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Speedy leaves and a special play date!

Tonight, I am sure that Dominique, the sponsor of Speedy will shed a few tears as she learns that today after 13 months Speedy was at last adopted! That’s 13 months and it was his second stint at the SPA!

Sometimes dogs are overlooked through no fault of their own and this was certainly the case with Speedy. He was a smallish, tan dog who was easy to handle and got on well with others so in theory he should have moved fairly quickly. It’s true that he was a dog who would need an active minded family but most young dogs do. As we say ‘every dog has its day’ and today he left. Be happy Speedy and enjoy your new life!

Those of you who follow the facebook page will have seen the photo of our two lovely Griffon Bleu de Gasgcognes together. What a stunning pair they make and both families are great ambassadors for our hunting breeds that arrive at the SPA.

Lilly Blue was adopted by Yvonne and Henny and lives in near Roujan. Maddie was adopted 18 months ago by Elinor and Dave and lives in Scotland, so how on earth did they get together? Well you have all heard me say many many times that we offer post adoption advice and as Elinor is very experienced with hound type dogs and their ways we often ask her to chat to adopters of these breeds who have problems. Lilly Blue, like lots of hunting type breeds was having a little problems with recall, which is not uncommon in scent hounds so we put her ’mum’ in touch with Elinor. A friendship developed and as Elinor spends a few months here each summer they arranged a play date for the girls. By all accounts they had a great day as did the families as they have watched the dogs playing and racing around the garden.

It was heart-warming to see how far these dogs had come. Both arrived at the SPA skinny, scared and only used to kennel life. Now both are family dogs, are loved and are very settled confident dogs.

Well done to each of these families for giving our dogs a chance, for having the time,the patience and the love which really can conquer all!

It just goes to show you what super family dogs the hunting breeds can make!

Speedy adopted!!!!


Lilly Blue and Maddie,the stunning griffon blues


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