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Latest News

Our Year of the Dog Appeal..

Last week saw the start of the Chinese New Year. As it will be the year of the DOG, we at Dog Rescue Carcassonne are hoping to raise even more money for the animals at SPA Carcassonne.

If every one of you lovely people gave just €1 each, that would mean we’d raise a total of €2900. With that money, we could make the lives of the many dogs who pass through our doors so much better.

Last year 622 dogs and 348 cats passed through our doors. To get each dog or cat ready for adoption it costs us..

2 Vaccinations
Kennel cough
Flea and worm treatment
Rabies vaccination, passport and travel costs for any dogs travelling out of France

And then there is the vet care should any dog need it as well as refuge overheads. These costs would really make your eyes water!

I know that many of you have SPA Carcassonne or rescue dogs and that there are lots of you who are dog lovers.
Please help us help even more dogs this year by donating 1 euro or more and help make this year of the DOG very special for our dogs!

You can donate by:

  •  paypal : website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk and please mention YEAR OF THE DOG APPEAL in the comments.
  • By following this link to pay by card : https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Yc6pK08c9VssBVul6K-FV7n6SMq_C9-Bp2irYbfODfdFX75nm-_HbkiPViUEBypFlWhT_0&country.x=FR&locale.x=
  • A cheque, payable to the SPA,  SPA Carcassonne, Chemin de la SPA, 11000 Carcassonne.
  • or Cash, of course!

Super Saturday

Just like at the Winter Games, today was Super Saturday at the SPA!

First off, the adoption of Izzie. She was brought in for rehoming last week as her owner no longer had time to look after her. Inevitably this seven year old labrador looked quite bewildered by her change in fortune. It must be strange for a dog to arrive in a busy (and COLD) refuge after being in a home for that long.

Luckily Izzie got quite a lot of attention on Facebook, and several people mentioned how much she looked like a dog from their past. One such person was Jackie, who drove for 5 hours to be able to introduce Izzie to her 12 year old doberman today. The SPA is closed in the mornings, but when someone has made this amount of effort to meet a dog, popping in during the morning is the least we can do!

Izzie was introduced to Tess on a walk, and then they were let off together in a park. All went well, needless to say, and Izzie was more than happy to jump into the car for the long journey home. A wonderful life awaits, and of course we will post photos of Izzie in her new home.

lab cross



We had more wonderful news this afternoon…the adoption of Brenda! Her new family had been talking about getting a dog for some time, and decided on the spur of the moment to come along today. Sometimes timing is everything.

It was love at first sight when they spotted Brenda. A walk made them even more confident in their choice, and they were further reassured by the notes left at the SPA by Debbie and Andrew, who had looked after Brenda while she was recovering from her sterilisation. It is logical that the more we know about a dog, the easier it is to find him or her a new home. Brenda has a great CV, and now she will have the life she deserves.

white and brown griffon

Brenda – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to three puppies. Earlier this week we were worried that Samy would be alone this weekend, as he was the only pup from his litter (of five) not to have been reserved. As it turned out, however, the people who had reserved two of his siblings were no-shows. So there are now two pups left, one male and one female. But at least they are not alone, and we hope they will find new homes next week.

brown and tan puppy

Samy – ADOPTED (as were two of his siblings)

So a good end to the week after all.

Adoptions of Coco and Jango

At last, some more adoptions! Yes, it has been another slow week at the SPA, but the departure of two dogs today has put a smile on our faces.

First to leave was Coco, a tiny pinsher who was found straying in a nearby village at the start of February. Initially someone from the Paris region thought they recognised him, but sadly the dates did not match. The SPA loves reuniting dogs with their owners, and sometimes dogs can travel remarkable distances. However they cannot travel backwards through time! Microchipping your dog makes it harder for cases of mistaken identity to happen, of course.

Coco’s new family had missed out on adopting another pinsher from the SPA, and they were very quick to react when they saw Coco. Many thanks to them for holding out for a rescue dog. We look forward to news and photos of Coco in his new home.

black and tan pinsher


Today’s second leaver is a real DRC favourite. Jango has been at the SPA since May last year, and we have no idea why he was not adopted sooner. Probably a labrador/spaniel cross, Jango is a lovely boy, and although he is a bit strong on the lead when he walks with his kennelmate, alone he is as good as gold. His new family took several dogs out before deciding that Jango was the one for them; the combination of affection and good looks was a winner!

lab/spaniel cross


Tomorrow is Saturday and we are hoping for more good news ; something is on the cards, so fingers crossed everyone!

And don’t forget that today is the official start of the Year of the Dog. Let’s make this year a wonderful one for dogs the world over, but especially those at the SPA Carcassonne.

Capone and Senna are adopted

Today we had two adoptions, both of dogs who arrived identified on the same day!

First to leave was Capone, a bull terrier cross. He was microchipped, but there was no reply to the SPA’s phone call to his owners, nor did they respond to the letter that was sent to inform them that their dog was at the SPA. He was reserved by a family who just had to wait for the 10 days pound time to finish, and today was the day. Capone is a lovely lad, affectionate and handsome, and we are sure he will be very happy.

black and white bulldog cross

Capone – ADOPTED

Second to leave was Senna, a French bulldog. Like Capone he arrived identified, but this time the phone number of his owner was no  longer in service. There was no reply to the letter, either, and as this was not Senna’s first time at the refuge, his owner knew all about how the SPA works. So for his new family it was the same thing, waiting for the ten days’ pound time to be up. To be honest, though, Senna arrived extremely thin, so no one was very upset when he left for a new home today.

French bulldog

We look forward to hearing news of both dogs in their new homes.

Adoption of Puppy Napoleon

Today saw the departure of lovely pup Napoleon. If you remember the recently adopted French bulldog, Laika, and her shih-tzu friend, Happy? Well this is the third of the trio. Their owner was no longer able to look after her dogs and they were brought in for rehoming. Napoloen is the last to leave, but there is no need to feel sorry for him. He has not been at the SPA all this time, and in a way he is extra lucky, as he was taken into foster by malinois-loving volunteer Stephanie. She recently fostered malinois puppy Nikita, and hopes one day to welcome adult malinois Isidor into her home permanently. Today her second tour of duty as a foster mum is complete.

Stephanie chose the family carefully; Napoleon will be a very active and intelligent adult, and it is important to find a family who is right for the adult dog, not just the cute playful puppy that he is right now. Napoloeon’s new family are sporty, going for regular runs, as well as having a young child. So this young chap will have plenty of activities to keep him busy. Many thanks to Stephanie for looking after this little lad.

malinois pup

Napoleon – ADOPTED Many thanks to foster mum Stephanie

We had a couple of reservations, including several of the new pups. Needless to say we are hoping for a better week than the last couple have been.

Go Go Liquo!

Anyone arriving at the SPA today and seeing all the cars may have thought that we would have numerous adoptions to report. Not so. But lots and lots of dogs were walked, which is always great.

And we did have one adoption! And it has been a long time coming for one dog and his new owner! Liquorice has been at the SPA for over a year. Arriving terrified in January 2017, he was adopted very quickly, but brought back almost immediately for being not cat friendly. Another unsuccessful and brief adoption followed, and it looked like this boy was having no luck at all.

But then Liquorice caught the eye of volunteer Lucile, who has been walking him regularly ever since. And whichever dog was sharing with Liquorice (latterly Aneth) has benefited enormously from this dedication, too. Sometimes Aneth would spend the night alone…this was because Liquorice was taken for “cat-familiarisation training”!

Although Lucile adored Liquorice, she was unable to adopt him. However today everything was finally ready. A house move has taken place (today!), cat is as ready as possible (speed training, maybe?), and it is go go GO for Liquorice. I wonder if when he leaves tonight he will expect to be brought back to his box, or if he knows that something is in the air? Perhaps the fact that he was given a farewell bath (many thanks to Angelique and Marion) will have given him a clue that his life was about to change. A very happy Lucile will give us news, I am sure.

black dog with Lucile

Liquorice – ADOPTED



Oh, Gino!

Today saw the adoption of Gino. The less said about his arrival the better, let’s just say that he is not good with cats, but coming back to the SPA was not his fault. Especially as his former owners did not have cats. He is a lovely boy, though, and more than deserving of a new home, despite his recent blotting of his copybook. In fact his new pal, Roxy, is even worse than him when it comes to disliking felines. Fortunately his new owners, Kim and Arthur, are well aware of this and will make sure he is not allowed to run riot.

They saw his photo on our site, and having recently lost their beloved boy Jack, had a place in their home for a new boy. Their girl was feeling lonely, and although at their first meeting she wasn’t too sure, by the second time they met Gino had won her over. He is such a relaxed boy, and we are delighted that he has found such a great home. We will get lots of news of him, that is for sure.

bull terrier

Gino – ADOPTED Here with new pal Roxy (on the left)

In other news, today DRC launched an appeal. You will probably have seen that February 16th is the start of the Chinese Year of the Dog, and in honour of this, we are asking everyone to donate just €1 to the DRC Paypal account. All money raised will, as ever, be used to help the animals at the SPA, and we want this year to be an extra special one. You can read more about the appeal here, but please give generously. And please don’t foget to note on your donation that it is for the Year of the Dog Appeal.

There is another adoption in the offing tomorrow, but perhaps there will be more than one. Let’s wait and see.

Sky is adopted

Today we said a happy goodbye to Sky. This lovely lad arrived at the end of November and we were sure he would not have long to wait. Young and handsome and okay with other dogs, he is quite a gem. He caught the eye of a woman who has recently moved to the area. Although she reserved him some time ago, she has visited regularly to walk Sky while she was busy settling down in her new apartment.

At last today was THE DAY, and so Sky is a very lucky boy. Not only does he already know his new mum, but he is safe and warm on this night, which is set to be the coldest night we have had.

pale shepherd with pointy ears


Incredible though it may seem to dog lovers, there are numerous calls every day from people who are chosing precisely this time of year to abandon their dogs. With temperatures due to plummet yet again over the next few days, this appears to be doubly cruel. The SPA is doing what it can, but thanks to yesterday’s mass arrival of puppies there is no more room inside, so please have some pity. Dogs do feel cold, and if they have spent all their lives up to now inside a heated house, the shock of a freezing kennel is even worse.

We already know that by this time tomorrow at least one more lucky dog will be in a warm home….But who will it be?

Adoption of Porto

Today has been grim. Just as the region goes onto amber alert for cold weather, eleven puppies are dumped at the SPA. The first, a litter of five, probably spent all night in the freezing exterior kennel (yes, freezing) and the others arrived in the afternoon. Let’s hope they all make it and that the people who are responsible get their comeuppance.

But moving onto more positive news (luckily there is some, or we would lose our minds), today saw the adoption of Porto. He is the oldest remaining of the Ste Eulalie dogs, and has gone to live with a supporter of the SPA. She contacted us yesterday looking for a small elderly female who could live with other animals. As Miss Marple was already spoken for, her eye fell on Rica. However, as Angelique explained, Rica is still young and extremely nervous on the lead. Whereas Porto is already 10 years old and much calmer on the lead as well as off.

So Porto’s time at the SPA is finally over, almost two years after his arrival. Make no mistake, dog hoarding brings misery both to the dogs and to the overburdened refuges who take in the largely unsocialised dogs. Porto has made progress while at the SPA, thanks to the staff and volunteers, particularly his sponsor mum Dominique. But there is still work to be done to help him regain his confidence.

Many thanks to his new mum for giving this boy a chance, and crucially as the temperature drops, a place in the warm.

small black dog with grey muzzle

Porto – ADOPTED after two years

Miss Marple finds……a home

Well, after all the excitement of Sunday the last couple of days have been relatively quiet at the SPA. Not in terms of arrivals, sadly, with six dogs arriving just yesterday. But on a more positive note, today we had our first adoption of the week.

The lucky lady is none other than Miss Marple. She arrived almost two weeks ago, and has been living in the cat house ever since. She is quite elderly, (the vet estimates her age as being 12, not all that old for a tiny dog, but not young either) and she was in need of an operation. As is quite often the case for unsterilised dogs of her age, she has breast cancer, meaning two quite big operations. As she arrived very thin, the first of these could not be carried out until today. The next will be in a couple of weeks, but as the Pound time is up, there is no reason why Miss Marple cannot go to live with her new family, who have been waiting patiently.

In fact it was they who found this little dog straying, and as they said today, they took it as a sign. So lucky Marple has gone to live with them, and in a few weeks she will have her second operation and then hopefully many more years of happiness ahead of her.

small cross with big brown ears

Miss Marple – ADOPTED