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Latest News

Adoption of Chessie and of Three Puppies.

We had four adoptions today, which was a great start to the week.

First to leave was Chessie. This gorgeous brindle shepherd cross arrived just a couple of weeks ago, and in fact she would have left even sooner, as a family fell in love with her on Sunday’s open day. The adoption had to wait until today, but even these extra 48 hours will soon be forgotten as beautiful Chessie begins her new life.

Then began the exodus of the beagle/French bulldog crosses! This is a wonderful mix, with the adults being small to medium sized with very short hair and a lovely temperament, despite not having been handled much. They have all been together and are all great with other dogs. And much to our delight, it is not just the very young ones who are having success. Today we said goodbye to Nougat, who is eight months old, and it is one of his sisters who will leave tomorrow. Of the two-month old pups, one boy, Cajou, and one girl, Amande, left today.

If you are thinking about adopting one of these fabulous pups, please don’t wait too long. As we suspected they are proving to be very popular. In fact there is a SPA meeting tonight, so this blog is early. Perhaps by now another pup has been adopted! How people are chosing between them I have no idea; I am not the only person who wants to adopt all of them!

Chessie – ADOPTED

brindle shepherd cross









Amande – ADOPTED

white pup with one brown ear









Pale pup with speckled nose








and big brother Nougat – ADOPTED

white dog with specked nose




An Adoption and a Dog Show!

Well as promised it has been a busy Sunday.

Firstly we will talk about today’s adoption at the SPA open day. Lovely border collie Felix found a home after a relatively short wait. He had been sharing his kennel with Loulou, who who was adopted on Friday, so he was not alone for long. It is funny how that often happens; both dogs in a kennel leaving at almost the same time, almost like one brings the other luck!

The volunteers started what appears to be a late spring clean of the reception area, so things looked a bit chaotic. However there were still people to walk the dogs and we even had a reservation or two, which means that a couple of dogs will soon be in their new homes.

Elsewhere we had the first ever Dog Rescue Carcassonne dog show, which took place at La Petite Pepiniere in Caunes Minervois. Jane had put a lot of work into this event, but as we have never done anything like this before, we were not sure how it would go. It turned out to be a huge success, with dogs competing in a light-hearted way in each category, and the Mayor of Caune Minervois choosing a winner each time; sometimes after much deliberation. All the dogs were extremely well behaved, and much fun was had by all. Getting the tape measure out for the “longest legs” competition is something I will not forget in a hurry, neither was the “biggest dog” category. Usually the Bernese Mountain Dog would walk off with that prize easily, however plans went awry with the arrival of ex-SPA Newfoundland Okkie!

Thanks to Jane, but also to Vanessa who provided commentary in both French and English. Yes, it was a multinational affair, as although most of the dogs were French or British, the owners came from many other countries too. We were particularly pleased to see all the rescue dogs present, and picking a winner in this category was particularly hard. Luckily it was all in very good humour, no nasty rivalries such as sometimes happen in “real” dog shows.

The object of the afternoon was more awareness raising than financial, but we raised over €200 for Languedoc Solidarite, and many people donated to DRC as well.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the day such a success. I think all of us would like to do it again, so watch this space.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so a day for us to get some rest after what has been a very busy but joyful weekend.

Border collie








Click here for a video of some of the lovely dogs, wating patiently with their owners.

And you can see all the photos here.


Four Adoptions!

It was another of those days when we have good news even before the refuge has opened! This morning in the wee small hours (thanks, Moira) lucky Pascoe left with a TRACES registered transporter for a new life in the UK.

Pascoe arrived in mid February with his friend Leo. The dogs appeared to be inseparable, but as is almost always the case, one was adopted before the other. Leo was younger and handsome, and is now an extremely spoilt and loved pet. The same will now be true for Pascoe, who has gone to live with a couple who have always had German Shepherds, but who wanted a change and fell for Pascoe’s griffon-y charms!

We wish him all the best and look forward to news and photos of him in his new life.

On the subject of griffon-y charms, second to leave today was gorgeous puppy Mimi. She had not been with us for long and has stolen just about everyone’s heart. She did the rounds of the staff and volunteers today, giving farewell kisses. What a lovely girl.

Next to leave was Levis. He was adopted last month and lived briefly in Paris, but he was not at all happy in the big city, and it was felt that he would be better off in the countryside. Today, a week after his return, a family fell for this young lad, and he will now have a life of fun and activity, but without too much noise. Sound perfect!

Last to leave was Milka, a young malinois who was adopted last year and returned due to her owner’s ill health. She is extremely shy and timid, but her new owner has visited her several times, and each time she gains a little bit more confidence. It is lovely when a match like this is made; people who understand the needs of a nervous dog and are willing to go slowly and gently.

Four adoptions in one day is very good news! And as the SPA is open tomorrow, maybe there will be more good news before the week is out.

Just a final reminder about tomorrow’s dog show. Even if you have not registered yet, why not come along on the day and let your dog join in. Even if you don’t fancy taking part in that, there will be lots of other activities and of course it is for a great cause!


Pascoe – ADOPTED 

dark grey griffon.









hairy small dog










Black lab cross














Adoption of Loulou

We only had one adoption today, but every adoption is good, and this is particularly the case when a dog has not had the best of lives before coming to the SPA.

Loulou was actually brought in thanks to the SPA cruelty inspectors. They do incredible and much undervalued work, trying to help animals who for various reasons suffer at the hands of their owners. Some of these animals arrive severely traumatised; others arrive already extremely well socialised, just unable to stay where they were for a variety of reasons. Loulou arrived relatively recently and was one of the “lucky ones”, in so far as he had been a victim of negligence, rather than willful mistreatment. Thus he has no fear of humans and loves children, other dogs and cats. Plus he is young and beautiful and so did not have long to wait.

His life really can get going properly now, with a family who will give him the love and care he deserves.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so just a recap for those of you who want to join in.

The SPA is open on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and also on Sunday DRC has a display at the Petite Pépinière in Caunes Minervois. This includes a fun dog show, where your dog, rescue or otherwise, can show off his or her skills in a number of categories. So lots going on, and lots of adoptions too, we hope!

Loulou – ADOPTED
brown and white border collie cross












And don’t forget Sunday’s Dog Show

Adoption of Paddington and Arrival of Puppies!

Today saw the adoption of Paddington. He, you may remember, was adopted last year and abandoned two months or so ago as he was unhappy when his owner left him alone to go to work. Some dogs cope with being alone better than others, and time spent away is certainly something to consider when adopting a dog. However all that is in the past for Paddington now, as his new family will be home all the time! So finally this dog will have the life he craves.

In other news, we know that many people are on the hunt for puppies, and we have had a new delivery! All are related and are the litters of a female who has since, at our insistance, been sterilised. The little ones (three boys and four girls) are just two months old, and the gereration above (two boys and two girls) are eight months old. We know their heritage; they are border collie/beagle/French bulldog crosses; they are of medium size and absolutely wonderful looking dogs! Yes, eleven pups is a lot all at once, but these are all so gorgeous that we hope they will not have long to wait.

And yes, we are suitably annoyed with the person who let their dog breed in this irresposible manner, but now at least all the offspring will be sterilised, thus breaking the cycle. This would certainly not have been the case had the SPA not been there to help.

The very young puppies are able to leave immediately, and the adults will be sterilised early next week so will be able to leave from Tuesday onwards. Don’t forget that the SPA will be open on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so if you have been after a puppy, now could be the perfect time!

Paddington – ADOPTED
Couple with chow mix











Four beautiful female pups

four pups looking out of a cage









And here is one of the (male) adults

border/beagle/ bulldog cross

Millie needs a new home…

Today we had no adoptions so I thought that I would tell you about our most recent ‘Home to Home’.

Millie is a three year old Jagd terrier who arrived at a local village lost and pregnant. A couple took her in, helped her give birth to 7 puppies and when they were weaned, rehomed them.

As Millie became less stressed and more confident she started to go for the other resident female so we feel that she would be best in another home. She is fine with males and cats.

Medium sized females ( 15kg) are very popular so we are looking for a dog free home where Millie can have the love and attention that she craves.

Millie is ready to go to a new home. She is identified, vaccinated and sterilised.

If you could give Millie a home please contact Josephine on 0468700938 or email us on website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk



Adoption of puppy Pat….

Today we had the adoption of puppy Pat who didn’t have long to wait at the SPA for a forever home. Some are not so lucky and although we prefer pups to go into foster than stay at the SPA, there simply are not enough puppy fosterers available.

Puppies are a huge, in fact lifetime commitment and before you take one on you really should consider several facts.

Do you really want a puppy?

Puppies are super adorable, but they are also little devils who pee, poo and chew. If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with housetraining or the natural bounciness of puppies, consider getting an adult dog.

Do you have time for a puppy?

Puppies need a lot of attention, and if you want house training to work, they need to be taken out regularly. If you work in an office for eight or nine hours a day, consider what you are going to do with your pup when you’re gone. Will you be able to come home at lunch to take your dog for a short walk? If not, can you afford a dog walker or have a friend pop by? Its not practical to leave a pup home alone for hours on end and a bored pup can cause havoc!

Is your home puppy proofable?

If you like your home to be pristine and spotless, a pup is not for you. Especially in the first year, your puppy will try to chew on everything she can get her mouth on (including furniture, books, and electrical cords), and she’ll manage to go to the bathroom in in extremely inconvenient places. Be sure that that’s something you can handle.

Are you physically able for a pup?

Most dogs, especially when they’re young, need to be walked—a lot—for a number of reasons: Walking helps them burn energy and stay healthy, it gives them lots of time to train on the leash, and it gives them vital exposure to other people, other pets, weird smells and sights, and unexpected noises. They also need training. Are you willing and able to spend a lot of time walking/training a pup?

Is everyone in the family onboard?

If you have a hubby or significant other, you need to make sure that they are happy to have a puppy in your  home, and that they are willing to contribute to pet care—because, inevitably, they will be called upon to help out with your dog. House training (and dog training in general) requires really consistent routines and rules, and it will only work if everyone in your household is on board.

If you can answer yes to all of these points them do keep an eye on our faceook page for available pups. You can also let us know that you are looking for one by emailing website@dogresucecarcassonne.co.uk

Puppy Pat…adopted!


Adoption of Roosevelt…

Today two dogs left the SPA and one returned.  The first to leave was Roosevelt an 11 year old boy who found himself at the SPA after his owner suddenly died. The SPA is a scary place for oldies and we are always grateful when a family either adopt or foster an older dog.

The next to leave was a large Newfoundland. Its always a relief when we can track down owners or if they call to ask if we have their dog. If he hadn’t been reclaimed I am sure he wouldn’t have had a long stay as he certainly was a stunner but I bet that he is very relieved to be home tonight.

Today Levis came back as he just couldn’t settle living in an apartment in Paris. With every failed adoption, we gain a little more knowledge about a dog and can better advise any future potential adopters.

I am sure that I am not the only person who has noticed that grass seeds seem to be everywhere already. Grass seeds can enter eyes, ears, noses, and any other orifice you can think of. They can even work their way into the body via the skin, carrying infection which can cause a painful swelling. This in turn can cause an abscess which can be fatal.

Please remember to check your dog regularly for seeds that may be wedged, and remove them before they can do any damage. Usually they can be felt and removed by hand, and a good brushing after each walk can help. However, if they are in the ear canal, nose or eye, a trip to the vet is usually required.

Signs to look out for are frequent shaking of the head and scratching (if grass seed in ear), licking and chewing of the area (if on the body), sneezing often accompanied by blood (grass seed in the nasal passage), squinting or rubbing along with swelling (grass seed in the eye).

My dogs are short haired so they are quite easily spotted but on longer haired dogs they can do quite a bit of damage before being discovered.

Roosevelt adopted!

Grass seeds…check your dog after each walk.




Keeping your dog cool….

Its been very hot and according to the meteto its set to continue and as there were no adoptions today I thought that I would remind you about keeping your dogs cool.

Dont forget the 5 second rule…

And here are the signs for dehydration..

Some great tips on keeping your dog cool…


Adoption of puppy Nappo

When two pups arrive together we are always really pleased when they are adopted within a few days of each other.

On Saturday puppy Nell left with his new mum Wendy and yesterday puppy Nappo left with his new family too!

These pups had just over the 10 days pound time to wait for a family and that is how we like it with pups. At three months old these pups needed to be out and about, meeting new people, nice dogs, other animals and having great positive experiences. This socialisation window can determine how your dog reacts to all of these things in the future so its well worth the time and effort to take advantage of this.

We do have another puppy looking fie a home.  Puppy Mimi , a 7 month old female griffon x is an absolute delight!  Our griffons are very popular with British adopters who seem to love the scruffy hair and big brown eyes.

Cute though they may be, puppies are lots of work but if a puppy is not what you are looking for how about Tia , a 7 year old really affectionate spaniel who is great with other dogs , cats and children. Poor Tia was abandoned as her owner became ill, a story that we are hearing more and more of.

We have all noticed the increase of in number of older dos whose owners have either died, gone into care of have become ill and cant care for them. These oldies who have been in a home all of their life are confused and dis oriented at finding themselves in a busy refuge and just as we hate seeing pups at the refuge we hate seeing oldies too.

So whether you would like a pup, a senior or an adolescent we have over 100 dogs and there is bound to be one for you…come along and visit us anytime Monday – Saturday 2-6pm!

Dont forget that tomorrow is a public holiday in France and we are closed. We will be open as usual on Friday.

Nappo adopted!

Puppy Mimi needs a home..

Tia needs a home..