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A home for Helly

Today at the refuge was hot, far too hot! Summer time is very hard for the dogs and even with tarpaulins on the cage roofs to create some shade, its so so hot!

A couple of weeks ago we did appeal for paddling pools for the dogs and thanks very much to those who donated some. If you do happen to have one that your dog wont use then do pop in with it. My Labradors who love water wont use a paddling pool, I think that they think it’s a giant water bowl but lots of our dogs will!

Todays lucky girl was Helly. Helly arrived at the end of May as a stray, most likely an ex hunt dog. She is probably a  Bruno de Jura cross, but that’s just a guess. She was very worried about being in such a chaotic noisy environment and appeared very timid at first.

Like all of the scardies she slowly gained confidence and her new owners know that they will have to give her lots of time and patience. At least that is one less dog struggling with the heat in a concrete kennel.

We did have an arrival of another oldie who we have more details of tomorrow as well as the reservation of one of the lovely ‘Wonder Woman’  litter.

Tomorrows weather is hot again but don’t let that put you off. You can still come along, meet the dogs or play with the kittens. Lets hope that despite the heat we have lots of adoptions and I think that we will also have a special doggy visitor!




Adoption of Dana

We had an adoption yesterday; that of little Dana who has been renamed Jipsy. She arrived almost 2 weeks ago, having been found tied up in the vineyards in a nearby village. It wasn’t long before Dana caught the eye of her new family, and although they could not take her home before today, they have been along to visit and to walk her with their other dog, Sukie. So when she left, things were not quite as new as they would otherwise have been!

Also yesterday Augustin was reclaimed. So who was Augustin, you ask. Well, the meeting of the SPA Conseil d’Administration (at the Bistrot Augustin) was invaded by a canine visitor, who was lost and alone. As many people pointed out, he could not have fallen into better hands!  Everyone gave him a cuddle and Patricia took him home for the night.  At the SPA the next day he turned out to be microchipped, but as his owner’s details were not up to date, we could not contact them. Luckily they phoned the SPA to look for their dog, and little Gringo (his real name) went straight home. So his time with us was short but sweet, a bit like the dog, in fact!

It was busy at the SPA today too, but no adoptions. Let’s hope we have more dogs in new homes by the end of the week.

Dana (now Jipsy) – ADOPTED










Augustin (in real life Gringo) – RECLAIMED

small brown pinscher


Adoption of Puppy Boston

We had a great adoption today, that of Boston, now renamed Wonka. Some puppies arrive and attract lots of attention, and this was one such pup. He is a gorgeous little lad, and we have no idea at all why he arrived at the SPA, but we are pleased that he only had the ten days’ pound time to wait before leaving. Better still his new family are well known to us, so we know that we will have lots of news and photos of this little lad as he grows up, and a visit or two, perhaps. Many thanks to his new family, and be a good boy with those cats, Wonka!

Another dog left today. Cabu had only just arrived this morning, and like so many male dogs who arrive, he had run off in search of female company. Luckily he was identified, as Cabu’s owner said that he would never have thought to contact the SPA to find his dog. Not only does he live quite some distance away, but he just assumed that his dog would come home of his own accord. He might well have done so, had someone not brought him to the SPA.

So yet again the benefits of identifying a dog have paid off.

An early blog tonight, as we have a SPA meeting, so there might be more news, which we will catch up on tomorrow.  Another adoption is on the cards too, so watch this space!

Boston (now Wonka) – ADOPTED
mlinois cross pup










big black lab cross

Louisiana Back at Home Thanks to Quillan Police

Today was a busy one at the SPA, with four dogs being collected by their owners. Three of them only arrived today, so usually we would not blog about this, but the fourth dog, Louisiana, arrived on Saturday, and her story is a bit different.

Louisiana is a small and very pretty fox terrier who was brought in by the Police Municipal of Quillan. She was not identified, and so we posted photos on our Facebook page in an attempt to find her owners. Otherwise it would be ten days in the pound and then Louisiana would have been up for adoption.

In addition to that, however, the Quillan police put an announcement in the local paper to let people know that Louisiana had been brought to the SPA. And it is thanks to this that her owners came to collect (and identify her) today! They live over 80kms from the SPA and said that it never occured to them that their dog would be here! Okay, perhaps in time someone might have seen their dog on the internet and alerted them, but by then it might have been too late. Small pretty females have a habit of being adopted quite quickly.

So many thanks to the Police Municipal of Quillan for their initiative. It is thanks to them that Louisiana (real name Vega) is back at home tonight. Of course, had she been identified, she might not have arrived in the first place. And as identification is a legal requirement, the SPA cannot let any dog leave before being chipped. Whether your dog is identified or not, why not at least give him a collar with a medal showing your phone number, that way he can be reunited with you by whoever finds him.

Louisiana (aka Vega) – RECLAIMED
small fox terrier cross

Fun at Chateau Miaou and an Open Sunday at the SPA

DRC volunteers were up early today getting ready for the event at Chateau Miaou. At 10 am the first guests arrived, and after that there was a constant stream of people popping in and out, buying clothes and books, eating sausages and chatting in the sun (yes, SUN) or just showing us their ex SPA dogs. The tombola was a huge hit, too, and many thanks to everyone who donated prizes. Mister Saucisse did us proud, too, donating all the sausages that were cooked by materchef Willie. The barbecue alone raised over €200 and the event some €600 overall. The stock of clothes has reduced considerably, so we will need to restock before next year’s fashion show! Please bear us in mind if you have any good quality clothes to donate, it is for a great cause, and you might even see them on Sabine’s catwalk next spring.

Many thanks to everyone who came along today and also to Sharon  for hosting us again. She and several of her friends are very active supporters of DRC. Their monthly book group raises money for us, and they come to many of our events. Of course, she and Willie adopted Ozzy from us about 7 years ago, and as ever he woofed happily when he saw all his pals coming to visit!

We finished at 14H00, just when the SPA was opening for it’s regular first Sunday of the month. No adoptions today, but Memphis, who arrived yesterday, was reclaimed by his owner, which is great news. And equally good, the final puppy of the Wonder Woman litter was brought in by residents of the village in which he has been living wild. Yes, we still need to get the mother, but at least all the pups are now safe. It was horrible thinking of one little soul having to fend for himself, when all his siblings were getting a new start to life thanks to being brought to the SPA.

So a busy day for all, but a very positive one. Now what does next week have in store, I wonder.

What do you think of the new DRC tablecover?











We had a lovely day











german shepherd cross












Here is the new pup, a little boy






Two Puppies are Adopted

Today two puppies found new homes. The first to leave was Nelly. She arrived ten days ago, and as she was adorable and was wearing a very expensive collar, we thought she would be reclaimed. Wrong yet again! The family who reserved her last week were delighted, of course; they too were sure they would have to make another choice!

Next we said goodbye to Antiope. Yes, strange name, and we are sure it will be changed, but she is named for one of the characters in Wonder Woman. All three pups from this litter are very poorly socialised and will need lots of love and patience, but her new family is more than prepared for this. Many thanks to them and let’s hope that the other 2 pups don’t have long to wait. It will be far easier for them to be socialised in homes, but we are caught in a bit of a vicious circle, as they need to be socialised in order for most people to want to adopt them!

Finally, please don’t forget tomorrow’s yard sale at Chateau Miaou. There is a wet-weather plan in place (we have access to a huge barn), although at the moment it looks like we might be lucky. It should be a great way to spend a couple of hours. Browse through the selection of quality clothes at super bargain prices, take part in the tombola, buy books or DVDs and of course eat (or take away) some British bangers; whilst at the same time helping to raise funds for Dog Rescue Carcassonne. There will be hot and cold drinks available, including for those of you who are not behind the wheel, some beer.

Here is a map showing the location of Chateau Miaou, but just be aware (as I wasn’t when I popped up there today) that the D119 is closed at La Force, so best come another way. Or you can drive between the fields, like I did, which worked out fine!

Hope to see you tomorrow, either there or at the SPA, which is open as it is the first Sunday of the month.











Antiope – ADOPTED

pale brown and white puppt








Hope to see you tomorrow!

Four Adoptions.

We knew that more good news was due this week, but we didn’t expect FOUR adoptions in one day! And two recent arrivals were reclaimed, so it was a good Thursday.

First to leave was Tartine. This tiny bichon puppy finished her pound time today, and the people who had reserved her shortly after her arrival have had a very nervous wait. We have no idea why her owners did not look for her, nor why this little lass was not identified (grrr), but in any case, she has a new home now, and we wish her lots of love and happiness.

Second to leave was lovely Billy! None of us have been able to understand why this dog has spent so long at the SPA. Billy was abandoned in January when his owner moved house. Since then he has won the hearts of just about everyone, but he hadn’t managed to find a home. Okay, he is not good with some dogs, but he is far from being a difficult dog. He has been adopted by a woman who spends her time between France and Sweden, and while in France he will spend his time with Reba, who came from Poorpaws many years ago. Billy deserves every bit of joy that is now coming his way.

Next to leave was Duke. He arrived in early May, and like Billy, he is the perfect dog. A Newfoundland cross, he is one of the dogs who spent time at Maxizoo on Saturday, where his behaviour was immaculate. On Tuesday a family came to meet Duke, and they returned today to make sure he was okay with their own dog. Duke now has a wonderful home, and we look forward to news and photos of him.

Last to be adopted today was Jonquille. In fact she never spent any time at the refuge. We were contacted by a family who needed to rehome her, and we managed to “match make” with a family who have visited the SPA on several occasions looking for a small female dog who was good with children. This shows the advantage of people telling us as much as possible about their dogs; we knew Jonquille fit the bill, and today she was sterilised and the adoption was finalised. Many thanks to her new family for their help in making this work.

Hendricks and Jimi (okay, his real name is Bull) both left with their owner and now both of them, not just one, are chipped. It is the law!

Tartine – ADOPTED




































Jonquille – ADOPTED






Adoption of Two Unwanted Dogs

Yes, I know, all the dogs at the SPA are unwanted to some extent, however you will see what I mean in a minute.

We have two adoptions to tell you about today, and despite being different in many ways, the dogs have one thing in common. Both dogs came in unidentified, and the owners of both dogs contacted the SPA to say that they would come to collect their dogs. Neither of them came! So today both Bowling and Louisa left with new families, leaving their old ones relieved or disappointed or perhaps ambivalent.

Clearly not everyone loves their dog as much as they should. One has to wonder if they were put off by the cost of the legal requirement to identify their dogs. In that case, perhaps they should have made sure their dogs were never in a position to be brought to the SPA. After all dogs who are safe with their owners are not brought in. But as I said, maybe they didn’t really care that much.

On the plus side, of course it is good news for both Louisa and Bowling. In fact we have no decent photos of Bowling, because we were sure early on that his owner would come. The dog was just so perfect, we could not believe he would be left once his owner knew where he was. And as for Louisa, she appeared to be so poorly socialised when she arrived that perhaps a new home is the best thing for her too! We can’t help but think that if the owners HAD come to reclaim their dogs, then today’s adopters would have each chosen a different dog, meaning that four dogs would have left, not just two…..

More responsible ownership is the way ahead. Or maybe some people should just not get dogs in the first place!

Bowling – ADOPTED
golden lab cross











Louisa – ADOPTED

pale spaniel cross

Pools and Puppies

It has been a quiet week in terms of adoptions so far this week, although we know that some lucky dogs will be leaving later in the week.

Yesterday two dogs arrived and departed and one of them, Reglisse, is 17 years old! Incredible that he should have not been identified all this time. If yesterday was not the first time he has gone wandering, it was certainly the first time he had been brought to the SPA. We are glad that his owner loves him enough to collect him, I must say, our hearts sank at the sight of yet another oldie arriving. Despite the fact that this lad was lucky enough to find a spot in the relative cool of the infirmary, far better for him to be at home with his family.

On the subject of keeping cool, thanks to those of you who have donated paddling pools for the dogs. We put an appeal out on Facebook, and straight away we had people coming along to donate old (or new) pools. We really appreciate your generosity, and so do the dogs! Before tonight’s torrential rain, this was the first water some of the dogs have seen since their arrival (other than that used for cleaning their kennels, of course)

Three dogs who are not quite sure what to make of their pool are our little pups, The Wonder Woman Litter. One boy (don’t worry, he is named after a male character) and two girls, these three were found in the wild and caught thanks to the efforts of a team of volunteers and staff. In need of socialisation, they are four months old and going to be small to medium adults.

Why not come and meet them or some of our other lovely dogs?

17 year old Reglisse – RECLAIMED
scruffy old terrier











Puppies Zeus, Hippolyte and Antiope

black and tan puppy


Two Adoptions and Many Thanks to Maxizoo

So how did the week finish? Well for a start we had the adoption of puppy Sesame. He was reserved last weekend but his new family were unable to take him home until today. However as they are friends of Isa, she decided to look after him for a week so that he would not be lonely at the SPA, all his siblings having left. Today he went to his new home, and has already been renamed Ranger!

Today the SPA was invited to Maxizoo. This pet store (which does not sell animals, incidentally) has been running a recent campaign to collect tins of cat food for an organisation of their choice. And lucky for us they chose the SPA. Since the 13th of this month we have watched the pyramid of tins grow ever higher. And to end the campaign, volunteers spent the day at Maxizoo talking to customers and accepting donations for all the animals at the refuge. As ever we are grateful for the generosity of our supporters, and also to the managment and staff of Maxizoo for thinking of us and for their hospitality. As well as bags and bags of dog and cat food and toys, the grand total was 1085 tins of cat food!

Many thanks too to everyone who visited us with their dogs, especially the dogs we knew from the refuge itself. So lovely to see them all looking so well and happy.

Back at the SPA we had the adoption of Rex. He was abandoned in April when his owner decided he no longer had time to devote to his dog. Poor Rex, at seven years old, would he find love again? Answer : a very big yes. For a start, all the staff and volunteers loved him, as Rex is adorable! And then yesterday a couple who had recently lost their brittany spaniel came to look for a new Brittany and were instantly drawn to Rex. They returned today to spend more time with him and they were smitten. Great news for this lovely lad.

So two dogs are in new homes tonight and the dogs and cats of the SPA have lots of new treats thanks to our friends at Maxizoo.

Sesame (now Ranger) – ADOPTED
puppy with striped face











brittany spaniel









Many thanks to Maxizoo

ots of donated dog food