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Balou becomes a king of the road!.

There was only one adoption today, but it was of a dog who as been at the refuge for almost eight months without anyone showing any interest in adopting him, so that makes it a great day!

Balou was brought to the refuge in July last year having been signalled to one of the cruelty inspectors. In fact he had not been treated cruelly so much as neglected. And as he was always escaping from his owner’s garden, (boredom can do that!), he was tied up. As you can imagine, for a young dog, this was not much fun. So coming to a kennel at the ScPA was a step up, as at least there he got regular walks.

Balou is a very sporty little chap, and he loves being outdoors. Bearing that in mind, it looks like today all his dreams  have come true. A young man came to the ScPA looking for a dog to be his companion as he travels the country on his bicycle. He wanted a dog of the right size and temperament and he and Balou hit it off immediately. The decider was when Balou’s lead broke on the walk, but he decided to stay with his new “master”! What a good boy. The young man came straight back to the ScPA and made it official…..he Balou are now kings of the road together!

Balou has to learn some new skills, he will have to learn to trot alongside a bicycle without pulling too much, for instance but he is bright and intelligent and a life spent out of doors should suit him perfectly. We hope to have news and photos from Balou on his big adventure!



Adoption of three dogs and a rodent!

When some dogs arrive, it is obvious that they will be popular. Such a dog was Toundra, a fabulous young husky who arrived a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say there were plenty of people interested in her, and needless to say, it was very hard to select the family that would be lucky enough to take her home. We know that some people will be disappointed, but we hope that they will find another needy dog to take home. And as for Toundra, we hope that she will be as happy as she deserves to be. Heaven only knows where she came from and why she wasn’t reclaimed, but of course the same can be said of almost all the dogs at just about any refuge.

husky cross

Toundra – ADOPTED

Next to leave was little spaniel Tara. Very scared when she arrived, this young girl is still a bit nervous, but this has not stopped her making plenty of friends while she has been at the ScPA. And what a cutie she is. She would be a great candidate for a dog DNA test, but it looks pretty clear that there is both spaniel and teckel in the mix. We wish beautiful Tara and long and happy life and look forward to news and photos.

mini brittany spaniel


Today’s third leaver was Faya. Yes, you are right, she was adopted before but was brought back very soon afterwards as being “too clingy”. Now, that is just not fair. For a start all dogs need time to settle in, but how can you expect a dog to not be anxious when she has already been abandoned and knows how horrible it is! We hope that Faya’s new family will be a bit more understanding of her needs, and that her erstwhile adopters have a good long think before offering a home to a dog in the future. Or any animal for that matter.

boxer cross


So those were the day’s canine departures, but we also said goodbye to Bille, a gerbil, who arrived last week. Yes, as we have said, the “A” in Animal is taken quite literally by some, and in a way we are lucky that it was not another goat this time! Bille has gone off to live with Muriel and her family, which of course now includes Connord, not to mention three other gerbils.



So that is four leavers today, which is not a bad start to the week.

Connord finds a foster home at long last

If you ask any of the staff and regular volunteers at the ScPA which dog has been there the longest, everyone would reply without hesitation “Connord”. In fact few people can remember a time before this black and white American Staffordshire terrier was in residence.

It is always difficult finding homes for so called “dangerous dogs”, even when, as in Connord’s case, they are Category 2 (defence) rather than one (attack). Of course the descriptors in parentheses are nonsense, as are describing any dog as “dangerous” due to its breed, but the law is the law.

Owning such a dog means amongst other things, having a permit, and it is understandable that getting one specially for a dog of Connord’s age seems a waste; why not get a younger dog? Plus you have to factor in the grief that you know is not far round the corner, and losing a dog is horrendous, as we all know. So to take Connord home  you need someone very special indeed.

Enter Muriel, staff employee and dog-lover extraordinaire. This is not the first time she has taken elderly ScPA dogs home, and although she is devastated each time she says goodbye, this distress is tempered by knowing that the dog has had a lovely time for however long he is in her care.

So tonight we say a huge thank you to Muriel, is now Connord’s official foster family. We do not know how long he will be with her. But Connord, who  is now over 11 years old and who has spent half his life at the refuge, finally has a home. Isn’t that a nice thought with which to end the weekend?

black and white amstaff


Adoption of Gaufrette

Well, just one adoption to tell you about today, but that is better than none at all. It means another lucky dog is in a new home and that is something that makes us all happy.

Today’s lucky dog is Gaufrette. She arrived three weeks ago as yet another unidentified stray, one who was in that “not quite pup” stage. According to the vet’s estimate, she turned 6 months yesterday, and so it is great that just after this landmark (even if it is a theoretical one), she is with her new family.

brown dog with black muzzle

Gaufrette – ADOPTED

We have had lots of success in rehoming our youngsters recently, but we still wish that all our not-quite pups could find homes as quickly as did Gaufrette.

We are hoping for more good news tomorrow, when the ScPA will be open as usual.

Lucky Seven!

We said in yesterday’s blog that more dogs would be leaving this week and today we had seven departures! Only one of them was an adoption, but we hope that the other leavers will soon have homes of their own, too.

Many of you know that on some occasions the ScPA has taken in dogs from other associations, particularly when the other associations are overpopulated or in financial difficulties. Well this solidarity is a two-way street. Of course the ScPA is not in trouble, nor do we have too many animals (although some of us would argue that even one dog without a home is too many). However we do have some dogs who are just invisible as far as adopters are concerned,

The SPA of Montpelier has recently been on a huge adoption drive, and as they have space and a different clientele to that in Carcassonne, they offered to take some of the ScPA’s long-term residents, to see if they would have more luck finding families from a different refuge.

So this morning the chosen six dogs – Chippeur, Tikia, Roucky, Captain, Baxter and Nesquick-  set off for a new refuge!  The ScPA will of course keep in touch and follow their progress. We wish them all the best of luck and many thanks to the SPA Montpelier for their kind offer of help.

Chippeur, Tikia, Roucky, Captain, Baxter and Nesquick have left to hopefully find new homes thanks to the SPA Montpelier.

Back on the ground, this afternoon saw the adoption of Nobel, a small black dog who has only been at the ScPA for a short time, having been found unidentified in a nearby village. It didn’t take him long to find a new home; his size was one factor, as were his handsome looks and his gentle personality, of course.

small black whispy haired dog


There was good news too for a tiny old dog who arrived yesterday; in fact he is very much loved and his owner was delighted to reclaim him today. Little Kiki is somewhere around the 14 year-old mark, so he is not the only one delighted that he is not looking for a new home after all.

tiny pale brown old dog


So today was a good day in many ways, and we hope for more of the same.


Adoption of Marvel and news of Leo

After a couple of quiet days, today we had an adoption. Young spaniel cross Marvel left for his new home. He was the first dog to arrive this year, at which time the vet estimated him to be just one year old. Although he was initially very shy and nervous he soon perked up, and has proved to be a wonderful dog. His new family came today full of smiles to take him to his new life, and we hope they will spend many many happy years together.

brown and white spaniel cross with black muzzle

Marvel – ADOPTED

It might have been a quiet week so far, but there is due to be a flurry of activity as the week comes to a close!

Also, we are still buoyed up by the wonderful news we received yesterday from Germany to tell us that Leo has found a home of his own. Here he is in the snow! If you have already seen the video of him on Facebook, this is a different one, so it is worth a watch!


Heat Lamps in Action!

I mentioned that I was at the refuge early yesterday morning to see Grace on her way to the UK. Well when I arrived I was greeted by a wonderful sight.

In this picture you can see the dawn breaking, and the heat lamps in the bottom kennels are radiating their warmth onto the dogs. Yes, the days are sunny and bright, but the nights are still extremely cold. The lamps switch on and off automatically with the temperature, so it is a very efficient way to give comfort to the dogs.

Not much of a blog, but I really wanted to share this with you all.  This is your donations in action!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible. The dogs really appreciate it, that is for sure, as do all the staff and volunteers at the ScPA!

heated kennels SCPA Carcassonne

Heated kennels at work!

Adoptions of two pups and two adults!

The day’s first departure took place before the refuge had even opened, as today was the day when beautiful setter, Grace, left for her new home in the UK. This is exciting news as she is the first dog who has been adopted as a direct result of the DRC Instagram account, which we spoke about last month. Grace’s new family are among the people who follow us on there. Or rather their dog, Manny (ex Simpson) does. He was adopted from the ScPA some 4 years ago, and as you may  have guessed, his owners are very happy with him.

They saw a couple of photos of different dogs on Instagram and contacted us to ask some questions and advice. They selected Grace, as they worried that her status as a three-legged dog might hinder her adoption chances. In fact this is not always the case, and had Grace been good with cats, she would have the left the refuge long ago. But John and Sheridan have no cats, so it worked out perfectly.

speckly-faced setter cross

Grace – ADOPTED and on her way to England

TRACES documentation was obtained earlier in the week and this morning our friends from For the love of Dogs and Cats came to take Grace to her new home. As for Manny, his Instagram account will soon show photos of him with his new playmate, so you can follow all the fun. Many thanks to John and Sheridan for trusting us to find them a second dog; we are sure you will adore Grace.

The day’s good news did not stop there. Our two recently arrived border collie pups, Potter and Albus also found new homes. These two arrived on consecutive days and are about the same age. Both are fabulous dogs, quite calm and very well socialised. It is great that neither of them has very long to wait before finding a new home. And both look like they have hit the jackpot, each finding border-savvy homes, and in fact Albus will even have some sheep on whom to ply his trade!

white and black border collie pup

Potter – ADOPTED


Black and white border collie pup


We then had the surprise adoption of the day. After almost eleven months at the ScPA, Nairobi found a home. He and his pal Chippeur arrived as unidentified dogs when they were just under two years old, and until now it looked like they were going to remain invisible. There are some really wonderful dogs who just seem to get overlooked; not surprising when you see how many dogs there are waiting for homes, but sad nonetheless. However Nairobi’s long wait is now over and we wish him much happiness in his new home.

tricoloured shepherd cross

Nairobi – ADOPTED after nearly 11 months

A small dog who arrived this morning was reclaimed, and we had two reservations, so it was a happy day.

A Sweet Day for Sweet Pea

Today we said a happy but (in my case) a slightly regretful goodbye to Sweet Pea.

We at DRC have made no secret of our love for this dog, in fact we made her our “February Dog” and have been taking photos and videos of her pretty much non-stop in the hope of finding this lovely girl a home super quick. Of course, she was never going to stay long, not once everyone realised what a sheer delight she is.

Yesterday a young woman came long to meet her having seen the photos on Facebook. She planned to come back tomorrow to test Sweet Pea with her dog, a young border collie. However it looks like she couldn’t wait, because she came back today, 24 hours earlier than expected.

As expected all went well and Sweet Pea’s new life begins now: long walks on the heath near to Narbonne await, and having a new playmate is wonderful for this sociable little lass.

brindle and white dog

Sweet Pea – ADOPTED

Excellent news to start what promises to be a sunny weekend, and we have at least one adoption on the cards, so see you tomorrow!

Adoption of Gamelle

Today we said goodbye to Gamelle, and her new family will be delighted with her, we are sure. This young girl was adopted as a puppy last year and was brought back at the beginning of this month. This surprised everyone at the ScPA, because her owners said that she was the perfect dog in many ways. Fine with everyone, children, other dogs, cats, she went off to play with the neighbour’s goats one day, and rather than enclose the garden Gamelle was brought in for rehoming.

This seems such a shame, but problems with neighbours is one of the reasons often cited when dogs are brought to refuges. And enclosing a large garden can be costly. But in any case lucky Gamelle didn’t have long to wait. She left today for her new life and we wish her nothing but love and happiness.

Gamelle – ADOPTED

A setter and a little yorkie who had both just been brought in were reclaimed and and there were lots of lovely walks in the sun, too.



speckled setter


Let’s hope for more good news, the week is far from over!