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Latest News

A mixed day

Three dogs were adopted today, which was lovely for them and us too. One came in, though, supposedly she had been found, but it was pretty clear from the puppy’s reaction that she had just been abandoned by her owner. Yes, 4 months is such a difficult age….why not just throw the dog away, rather than put in any effort!
A lovely lady came to deliver some paintings that she had done of some of our dogs. Here is one of Gamin. What a talented lady, and yes, we will be using the pictures to raise funds!
Thank you!Image

At last some good news today

I have been racking my brains as to what to post today, because so far things have been disappointing, with Cactus, a dog who was adopted yesterday, being brought back already. There was no  good reason, apparently he was not perfectly trained and patience is clearly in short supply in that household. But to cheer me up, I have just been told that Criquet has been reserved after 14 months at the refuge. He has overcome the curse of the black dog! He leaves tomorrow, but not before I give him a big farewell cuddle!

A New Start for an Old Dog!

Here is beautiful Guismo, who has just been adopted at the grand old age of 10. He arrived at the refuge in a terrible state, and it is credit to both the refuge and to his foster mum (as of today his owner) who have turned what was a very sad looking creature into this beautiful beast!
At 10 years old, Guismo has many good years ahead of him, and his owner knew that an older dog was likely to be better behaved with her cats, horses and chickens than a more lively youngster.
Guismo is also the first dog to benefit from our reduced tarif for older dogs. Who wouldn’t pay 80 euros to make a dog smile like this!
Long and happy life to you, Guismo, and thanks to Jane for giving him this chance!


Two dogs out and ZERO in

Miracle of miracles! No dogs arrived today, and Rasta (newly sterilised) and Rocket left, as planned. Lucky dogs!
For today’s picture, I thought I would show you a montage which was done by one of our Facebook followers. Pictures like this are easy to share online, and perhaps you would like to make one which we can print or share on the internet. You’d be surprised at how successful campaigns like this are! If you have time and IT skills, why not try your hand? You could use photos of several of our animals or concentrate just on showing different aspects of your favourite dog!
All the pictures are on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE

Open Day Sunday

We are open on the first Sunday of every month, so a group of volunteers was there this afternoon to walk dogs and introduce them to our visitors.
Today several of our alumni came to see us, and we had a very generous donation from a British man who hopes to adopt in the future. Thank you so much.
We also had a visit from beautiful Daphne, a Sharpei who is in foster care. She is now ready to have a forever home; here she is, face like a shovel but strangely beautiful, nonetheless. 
Daphne is a year old, she is fine with children, other dogs and cats (her foster family has all three!). She is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilised. How can you resist her?

Feeling a bit low

Lovely Fuchia left, and Dyson was adopted by a great family. So why am I feeling so low?
4 more puppies were brought in. And we listen to the people telling us blatant lies about “finding the dogs in a cardboard box”, and we can do NOTHING. And that means we have 9 puppies on the refuge, plus several dogs of 4-5 months, who are being condemned to grow up at the SPA by all the people who don’t sterilise their dogs and just treat us like a dustbin for their unwanted puppies.
Feeling dispirited. Sorry everyone.
But Dyson will be happy, at least, Onwards and upwards!

Bye bye Dyson!

A word of warning!

Yes, you may think that you are coming along to walk dogs, but what happens when you fall in love with not one but TWO dogs? Answer: You reserve them, of course!!!
Thank you so much to our lovely new volunteer, who will be back on Monday to collect Rasta and Rocket! 


News from some happy dogs!

Well, not much news from the refuge today, but I thought you would like some news of two of the SPA dogs who are in foster families. Firstly we have a lovely photo of Alexia, who left with her foster mum yesterday (thanks!) and one of Daphne,who has been in foster care for several weeks now.

Fostering is excellent as it enables us to know much more about the dogs and so helps us to find them the perfect home. And of course they benefit from socialisation and warmth as well as freeing up some space at the refuge. 

Some foster carers end up keeping their dogs, inevitably and so we are always in need of more people willing to provide this invaluable service. Please get in touch if you are interested!ImageImage

Look who arrived today

Look at this beautiful boy! No, it is not Bertie (now Fred) who has come back. Nor is it Gwen, who is living a life of luxury in England. Please meet Munroe, a one year old Fauve de Bretagne. He is fabulous on the lead and happy to be patted. I think he is going to be a real star and I am going to contact the wonderful people at Fauve Rescue UK to see if they can help us find him a home.
In other news, a great supporter of the refuge has taken Alexia home to foster, so she will be warm and loved until the right home can be found.