouldn’t hold your breath. No panicky phone calls so far, which means that both dogs will probably be better off with new owners.¬†
If you would like to visit either of these dogs, please get in touch via my website http://www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/ or the SPA Facebook page www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE, links to both are on the right of this page.




Happy days for happy dogs!

One of our tiniest girls was adopted today, but she was reserved so quickly after her arrival that I didn’t even bother to take photos of her! Her adopters have been to see and walk her almost every day, so Isis, as she is now called, was delighted not to be put back in her kennel after their visit today! Happy life little one!
It is always excellent to receive news and photos of our dogs once they are happily homed, so today I would like to show you photos of Lily Blue, who featured in this blog on the day of her adoption¬†almost¬†2 weeks ago. She is looking wonderful, isn’t she?
And I also received some lovely photos of Beccasine, now Becca, who left us over two months ago. As you can see, she is loving her new freedom and has proved to be as well behaved out of the refuge as she was when she was with us. 

I also want to draw your attention to an article written by one of our volunteers. Maybe this will inspire more of you to join our team of volunteers! Thanks Moira!


Lily Blue


A day out for two lucky dogs

As you can imagine, most of the “action” takes place at the SPA. However sometimes it is nice for the dogs to get out and about and see a little bit more of the world. The volunteers do take the dogs for walks, clearly, but these tend to start and end at the refuge gates, and follow a route that is familiar to the dogs.¬†
Sometimes, however, a couple of lucky dogs get the chance to go out for an away day! Yesterday Pollux and Cleopatra, both of whom had been washed recently, went out for a long walk around a nearby lake with two volunteers. Of course it is difficult for them to be put back in their box (which they share) after such a lovely day out, but I bet they both slept well! 
Here they are on their photo shoot. Pollux is a lovely hairy griffon of just a year old, fine with both males and females, and Cleopatra, despite her grey hair, is not even a year old yet, and is a tiny timid griffon cross who is just adorable, especially with young children. 
Come and meet them at the SPA; maybe you will fall in love with one (or both) of them, and walks such as the one they had yesterday will be the norm!



Bobby leaves his foster family!

During last Sundays Spring Fayre a couple decided to offer a temporary home to little Bobby, a bichon who had arrived with terribly matted fur, and who really needed some more grooming and TLC. Both are available at the refuge, but with 130 dogs to look after, nothing compares to a real home! However Bobby’s photos were seen on Facebook, and the foster family did what every foster family should; they arranged to meet up with a potential adopter, and with minimal involvement from us, the deal was struck.¬†
Bobby arrived back at the refuge today in time to be micro-chipped, and his new owners came along to collect him straight away. He is going to have a wonderful new life and many thanks to the foster family who helped him on his way. The new adopter is going to join our team of volunteers, so that is great news for the refuge too!
In terms of numbers, his place was taken by a somewhat larger dog. This is Rocky (or Rocky 2, as he will be known at the refuge, we already have the first in the series). He has been abandoned as his owner has a 7 month old baby. Oh, does he not like the baby? we asked. No, he is perfect, was the answer. Hmmm. Can’t be financial, cos they were all smoking and had a smart car and very nice (possibly fake) designer clothes. Hey ho.
Rocky 2 is nine months old. He is a beautiful (and HUGE) harlequin beauceron, who is fine with children (yes, and babies), and cats, and dogs. He is already sharing his box with another male. All in all the perfect dog, but rejected for a reason I will ¬†never understand. Let’s hope he finds a home as quickly as little Bobby did!

Bobby leaves (wish I had taken a photo of him today, he looked beautiful!)

Rocky 2: Harder to home, but just as deserving!


Two fabulous adoptions and a fostering.

Well, here’s something that doesn’t happen nearly often enough! A lovely man came to the refuge to look for a very particular dog. Kiko had been abandoned at the SPA three weeks ago by this gentleman’s neighbour (usual story, border collie, too active/intelligent for its owner). However Kiko had been a good pal to this man’t children, and when he found ¬†out that this beautiful dog had been dumped at the SPA, he came to adopt him. So his children have their playmate back, and Kiko has the home that he probably always wanted!¬†
Another departure today was that of Bonn, who caught the eye of a family who were not put off by her long ears. In fact they, like our good friends at Animal Trust, are Belgian, so do not have the French anti-chasse dog prejudice and are more inclined to go on the character of the dog. And Bonn is a gem of a dog.
On the subject of long ears, my golden girl, Sveltesse has gone to a foster home that we hope will become permanent. And there is another reservation, but I will save news of that for another day! Don’t want too much good news all at once!¬†

Kiko: back to the old neighbourhood with an owner who loves him!

Bonn “Who me? Long ears? Never!”