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Adoptions of Goupil and Google

Today we said a happy goodbye to two lovely young dogs, Goupil and Google

First to Goupil. This gorgeous lad arrived arrived exactly ten days ago, unidentified, it almost goes without saying. One has to wonder where he was before arriving at the refuge; is there a family somewhere missing their beloved dog? Who knows.

One thing is sure though, Goupil’s new family, who reserved him during his pound time, were mightily relieved when today came around and they were able to take him home. This ten day period is fraught with nerves! As for Goupil, his time at the refuge will soon be forgotten as he starts a new life together with two children who are absolutely delighted with their new companion.

pale coloured spaniel

Goupil – ADOPTED

Today’s second leaver has spent more than ten days at the ScPA. Google was brought in for rehoming at the end of November, due to family illness. However as he was brought in in a responsible manner, we knew a lot about him. We knew, for instance, that he is good with other dogs and children, and that, although he has lived with cats, he would rather not. He has hated his time at the refuge, as up till now he has known nothing other than a loving family home.

Today Google, now renamed Sky, has left for a wonderful life. He will be accompanying his new master everywhere. He will be riding on the tractor and looking after vineyards…when he is not lolling around in front of a fire, that is.

black and tan dog

Google – ADOPTED

The week has not been exactly full of adoptions so far, but even a steady trickle of leavers helps to keep spirits up. We have had a couple of reservations too, so more good news to come later in the week.

Merry Monday!

We love having adoptions on a Monday, as it lifts everyone’s spirits enormously. After a surprisingly long ten weeks at the refuge, Puppy Merry left for his new home today.

Eagle-eyed readers might remember puppy Pippin, who was adopted ten whole days ago. Well he and Merry are brothers. Both dogs arrived with a skin complaint, resulting in several weeks’ worth of isolation. Once the pups were visible, Pippin was adopted immediately, but it took a bit longer for Merry to find his new family. This was quite a surprise, as experience has showed us that black dogs take longer to be adopted. The black and tans are usually very popular.

Merry has not been alone since saying goodbye to his brother, and has been sharing one of the small outside parks with a variety of dogs. Now however he will have to get used to something new, as his new pals will be humans, including small ones, plus some rabbits and a parrot! We are sure that Merry will adjust to his new life perfectly and make his new family very happy.

black and tan pup


Let’s hope today’s adoption bodes well for the rest of the week.


Adoption of Moliere

This week has been a pretty grim one at the refuge, with a LOT of new arrivals, and until today, only two adoptions. A couple of dogs have been reclaimed, of course, but with so few dogs finding new homes we are all getting quite worried. We have no reason why it should be the case; we all agree that we have the best dogs in the world, but for some reason adoptions have been excruciatingly slow of late.

Today things are looking a tiny bit better with the adoption of Moliere. This lovely border collie cross arrived at the refuge in early December when he was just five months old. That was 6 weeks ago, and we were starting to wonder, as we do with so many of our not-quite pups, if this lad would be left behind. Yes, it is a difficult age, especially when even younger dogs keep arriving.

Not everyone is not after a pup, though, and in fact Moliere’s new family were looking for a young dog, one who would not grow to be too big but one that would make a good companion for a young, active family.

They visited the refuge yesterday and had a think overnight, then contacted us this morning to say that Moliere had stolen their hearts. So this afternoon a very happy dog left with a very happy family! Exciting times indeed and we look forward to news and photos in due course.

border collie cross

Moliere – ADOPTED

We are hoping that next week will be a bit better in terms of adoptions, so please keep your fingers crossed for all our lovely dogs.

Adoption of Puppy Gimli

Well, following yesterday’s adoption of puppy Diamant, today we said farewell to puppy Gimli!

As some of you know, the ScPA has been on a bit of a Lord of the Rings naming session of late as far puppies are concerned. So when this little lad arrived looking for all the world like a rottweiler crossed with a dachshund, calling him Gimli seemed the only possible course of action!

Yes, we do get some improbable mixes, and although we can never be sure of a dog’s parentage (or how the mix came about!) one thing is sure, Gimli is a fabulous looking chap who has left the refuge after the shortest possible time. Dogs can leave before ten days are up, but only if we are certain their owners are not looking for them; ie when we have a contract officially surrendering the dog for rehoming. Otherwise dogs have to spend ten days behind bars (and without walks), to give their owners a chance to find them.

This is not nice for the dog, of course and for that as well as a number of other reasons, it is far better to bring a dog in after having contacted the refuge beforehand. As we have said on many occasions, the more we know about a dog, the easier to find the right him or her the right home.

half pint rottweiler


An adoption is how we like to start every week, and let’s hope for plenty more good news to come!

Adoption of puppy Diamant…

Well Darcey was right in yesterdays blog, we did have an adoption today!

Today puppy Diamant left with his new family. He hadn’t been with us long at all which is what we all hope for pups!


Puppy Diamant adopted!

When pups arrive, they are checked over by the vet and are of course identified and vaccinated. They do however need a second vaccination 3 weeks later. If you adopt a pup within this 3 week period you need to make sure you have the second vaccination done by your vet.

Vaccinations are a ‘hot topic’ at the moment with lots of people electing to not vaccinate after the puppy ones. That is fine but if you choose not to vaccinate please consider titre testing before making that decision. Parvo and distemper are common in France and having seen dogs with both I can tell you they are brutal illnesses which can be fatal!

Last year I decided to titre test my two older dogs. Neither had had any vaccinations except rabies for 3 years.  All this involves is a blood test done at your vets and a two week wait. Both of my dogs results showed a sufficient, in fact strong immunity to parvo, distemper and hepatitis, even after 3 years. That was pleasantly reassuring as it had been on my mind and I did wonder if I had done the right thing.

So after the puppy vaccinations which we feel are VERY important, please think about titre testing before deciding not to vaccinate. That way you know that your dog is not at risk. If you would like to see what titre results look like the click on the pdf link below.

lab AMS (1)


Taser’s turn at last and Tyron leaves as well.

We had a wonderful adoption today! After almost five years, Taser has finally left for a new home.

Yes, that is a long long wait!  Adopted briefly in 2014, he was brought back when his new family divorced. Since then he has been at the refuge patiently waiting. But he never gave up. And neither did Moira, who loved him from the start.

Initially Taser pulled a lot on the lead. Apart from not being good with cats, that was his only “fault”. Neither of these is a disaster, and should not have prevented this dog from finding a home for so long. The long and short of it is that some dogs just get overlooked, and it takes a LOT of effort to bring them to the world’s attention.  It was literally after years of trying that Moira found the right family for Taser. She spent hours on Skype with them, discussing Taser and how he would fit in with their life (and their chunky female dog), and, bearing in mind how much she loves Taser, you can be sure that this family is every bit as wonderful as Taser deserves.

brindle coloured dog

Taser – ADOPTED after nearly five years!

This morning Taser, who is now eight years old, left for his new home in the UK, complete with TRACES paperwork, of course. In fact the transporters were later than expected as there were issues with the TRACES documentation of some of the other (Spanish) dogs on board, but everything was finally in order and Taser’s new life begins here. And yes, we will certainly get news!

Many of you will know that Taser has been the inseparable companion of scaredy girl Kaline. Don’t worry about her, please. Good things await her too!

two dogs walking side by side

How Taser is usually seen; cheek by jowl with Kaline

Taser was not the only leaver of the day, either. The ScPA also said goodbye to Tyron. This shepherd cross had not been at the refuge for long, but he has never really had a proper home, as before coming to us he was being looked after by another association who was also trying to home him. Sometimes a change of scenery and a bit more exposure is what is needed, and just over a month after his arrival, Tyron has a real home at last.

pale shepherd cross


Tomorrow is Sunday but who knows, we could have good news; the refuge is open as usual!

Adoption of Puppy Pippin

Today saw the adoption of little Pippin, a puppy who arrived a just over two months ago together with his brother Merry (yes, the ScPA was on a bit of a Lord of the Rings kick at the time, and the latest puppy arrival, Gimli, is further proof).

The pups had ringworm, which is a contagious though not dangerous skin disease. This sadly meant that they spent several weeks in isolation. Although of course two pups together is hardly isolation. Plus of course they had as much human interaction as was practical, bearing in mind it was crucial to not pass the complaint onto the other animals.

black puppy

Pippin – ADOPTED

It was only last week that they were visible at the refuge and available for adoption, so it is wonderful that Pippin, the all black pup, has a home. We are hopeful that Merry won’t have long to wait, either. We hate it when pups grow up at the refuge. Today ex-puppy Freddy is ten days away from his first birthday….He arrived when he was a baby, and is still waiting for a home. It is heartbreaking. When will his turn finally come?

black dog

Freddy was a puppy but is still waiting

On the subject of spending a long time at the ScPA, tomorrow we will have big news of a departure. No spoilers, but let’s just say that this dog is one of Moira’s favourites, and yours truly is going to be getting up in the wee small hours again to see him on his way!

Watch this space!

New Year – New Media Launch

Exciting news today, DRC has launched itself into the world of Instagram and Twitter. This is something we have been meaning to do for a long time, but that is exactly the problem…TIME! There is always so much to do!

But now we have a new elf who has joined the social media team and as of today we are go go GO! Many thanks to Vasuki who has kindly offered to give us a hand (for which you can read “do it all”). She has a lot of experience in campaign writing and is bringing loads of ideas. Anything that can help raise funds or help find homes for dogs is fine with us!

If you would like to follow us, here are the links to our Twitter and Instagram. If you are active on any of those platforms, please like us, follow us and share away. Things are in their infancy right now, so there will be lots of changes in the next days and weeks, and the more encouragement we get the better!

And coincidentally the new ScPA website has just been launched! This has involved a huge amount of time and effort (and nagging) by ScPA board member, Marjorie, so as you peruse its pages, please think of her. Tweaking is still underway, but you can already see what a wonderful site it is.

Of course the DRC site will remain, so don’t worry for those of you who prefer to get your information in English. Plus of course you can continue to follow us on Facebook if you are that way inclined.

The photos that go with this story are not very exciting, so instead here is a photo of a dog who was reclaimed today. Just because she is beautiful and who doesn’t like looking at photos of beautiful dogs?

Fana was reclaimed today


Adoption of Regis

Today we said a happy farewell to black labrador Regis. He arrived in mid November last year and has been a real gent during his short stay at the refuge. Having a greying muzzle, this lad could have been passed over by the casual visitor looking for a young dog. In fact he only three years old, just a very distinguished boy! Who knows how long he would have waited at the refuge (you know how it goes with black dogs!), had a friend of one of our volunteers not been looking for a new canine companion. He asked for a list of suitable dogs (okay with children and cats!) and came along to the refuge to meet the possible candidates.

This is an ideal way to select a dog, as it can be quite overwhelming, visiting all the kennels and hoping that you make the right choice. Taking advice, especially from someone who knows the dogs well (or who themselves asks for advice) is a great way to find the right dog for you.

A very happy Regis left for his new home today and we look forward to lots of news and photos from his family, who were every bit as excited as he was!

black lab on blanket

Regis (now renamed Pif) – ADOPTED and already making himself at home!

In not-such good news, sadly today saw the return of Paco, after just 3 days. Not the fault of the dog, just a bad owner/dog match. New dogs arrive on a daily basis, and sometimes it is better to wait a bit longer for the right one. Paco was very upset when he was brought in for rehoming the first time, and we hope this new set-back does not cause him too much distress. On the plus side, (if there is one), quite a few people only seem to have noticed Paco’s handsome physique since he was adopted. So now he could be yours! Anyone looking for a stumpy sharpei? Paco is a lovely dog, lively and affectionate, good with other dog and cats and housetrained. Let’s find him the right home soon!

Paco is back

We had two other leavers today; the two rabbits, Buggs and Bunny, whose photos were only put on line yesterday. They have been homed together, but don’t worry about the obvious, as a visit to the vet awaits!

Samuel and Sutech are reunited with their owner.

We did not have any adoptions today, but it was a great day for two dogs nonetheless.

Many of you will know Samuel and Sutech, two shepherd crosses who have been with us since March last year. Lots of volunteers have walked them and have found them to be easy on the lead and very well-behaved overall. But despite this no one has shown any interest in adopting them, either separately or together. They seemed doomed to spend their life at the refuge waiting….waiting… waiting. But for what?

Well, waiting for their owner, of course!

He had never forgotten them, either! A few weeks ago he contacted the ScPA say that his life is finally back on track and he wished to reclaim his dogs. Clearly this was not a decision to be taken lightly, and was discussed at length by the ScPA Board. The decision was taken to let the dogs leave in long term foster, so that if ever his owner needs help, we are there. This seems to be the perfect solution for everyone.

It is easy to pass judgement. One thing most of us realise is that not everyone has the same kind of life. Some of us have known nothing but stability and relative wealth. Others live life from hand to mouth, often with no fixed abode. Samuel and Sutech’s owner is one such person. He has had difficulties that some of us can only imagine, and it has taken him a long time to organise his life in such a way as to be able to keep his dogs safe. But he never gave up trying, nor did he simply move on and adopt other animals, as so often happens.

Today he came to the ScPA to collect his dogs and seeing them jump into his arms in unbridled joy dispelled any doubt at all that we had made the right decision.

Much as we love them, we hope that this is the last time we see Samuel and Sutech at the refuge. We wish them and their owner all the best as they re-start their lives together.


It looks like tomorrow will bring more good news, so see you then!