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A Day of Twos

We didn’t have any adoptions today, but it was a day of twos.

We had two arrivals, two reservations, and someone is celebrating two years since finding their new home.

Firstly the arrivals. Bones is a fabulous bleu de gascogne who was found in Esperaza. Or rather he will be fabulous once he has put on some weight. This lad is all skin and bone (hence his name), and although he is not at all timid, he will need lots of love and care before he is back to full strength. Well, although a home is best, the SPA is definitely better than where he was before!

Second to arrive was a new puppy. She hasn’t got a name yet, or maybe she has by now, as she has gone home with volunteer Isa, foster mum extraordinaire. The vet estimates her age as being 8 weeks (the puppy, that is, not Isa), and she is some kind of spaniel mix. Absolutely adorable!

The two reservations are both of female dogs who have arrived recently; la Beaglette and Mila. So they will both be off very soon.

As for the two year celebration; that honour goes to fauve de Bretagne Athos, ex Scapin. DRC is still in touch with his adopters, as we are with many other families of ex SPA dogs. It was two years ago today that Scapin was first spotted on the SPA Carcassonne Facebook page by a couple in southern Germany. They fell instantly in love and immediately made plans to visit Carcassonne. The rest, as they say, is history! Athos and his canine pals have their own Facebook page and the photos have shown his gradual evolution from a skinny and terrified dog to a magnificent well socialised one. Many thanks to his new family.

Thanks also to all the walkers who came along today. The weather is still great and we are determined to make the most of it. Let’s hope it holds through the weekend, when of course we are open on both afternoons, as well as being present at Jardiland!

One of today’s two new arrivals, a lovely female puppy
tricoloured spaniel puppy











And lovely Athos enjoying life two years after being spotted on the SPA Facebook page.

Fauve de Bretagne

A spruced up Ellie leaves!

Today saw the adoption of Ellie. She had only arrived recently, but it was obvious immediately that she is a gem of a dog. She was put in to share a kennel with tiny timid Perou, and when the employees went to see how the two dogs were getting on, Ellie was lying in Perou’s basket, licking his face.

Seven year old Ellie had probably been a hunt dog, and she is initially very scared of many things. However she quickly gains in confidence, usually helped along by tidbits! When she arrived she had nasty red patches on her back, probably due to an allergy to fleas. Although there is still a bit more regrowth to come, she is looking so much better, particularly since yesterday, when Angelique did a bit of volunteer grooming. The before and after pictures speak for themselves!

Today, after being sterilised, Ellie left for her new home and we are sure she will be very happy.  Her new family quite sensibly have decided to use a varykennel to help Ellie settle in; she has a lot of new things to get used to. But we are sure she will approach everything with aplomb!

Yesterday’s arrival, Plouf, is the next dog to benefit from Angelique’s skill as a groomer. He is still a work in progress, but he is looking much happier already. He is a lovely friendly little lad, and he too should be adopted very quickly.

Other than that there were plenty of volunteers and walks a-plenty. And no arrivals…..

Ellie (before and after) – ADOPTED

dirty dog then clean dog











Plouf – looking better, even mid-groom

small fluffy dog

News of newbies

On a day when there are no adoptions how can there possibly be good news?

Well firstly the weather was fabulous and the volunteers were able to get quite a few dogs out for walks, which is always great. And secondly we got to meet and take photos of a couple of recent arrivals and they are both really amazing and neither should have long to wait before finding a new home. If they are not reclaimed, that is.

First is three year old Mila, who is beautiful and affectionate. She has a poorly ear at the moment, but of course she is getting treatment for that (a mild infection). At the moment there is lots of head-shaking (a classic sign), but when she isn’t doing that she is busy giving cuddles to anyone she can. As the photos show, she has had several litters of puppies already, so her good news is that we will get her sterilised, as we do all our dogs.

And next there is Dolly, who is just stunning. She is soft and gentle and appears to be well-trained. Don’t be fooled by the grey fur, this girl is young and brimming over with love. Whoever adopts her will consider themselves exceptionally blessed.

I guess the final piece of good news is that a last minute arrival today was rescued from the canal, and brought to the safety of the SPA. Yes, in theory all dogs can swim, but they can’t get out of steep river banks, especially when they have not been brushed or combed for many many months. No doubt Plouf will feel a whole lot lighter once he has had some of that matted fur clipped.

We have an adoption taking place tomorrow, so tomorrow’s news will be even better! Plus we had a wonderful reservation of a medium to long termer. But that news is for later on!

New arrival – MILA
shepherd cross









New arrival DOLLY

brindle dog









And out of the canal- new arrival PLOUF

scruffy pale beige dog

Mouchi Monday!

Jack russell Mouchi arrived just over ten days ago and didn’t have long to wait before finding his home. Small dogs like this usually leave quickly, and there was quite a bit of interest in this lad. Hardly surprising; a small, young, affectionate dog is many people’s ideal. We have to wonder why this gorgeous dog was not identified when he arrived, however. Surely someone must be missing him. The family who reserved him had a fairly nervous wait, wondering if his former owners would come to reclaim him, but today that was over and little Mouchi was delighted to leave the SPA, complete with his new name, Aston. Very distinguished!

We are happy for him, too, even if his place was quickly taken by two new arrivals. More news on them tomorrow, but by Monday’s standards two arrivals is not too bad….

We mentioned briefly that we had been visited by some ex SPA dogs yesterday. We also had another visit, too. A team from Trèbes Sports Canins came to visit. Instead of bringing dog food, which they do on a regular (and very generous) basis, they came to ask what was on our shopping list. This time they had collected money and wished to spend it wisely. We asked for something we use on a regular basis, namely good quality anti tick and flea treatments and wormers. No sooner said than done; look what arrived today! Many thanks to everyone at Trèbes Sports Canins for their generosity.
Mouchi  (now Aston) – ADOPTED
small jack russell









Many thanks to Trèbes Sports Canins

packets of dog medicines

One new arrival on a fun and sunny Sunday

Today was our usual first Sunday of the month opening, despite the fact that we are also opening next Sunday for “Animal Christmas”. We did debate whether or not to open today, but it has become a regular fixture, and we all seem to enjoy it, so why change a winning formula? In fact there were people already waiting at the gate when we arrived just before 14H00, so it was the right decision, especially as these first visitors ended up reserving a dog!

We had another reservation too, of a dog who has been at the SPA for quite a long time. That makes us all very happy and although he won’t be leaving for a few weeks, we know he will be very happy, as we know his new family already.

We nearly got away without any bad news, but two minutes before we closed a dog arrived having been found in Arzens. He was found this morning but the person who found him was hoping he would get on with her own dog. Sadly not. Or maybe this is good, as perhaps there is someone looking for him. We can but hope! No surprises for guessing that he is not identified.

It was a much warmer day today, thankfully and hence far more pleasant for dog walking. And there was quite a bit of that, thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers! What a team! Thanks also to everyone who came along to donate food, or blankets or just to show us their ex -SPA dogs.

This boy was found in Arzens.Does anyone recognise him?

pal dog with brown ears

Arrival of La Beaglette and the Christmas Tree is up!

Today was a cold one with a biting wind, so many thanks to the people who came along to walk dogs. It makes such a difference to them; as well as keeping them socialised, it helps to remind them what normal life should be like. And although there were no adoptions, but a couple of people did come along to meet dogs with a view to adopting in the future.

The refuge has started to look a lot more Christmassy now that the tree is up. Thanks to everyone who has bought baubles for their favourite dogs. and of course thanks to the employees and volunteers who have been making them.  They are beautifully decorated and that all takes time as well as commitment. Pretty soon we hope that the tree will be ladened down with gifts for the dogs and cats of the SPA. Because yes, after some initial difficulties the team has been able to source baubles for the cats, too. 😀

We did have a new arrival at the SPA today. Now, I may be slightly biased, but is there anything more wonderful on God’s green earth than a beagle? Of course not! And just look at this girl. She has already attracted some attention, a family is just waiting for her to see the vet for the first time before confirming their reservation. If her owner doesn’t reclaim her first, that is. Why a gorgeous dog like this is not identified is hard to comprehend. However whether she leaves with her old family or a new one, she will be identified before doing so, that is for sure.

Don’t forget that we are open tomorrow from 14H00-18H00 for you to come along to meet the dogs and cats, or maybe just to buy them or your own animal a present in this season of good will.

The Christmas tree is up!
Xmas tree












A basket of baubles

treat filled baubles











Arrival of La Beaglette

beagle dog


Adoption of Flynn and Womack

Today we had two adoptions , which we hope bodes well for the upcoming open weekend.

First to leave was Womack. He arrived in the middle of October and we are so happy that he didn’t have too long to wait. He is a fabulous looking dog, and still just a baby. He is always looking for affection and we are sure that he will have plenty of that in his new home.

Next to leave was Flynn. He arrived fairly recently too, and we are pretty sure that the man who brought him in knew him rather better than he claimed. I still remember the cries and distress of Flynn as this person walked away leaving him to his cold lonely incarceration. Estelle was the first person to take Flynn out on a walk (once he was fully vaccinated), and she came full of praise. He was obedient and attentive, and a joy to spend time with.

In other good news lovely Milli was reclaimed. She arrived on Monday and was identified, but we had trouble contacting her owner. In fact the person on the central database had given Millie away and the new owner had not done the paperwork to update the details. This meant a bit more work, as we had to make sure that we returned the dog to the right person. Still, as is well that ends well. And of course we are all very happy that Millie is back where she belongs. It was heartbreaking seeing her behind bars; she wouldn’t stop crying and we were all desperately sad for her.

We had a resrvation too, so it was a good Friday! Don’t forget we are open both tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. Let’s hope for more lovely adoptions. As the weather turns wintery it is horrid to think of the poor dogs out in the cold.

Womack – ADOPTED
hairy tricoloured dog










malinous cross








Millie – ADOPTED

black griffon cross

Adoption of Ondine and Shaylee

We had two adoptions today, one which took place at the SPA and one that took place directly from a foster family.

As there is only one dog in foster right now (or rather in foster pending adoption, as opposed to in long term foster for health or age reasons), you have probably guessed who it was. Yes, puppy Shaylee who has been living with Isa and her family ( and their dogs) found her new home today. She is a gorgeous little girl, full of confidence and energy and she is surely going to delight her new family. She will have other spaniels to play with, one of 14 and one of 4 years, which is perfect for her, as she is very used to playing with other dogs and would have missed canine company otherwise.

On the other end of the spectrum in terms of confidence is little Ondine. But she too found a home today. Ondine is one of the dogs from Ste Eulalie, and although she was undoubtedly one of the prettiest, she is also one of the most timid. Some of these dogs have been adopted and are doing well. Others have been adopted and are doing less well (notably Pinder, who went missing a couple of days after his adoption, never to be found. And yet more are still at the SPA, still being socialised even after all this time.  Some dogs have suffered so much before the SPA that they have a long road ahead of them.

Ondine’s new family have been well briefed as to her character by employee Angelique who, along with several volunteers, has spent a lot of time trying to help Ondine on her way to a better life. Fingers crossed that all goes well for her.

We have a couple of new arrivals to show you in due course, and we had a reservation too. More good news on the way….

Shaylee – ADOPTED (thanks to Isa and her family yet again)










Ondine – ADOPTED

small fluffy ratier

November brings joy to Auguste

We had another wonderful adoption today. After four months at the SPA Auguste found a new home today. Despite his name this lovely shepherd cross did not arrive in the month of August. He in fact got his name due to his resemblance to SPA resident Cesar. In fact there are many dogs who look a bit like this, and our hearts always sink when new ones arrive. Looking a bit unusual can definitely be a good thing at the SPA, when each dog is effectively competing for the attention of visitors.

Auguste’s new family did in fact look at a couple of dogs of the same type, but they finally chose Auguste and we are delighted for him. We suspect that he was left behind when some travellers passed through the area, and he has not enjoyed being locked up. His new family promise lots of lovely walks and outdoor activity, and Auguste should have a great life with them.

Tomorrow is December 1st, and that is Auguste’s third birthday, according to the vet’s estimate. What a great birthday present he has had. Other dogs are hoping that Christmas brings them joy, even if it is only in the form of a Christmas bauble! Although of course an adoption would be best of all!

There were no arrivals…let’s hope this carries on. More dogs in the warm is what we all want.

Auguste – ADOPTED

big dog with couple


Adoption of Gertrude and Operation Christmas is launched

We said that Justin’s owners had visited and were quite taken with the thought of another spaniel. Well today they came to offer a fabulous new home to lucky Gertrude. They had taken her for a walk with three of their dogs on Saturday, and although they were also drawn to both Risette and Lutine (yes, they REALLY like spaniels), they felt that old lady Gertrude needed them most. Great that the first adoption we have had for several days is such a lovely one.

Sadly Gertrude’s place in the heated infirmary was immediately taken by a new arrival, whom we have named Gino. He hasn’t seen the vet yet, but the feeling is that he will be the oldest dog at the SPA. Unidentified, of course, but maybe someone is looking for him. And he is small, which might help him find a new home if one is needed.

Little jack russell Masha was reclaimed, as was fabulous lagotto romagnolo Julo, who only arrived this afternoon.

Moving on, those of you who have been following the SPA or the blog for a while will know that usually at this time of year we launch our Christmas bauble appeal. The SPA will soon put up its Christmas tree, and we hope to adorn it with a bauble for every single dog who is sadly destined to spend the festive season with us.

These baubles are filled with dog treats and each will be labelled with the name of the lucky dog. As in previous years they cost just €4.50 and of course you can purchase them for your own dog too. For obvious reasons we are unable to send them by post, though. The SPA now has a Paypal account, which is spacarcassonne@yahoo.fr or if you prefer to send your money to DRC we will of course buy the bauble on your behalf. Please don’t forget to state who you want to receive the treats. Or if you have no preference, just say so and we will make sure that one of the forgotten dogs (yes, there are always a few, sadly) has a gift after all.

Many thanks in advance. Let’s get that tree loaded!

Gertrude – ADOPTED










Gino – new (old) arrival

Old dog









Christmas baubles can be bought for your favourite dogs