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Latest News

Adoption of Vegas..

Today saw the adoption of the very handsome Vegas. This large five year old was a very distinguished looking boy and we are delighted that he has left for his forever home.

Vegas was left at the refuge gates in June, was adopted in September, came back and left today with who we hope will be his forever family.

Why do some dogs come back? Well there are lots and lots of reasons. Sometimes people don’t realise that taking on a rescue dog is no different than taking on a pup…they need time, patience and your presence. Sometimes even although they are fine with the existing family dog at the refuge, things are very different in the home and sometimes owners find that their expectations are far from reality.

Whatever problems you may have when you get a dog home please remember that you are not alone. Simply call us for a chat and if we can’t advise, we have dog trainers and behaviourists on hand that can.


Of course we also have a few arrivals..

For you German Shepherd lovers we have a one year old male and female who are very friendly and are bound to attract lots of attention.

A beautiful girl…

A handsome boy..

We also have a little wire haired Jack Russel female and like all small cute females she will be quickly snapped up if not reclaimed.


Tomorrow we will have at least one adoption and to a family who have adopted from us before. We love when families come back to us for a second dog, it restores our faith in what we do and our faith in human beings!





One adoption and we have puppies…

Well it turned out to be not quite such a good start to the week. Facebookers will know that last night after the blog had been published and just after the SPA had officially closed, someone decided to leave a litter of eight puppies at the gates. Luckily some staff were still there, and they stayed for well over an hour to make sure these pups were all safe and as happy as they can be. “Safe and happy are both relative, of course: yesterday they were with their mum, not knowing that they were about to be dumped. Why oh why don’t people sterilise their animals! Think of the suffering that this would save….

Thanks again to our wonderful staff for their dedication to the animals who are left in the SPA’s care.

Black pup with white chest

One of last night’s eight arrivals

We have four males and females to home. They are just 5 weeks old (even more thanks to whoever dumped them) and are probably going to be medium sized adults.

Can we say yet again that there are several things to consider before adopting a puppy. Apart from the obvious (pups are hard work, they need training and they will make a lot of mess and they get BIGGER),  can everyone please bear in mind their own age before adopting a puppy. Is it fair to adopt when you know that the puppy is is likely outlive you by some time?  And even before that, will you have the energy to deal with a young, active dog?

You have probably seen on our site the dogs who have arrived at the SPA following the death of their owners. These are in many ways the saddest dogs of all. They have spent their lives being loved and spolit, then all of a sudden everything changes. People often tell us that they have back-up, that there is a family member who will take over if the worst should happen. However in reality this family member or friend seldom appears. The dogs come to the SPA. Where they wait. And wait….

Pica is eight years old and was brought to the SPA after the death of her owner.

As was four year old Billy

And eight year old César

We love it when people say that they feel too old for a puppy, prefering a calmer, older dog. Yes, having a “blank canvas” is tempting, but the benefits can be outweighed by the fact that you have to do all the training! We are not trying to discourage people from adopting puppies, and clearly every dog deserves a home. But please look as far ahead as the dog’s expected lifespan as well as your own.

To end on a positive note, Hermione was adopted today. And this time it looks to be the right home: no cats, a big enclosed garden, and someone who is used to energetic dogs! Happy new life, Hermione!

grey spaniel

Hermione – ADOPTED

We have at least one adoption planned for later this week, so let’s hope for fewer days like yesterday!

Happy Monday

Today another of the family of border collies was reclaimed, making four, with just one to go. Juan was the lucky boy today, and we are sure that Bran’s turn will come soon. These dogs arrived at the SPA at the start of September having been found living in conditions that were less than ideal. Border collies are bright, active and intelligent, and so although life at the SPA has not been ideal for Juan, it was far better than his previous life. And once again the SPA set him on his way to better things. We are all very happy for him, naturally.

tricolur border collie


black and white border collie

His brother Bran waits patiently for his turn

Another dog left, too. This time it was not an adoption, but a reclaimed dog. On Friday an elderly bichon maltese arrived at the SPA. He was identified but the SPA was unable to contact his owner, who it turns out, was searching for her dog everywhere. She saw the pictures that were posted on the Facebook page and got in touch to let us know that she would collect her boy as soon as the gates opened today! Chouchou was born in 2003, and although he is adorable and we could probably have found him a new home, it is far better that he should be with his real owner, of course.

small white fluffy dog

Elderly bichon Chouchou was reclaimed

Another elderly (and identified) dog arrived and was reclaimed immediately. So it was a Happy Monday all round. Let’s hope the week carries on the same way!


Home to Home

We have another lovely young dog who needs to move home. Sometimes peoples circumstances change and its in the dogs best interest to move home. Our Home to Home service means that they can stay in their own home until we find a new one which saves the doggy from the stress of the SPA.

Rabbie is a lovely, sweet-natured, 8 month old Border Collie cross puppy who adores people and other dogs. He is energetic and very intelligent, learns quickly and knows the basic obedience commands. He likes playing fetch with his humans but also with himself – his favourite game is repeatedly throwing his chew bone high into the air!

Rabbie was born on a remote farm in the Pyrenees to Dolly, a wonderful working Border Collie. He was due to be drowned by the farmer until the current owners agreed to take him, hoping to keep him for life. But serious illness in the family has meant that they have to give him up. He would love to live with people with an active, outdoor life, and if the family included another dog he would be especially happy.

Like all of our Home to Homes Rabbie will be fully vaccinated, identified and castrated.

If you could give Rabbie a home then please call Moira on 0468247097 or email website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk

Rabbie needs a home…

Two Adoptions and Barock finds a foster home

We had two adoptions today and both were of pinshers! Bit of a size difference between them, though.

First to leave was Chocolat. Yes, again! This time his new owner has been told that despite his size, Chocolat is quite feisty. However this did not seem to put his new owner off. Chocolat has had quite a lot of disruption in his  life recently and we hope that he can now settle down and regain some confidence.

tiny brown pincher

Chocolat – ADOPTED

We then said goodbye to pinscher number two. This time it was Doberman cross Mario’s turn. This lovely boy arrived at the end of July, believe it or not, abandoned due to a house move. He had lived with children and cats, so we expected  him to be snapped up quickly. However it has taken nearly three months for him to find a home. His new family came to visit him at a recent open day and fell in love, but they wanted to be sure that this big dog would fit in with their family and with their lifestyle. Very wise! They have visited the SPA a couple of times in the meantime, and today was the day when Mario finally left. We wish him a wonderful new life.

big black and brown dog in paddling pool


In other news, a wonderful SPA supporter has responded to our appeal for long term foster families and has offered a home to eleven year old Barock. Thank you so much to “Adele” and her family. It is not the first time they have fostered for us, and we know how happy Barock will be. It has been horrible seeing him in the park crying. Still, he is looking far better than when he arrived at the SPA at the end of March, very thin and clearly after much neglect.

Fluffy mid-brown dog


And in new arrivals we have what looks like a female Chocolat, so if all that put you off this dog was his sex, you could be in luck!

tiny brown pinsher

New arrival ROMY

We had a couple of reservations, too! A good end to the week.


Adoption of Tiny Chihuahua

Just a tiny adoption today. Or rather the adoption of a tiny dog! Not many people knew that in early October a one-year old chihuahua was brought to the SPA having been found lost and unidentified. Why on earth someone would fail to identify any dog is hard to understand, but all the more so when it is a chihuahua, a breed that is often stolen to be resold or used for breeding. And no one appeared to be looking for the dog, either.

Once the ten days’ pound time was up, the SPA set about finding this little dog a new home, and not surprisingly he was quickly reserved. We will never know where this lad came from nor why he was not identified, but we do know that he has a new, loving home. And that if he ever goes missing again, his microchip will help reunite him with his new family!

For some reason we can’t find a photo of this lad, so here is an artists impression of a chihuahua! We will update this picture as soon as we locate a real picture, or receive one of him in his new home!

Update Many thanks to Esther, here he is!

Chichi – Adopted

At least one more dog will leave tomorrow, by the way. His papers are already signed, and he is just waiting for his lift to arrive!

Adoptions of Céleste and Tintin

We reported a week or so ago that following her successful fostering experience of Darby, who is now living very contendedly in Germany, Petra had taken timid Céleste home for some love and socialisation. Well, some fosters work out, others don’t. Céleste is no longer a foster dog….She is an adopted dog! Petra and her family fell head over heels with Céeste, and decided they could not bear to see her part. They adored Darby too, but having seen the photos of Céleste on her arrival, Petra didn’t want this once terrified dog to have any more disruption in her life. We are delighted for Céleste, and although we have lost a foster home, we have gained a dog walker, as Petra will still come along to the SPA to brighten the lives of the dogs.

Looking at the picture of Céleste when she arrived, how can anyone doubt that coming to the SPA was the best thing for this girl? But being adopted is better by far!

Sad dog lying on table with blood on her neck

Céleste when she arrived in May

Céleste in her new home!

The day’s second adoption was that of Tintin. He arrived just ten days ago and today is the earliest he could leave; his pound time is over and he came back from the vet (yes, for THAT!) and straight to his new home. We are sure that this lovely little terrier had a home before arriving at the SPA, but as he was unidentified we were unable to contact his owners. Still, his old family’s loss is his new family’s gain! Tintin has been renamed Bailey and his new life has begun! Please, please, if you love your dog (or cat), make sure they are identified. This gives you the best chance of being reunited with them should you become separated.

Tintin – ADOPTED

If anyone is after a small, young dog and was disappointed to have missed out on Chocolat yesterday, he is back. This boy might be tiny but he has a big character, and needs dog-savvy owners, at least until he settles down and gains some confidence. And today also saw the arrival of a male yorkie who is so underweight that the scales barely reach the 1kg mark. He is is desperate need of some SPA TLC but will be looking for a new home in time. Whoever left this dog at the SPA gates during refuge opening hours is a very strange individual. There is no excuse for starving a dog almost to death and then dumping him.

small fluffy dog

This tiny boy weighs only 1kg

Although his arrival seems like bad news, of course it isn’t! At least this little dog, whom we have named Highlander, will find a good home. And more good news is due before the week ends!

Three dogs leave, including Aka after two years!

After no news yesterday, we were wondering how the week was going to progress. We knew that two further adoptions were going to take place this week, what we did not expect was the three that took place today!

One of them, little pincher Chocolate, had only just arrived. He was abandoned on Friday due to his owner’s ill health, and we knew that he would not be at the SPA for long. Small and very sweet, this kind of dog flies out of the SPA. He is a fabulous little chap and at only a year old, the five nights he spent behind bars will be soon forgotten.

tiny brown pincher

Chocolate – ADOPTED

We then said goodbye to Jamie. She had been adopted from the SPA when she was a puppy, then abandoned at the gates at the beginning of August with a note saying that she was no longer wanted! Jamie had been reserved once recently but this was cancelled. However we all had a feeling that her turn was here. And when a couple contacted us to say they were looking for a friend for their dog, Jamie was the obvious choice. The meeting went well and today after some ten weeks at the SPA, eight year old Jamie was off. Many thanks to her new family.

pale stocky dog - ADOPTED


The departure of the day has to be that of Aka.  This fabulous brindle staff was found straying in October 2015 and was brought to the SPA. Aka is a category one dog, and as such is subject to all the frustrating legal requirements. He is a wonderful dog, gentle and affectionate, and as usual the label of “dangerous dog” seems ridiculous. However such is life. Finally, after almost exactly two years to the day, a family has offered this lad a home and has ticked all the boxes. After spending half of his four years behind bars, Aka has finally left for what is going to be his permanent home, even though legally he remains the “property” of the SPA. Again we think of Alizée and Erwan, who were sad to leave him behind when they went to Paris. Vincent will miss him too, as you can see. In fact Aka has been a favourite with almost everyone.

Aka – ADOPTED (and getting a farewell hug from Vincent)

So with the week half over and more adoptions planned, we are feeling quite happy.

New Life for NewTon

One adoption today, and it is of a dog who has avoided the SPA completely, thanks to foster family extraordinaire, Isa!

Little Newton arrived at the SPA at the beginning of this month when his family moved house. They took their unwanted belongings to the dechetterie and amongst them was a tiny puppy. They offered him to a woman who was there too, and when she said that she did not want a dog, they put Newton into a rubbish bin and drove away! Luckily for him the woman knew of the SPA, and brought Newton to us, when Isa stepped in yet again!

It is not often that we have puppies who are going to remain small. And although Newton is of indeterminate breed, everyone is certain of his size. It will be interesting watching him grow up and see what breeds emerge! And we are sure that we will have news from Newton’s new family, as they have been carefully selected by Isa!

Losing a dog is never easy, and it has taking this family a year or so to be ready to take on another dog. Little Newton stole their hearts, and now they are all set for lots of fun with this little lad. Many thanks to them and also to Isa and her family for yet another succesful fostering! There were other people interested in Newton, it is relatively rare for the SPA to get small breed pups. We hope no one is too disappointed, and of course we are bound to have other pups in the future.

So not a bad start to the week and we are already aware of a couple of adoptions that are due to take place later on, so it could be a good one!

Snall pup in arms of family

Newton with his new family

An urgent home to home..

We hate the idea of dogs coming into the refuge and if we can keep them at home whist we look for the ideal family so much the better. But we really need to find Belle a dog-free home and as soon as possible.

Belle is a beautiful 4 year old black and white, Boxer x Labrador who was adopted from us when she was about 6 months old.

Until 8 months ago she lived in harmony with 4 other dogs, cats and chickens but has taken a dislike to one of the older female dogs.

Five dogs are a pack, and when the dynamics don’t work something has to be done. So with a very heavy heart Belle’s mum has decided that she needs a new home.

Belle has had the best of care, she is fed a balanced raw food diet, is fully vaccinated and passported, is sterilised and is in great health.

She can be walked off lead and her recall is great. She avoids other dogs when out and about and certainly doesn’t go looking for trouble! She loves swimming in the lake or at the beach.

At the moment her mum thinks that she may be best as an only dog but this is dog dependant. The love of Belle’s life is the family cat…so we know that she’s not a cat chaser and she totally ignores the free range chickens.

Belle can be left home alone, is non-destructive and is of course housetrained.

If you think that you could offer Belle a home them please get in touch.

Can you offer Belle a home?