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Spot light on our teenagers…

We all know that pups should be socialised, taken out and about, introduced to lots of people and situations but not all pups are that lucky! Some are taken as cute puppies and as they mature are ignored, allowed to roam and arrive at the Scpa as teenagers who have had little training.

Some pups arrive with us and we have no interest in them and they end up as teenagers with us.

However these dogs end up with us they are the hardest to find adopters for. One reason for this is that these dogs are under exercised and as people walk around the kennels they go mad in their kennels jumping and barking to get your attention. Now we know that these dogs are usually great once they are out of the kennel but from a prospective adopters point of view you can understand their initial reluctance! What we must remember is that these dogs have all been let down by humans who took on the responsibility of a pup and then just couldn’t be bothered when they realised pups grow and don’t train themselves!

So here are a few of our teenagers who really need homes but are fantastic dogs. With a little time, patience and training will be fantastic family dogs.

So first of all meet Loubi, a medium sized griffon cross. He is a super boy who loves people, dogs and life in general.

Loubi,9 months old!

Next we have Nikita. a stunning girl with a really soft nature. She is a real beauty with her shiny black coat and sparkling white teeth!

Nikita – 9 months old!

Or how about Zebuline a berger x sharpie, again a lovely natured happy girl. she really is  a head turner and so sweet natured.

Zebuline – i year old!

Then there is Freddy who has been with us since he was a young pup. What a shame that he has only know refuge life! He loves people, craves attention and loves playtime in the park.

Freddy- ! year old!

These are only 4 of our many teenagers. Please give then a thought when you come to visit!


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