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Adoptions of Paco and Mulan…

When Paco arrived at the ScPA  in October it was his second stint with us. He had been adopted as an older pup but was returned due to divorce. He is certainly unique with a Sharpie head, a long body but short legs! He is a friendly, steady boy who is fine with other dogs so should be a perfect match for his new owner.

Paco adopted!

Next to leave was lovely Mulan, a yound female who had only been with us for about 3 weeks.

Mulan adopted!

They really are lucky as life is not great in winter for the dogs at the ScPA. Its heart breaking seeing then shivering in their kennels and even although we make sure they have clean, warm bedding, the reality is that they are still in cold concrete boxes.

So how can we make life just a little better for them? Well first of all we can ger them moving and as many as possible out on walks or in the exercise park. We are very careful that their water doesn’t ice over and some of then need a bit more food to help them fight the cold.

When its very cold dog coats really help and waterproof ones are best.

For some of our doggies it’s their third or fourth winter in kennels which is such a shame.

With the cold weather arriving, another reminder about the dangers of anti-freeze which can be extremely dangerous for our pets.

Anti-freeze contains the chemical Ethylene Glycol which dogs and cats find very palatable, as it tastes sweet. It is, in fact, extremely poisonous to them and can be lethal if ingested. Even a small amount can prove fatal, and it’s thought that walking through a spillage and then cleaning their paws could be enough to cause serious illness, or even death.

When filling up your car or de-icing your windows, be sure to mop up any spillages, and store it in a sealed, labelled container, out of your pets’ reach.

If you suspect your pet could be a victim of anti-freeze poisoning, it’s vital to seek veterinary help immediately.



Two adoptions already!

Today brings you the first blog of the year, but not the first adoption! That took place earlier this week, but with lots of staff on holiday, getting information is not always straightforward. No matter, though, today is a good chance to catch up.

So who was the first leaver of 2019? It was none other than Neika! She arrived in early November with a badly broken leg. She was operated on, naturally, but afterwards she required a long period of convalescence, which of course added to her frustration. Keeping a young dog immobile for weeks on end is not easy, and staff and volunteers have been making sure that Neika got out for a short walk at least once a day. All she wanted to do was leap around, of course.

Now she has a home Neika will recuperate far quicker, and with any luck this young girl will soon be able to run around to her heart’s content. We look forward to news of her progress from her new family. Many thanks to them for our first adoption of 2019!

brown and white shepherd cross


Today’s adoption was that of the last dog abandoned last year! Poker was brought in on December 31st by his owner who said that Poker was perfect in every way, except for being car sick. Of all the excuses to abandon a dog, this is one of the most ridiculous I have heard. Many dogs go through some car sickness, and most of them get over it, and those who don’t are usually loved enough for their owners to forgive them this minor imperfection.

In any case, it didn’t take long for lovely Poker to find a new home. He left today for a new life and we are all delighted for him.

setter cross


More good news is on the way, as early as tomorrow. Welcome to 2019, everyone!

Farewell to another year

Well Clifford wasn’t the last dog to leave before the end of the year, as today we had two final adoptions. Tiny little Avery was reserved on Saturday, but had to wait to leave until today, when her pound time was due to finish. Exciting times for her family, who are adopting their first dog. What a great way to start the New Year, both for them and for this little cutie.


Avery arrived with another tiny dog, Tex, and we posted photos of him on Thursday night, hoping that he would be adopted soon. And sure enough he too left for his new home today. So that is the two smallest dogs safe and in the warm. However there are still far too many dogs at the refuge waiting for their new lives to begin.


The nights are very cold now, and I am far from being the only one who has sleepless nights thinking of the dogs huddled in their kennels, trying desperately to keep warm. For some of them this has become a routine; several dogs are spending their 4th, 5th or in the case of Connord, their 6th New Year’s Day at the refuge. For others it is a new experience, and they must be wondering what they did wrong. The answer of course is “nothing”, they just had the bad luck to have been born in the wrong place or belong to the wrong family. Let’s hope that all of them have found a better life by the time 2020 rolls around. Well, we can but dream.

In the meantime everyone at the ScPA, staff and volunteers alike, will try to make better the lives of all the animals in our care.

Despite the ever growing number of dogs brought in for rehoming and all the mistreatment cases, the Year of the Dog turned out to be a good one for many of our guests. Many thanks to everyone who adopted from the ScPA this year. Plus donors to DRC were even more generous than usual, which is really heartwarming, so many thanks to everyone who supported us either via donations or by attending one of the events that took place during the year.

There will be lots more fun to come in 2020, we promise!


We hope everyone has a wonderful time this evening. If you have a dog or dogs, please hug him extra tightly, and tell him how lucky he is to be in a warm and loving home.

Adoption of Clifford…

When Clifford first arrived at the refuge he was a very scared and flighty boy. Some people underestimate how quickly a scared dog full of adrenalin can move and although he was adopted locally he managed to escape within 24 hours!  It took many volunteers to eventually catch him and without their dedication, goodness knows what would have become of him.

Once back at the refuge he settled down and slowly regained confidence in humans again. Today he left with a lovely family and I am sure that he will settle down very quickly.

Adopting and keeping a very nervous dog safe can be quite a challenge. You know that you have done a great thing and are full of love and encouragement, but it takes time for a timid dog to realise this.  A timid and nervous dog can move very quickly and can be very determined so it’s very important to keep it safe.

The golden rule is to keep your dog on a harness AND collar with either two leads or a double ended lead. This means that if the dog panics and backs away, if one fails the other should keep him nice and safe.

When you leave the refuge it is vital that you can secure your dog on the journey home. The best way for a dog to travel home is in a crate and will ensure that when you get home your dog won’t jump out of the car and run!

Don’t stop to walk your dog on the way home – better a wee and poo in the crate, than a lost dog!

Take your dog into the house using its double lead. Some dogs have never lived in a house before so may need encouraging (or carrying) into the house. Again, every dog is different but always err on the side of caution. Everything will be strange to your dog, from strangers’ voices on the TV to the washing machine or hoover. Keep everything really calm and low key, I remember accidently really scaring a pup by shaking out a bin bag!

However high your fences are, keep your new dog on a lead or long line in the garden for the first few days until you have judged how likely they are to try to escape. Every dog is different, but we have had instances of dogs attempting to jump six foot fences in their panic to get away. Scared dogs become very athletic when in panic mode. Keeping them on the lead until they know where the door is to the house and until they are familiar with you, is a wise move. Better to have the dog on a lead in the garden for several days, than risk losing it!

Please make sure that you are extra careful when people come to your house who aren’t used to your dog. Danger points are open doors and gates. There have been very sad incidents recently of rescue dogs slipping out through an open door or gate. It takes a split second for this to happen!

Don’t be tempted to let a timid dog off the lead until you have practiced recall and are sure that he wont bolt or run off.

Will clifford be 2018’s last adoption? Only tomorrow will tell!

Clifford afopted!

Five dog Saturday!

There are still a couple of days before the year ends, but today we had five adoptions, so even if we have no more before the start of 2019, the year is finishing on a positive note.

First to leave was puppy Joba. She arrived a couple of weeks ago and almost immediately fell very ill with the dreaded parvovirus. She was spotted by a family who wished to adopt her, and they have been phoning every day to hear of her progress. Not all pups make it through, parvo is a horrible illness and should it spread, the consequences for the dogs at the ScPA can be devastating. Fortunately the wonderful staff take all the necessary precautions, and the illness remained contained. Joba left today looking a bit thinner than when she arrived, but she is a very lucky girl and will be soon back to full strength.


Today, we said goodbye to two dogs who only met once they had been “chosen”. In early December a couple came along to adopt a dog, and they were immediately attracted to Callie. This chunky young lass had brought  in for rehoming in April this year, but so far had had no luck in finding a new home. She is a great dog, really good on the lead and already with good basic education, and she was reserved immediately. Then they saw Amstaff Lucky, and wondered if he and Cally would get on. Enter Vincent, who helped introduce the dogs and before too long they were sharing a kennel while Lucky’s papers were organised. Yes, this lovely boy is officially “dangerous”. Hahaha! Luckily his new owners already had the permits (they were the owners of beautiful Beyrouth, whom some of you may remember and who sadly passed away earlier this year), so the whole process did not take very long at all.

Today Lucky and Callie left for their new home, already the best of friends and with a fabulous future in store.

Lucky and Callie – ADOPTED TOGETHER!!

Another of today’s leavers is Lila. She arrived exactly ten days ago with a nasty abscess on her leg. As she was identified the ScPA contacted her owner, but he had given the dog away some time ago and could not remember who to. This, too, is more common than you might think and is largely due to websites such as leboncoin etc, although in this case it was probably just from one hunter to another. Lila needed a new start, so we were not exactly unhappy when she remained unclaimed.

Then things got even better for Lila. Candy and her husband saw Lila’s picture and got in touch to arrange to meet her. They wanted to make sure she was as gentle as she looks in her photos, and also be sure that Lila would not fight with their cat. This was more important than usual, perhaps, as the family live on a boat, so the possibilities of keeping animals separate are even more limited than usual! Lila left today looking like she had been in a war zone. Her abscess was operated on this morning and she was wrapped up like a sausage. Her new owners were not at all phased and we know that Lila is in great hands.



Last but not least we said goodbye to Leliana. She is another long-eared type dog, a fauve de Bretagne cross, who arrived a couple of weeks ago. At the time she was very nervous, but she is making great progress, and even more so now that she has a home. A Dutch couple came along and saw Leliana in one of the parks. She ticked all the boxes on their wish list, and by the time they had returned from a walk with her, they were smitten.

Leliana – ADOPTED


The refuge is open both tomorrow and on Monday, so there is time for yet more good news, but today was just what the doctor ordered!

Adoptions of Betty and Vanille

Well, as we said, 2018 is not over yet, and to prove it, today we had two adoptions!

First to leave was puppy Betty. She, like her “sister” Tess, who was adopted last week, has been in foster with employee Vincent, so has not spent any time at all at the refuge. Apart from today, that is when she was brought along to see how she would get on with the family’s other dog, a tiny chihuahua. This little lad didn’t seem too happy, but was it due to fear of being at the refuge, or fear at meeting Betty, who is a very lively lass and, at two months, is already bigger than him!

Betty’s new owner, who knows her dog better than we do, of course, is sure that the two will settle down, and as long as Betty learns to curb her enthusiasm, all should be well.

Many thanks to Vincent for fostering this little lass till she found her new home. We do have inside space at the refuge, but of course it is at a premium, especially now the nights are cold, so we really do appreciate our foster families.

black and tan puppy

Puppy Betty – ADOPTED

Second to leave was “beaglette” Vanille. She actually arrived identified, in great condition and not at all nervous. How could anyone leave a dog like this at a refuge? Those of us (most of us, I hope) who love dogs and get attached to them very quickly, have trouble understanding this each time it happens. But happen it does, and seemingly more and more frequently.

Luckily Vanille did not have long to wait. She was spotted on line by none other than the adopters of Breton spaniel Perceval. They too, are huge beagle fans, and came along to make sure that the two dogs got on (which they did, obviously), then they just had to wait until the pound time was over and Vanille could leave. Today was the day, and we are sure that Vanille has a wonderful life ahead of her.

small beagle

Vanille – ADOPTED

We had several visitors and a couple of dogs look like they could be lucky before the year comes to a close, so watch this space!

And the last leaver before Christmas is….

Most of you probably know that December 24th is a big night in France. Most people meet with family for the evening and often this goes well into the early hours. So perhaps today is not the ideal day to adopt a dog.

In fact many refuges do not allow adoptions to take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. It is true that these periods can be quite hectic, and perhaps with all the comings and goings, it is not an ideal atmosphere in which to settle down a new dog or cat. Equally, animals should never be bought as Christmas presents, unless the recipient has been involved in the choice of animal and is committed to being a pet owner. However a refuge like the ScPA that has no control over the number of arrivals cannot possibly halt all adoptions for a 2 week period; the place would be overflowing. Instead, as ever, we try to be vigilant as to who adopts. The local pet stores will let animals leave with anyone who has the money and we do not want any of our animals to miss out on a good home, because of course many people who wish to adopt at this time of year are doing so after proper reflection.

Besides which, knowing that dogs are in loving homes for Christmas puts a huge smile on everyone’s face.

So did we have any last minute adoptions? Well yesterday we said goodbye to Ziggy, a fabulously affectionate little Pinscher who had been at the ScPA for about five weeks. Quite a long time for a dog this small and adorable. On Saturday there were a couple of families interested in him, and as is so often the case it seemed to be just his turn, because it was a third family who adopted him yesterday. Ziggy will put a smile on anyone’s face, he is as happy on a lap as he is racing round and he will be bags of fun.

small brown pinscher


And today we said goodbye to Grisou. He was one of two dogs who were brought in in June this year by someone who had trouble looking after their dogs. The ScPA stepped in and took Grisou and Annick. Annick left for a new life in the UK at the end of August, leaving Grisou behind. But finally, after 6 months, his turn has come too.

His new family visited the ScPA to meet a couple of other possible candidates, but it was Grisou who stole their hearts. So he is our last pre-Christmas adoptee. But hopefully not the last one of the year!

small speckly dog

Grisou – ADOPTED

We won’t be around tomorrow, (and the ScPA is shut, in any case, although of course the staff will be there to look after the animals in the morning). So can we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and see you on Boxing Day, assuming there are any adoptions, that is. The year is not yet over!

Two Saturday Adoptions

Everyone was delighted when puppy Mae left for her new home on Thursday. Or rather almost  everyone. Maggie, who arrived with Mae and had shared her kennel at the refuge, was distinctly unimpressed. She was unhappy on her walk and kept looking back to try and find her “sister”. I am sure the last couple of days have been hard for her, but all that was forgotten today, when she left for her new home.

It is often hard to separate dogs who arrive together, but it is very rare for two dogs to be adopted as a pair. And quite often it is not the best thing for the dogs either. However in an ideal world, the dog who is left behind does not have long to wait before finding a new home. Such was the case with Maggie and we are delighted for her. It looks like she has a wonderful life ahead of her. Many thanks to her new family for offering this lovely girl a home.

Maggie – ADOPTED

That was not the day’s only adoption, either. A young woman arrived looking for a new friend for her 7 month old malinois, Oslo. Her eyes fell on Lagagne, and off they went for a walk. That was without her own dog, so as usual the next step was to come back and introduce the two dogs. We expected this to happen tomorrow, or early next week perhaps, but no, about an hour later she was back with beautiful Oslo. She didn’t want Lagagne to spend a moment more in the refuge if possible. And lo and behold, the two dogs got on like a house on fire.

Lagagne was brought in for rehoming in early October due to a divorce, but it looks like it was the best thing that could have happened to him. He is a fabulous little dog who is only just a year old and now has the life he deserves! Once again many thanks to his new owner.

Lagagne avec un malinois

Lagagne with his new pal, Oslo

We are hoping for some more good news tomorrow, when the refuge will be open as usual from 14H00-18H00. There is still time to make a dog (or cat) happy this Christmas, either by offering him or her a new home, or maybe buying a Christmas bauble full of treats to share…..

At last, three adoptions!

Well, this week has taken a long time to get going in terms of adoptions. We have had plenty of dogs arriving, sadly, far more than usual. So obviously some people are getting ready for Christmas in the worst possible way.

Still at last we have our first adoptions of the week. Three of them, in fact.

First off we said goodbye to Mae. She arrived earlier this month, supposedly having been found and taken in after the floods. The unlikelihood of this does not alter the fact that Mae needed a new home, and although it has taken a bit longer than we expected, today she finally left for a new life. It can be difficult homing pups when we have no idea of their breed. Either Mae was starved when she was young and will now grow, or she will remain petite. It was important to find an owner who was happy with either scenario, and it looks like Mae has hit the jackpot.

russet coloured fluffy pup


Next we said farewell to another pup, Tess. She was brought in last week and was lucky enough to be taken home by employee Vincent. Today was time for him to say goodbye, as Tess left for a new life, but he still has her sister Betty to look  after until she, too, finds a home. She is a bit bigger than Tess and is also a ball of energy, but is just as adorable, so if you are interested in a pup, Vincent is your man! Many thanks to him for looking after little Tess so well.

black and tan puppy


We are also over the moon to say that Kalia has a new home. She was adopted last month and brought back immediately, for health reasons (the owner, not the dog). We were all starting to wonder if this little girl’s luck would ever change. But today she left the refuge for what we all hope is the last time.

mid brown not quite pup


Let’s hope for more good news before this week comes to an end. Despite some lovely donations and a sparkly tree, the ScPA is lacking in Christmas cheer at the moment.

Don’t worry we are still alive

It has been a long time since our last blog. Mainly because it has been a long time since the last adoption took place. But don’t worry, we are still alive and good news is on the way.

For now, and just so there is a picture to go with tonight’s non-blog, Morigane, a border collie cross who arrived at the weekend, was reclaimed.

So that is all for now, but tomorrow will be business as usual, we promise!

black and white collie cross

Morigane – RECLAIMED