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Latest News

Adoption of 15 year old Max

As most of you know, we really hate it when old dogs arrive at the refuge. It is one thing if they have been straying or mistreated and need our help, but quite another when they have been loved all their life and find themselves at the refuge due to no fault of their own.

Such was the case with 15 year old yorkie Max, who arrived two days ago when his elderly owner went into full time care. Nobody in the family was able or willing to have him, so the only option was to bring him to the refuge. This is one reason why we try to avoid placing very young animals with elderly people; however much you would like to think that your children will look after your animals should you be unable to do so yourself, everyone at the ScPA knows that the reality is often quite different.

Luckily for Max, almost as soon as his photos were put onto the Facebook page, he was offered a new home, by none other than Marion who recently adopted Bouli. And today, just 48 hours after his arrival, he left the refuge. Massive thanks to his new family, we can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

old yorkie


Needless to say, if you are interested in offering a home to a golden oldie, please get in touch. The ScPA is always looking for people prepared to look after our elderly dogs, and many of us can attest to the fact that they make some of the easiest dogs to look after.

Another dog who arrived unidentified four days ago was reclaimed by his owner, which means there are two more happy dogs in homes tonight.


Adoption of Nawak

For the past couple of weeks it has been Wednesday or even later before we have had our first adoption, but today is only Tuesday and the first of what we hope will be many adoptions has just taken place.

Nawak was brought in for rehoming jut over two weeks ago. As is often the case, the family cited a number of issues, but as far as we have seen, Nawak is just about perfect. Sometimes it is just not a good match between dog and family and the best thing is for the dog to find a new home.

Alice has been a volunteer dog walker for a several years now and knows most of the dogs well. Having had dogs in the past, she knows that adopting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly, and has taken five years to decide to do so. Alice likes big dogs and although she already knew many of them, there were a couple of new arrivals whom she hadn’t met. So last weekend she came along to meet and walk them. It didn’t take long for her to offer a home to Nawak; he was everything she was looking for.

Today was  collection day and lucky Nawak is off to his new home. Or perhaps I should say “homes”. This lad will spend a couple of days a week in a flat in Carcassonne, and the rest of the time in his country retreat, where he will have acres of space to play in. We will have regular news and photos and wish Alice and her family (of four children) much joy and happiness with their new friend.

big brindle coloured dog


Another dog who arrived today was reclaimed, and we hope that there will be more good news to come.

Adoption of Mila and Kazou!

Today we said goodbye to two dogs that really needed to be in homes and not the refuge.

First to leave was 4-year-old Mila. Mila was a dog who was very popular, but we learnt from previous adoptions that she bonded quickly with her main carer and was very jealous of anyone else in the household. This can be very difficult to deal with, but volunteer Phillipe has been getting to know Mila for months. Lucky Mila has been on many days out and today Phillipe took the plunge and adopted her.

This time Mila’s adoption has been set up to succeed and we are very thankful that Phillipe and family have given her this chance!

Beautiful Mila adopted!

Next to leave was Kazou. We made many appeals for this oldie and just as someone arranged to visit him today an extended family member saw an appeal, contacted us and today he left with her. Not before a visit to the vet of course….yes even 10 year old dogs could cause unwanted pups and we take no chance at all. All dogs who leave are sterilised!

Kazou adopted!

Just as one oldie has a happy ending another arrives. 13 year old Flambo has arrived after being removed from his home for maltreatment. Sigh….you can imagine how we all feel about that!

So, our next appeal will be for Flambo. But tonight, he can rest in a nice bed, with a full tummy whilst we look for a long-term foster.


13 year old Flambo !

Offering a home to Kazou….

As my two dogs have matured, they are both about 12 now, I am beginning to see the advantages of elderly pets. No one wants to think of their dogs growing old but I’ve decided to make the most of it and enjoy the benefits.

The things I most enjoy is the calmness, the gentleness and the flexibility you get with an oldie.

Its been pouring down here today and even a few years ago I wouldn’t have got off with a quick walk along the boulevard and then them contently dosing the rest of the day. So elderly pets certainly have a place in many family’s lives.

We have a few senior pets who really need a home where they can relax and be loved but today I am focusing on Kazou.

Kazou needs a home!

Kazou has been on my mind for days as he HATES being at the refuge.

Refuge life is so hard for older dogs. The noise, the lack of human contact, pining for their owners….its heart-breaking to hear Kazou cry for attention and comfort.

Could you help Kazou? He is fine with other dogs and cats, an easy old boy who still enjoys a walk but really just wants love and attention. He is easy to walk and so grateful to get out of his kennel.

So who has a place for Kazou? You could adopt him or he could be a long term foster if you live locally.  If you think you could help then please email website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

Kazou is labrador sized and easy to manage.



Adoption of Dyson, Sally and Pomelos

Today we had three adoptions and all of them really good ones!

We are delighted to say that Dyson, our magnificent 4-year-old Cursinu cross has been adopted. He arrived in March when his owner became homeless and wanted Dyson to have a better life than they could give him. A very selfless act as Dyson was really loved.

It soon became very apparent that Dyson was a fantastic dog. He was fine with other dogs and cats and had nice lead manners. You would think that he would have been snapped up right away, but he wasn’t, in fact, no one seemed to notice him at the refuge!

DRC decided to make him our urgent appeal and we posted him on various social media groups. This really helped and we had 3 people wanting him.

Tracy and Jackie who adopted Barney, a stunning black Braque cross about 10 months ago, came along today to meet him and see how they got along. As one of the employees said the introductions were ‘impeccable’!

He will make a great playmate for Barney and we will have lots of news. We are sure that his first owner would be delighted with his new life!

Dyson and Barney…

Next to leave was little Sally.  Sally arrived as a timid young girl who hasn’t seen much of life. She cowered when approached and really needed a quiet home where she can regain confidence in humans again. Luckily she didn’t have a long wait and today she left with her new family.

Sally adopted!

The third adoption was that of puppy Pomélos. When he was the last pup of the litter volunteer Daniel took him home at night so he wasn’t lonely. But pups get under your skin and the thought of them at the refuge or with another family is sometimes too much to bear. So today Daniel adopted him….I am so pleased for both of them!





Four Great Adoptions, including that of Patty!

The week got off to a slow start, but today has made up for it, with four fabulous adoptions.

First to leave was puppy Pocket. This little lad was brought in for rehoming (I don’t know why, but as he was only 3 months old at the time, perhaps ignorance is bliss) not quite ten days ago, and finding his new family has been difficult. Not because no one wanted him, rather the reverse. This adorable puppy is going to be HUGE, but it seems there is no end of people looking for large breed pups. Inevitably some people are disappointed; there were several really wonderful families offering him a home. I am so glad it wasn’t up to me to choose.

In any case, we are sure that Pocket is going to be very happy, and we are sure to get news. Perhaps we should start a sweepstake on what will be his weight when he is fully grown!

small dog with family

Pocket – ADOPTED

Next we said goodbye to six year old Lady. She has been with us since the end of January, and has gone off to live in Switzerland. Her new family have had staffies before, and were attracted to Lady due to her looks. But even better, she is not categorised, and so can live in complete freedom, be it in her new country or with her new owners when they holiday in France. She is a very lucky girl, and she seemed to know it as she left today with a huge smile on her face.

brindle staffy


Next up was Nuts. Sometimes on DRC we speak of “invisible dogs”. They are the ones who arrive and whom no one seems to notice. Nuts was not quite 18 months old when she was brought in for rehoming in October 2018 for not being good with cats. That was a whole 7 months ago, and today was the first time there has been any serious interest in her. But one is all it takes if it is the right one!

Nuts’s new family are a young and sporty couple who are going to offer her everything she needs. They run regularly and love dogs, and best of all, they have no cats. We are delighted for Nuts; it has been a long wait, but it was worth it.

black dog -


And on the subject of long waits and invisible dogs, guess who was adopted today? Patty! She has been at the ScPA since July 2016. That is just short of THREE YEARS! She arrived with a beautiful brindle coloured malinois cross, who was adopted very quickly. But poor Patty (black and a shepherd mix) has been waiting ever since. And until earlier this week, I don’t believe there has been a single enquiry about her.

On Tuesday, however, her luck changed. A young couple arrived looking for a canine companion, and Patty caught their eye. Once they found out how long she had been at the refuge they were amazed! Patty has quite a strong character, but this is nothing new to them; they have had difficult dogs in the past, apparently.

Today Patty’s long wait was over. Patty will be 6 in September, so half her life has been at the ScPA. She seemed more than ready to leave, however, as she jumped straight into the car for her new life. Let’s hope all goes well for her, and that she doesn’t miss her pal Tyson too much; they have shared for a long time, now.

Thanks to everyone who has walked her during her time at the ScPA. She is a great favourite with anyone who likes a hand up the steep hill!

Patty – ADOPTED (after almost three years)

Three other recently arrived dogs were reclaimed, and so it has been a wonderful day. And the week is not over yet!

Adoption of Hermione

Following the joy of Papel’s adoption yesterday, we have some more wonderful news. After what has been a horrid three months for her, little Jack Russell Cross Hermione found a home. As was the case with Papel, we have no idea why this took so long to happen. If you ask anyone what kind of dog is adopted quickest, I think we would all say small young females. Three months is a long wait. And Hermione has hated every second of it.

When she arrived she was full of beans. She bounced around in her kennel and pulled on walks. As time went on she lost all her enthusiasm. She refused to walk and was often carried out of the refuge gates. It was really upsetting to see. DRC put her on as their urgent appeal, but again, this failed to bring her any luck.

Today at last her turn came. A couple came along specifically to meet her. They half walked and half carried her for a while before offering her a home. They have been warned that she might well speed up again, but as they know the breed well, they are prepared for any jack russell shenanigans. And best of all, little Hermione will never be alone, as they are young retirees.

jack russell cross

Hermione – ADOPTED

We wish little Hermione a long and happy life with them. She is only 2 and a half years old, so she has plenty of time in which to forget her stay at the ScPA.

Two other recently arrived dogs were reclaimed, including yesterday’s arrival Ifi, whose chip is registered to an address in Martinique! Luckily her owners were looking for her, but this is another gentle reminder to keep your details up to date on Icad when you move house.

small cross breed


More good news tomorrow, please!

Papel’s turn at last.

Today is Wednesday, and we have our first adoption. Sometimes when there are a couple of days without any dogs finding new homes we get a bit downhearted, but then something happens that raises morale instantly, and that is what happened today….

After over 6 months at the refuge, Papel has been adopted. This lad arrived with his friend Casa in early November, and has had quite a long to wait. Not by some standards, perhaps, but for a dog who is just 18 months old, his time at the ScPA accounts for a third of his life. And it has been quite hard to understand why he hasn’t been chosen sooner, especially as he is fine with other dogs, fine with cats, and fine with children.

The third of these is very important, as today a family with three children came from Toulouse especially to meet him. They had fallen in love with him online, and were even more enchanted when they finally met him. So Papel has a lovely new life and everyone is delighted for him.


So only one adoption so far, but a good one, and hopefully more good news to come.


Adoption of the last two Ebony pups and another oldie finds a foster.

Today the last two pups from the Ebony litter were adopted! This is wonderful news; when the braque cross puppies became available for adoption I think a few of us were worried that the Ebony pups would be left behind, as they are bigger and of course are black. But in fact the whole litter of eight has been adopted in the space of a week or so, which is great news, especially as these really are fabulous pups, playful and well socialised and so deserving of wonderful homes.

black puppy

Iroko – ADOPTED 

Houx and Iroko, to give their original names (although forgetfulness has caused them to be renamed on Facebook) have now left the refuge. Houx has gone to live with a lovely lady who has a young child plus a cat, and Iroko now has several cats for company. We hope that they will be very happy indeed and we look forward to news and photos.

black puppy


This is great news on which to end the week, although it would be better news still to hear that whoever let their dog give birth to these pups has since had her sterilised. We can but dream….

Another lucky oldie has gone to a foster home, too. Perhaps some of you will have seen the photos of a recently arrived dog, Busra. She arrived on Friday having been found straying. This little girl was in very bad condition, and was clearly very old. As she was identified the ScPA was able to contact her owners; last year, when the dog was 12 years old, they rehomed her privately. It is possible that her new family will collect her, but in the meantime, she has somewhere far nicer to spend her time.

Volunteers Ingrid and Marjorie have offered to take this elderly girl home to give her the love and care she needs.  Huge thanks to them. Busra has multiple tumours and deserves to spend her life in a loving environment, and so she has certainly fallen on her paws with Ingrid and Marjorie!

Our long term foster families are such a precious asset; it is no mean feat, offering end of life care to an oldie like this, particularly when a family already has multiple dogs. Ingrid and Marjorie’s other dogs all seem happy with their new house-guest, and the newly renamed Bianca has made herself at home already, as you can see from the picture below!

Bianca – long term foster

So another week draws to a close. What will the new one bring, I wonder?

Three adoptions on a sunny Saturday.

Most of you will be aware of the Ebony Litter, two of whom remain at the refuge. But you are probably unaware of the other pups, who have only just become available for adoption. This litter of three braque crosses has been at the ScPA since the very end of March, but they were quite poorly when they arrived. The best thing was to wait until they were fully recovered before announcing them to the world. Yesterday they were out playing in the parks and today two of them have already found homes!

two black and white braque crosses

Pepsi and Perla – ADOPTED

Pepsi was first to leave, closely followed by Pelica (now renamed Perla). This leaves just one little boy, Pomelo, but don’t worry about him, as he has already made friends with the pups from the Ebony litter so is doing fine. Although of course all three will be even finer once they have their own homes.

brown and white braque cross

Pomelo is still looking for a home

There was another adoption today, too. This was of chihuahua Ella. She arrived in mid February and was completely terrified. Although she was living in the cat house, it was decided that she would progress far quicker in a foster family, and today this family who already know her well have decided to adopt her. Many thanks to them and what a lucky girl Ella is, to have never really known refuge life.



It was a lovely sunny day, and many volunteers came to walk the dogs, and there were several people there with plans to adopt, too, so we hope that more good news is on the way!