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Latest News

Adoption of French bulldog Fleur

It has been a tumultuous week at the ScPA. Last Sunday’s huge storms left the refuge untouched, but the surrounding area was devastated, with loss of life and a great deal of material damage to homes and property. And of course numerous animals were caught in the chaos.

The refuge has been fielding calls from owners looking for their pets and many dogs have been arriving. Sadly there were not many matches: The dogs arriving were not the ones being searched for by desperate owners. I know events like this are supposedly once in a lifetime, but it is yet one more reason why identifying your dog is critical.

If you have lost your dog, keep an eye on the arrivals at the various refuges in the area, and there has been a Facebook page set up specifically to help reunite animals and their owners.

We did have one adoption today, that of eight year old French bulldog Fleur. Although This lovely girl was identified, her owners have not come to reclaim her. Perhaps that is no bad thing. Fleur has clearly had several litters and we have no doubt that she will enjoy her retirement, which, her new owner asssures us, will be spent on the sofa.


We have more adoptions planned for tomorrow, so see you then.

Adoption of Nemo and Teo…

Today people seemed to be out and about again after all the bad weather and we had two great adoptions!

First to leave was Nemo. Nemo arrived at the SPA in May as a stray, a large pup who had probably outgrown his cuteness and was being ignored so just wandered off.  No one called about him or seemed to be looking for him but, as they say, their loss is someone else’s gain and today he left with a family who will appreciate and love him.

He is a lucky boy as adolescent black males can have a very long wait for a new home!

Nemo adopted!

Next to leave was little terrier Teo. He hadn’t been with us long and was a cute lively little lad. Generally speaking, small dogs are easier to home than large dogs, so it was no surprise that he was quickly snapped up.

Teo adopted!

Don’t forget that even although its Sunday tomorrow we will be open. We are now open 2-6pm every Sunday which gives people working more opportunity to come along and see our animals and means that more dogs enjoy a nice stroll on a Sunday afternoon.



Adoption of Neiko…

Todays adoption was Neiko, a young male who has just turned 1. Neiko is typical of many young dogs, acquired as cute puppies and then left to their own devices. This usually means that they arrive at the refuge as strays and are never reclaimed.

Neiko adopted!

Adolescent males make up large percentage of the refuge’s population. They usually arrive entire and have wandered off looking for fun. Most haven’t had much training and have been mostly ignored.

Saying that, most are sociable, happy dogs who have just been let down by their owners. In a home where they are loved, exercised and given a little bit of training, these dogs really thrive and the bond made with their new family is unbreakable. I am sure that most rescue dogs know that they have been given a second chance and are really appreciative.

Could you give a home to one of our youngsters? Don’t forget that even after adoption we provide post adoption support and have a dog trainer and behaviourist to assist. Most post adoption queries are easily solved with a little ‘management’ advice, so you are never left struggling on your own.

We always advise that you contact us as soon as a behaviour becomes an issue rather than waiting until it becomes a crisis but once a dog has passed through the SPA it has our support for life.



Adoption of Olaf…

When two dogs arrive at the refuge in a traumatised state, cowering at the back of their kennel, trembling when approached and terrified of a leash……we know that their experience of humans hasn’t been positive and that they have been let down by their previous owner.

Brothers, Olaf and Oleg arrived in such a state and it was pitiful to see how scared and distressed that they were. Although they didn’t know it arriving at the SPA was the very best thing that could have happened to them.

At the SPA they will receive vet care, regular food, love and patience and that really is the start of a new life for them.  Slowly, terrified dogs do heal, but it does take time and a lot of patience to regain their trust in human beings.

Today Olaf was adopted, and his new family understand the level of patience and love that he will need.  Such families are hard to come by and we are so grateful to these special people who give our scardies a second chance.

Olaf adopted.

Now all we need is another special family for Oleg but until his time comes he will be well looked after by our super staff and volunteers. At only 3 years old he will soon bounce back and will make a great pet for the right family.

Oleg needs a home too…

If you could offer a home to Oleg then please get in touch. You can phone the SPA ,send a message or send an email to website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.


Five Adoptions on a Busy Saturday

It was another busy day at the ScPA, but one which bore fruit, with five dogs leaving for new homes.

First off were the two pups, Loli and Pop. They arrived on the same day, and have both just finished their pound time. Loli is a very pretty tricoloured crossbreed who attracted a lot of attention when her photos were put on Facebook.  She left this afternoon with a family who were over the moon to be able to adopt her, and we wish them many happy years together. Pop is a small and very active lad who will bring endless hours of amusement to his new family, who were also delighted with their new family member. Thanks to them for offering a home to a refuge pup!

tricoloured puppy



Next to leave was Tasmania. This girl arrived some five weeks ago and is a very lively one year old labrador cross. She sits demurely in her kennel and then surprises everyone with her incredible bouncing once out on a walk. Her new family fell head over heels with her, visiting several times last week and finally coming to collect “their little tasmanian devil” today. They know there will be lots of fun and games with this active dog, but her new dad seems more than prepared for the challenge ahead!

black lab cross

Tasmania – ADOPTED

We then said goodbye to Naila. This rather chunky dog has been at the refuge since the end of April this year. She arrived with a plate in her leg following an operation, which implies that someone must have loved her, however, she was not reclaimed. Until his recent adoption she had been sharing her box with Flavien, and before the staff had found her a new kennelmate, she caught the eye of a family and off she went to her new home. We are overjoyed for Naila; she had  certainly had enough of being at the refuge, and we don’t blame her! Her new family have promised to stay in touch, so we look forward to seeing photos of Naila in her new life.

pale brown staffie type dog


Last but by no means least was the departure of Zara. She is a rather matronly dog who arrived about a month after Naila. A calm, steady dog of some five years, Zara fitted in so well with refuge life that she became almost invisible. Fine with everyone, calm on the lead and very unassuming, she is one of those dogs who  does not attract attention. But as with all our dogs it is just a question of attracting one person, providing it is the right one! Zara left with her new family today! What joy!

big tricoloured shepherd cross


We also had reporter Alain Galtier from Web TV Media H&M at the refuge and we took the opportunity to present to him (and hopefully the wider world) some of our dogs who have been at the refuge for years but so far have not had found a new home. Let’s hope today brings them luck as it has five other dogs!

Taser is introduced to the reporter !

Two Yorkshire Terriers are adopted

Today saw the departure of two yorkshire terriers who arrived on the same day from the same village. Both were identified and neither owner came to collect their dog. What are we to make of this? Usually dogs this small who arrive at the refuge attract a lot of attention from potential adopters, then are reclaimed by their owners. This time, however, there are two very happy families!

The ScPA was reasonably sure that Lady Gaga (she was called that when she arrived, honest) would not be reclaimed, as her owner gave her away for free on the internet a month or so ago. Poor little girl; her new home didn’t last long, did it? She is a lovely little dog, only three years old and we are so pleased that she can finally settle down in a loving home.

yorkshire terrier

Lady Gaga – ADOPTED

Christian’s new family are delighted too. This little lad is a year or so older than Lady Gaga, but is still very young! We hope that he too has many many years of happiness ahead of him.

yorkshire terrier

Christian – ADOPTED

So if anyone tells you that it is impossible to adopt small young sociable dogs from refuges, think about today’s two adoptees. And we have another yorkshire terrier who has just arrived too. This lad, Urgo, is also identified and is 11 years old, but let’s hope that he is adopted soon too. If his owner  doesn’t come and reclaim him, that is. As Yorkshire lovers know, eleven years old is no age at all for this breed.

Urgo – we are looking for his owner

Yet more adoptions are scheduled for tomorrow, so a bientôt!

Adoptions of Kansas and Bang

We had two adoptions today and both of them are cause for celebration.

First to leave was Kansas, a puppy who has been at the refuge for way too long. He was the last remaining puppy from the Wizard of Oz litter, and he, like us, must have been wondering if his turn would ever come. He is now five months old, and if you bear in mind that he and his siblings arrived at the SPA in mid June, you will see why!

Today a young couple came to meet him, and I think it is the first time he has been on a walk without another dog by his side. It was heartbreaking to see him standing confused by the refuge gates and then lying in the road outside, scared to leave a place that to him represents safety. He wasn’t to know that there is a whole world out there. All he needs is love and patience, and today he found a family with plenty of both. Be happy, little guy!

Kansas – ADOPTED

Next to leave was Bang. In Tuesday’s blog I mentioned that all our volunteers crack sooner or later, and end up adopting. However what happens when a volunteer cracks, but for various reasons cannot take the dog? This is sometimes due to incompatibilities with other animals, or because there is no room at the inn. For Bang it was both!

This little boy has been with us since February, when he and his 4 siblings somehow escaped from the abandoned warehouse which was their makeshift home. Ingrid adored  Bang from day one, but integrating him with her dogs was just not possible. So there was that problem. Then she and Marjorie adopted another refuge dog, meaning that there was no room either. This meant that Bang has had to wait for another home, although his time at the refuge has passed doubly quick, as he has been out on walks and day trips on a regular basis, courtesy of Ingrid, naturally!

On Saturday Ingrid introduced Bang to a family  and they fell for Bang straight away. Today he left for his new home and although Ingrid will be sad, if we can’t adopt a dog ourselves, the next best thing is to find them a wonderful home, and this is what Bang now has.

small tricoloured dog


More good news is due tomorrow, so see you then!

Three leavers

After literally months without a drop of rain, the skies above Carcassonne are making up for lost time, with a deluge falling in the past day or so.

One little lad who missed it all is Tim, as he left yesterday. He will have spent the night safe and warm in his new home, the lucky boy. This little dog is the brother of Smash, who was adopted on Saturday, and we are really pleased that he didn’t have too long to wait. He was far more TIMid than his brother (hence his name), and it is always fascinating to see how different can be the characters of pups from the same litter.  A bit like children from the same parents, they all have their own personalities!

We wish little Tim a long and happy life with his new family.

fluffy border collie cross


Two more dogs left today, so although they had one last stormy night, they too are in the warm now.

First of them was puppy Robin. He arrived in quite poor shape. Despite being just a puppy, he already had several injuries, including broken bones which had healed at different times, implying that this boy had already had a very hard life. One of the injuries involves the top of his thigh bone, and so any adopters would have to be prepared to operate should this be necessary. As this will involve a long period of post -operative inactivity, it was important to find the right family, and one without other dogs who might cause further damage to the leg or disrupt the recovery.

After a couple of false leads, this family came along on Saturday, and today they left with a very happy Robin. I have to say, he is a gorgeous affectionate pup who bears no malice, despite having every reason to be wary of humans.

beauceron pup

Puppy Robin – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to little Lassie. She arrived in mid September and was identified. However when the ScPA phone the owner, he said he had given Lassie away and would try to find the number of the new owner. Inevitably that came to naught, and Lassie was looking for a new home. She left today with one of our volunteers, so we know we will have news!

Most volunteers end up cracking in the end, and taking home at least one animal, by the way. So be warned if you are thinking of joining the team!

small terrier

Lassie – ADOPTED 

There have also been a couple more reservations, too, so watch this space.

Adoption of Minta

As soon as Minta arrived in early August she became one of my favourites. A big griffon cross, pure white with a black patch over one eye, this girl was just adorable. What’s more she was young, sociable and very affectionate. Why were people not clamouring to offer her a home?

Today Minta’s day came, and in fact it came twice. A family visited her from the UK on Thursday with a view to adopting her, but by the time they had made their minds up today (just three days later) a second family had come to the ScPA and offered her a home. It is sad for the first family, but of course it is wonderful for Minta. And as was the case with Flavien, who also had two families offering him a home earlier in the week, it shows that sometimes it is just a dog’s turn!

Personally I am delighted for Minta. Had she been smaller she would doubtless have left far sooner, but even two months isn’t long to wait compared to many of the dogs at the refuge.

white griffon with black eye


That was the only adoption of the day for the dogs, but was another good day for the cats. The weekend totals were 11 cats adopted with 5 more reserved. For dogs it was four adoptions and three reservations, so there is more good news to come before too long.

Three adoptions!

Today was day one of the national “Weekend of Adoptions”, which I think used to be named after Francis of Assisi. In any case, you didn’t let us down, as three dogs and eight cats found new homes today. We are Dog Rescue Carcassonne, so we are here to tell you about the canine leavers!

First to leave for a new home was puppy Smash. He arrived with his brother Tim towards the end of September and we are pleased that he hasn’t had long to wait. His new family came all the way from Bordeaux to collect him, so many thanks to them for offering a home to this young lad.

fluffy puppy

Puppy Smash – ADOPTED

Next we said goodbye to Blaise, another puppy, but one who has been with us slightly longer, arriving a week or so before Smash. He is a cute little fellah, but has a big personality, and it has been funny seeing him boss the bigger puppies around in the park. His new owner was so delighted to adopt him; she just couldn’t stop smiling, it was lovely to see.

yorkshire cross puppy

Blaise – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to German Shepherd Lucy. She was brought in for rehoming by her owner who was not able to cope with such a large dog. What is that we say about making sure you get a dog who suits your lifestyle? In any case, the family who adopted Lucy today have been along several times to walk her and to make sure she is compatible with their male dog, and we are sure that Lucy’s life will be nothing but wonderful from now on.

german shepherd


Day two of the Weekend of Adoptions tomorrow, so let’s hope for lots more good news.