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Latest News

Adoptions of Obiwan and Clafoutis.

We have two more adoptions to tell you about today, with both leavers being young dogs. Never fear though, we have plenty of puppies left, as even more arrived today. This is incredibly frustrating for everyone, as it is a question of one step forward and two steps back at the moment. However we battle bravely on…

Clafoutis is one of the litter who arrived at the beginning of this month, having been born in early March. We have no idea as to the background of this litter, all we know is that they were unwanted, and that whoever let their dog have puppies just dumped them off at the refuge. Clafoutis is no longer unwanted, however. His new family wanted him very much and his new life has started today!

spaniel pup

Clafoutis – ADOPTED

The second to leave was Obiwan. He is an adorable border collie who has just turned one year old and who arrived exactly ten days ago. He was spotted whilst still in the “pound” and as is often the case, his new owner had a nervous wait, hoping that he would not be collected.

Today she breathed a huge sigh of relief, as did Obiwan as he left the refuge for his new home.

border collie

Obiwan – ADOPTED

We have our fingers crossed for more adoptions tomorrow, and also that no more puppies arrive!

Youka finds a foster and news of three adoptions.

Last night’s urgent appeal for 15 year old Youka bore fruit immediately, with a wonderful family arriving as soon as the refuge opened to test her with their 2 year old patou cross. So less than 24 hours after being abandoned, this lovely girl already has a new home. Many thanks to Ingrid for dealing with the numerous offers of homes, and of course to everyone who came forward for Youka in her hour of need, as well, of course as her new family. If only all our other oldies could be so lucky….

husky cross

Youka – long term foster

As well as one new arrival being reclaimed, today we said goodbye at last to Texas. We all know his story; given away on leboncoin and brought to the refuge, then two failed adoptions, neither of which failures was his fault. This time it looks like all is well. His new family has no cats (Texas’s downfall the first time, although he lived with cats previously) and although he is fine with other dogs, he will be an only dog in his new home. We are over the moon for him; yes, it has been a long wait, but as we so often say, it was worth the wait.



Today’s other adoption was that of puppy Vitalis. He and his brother Remi have been here for 5 weeks, which is a long time for a puppy. But with all the other pups at the ScPA, it is inevitable that some of them have longer to wait than others. However today he has his new home and we wish him a long and happy life.

spaniel cross puppy

Vitalis – ADOPTED

Yes, for some dogs, finding the right home can take a long time, or even several attempts. Today we have an adoption from a couple of weeks ago to catch up on. Roxy. He appeared as the urgent appeal on Dog Rescue Carcassonne on three occasions. The most recent of these was after he was returned to the ScPA just 24 hours after being adopted, as the new owner realised that he lived in a small appartment; a fact he lied about when adopting this big dog.

However it was not thanks to the internet that Roxy found his home. Rather it was a couple who were looking round the refuge on spec. They saw Roxy and fell in love. However they had cats, and Roxy was noted as not being at all good with cats. However the couple wanted to give it a go, confident that with good management, Roxy would adapt.

The guru overseeing this adoption was Patricia, and she kept in touch with the couple on a daily basis. At first there were good days and bad days, but at no stage did they wish to throw in the towel. Then the day came when they were happy to finalise the adoption. Yes, up till this point Roxy had been in a kind of foster situation, and this is something that the ScPA is considering doing more and more, particularly with dogs who have been at the refuge for a long time. Such dogs are often labelled as not being good with other dogs or cats. Sometimes this is just the effect of being in kennels, and a change of scene can be a game changer. However it a brave family that will pay an adoption fee up front, so this system will allow for a trial period which we hope will subsequently turn into an adoption!

Many thanks to Patricia for overseeing Roxy’s departure and of course to his new family (and their cats) for giving Roxy this chance, after he had spent over 2 long years at the refuge.

big black griffon

Roxy – trial period turns into ADOPTION

Adoption of Miki and two reservations….

It was just about a week ago that Miki and her brother Nappo were abandoned at the refuge. Considering we have so many berger type dogs Miki has been very lucky indeed. Today she left with her new family where she will have a doggy playmate too.

Miki adopted!

When dogs are abandoned it gives us the chance to ask about their history, their likes and dislikes. Both Miki and Nappo were good with other dogs, cats and children.  This sort of information is very useful indeed when trying to place a dog in the correct family.

Nappo needs a home too…

We also had two super reservations. neither dogs have been with us long so thank you to both these families who have offered such great homes.

The temperatures are rising again so keep your doggies safe in the heat. We are really hoping that the rising temperatures wont stop people adopting…it certainly hasn’t slowed down them abandoning!


Adoption of Angel, Miss and Skip…

Another busy day at the ScPA!

We have many litters of pups at the moment but the second pup from a litter of two was adopted today. Little Angel has left two weeks after his brother Angelo.

Angel, adopted!

If you are after a spaniel type dogs , fear not! We have a wonderful litter of 8 spaniel cross pups that we posted on facebook last night. This is a stunning litter! They are healthy and mischievous just like pups should be. And what a choice…6 girls and 2 boys!

Macaron, one of the 2 males!

When we get a cute small female dog like Miss we know that she will soon be snapped up, Miss arrived about a month ago when her owner couldn’t cope with her exercise needs. Its true that Parson Jack Russels are a very active breed and so we wanted  an active family for little Miss.

Today she left and we hope that she will enjoy her new life with lots of walks.

Miss adopted!

The last to leave was Skip. Skip was abandoned less than a week ago  and despite being a black, older dog has been adopted!  This is great news for Skip who will soon move on in his new life and forget he was ever at the ScPA!

Skip adopted!

We also have had two wonderful reservations, so keep an eye on the blog to see who the lucky two are!

A busy Monday…

Today was a busy day at the ScPA. Just on 2pm as we opened a lady arrived with her dog to test it with our lovely patou Diesel and another couple came along to test their two dogs with Abbie. Just as we were in the park doing introductions another couple arrived to visit Pompom!

It was obvious that Diesel and his visitor got on well and the next thing I knew he was in the car ready to leave.  Diesel shared his cage Duchess who left a week or so ago to live in the Alps. They were a striking pair and  its great that they are both now in great homes.

Diesel adopted!


Abbie the Labrador was of course reserved. All 3 dogs got on well and she too will be leaving soon.

Pompom was a star with his visitors and they will return later in the week with their two dogs.

I am sure that the weather has a big effect on adopters. It was so much cooler today and much more pleasant walking about the refuge.

If we feel uncomfortable walking about in the heat spare a thought for the poor dogs in concrete kennels. This is a great time for potential adopters, we have lots of extremely adoptable dogs so a big choice.

If you are thing about adopting, get in touch or pop in, you wont be disappointed!

Keep your pets indoors!

Every year we warn people how scary a place for animals Carcassonne will be on the 14th July. Every 15th of July we have scores of lost dog reports!

France commemorates the start of the French Revolution with a national holiday on 14 July. So there will be mass celebrations up and down the country which inevitably involve fireworks!

At the SPA we prepare ourselves as we know that we’ll get a large number of stray animals and lost dog reports on Sunday / Monday for animals that got spooked with the fireworks and happened to be outside at the time. Last year on the 15th we had 11 reports of lost dogs and then more during the week as people realised their dogs weren’t going to come home on their own!

As a responsible dog owner, please do everything in your power to protect your dog tomorrow night which will be filled with loud bangs, pops and sizzles!  Remember, your dogs hearing is 10 times more sensitive than yours!

Your best bet is to keep your dog indoors somewhere where he is likely to do the least amount of harm to himself, and your house! You should also turn on the TV or a radio, with the volume turned up loud to make it less likely that he will be able to hear the fireworks outside. Since the flashing lights can scare your dog just as much s the loud noises, be sure to close all the curtains and blinds inside your home and turn ON all the lights in the room. This will make the bright lights from fireworks less noticeable to your dog. Plus, closed curtains and blinds offer a small degree of sound-proofing in your home, lowering the high pitched sounds a tiny bit.

Here are a few precautions you can take way ahead of time to prepare your dog for this stressful night:

Make sure your dog has his collar and ID tags on. In the worst-case scenarios, dogs have been known to chew through crates, doors, and even jump out of windows due to their anxiety.

Let your dog outside to toilet well before the fireworks begin. Have him on a leash, even in the garden.

Exercise your dog earlier in the day by taking him on a longer-than-usual walk. This will tire him out and make him less likely to over-exert himself later if/when he becomes stressed from the sound of fireworks and play some music to drown out the fireworks noise!

So please don’t take any risks, no matter how steady you think your dog is. It’s only one night a year and simply not worth the risk…keep all pets inside and safe!

Fireworks scare pets..keep them indoor!


Adoption of Max, Flakes and Candy!

At last we have had some adoptions!  This week has been very slow, I think that with the extreme heat, the thought of walking around a scorching refuge is just too much!

However today, three families were not put off. Max, Flakes and Candy left for new homes!

This was Max’s second stay at the refuge. The first time he left with his previous owners ex partner but that was not to be and back he came.  This time we hope that he has left with his forever family, its time that poor Max has some stability in his life.

Max adopted again!

Next to leave was Flakes. This young berger cross has not been with us long at all.  We would like that for every dog who arrives but sadly there are not enough suitable adopters for the volume of abandoned dogs!

Flakes adopted!

Candy was the third dog to leave. This was also Candy’s second time at the refuge. Luckily for her she had less than a week to wait on a new home! Lets hope that this time it is her forever home!

Candy adopted again!

Tomorrow being the 14th July the refuge is closed.  There will be an early blog about keeping your animals safe tomorrow night but please do remember that fireworks and animals are not a good mix so keep you cats and dogs indoors tomorrow night!

Adoption of puppy Nicky…

On Saturday we told you about the adoption of puppy Pimprenelle and how her sister Nicky would be all alone. Well luckily Nicky didn’t have too long to wait and today she left with her new family.

Puppy Nicky adopted!

Anybody wanting to adopt a puppy needn’t worry as we have LOTS of other pups. Why are they not on our facebook or website yet? Well, when each litter arrives we need to ensure that they are all nice and healthy, are eating well and then take photos of each pup.

When you have numerous litters, this takes time. But don’t worry, if you want a pup then just get in touch or pop in and we will tell you who is available.

Adoptions are very slow at the moment as people are thinking about holidays or guests arriving but if you are staying at home and have time off then this could be the perfect time to adopt.

You will have the choice of well over 100 dogs, all desperate for their own family. If you need help and advice on what dog would suit your family and lifestyle then just ask, we are happy to talk you through choosing and adopting.

If the searing heat of the afternoons is worrying you then we can sometimes meet you at the refuge in the morning. Its easier for potential adopters, volunteers and the dogs when its not quite so hot!


Growing up in the refuge…

Some dogs who arrive at the SCPA are lucky. They are young, pretty, handsome, white or light coloured and no sooner have we put then on our website / facebook page and they are adopted.

They however are the minority.

Today another litter of pups arrived which means that we have a LOT of puppies. It also means that older pups like Bridou and Nemo who were small and cute when they arrived but are now in the ‘leggy’ stage, are much less likely to be adopted. And we have quite a few in the same situation.

Both of these pups are missing out on vital socialisation and that is why we HATE seeing pups growing up behind bars.

Young pups need to be in a family, being carefully introduced to other people, animals and places, not stuck in a noisy hot kennel.

Bridou arrived in April when he was 4 months old. He’s a really great pup who we have mixed with other gentle dogs.  He’s calm for a pup and loves his walks and playtime in the park.  He will need a family who will commit to training and exercising him so he has the very best of chances at being a well mannered dog who you could take anywhere.

Bridou needs a home…

Nemo arrived in May and is now 8 months old. He is a lovely deep brown colour and has very waggy body language. Like Bridou, he too will need an active training minded home, but will be a great loyal companion.

Nemo needs a home too..

If you could offer either of these doggies a home then please do get in touch and come along and meet them. You wont be disappointed!


We need volunteers!

We desperately need volunteers!

Without our volunteers the dogs would not be walked outside of the refuge. We really need to get the dogs used to being out and about, teach them leash skills and get them socialised. Through doing this we learn lots about the dog and can thus advise prospective adopters re their choice of dogs. As a volunteer you can walk small dogs, big dogs, the choice is yours. If you don’t fancy walking you can play in the park with dogs, groom them or just give them cuddles.

Prefer cats, that’s no problem. Our cats really need socialised and love when visitors come in for cuddles.

Whatever time you have to give helps our dogs and cats  cope with the stress and anxiety of kennel life.

We have a super team of both English and French speaking volunteers so if you would like to join us you would be made most welcome.