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Two adoptions and two dogs reclaimed

We are still reaping the benefits of last week’s open days, with two more dogs who were reserved then finally leaving. Regardless of our desire for the dogs to reach their new homes as soon as possible, we always respect the pound time, and also that the dogs leave castrated or sterilised. There are already way to any unwanted dogs in the world, without risking more puppies being born!

First to leave was Russell, who had been with us for just over a month. He is a great little chap, fine with cats and other dogs and incredibly calm for a jack russell cross. We hope he brings lots of joy to his new family, who for various reasons are in need of cheering up right now.

The second dog to be adopted was Samson, who has now been renamed Sam. He too is a relatively new arrival, and he is doubly lucky, as black dogs quite often have longer to wait. However his owner saw immediately what a special boy he is. But aren’t they all, in their own way!

Two dogs were also reclaimed. Maa was adopted in August and seems to have a bit of a habit of wandering. His owners came to collect him today and we hope they have learned from this and keep a closer eye on him.

Second to leave was Maya, who only spent a couple of hours with us. She is a lovely girl who took fright during this morning’s storm. So if your dogs are nervous of thunder and lightening, remember to keep an eye on them when storms are about.

We had two arrivals. One is a puppy who is a ball of fur. He has been name Beary (as in Bear-like) and is going to be a big lad. The other is a fabulous faue de Bretagne. We have called her Ginny and are expecting great things for her!

Russell – ADOPTED









Samson – ADOPTED

























Maya was scared by the thunder and ran away . She is safe at home now.

border collie









New arrival puppy BEARY

small fluffy puppy









And new arrival  GINNY

fauve de Bretagne



A bit more about leishmaniasis

There has been a huge reaction to the before and after photos of Lutine, which have been circulating on Facebook today. The SPA Carcassonne is rightly proud of its work with sick and suffering animals, so thanks on behalf of the employes for all your words of thanks and encouragement.

We thought it might be useful to talk a bit about Lutine’s disease. Believe it or not, although leishmaniasis has been mentioned in the blog before, we have never really gone into much detail.

Leishmaniasis is a chronic disease that is transmitted by the sand fly. The incubation period can be anything from one month to several years, and unless treated the more severe (visceral) form can cause a dog’s internal organs to gradually shut down, with the most common cause of death being renal failure. Signs of leish can include the tell tale “goggles” of bare skin around a dog’s eyes, as well as patches of scaley skin and emaciation.

Luckily there is a very quick test that can be carried out by your vet (assuming you are in a leish area, otherwise you will probably know more about the disease than your vet!), and you will know immediately if your dog has been infected or not.

And if he has, don’t panic. In its early stages and with regular medication the disease can be halted in its tracks and your dog should live a normal healthy life. Even in more advanced cases the prognosis is good; just look at Lutine and of course Pixie (ex Nude), now safe and in long term foster with Isabelle.

Of course the best thing is to prevent your dog catching leishmaniasis in the first place, and this can be done in a number of ways.  Deltamethrin collars (Scalibor) are very effective, as are spot on treatments such as Advantix.  Other practical measures can help too, such as keeping your dog indoors during dusk and at night when sandflies are most active. This is possibly why it is more common in hunt dogs, they often live outside and are more likely to be unprotected.

The map below shows the gradual spread of leishmaniasis. Carcassonne is still in a “safe” zone and cases here are rare, happily, so please don’t panic about adopting from us! The employees and the vets are all very experienced and know the signs so you can adopt in confidence. And all dogs sent abroad by DRC are checked before they leave. Not forgettting of course there are wonderful people who are happy to offer a home to dogs regardless of their disease status. As we have said so often, the heart goes where the heart goes!

We know several DRC followers who have dogs with leish and the web is full of useful resources. But if  you would like any help wading through the information, we can probably put you in touch with someone who can help.

Today was a quiet one at the SPA, with just one reservation. But it was a good one, so we are happy! And there is good news on the way tomorrow, too!

A map showing the spread of leishmaniasis










This was Nude when she arrived













She is now renamed Pixie and looks like this!


The road to recovery

Today was a day for walks and getting to know a couple of new dogs who have been at the SPA for a while but who are only now able to go out for walks.

Lutine has been with us for 2 months today, and usually by this time dogs are fully vaccinated and able to go for walks. However Lutine arrived with no hair and was in a terrible state. This was due to advanced Leisshmaniasis. We mentioned this disease when we spoke about the adoption of Oscar on Sunday. His illness was caught in the very early stages, where no damage had been done, and thanks to a daily tablet, it has been halted there. Lutine’s illness was clearly more advanced.

However like Pixie (ex Nude), Lutine is now well on the way to recovery. She is a gorgeous girl and we are hoping that she will have the same luck as Pixie and find a home of her own in time.

The second dog the volunteers got to know today was the newly christened Dinky-Do. He arrived having probably been hit by a car, and has had major surgery on his hips. He is one year old and tiny and absolutely adorable. We are sure he will be very popular, despite the fact that he will perhaps be more susceptible to arthritis in his later years.

So two lovely new dogs to play with, as well as plenty to walk. And we did some of that, too, it wasn’t just a day of cuddles! Honest!

Lutine when she arrived












And today- on the road to recovery










Dinky- Doo – Ready for his new home!

cute tricloured terrier

Bella’s big day

Today was a good day, especially for a Monday.

We have mentioned in previous blogs that sometimes a dog’s turn just seems to come round. After months and sometimes years of no interest, things just fall into place. Such was the case with Bella today. She has been at the SPA for almost exactly six months, having been abandoned after adoption as a puppy. A lovely girl, she is fine with other dogs and cats, but it has taken this long for her to find a home. As we say over and over again, that is because we have such wonderful looking dogs, it is just so hard to choose!

A couple of people were interested in her last week, but for various reasons other dogs were chosen instead. But something was definitely in the air, and today Bella finally left. We are delighted for her, and wish her lots of happiness in her new life. She has children to play with and they were enchanted with her, as she was with them.

We were very pleased that Ramses was reclaimed, too. he is a lovely looking lad and we were a bit worried when we were unable to reach his owner by phone. Just shows the power of Facebook. His owners saw his photo on the SPA page and came along to collect him today.

Another dog arrived and was reclaimed, so let’s hope this is a taste of what is to come this week.

Bella – ADOPTED after 6 months.













border collie cross

Two adoptions on open Sunday

First of all we need to clear up some confusion. Boudin’s owners were very surprised when they read the blog, as at that very moment Boudin (now called Link) was sitting by their feet. The dog who was brought back yesterday was in fact Milo, who was adopted at about the same time. We have no idea why his owners told us he had been called Boudin when he was at the SPA. In any case, Milo is a fabulous little chap, but as per yesterday’s blog, he will probably need to share his life with another dog if he is to stop his chewing.

Today was open day Sunday, and we had two reservations as well as two adoptions. We mentioned “old dogs” in last night’s blog, and so here is the news.

After nearly 15 months at the SPA, Oscar finally left for his new home today. This fabulous labrit has been very lucky, as not only is he not the youngest of dogs (although he is far from the oldest), he also has leischmaniasis. This was caught at a very early stage and as long as he gets his medication every day, he will be fine. But finding an owner willing to take this on has not been easy. The thought of the illness scares people, but in fact it is easily manageable, and providing dogs are treated against sand flies (with Advocate, for example) it is not infectious. Oscar’s new owners did not bat an eyelid at the news, and off he went for a new life. They were delighted with him and it is of note that although they arrived at the SPA with a list of “possibles”, when they saw Oscar ( who was not on the list) their choice was made.

As we often say, the heart goes where the heart goes!

Second to leave was litle Morgane, who has already been renamed Myrtille. Morgane is about 10 years old and has just had a tumour removed, so she will have to take it easy for a while till she is fully recovered. But she will get better far quicker away from the SPA, that is for sure. Her new family had been to see her yesterday and came along today with their magnificent beagle to make sure the two dogs got along together. Everyone left looking very happy!

There were plenty of volunteers walking dogs and chatting to potential adoptees, so despite only having a couple of adoptions the weekend has been well worthwhile.

This is Milo!

jack russell









Oscar – ADOPTED after 15 months

Couple with hairy dog










Morgane (now Myrtille, with pal Groseille) – ADOPTED

brown dog with beagle

One puppy adoption, but more to come.

Today saw the adoption of the last but one spaniel cross puppy, which isn’t a huge success in terms of open days. However if I tell you that we have no fewer than six reservations, maybe you will agree that today was far from being a failure.

The last of the black speckled pups left, leaving just one little orange speckled boy. And as we have some soft hearted volunteers, he has gone home with them, just for the night. No one could bear the thought of him spending the night alone at the SPA. He will be back tomorrow to see if it open day Sunday is going to be lucky for him.

A couple of dogs would have left the refuge today had they been ready. As it is, vet appointments have been made for later in the week and so the families and dogs both have to wait. From that you will have gathered that at least a couple of the new dogs are relatively new arrivals. But two of them are far from new arrivals and are even (hush) OLD DOGS! Yippee!

So lots of good news to come in the next few days.

Sadly today saw the return of jack russell Boudin (son of Saucisse) who is now called Milo. He will need a home with another dog or where he is less anxious, as no one needs a dog who chews!

Another dog arrived too, a handsome lad called Ramses. He is identified and we are hoping that he is just lost.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. But we know of at least of one fabulous adoption taking place!

spaniel cross puppy










Boudin (now Milo) – back at the SPA
jack russell









New arrival Ramses – we hope he is just lost

border collie cross


Flash and Jubba leave, and Hyde is adopted after 18 months!

The good news continued today, with two adoptions, including one of a dog who has been with us for a LONG time!

The dog who was meant to leave yesterday did so today. Sometimes work just gets in the way, but an extra day does not seem to have done Flash any harm, he has only been with us for a very short time and is a great little chap.

Next to leave was fabulous puppy Jubba. Incredibly he had already had several owners before arriving at the SPA. Some pups are just unlucky. But that has all changed; Jubba has gone to live with relatives of SPA employee Marion, and he is going to have a great life.

The BIG news of the day is the adoption of Hyde. She arrived at the SPA in June 2015, and no one has so much as looked at her since. Apart from the employees and volunteers, that is 😉 . She is a very timid girl, and when touring the SPA with an adoption in mind most visitors understandably tend to overlook the dogs who remain hiding in their kennels. No that is not why she was called Hyde, by the way! In any case, Hyde’s turn has finally come.

No, it was not as a result of the urgent appeal on DRC, although a couple of people have offered Hyde a home as a result of that, which is lovely. No, rather it was a couple who came on speck, just looking for a dog who is good with cats. They were accompanied by a volunteer to see one of the dogs in the lower kennels, and the woman spotted Hyde and it was LOVE. But would Hyde be okay with cats…..? Everyone held their breath while the visit to the cat house took place….BINGO!

At last Hyde has a home. Yes, the road may be long, but timid dogs can progress so much more quickly away from the noise of the refuge. We hope that Hyde’s life contains nothing but joy from now on.

Don’t forget that it is the open weekend at the SPAs throughout France this weekend. Perhaps there will be some more stunning news to come!



















Hyde – ADOPTED after 18 months




Two adoptions but the sad return of Poupette

Two of the dogs who were reserved on Saturday left today. You see, we told you yesterday was just a hiccup.

First to leave was Goldie.She was found at the SPA gate at the beginning of September, complete with lead and collar. On Saturday she will be six months old, and we are delighted that she has found a home before this landmark. She left today with a family who had seen her on the internet and come to the SPA especially to meet her.

Next to leave was Tara, who arrived nearly three weeks ago. She is a lovely girl and although she is of (ah-hem) indeterminate breed, she is small and cute and young and just perfect for her new family.

A third dog was due to leave but did not, so we are hoping that his new family will come for him tomorrow. But it will be a good day in any case, with two dogs already scheduled to leave. And one of them is going to thrill you!

When we blogged last night we had not heard yesterday’s bad news, the return of Poupette. She was adopted already as an old dog two years ago and she is now approaching 12. Her former owners find her too strong on the lead bearing in mind their advancing years and failing health. In fact she is a dream on the lead, but not when she passes other dogs. Such a shame. We are really hoping that she might be lucky before winter arrives; luckily there are some wonderful people out there. And bearing in mind that Poupette has been living happily with cats, we have our fingers crossed that someone will offer her a home. She is a bit chunkier than when she left us, but her owners have kept her vaccinations up to date, so we were able to start her exercise regime straight away! We will soon have her back in shape. She is as adorable as ever, of course.

Goldie – ADOPTED
Golden labrador




















Poupette – back at the SPA and nearly 12 years old 🙁

stocky dog

Midweek catch up

Yes, we usually have a bit of a catch up on Sunday, but as this Sunday we are open, and as today was a quiet one at the SPA, today is the day! When I say today was quiet I mean in terms of adoptions and dog arrivals. I am sure that things were pretty busy otherwise; they usually are.

Who remembers Arthur? No, not the dog that used to be called Toby and who just left, I mean the dog that was called Arthur when he was at the SPA. He was adopted at the end of May and is still called Arthur. In any case Arthur (who used to be Arthur) has just had a DNA test. And rather than being a shepherd cross, he is in fact mostly Brittany spaniel, with some ratier and 25% of something else (not all the French breeds are on the database). Amazing, eh? Not that his owners care at all, they are having loads of fun with this lively lad.

We also have news of Carl, who is now called Dexter. When his new family came to meet him they stressed how important it was that he was good with other dogs. We were sure he was, and it was lucky that we were right! Just look at him with his friends!   How wonderful to see such a sociable group of dogs. Dexter is the german shepherd at the top of the picture, by the way.

And we received this photo of Haggis (ex Tico) who was adopted just over two years ago. What a handsome dog he is.

We see quite a bit of news of Leika, who now lives in the UK. This photo was received this morning and we are sure you will agree that she is looking wonderful!

At least one adoption happening tomorrow, so this is just a bit of a hiatus, we promise!

Arthur – A bit of an unexpected mixture!












Dexter (ex Carl) with his pals










And fabulous Haggis!

very hairy dog







Leika is looking wonderful, too

fox terrier


Anatole and Yota are adopted

The first two of Saturday’s reservations came to fruition today, as planned.

First to leave was Anatole. This lad arrived about five weeks ago in a terrible state. He was severely underweight, and had mange. After three weeks of TLC he was ready for adoption, and when his pictures were uploaded to Facebook many people thought they recognised him from lost dog notices that had been circulated. No, Anatole was not the missing dog. Apart from the fact that his markings are completely different, the lost dog was older, heavier and in good health.

There were many people interested in Anatole, and it was important to have someone who knows the breed. Being a puppy Anatole is a dream dog, but his breed can develop certain behaviours if not properly educated. His new home sees ideal and we look forward to seeing his progress.

Then we said gooebye to lovely Yota. This border collie arrived thanks to a couple who were aquaintances of her former owner who sadly died. It is always sad when dogs arrive after a tragedy such as this, and we are pleased that Yota did not have long to wait before finding her new home. Her new owner saw her picture on Facebook and fell in love. She works at the Veterinary College in Toulouse, and so we know that Yota is in excellent hands.

We had one new arrival, a little girl who has an upturned nose, so we have called her Duckette. She is very sweet and already sharing her kennel. And we took some photos of a lovely dog who arrived a few days ago. Chicanos is going to be a popular boy with anyone who meets him. A real love bug!

And we had an AMAZING reservation…a dog who has spent a long time at the SPA has finally struck lucky! Wait and see who it is!

Anatole – ADOPTED

Anatolian shepherd










border collie with one blue and one brown eye









New arrival – DUCKETTE

small dog with upturned nose









And recent arrival – CHICANOS

dog with brown eyes