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France commemorates the start of the French Revolution with a national holiday on 14 July. So there will be mass celebrations up and down the country which inevitably involve fireworks!

At the SPA we prepare ourselves as we know that we’ll get a large number of stray animals and lost dog reports on Saturday for animals that got spooked with the fireworks and happened to be outside at the time. Last year on the 15th we had 11 reports of lost dogs and then more during the week as people realised their dogs wernt going to come home on their own!

As a responsible dog owner, please do everything in your power to protect your dog tomorrow night which will be filled with loud bangs, pops and sizzles!  Remember, your dogs hearing is 10 times more sensitive than yours!

Your best bet is to keep your dog indoors somewhere where he is likely to do the least amount of harm to himself, and your house! You should also turn on the TV or a radio, with the volume turned up loud to make it less likely that he will be able to hear the fireworks outside. Since the flashing lights can scare your dog just as much s the loud noises, be sure to close all the curtains and blinds inside your home and turn ON all the lights in the room. This will make the bright lights from fireworks less noticeable to your dog. Plus, closed curtains and blinds offer a small degree of sound-proofing in your home, lowering the high pitched sounds a tiny bit.

Here are a few precautions you can take way ahead of time to prepare your dog for this stressful night:

Make sure your dog has his collar and ID tags on. In the worst case scenarios, dogs have been known to chew through crates, doors, and even jump out of windows due to their anxiety.

Let your dog outside to toilet before people start setting off their own fireworks. Have him on a leash, even in the garden.

Exercise your dog earlier in the day by taking him on a longer-than-usual walk. This will tire him out and make him less likely to over-exert himself later if/when he becomes stressed from the sound of fireworks and play some music to drown out the fireworks noise!

So please don’t take any risks, no matter how steady you think your dog is. It’s only one night a year and simply not worth the risk…keep all pets inside and safe!

Scary for animals…

Nougaro and two pups leave…

Another scorching but busy day at the refuge and luckily we were busy with departures rather than arrivals!

Two of the ‘wonder woman’ pups left, one into foster and one has been adopted.

Sameer was the last pup from the litter to be trapped and brought to the refuge but he certainly was the boldest! He didnt have long to wait and no wonder he really was a super pup! Today he left with his forever family!

At the moment, we have quite a few pups and in the afternoons they attract lots of attention with their puppy antics in an exercise park in front of reception. Its great for the pups to all play together, different breeds, different ages but we cannot stress the importance of socialisation which the ‘wonder woman’ pups have clearly missed out on.

This is not just socialisation with other pups but with adults, children, around cars, bikes you name it pups need to be carefully exposed to it.

The second ‘wonder woman’ pup to leave was Hippolyta. She is a very pretty, timid girl and has gone to foster mum Shirley to catch up with the socialisation that she has missed.

As Shirley is a dog trainer as well as a volunteer, little Hippolyta is in the best of hands and I am sure that she will be ready for adoption soon.

The next adoption was a really great adoption. Nourgaro a very gentle but timid shepherd cross who had been with us for 2 years! He really was a lovely boy who was easy to walk and it’s a mystery why he waited so long.

We seem to be on a roll with long timers leaving. That’s both Tipi and Nougaro this week which really is encouraging.

Alfie ( ex Mabrook) came along to visit and to bring us some dog food ( thank you Chris and Monique) and to walk some of our dogs, so Padar and Polo got to meet Alfie and have a nice walk.

Lets hope that this weeks luck continues and that we see lots more dogs adopted. Next week will be very busy with strays and lost dog reports after the 14th July celebrations but more about that tomorrow!


Sameer adopted!


Hippolyta in foster!




A ‘home to home’ for Belle?

At DRC we are very lucky to have such loyal supporters and its great when folks who already have a dog from us adopt another.

This week two of our ‘home to home’ dogs have been lucky enough to go and live with two of our ex SPA dogs. Our ‘home to home’ dogs are dogs who need to move homes but the owners are happy to keep them at home until we can find a new family for them. This saves the dog ever having to spend time in kennels.

First of all Luckie the very handsome husky went off to live with Clarky the Beauceron and then Carla went off to live with Haggis.

This is a great outcome for all concerned and although its early days, both dogs appear to be settling in well.

We do have another lovely dog looking for a home:

Belle is a beautiful 4 year old black and white, Boxer x Labrador who was adopted from us when she was about 6 months old.

Until 8 months ago she lived in harmony with 4 other dogs, cats and chickens but has taken a dislike to one of the older female dogs.

5 dogs are a pack and when the dynamics don’t work something has to be done so with a very heavy heart Belles mum has decided that she needs a new home.

Belle has had the best of care, she is fed a balanced raw food diet, is fully vaccinated and passported, is sterilised and is in great health.

She can be walked off lead and her recall is great, she avoids other dogs when out and about and certainly doesn’t go looking for trouble! She loves swimming in the lake or at the beach.

At the moment her mum thinks that she may be best as an only dog but this is dog dependant.
The love of Belles live is the family cat…so we know that shes not a cat chaser and she totally ignores the free range chickens.

Belle can be left home alone, is non destructive and is of course housetrained.

If you could give this lovely girl a home please contact Moira on
0468247097 or email website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

Clara is off with Haggis..

Luckie is off..


Belle needs a new home…

Tipi toddles off…

According to the weather forecast todays overcast sky and lovely breeze is the calm before the storm but lots of volunteers took advantage of the break from the sun to come along and walk dogs.

Today we had a special visitor. Faro who was adopted just over a year ago and lives in the UK was on holiday near Carcassonne so came along to say hello and have a walk with some of our dogs. Faro did not arrive empty handed and brought more scalibor collars, cat and dog food, so a big thank you to Kim and Graham his mum and dad!

He must have brought Tipi luck as just after his walk with Faro he was adopted and that was after waiting 18 months for his forever home. I really cant understand why this lovely boy had so long to wait, he was good with other dogs, calm and easy to walk. Ok he is a hound and is a bit vocal but only when he is excited and thinks that he is going off hunting. He has gone to a calm home with an older couple which is just perfect for him.

We did of course have a new arrival. A very scared Bleu de Gascogne. This poor lad looked terrified and I expect that this is yet another hunt dog who has only seen life in a kennel. Never mind, little does he know how much his luck had turned as our staff are fantastic at bringing on timid dogs and we will look for a patient, loving home for him where he can enjoy the life that every dog should have.

So ends another hot week but numbers of dogs are not too bad. I wish I could say the same about kittens, they are everywhere. We have had over 60 arrive over the last few weeks and they are still arriving! If you are thinking about a kitten please think about adopting..all of our kitties are vet checked, leucose tested, identified, vaccinated, had flea treatment and all for only 70 euros!

Tipi adopted…

It was nice to see you Faro!


A home for Helly

Today at the refuge was hot, far too hot! Summer time is very hard for the dogs and even with tarpaulins on the cage roofs to create some shade, its so so hot!

A couple of weeks ago we did appeal for paddling pools for the dogs and thanks very much to those who donated some. If you do happen to have one that your dog wont use then do pop in with it. My Labradors who love water wont use a paddling pool, I think that they think it’s a giant water bowl but lots of our dogs will!

Todays lucky girl was Helly. Helly arrived at the end of May as a stray, most likely an ex hunt dog. She is probably a  Bruno de Jura cross, but that’s just a guess. She was very worried about being in such a chaotic noisy environment and appeared very timid at first.

Like all of the scardies she slowly gained confidence and her new owners know that they will have to give her lots of time and patience. At least that is one less dog struggling with the heat in a concrete kennel.

We did have an arrival of another oldie who we have more details of tomorrow as well as the reservation of one of the lovely ‘Wonder Woman’  litter.

Tomorrows weather is hot again but don’t let that put you off. You can still come along, meet the dogs or play with the kittens. Lets hope that despite the heat we have lots of adoptions and I think that we will also have a special doggy visitor!




Adoption of Dana

We had an adoption yesterday; that of little Dana who has been renamed Jipsy. She arrived almost 2 weeks ago, having been found tied up in the vineyards in a nearby village. It wasn’t long before Dana caught the eye of her new family, and although they could not take her home before today, they have been along to visit and to walk her with their other dog, Sukie. So when she left, things were not quite as new as they would otherwise have been!

Also yesterday Augustin was reclaimed. So who was Augustin, you ask. Well, the meeting of the SPA Conseil d’Administration (at the Bistrot Augustin) was invaded by a canine visitor, who was lost and alone. As many people pointed out, he could not have fallen into better hands!  Everyone gave him a cuddle and Patricia took him home for the night.  At the SPA the next day he turned out to be microchipped, but as his owner’s details were not up to date, we could not contact them. Luckily they phoned the SPA to look for their dog, and little Gringo (his real name) went straight home. So his time with us was short but sweet, a bit like the dog, in fact!

It was busy at the SPA today too, but no adoptions. Let’s hope we have more dogs in new homes by the end of the week.

Dana (now Jipsy) – ADOPTED










Augustin (in real life Gringo) – RECLAIMED

small brown pinscher


Adoption of Puppy Boston

We had a great adoption today, that of Boston, now renamed Wonka. Some puppies arrive and attract lots of attention, and this was one such pup. He is a gorgeous little lad, and we have no idea at all why he arrived at the SPA, but we are pleased that he only had the ten days’ pound time to wait before leaving. Better still his new family are well known to us, so we know that we will have lots of news and photos of this little lad as he grows up, and a visit or two, perhaps. Many thanks to his new family, and be a good boy with those cats, Wonka!

Another dog left today. Cabu had only just arrived this morning, and like so many male dogs who arrive, he had run off in search of female company. Luckily he was identified, as Cabu’s owner said that he would never have thought to contact the SPA to find his dog. Not only does he live quite some distance away, but he just assumed that his dog would come home of his own accord. He might well have done so, had someone not brought him to the SPA.

So yet again the benefits of identifying a dog have paid off.

An early blog tonight, as we have a SPA meeting, so there might be more news, which we will catch up on tomorrow.  Another adoption is on the cards too, so watch this space!

Boston (now Wonka) – ADOPTED
mlinois cross pup










big black lab cross

Louisiana Back at Home Thanks to Quillan Police

Today was a busy one at the SPA, with four dogs being collected by their owners. Three of them only arrived today, so usually we would not blog about this, but the fourth dog, Louisiana, arrived on Saturday, and her story is a bit different.

Louisiana is a small and very pretty fox terrier who was brought in by the Police Municipal of Quillan. She was not identified, and so we posted photos on our Facebook page in an attempt to find her owners. Otherwise it would be ten days in the pound and then Louisiana would have been up for adoption.

In addition to that, however, the Quillan police put an announcement in the local paper to let people know that Louisiana had been brought to the SPA. And it is thanks to this that her owners came to collect (and identify her) today! They live over 80kms from the SPA and said that it never occured to them that their dog would be here! Okay, perhaps in time someone might have seen their dog on the internet and alerted them, but by then it might have been too late. Small pretty females have a habit of being adopted quite quickly.

So many thanks to the Police Municipal of Quillan for their initiative. It is thanks to them that Louisiana (real name Vega) is back at home tonight. Of course, had she been identified, she might not have arrived in the first place. And as identification is a legal requirement, the SPA cannot let any dog leave before being chipped. Whether your dog is identified or not, why not at least give him a collar with a medal showing your phone number, that way he can be reunited with you by whoever finds him.

Louisiana (aka Vega) – RECLAIMED
small fox terrier cross

Fun at Chateau Miaou and an Open Sunday at the SPA

DRC volunteers were up early today getting ready for the event at Chateau Miaou. At 10 am the first guests arrived, and after that there was a constant stream of people popping in and out, buying clothes and books, eating sausages and chatting in the sun (yes, SUN) or just showing us their ex SPA dogs. The tombola was a huge hit, too, and many thanks to everyone who donated prizes. Mister Saucisse did us proud, too, donating all the sausages that were cooked by materchef Willie. The barbecue alone raised over €200 and the event some €600 overall. The stock of clothes has reduced considerably, so we will need to restock before next year’s fashion show! Please bear us in mind if you have any good quality clothes to donate, it is for a great cause, and you might even see them on Sabine’s catwalk next spring.

Many thanks to everyone who came along today and also to Sharon  for hosting us again. She and several of her friends are very active supporters of DRC. Their monthly book group raises money for us, and they come to many of our events. Of course, she and Willie adopted Ozzy from us about 7 years ago, and as ever he woofed happily when he saw all his pals coming to visit!

We finished at 14H00, just when the SPA was opening for it’s regular first Sunday of the month. No adoptions today, but Memphis, who arrived yesterday, was reclaimed by his owner, which is great news. And equally good, the final puppy of the Wonder Woman litter was brought in by residents of the village in which he has been living wild. Yes, we still need to get the mother, but at least all the pups are now safe. It was horrible thinking of one little soul having to fend for himself, when all his siblings were getting a new start to life thanks to being brought to the SPA.

So a busy day for all, but a very positive one. Now what does next week have in store, I wonder.

What do you think of the new DRC tablecover?











We had a lovely day











german shepherd cross












Here is the new pup, a little boy






Two Puppies are Adopted

Today two puppies found new homes. The first to leave was Nelly. She arrived ten days ago, and as she was adorable and was wearing a very expensive collar, we thought she would be reclaimed. Wrong yet again! The family who reserved her last week were delighted, of course; they too were sure they would have to make another choice!

Next we said goodbye to Antiope. Yes, strange name, and we are sure it will be changed, but she is named for one of the characters in Wonder Woman. All three pups from this litter are very poorly socialised and will need lots of love and patience, but her new family is more than prepared for this. Many thanks to them and let’s hope that the other 2 pups don’t have long to wait. It will be far easier for them to be socialised in homes, but we are caught in a bit of a vicious circle, as they need to be socialised in order for most people to want to adopt them!

Finally, please don’t forget tomorrow’s yard sale at Chateau Miaou. There is a wet-weather plan in place (we have access to a huge barn), although at the moment it looks like we might be lucky. It should be a great way to spend a couple of hours. Browse through the selection of quality clothes at super bargain prices, take part in the tombola, buy books or DVDs and of course eat (or take away) some British bangers; whilst at the same time helping to raise funds for Dog Rescue Carcassonne. There will be hot and cold drinks available, including for those of you who are not behind the wheel, some beer.

Here is a map showing the location of Chateau Miaou, but just be aware (as I wasn’t when I popped up there today) that the D119 is closed at La Force, so best come another way. Or you can drive between the fields, like I did, which worked out fine!

Hope to see you tomorrow, either there or at the SPA, which is open as it is the first Sunday of the month.











Antiope – ADOPTED

pale brown and white puppt








Hope to see you tomorrow!